Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dramatic New Solo Piano Album Represents Several "Firsts" For Award-Winning Artist Fiona Joy And Cookie Marenco’s Blue Coast Music Group

Elegant and soulful, contemporary and classical, all of these elements are part of Fiona Joy's solo piano performances on Signature - Solo. Fiona Joy's name is known to many thanks to her award-winning recordings, and yet Signature - Solo is her first solo piano release. In another first, it is also the initial release for Tiny Island Music, a new label created by Cookie Marenco as a division of her Blue Coast Music Group, a music company that caters to customers seeking a higher-quality audio experience. Signature – Solo, produced by Cookie Marenco, is immediately available for purchase in a variety of physical and digital formats at http://tinyislandmusic.bandcamp.com/

Tiny Island Music was created for music fans wanting top performances as Fiona Joy has given on Signature – Solo and a better audio experience that is more accessible to the mainstream. Marenco shares insights on Fiona Joy's music, and the inspiration to release it in more "mainstream" formats such as CD and mp3 through Tiny Island Music. "Fiona's music is a cross between George Winston's simple melodies and Ludovico Einaudi's musical sophistication. Her masterful performances are the perfect music to showcase the kind of clarity double DSD audio brings to the home listener; Fiona's fans needed a way to have a CD, mp3s and access to internet radio, and we deliver that through Tiny Island Music."

The artist and producer met several years ago when Fiona Joy signed to Blue Coast Records for high-fidelity recordings, as Marenco has partnered with Sony Music to deliver hi-resolution music to discerning audiophile consumers. Signature - Solo was originally recorded for an audiophile experience to be released via Blue Coast Records. Tracked live to analog tape and mixed to Double DSD Digital by Marenco, every nuance is captured as Fiona performs on an impeccably-restored 1885 Steinway piano. The CD and mp3s being released on Tiny Island Music have been optimized for mainstream fans who will also appreciate the high-quality aspects of these recordings without having to purchase upgraded playback devices.

For those wanting the full audiophile experience and have the gear to enjoy Fiona's music, Signature - Solo Audiophile Edition is available on SACD from Blue Coast Records. High Resolution Downloads in DSD128, DSD64, 192 WAV/FLAC or 96 WAV/FLAC are available at Downloads NOW!

Early reviewers are in favor of what they're hearing. Writer Lawrence Devoe (Blu-rayDefinition) wrote, "I heard echoes of George Winston in some of the tracks like 'Ceremony', and reminiscences of Michael Nyman's minimalist piano works in 'Fair Not', but Fiona Joy really brings her own voice that will take listeners deep into the heart of her contemporary music. The alternative version of 'Once Upon Impossible', an ethereal voice-piano duet, lets us see the other side of the artist."

In fact, the aforementioned duet presents another "first" that will please Fiona Joy's fans, as she makes her vocal debut on the song "Once Upon Impossible (Duet)." Also, a poignantly simple original version of the popular song "Grace" appears on the album; earlier this year, a remixed version of the song was part of a Grammy®-winning album.

Concert reviewer Michael Diamond, who attended Fiona Joy's 2014 Throckmorton Theatre concert in San Francisco where she first performed "Grace" and other pieces from Signature – Solo, commented "What I appreciated most was being able to listen and watch Fiona at the piano. The passion and elegance in her performance was breathtaking, as her flawless technique combined with pure emotional expression."

Taking a break from demanding rehearsals for her upcoming tour in China, Fiona Joy says that – in contrast to her last and somewhat more existential album 600 Years in a Moment – creating Signature – Solo with Marenco was a more inward journey, an exploration of maintaining magic in our lives, even when life itself gets in the way.

The Australia-based pianist/composer/producer and, now, vocalist adds "I hope that with all of these fantastic audio formats, every fan will be reached, and you will hear my feelings in these songs; they are dedicated to saving that small place in everyone's heart, the place where fairytales linger, and where we find the strength to meet our reality...with grace."

Signature - Solo Track List:
1. Ceremony [3:37]
2. Grace [5:43]
3. Fair Not [4:00]
4. Once Upon Impossible (Solo Piano) [3:28]
5. Calling Earth [3:49]
6. Invisible Train [3:27]
7. Signature [2:38]
8. Once Upon Impossible (Duet) [4:22]
9. From The Mist [4:55]
10. Little Star [4:35]

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The J.O.B. Scores 3rd Song On Top 40 Charts

A local Richmond rock band, 'The J.O.B.' has had their third song rise into Top 40 territory on radio spin charts in the USA (FMQB AC40 3/12/15). The song is titled RED EYE and is currently in rotation on 130+ radio stations nationwide. The number of FM stations adding RED EYE has steadily increased since the song first appeared on the national charts. A folk influenced, alternative rock song about second chances, RED EYE entered the Top 200 at #156 in November 2014. The single RED EYE was released with an accompanying music video.

Formed in 2008, The J.O.B. is currently recording their 5th studio album. Two singles from previous albums also achieved Top 40 status, "Messenger" for 5 weeks in 2012 and "Feel" for 26 weeks in 2012-2013.

"We're very excited to see people connecting with RED EYE," said Jim O'Ferrell, the band's co-founder and frontman. "If you have it cranked up in your car, it's one of those happy, high energy songs that will make you want to push the gas pedal down and feel the wind, " he said.

When asked about the song's inspiration, Jason Crawford (lead guitar) said, "We wanted to make a song that showcased our classic rock influences while still staying true to our contemporary sound... the other side of the coin."

The J.O.B. was formed originally as The Jim O'Ferrell Band by O'Ferrell and Crawford when O'Ferrell returned from the War in Iraq in 2008. Initially intended as a vehicle from which to record the powerful songs Jim had written between missions during the war, the band has evolved into a compelling alternative rock band with a prolific song portfolio. Their music has a genuine alternative rock sound with bluesy undertones and an Americana pulse to which everyone can connect and enjoy. Rounding out this four-piece group are Len DuPilka on the fretless electric bass and Eric Bandy on the drummer's throne.

At home in Virginia, The J.O.B. performs all over the region with plans for a national tour later this year. Their SHOW information is on the band's official website at http://www.thejoband.com. Their music is available on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and other online music services. LIKE The J.O.B. on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/thejoband and watch the RED EYE music video at http://youtu.be/aTmyz7fPwHs. Look for their new album, "Portraits" which will drop in Spring 2015. - MSJ



DJ Anjelo and Astoria's newest hot-spot Baroque were the perfect match last SaturdayBaroque

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ytellmagazine: Fans Save Fifth Harmony From The Chopping Block

Fifth Harmony fans save Sledgehammer from the Chopping Block. Radio charts and playlists highlight the hottest records in a span of time with the listeners. Radio listeners and fans are the juries when it comes to how hits are made. The TMFC Radio Station is a media outlet that caters to their listening audience.

The radio station plays music in the Pop, Adult Contemporary and Indie Pop music genres. It compiles music charts, based on the listening ratings. The TMFC radio station adds music to the playlist every week from artists on big record labels down to independent artists.

Fifth Harmony is a group of talented, lovely ladies that can sing and dance. The program director of TMFC listened to a sweet synth-pop song entitled "Sledgehammer" by Fifth Harmony and added the song to the playlist a few weeks ago. This lovely song had serious radio appeal, gaining strong ratings from listeners at first. However, the listeners' ratings dropped a little on this song.

Read more at http://bit.ly/1CarVBJ


Meresha - 1st Ever World Music Premier On The #1 Social Media Startup Tsu April 7

Alien-loving vegan singer, musician, composer, producer and performer Meresha to become first artist to launch an EP on brand new, innovative, social media startup - tsu.co

Haven't heard of Meresha? You soon will, if she achieves her proclaimed goal of taking over the world. She promises, though, to be a benevolent leader…

Like a younger (female) Prince, Meresha composes and performs her own eclectic mix of provocative music. It's as if a more accessible Björk was reborn and was influenced by electro-pop stars James Blake and Disclosure or legends like Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury.

Her new EP is "New Revolution". Lead song "New Revolution" is a fast-moving dance number, epitomizing Meresha herself. It starts "It's a new revolution, we're bringing back the past" Meresha brings back the past not only through the use of vintage synths which help deliver her sound, but also through a return to real musicians composing and performing their own music.

Meresha is also part of a New Revolution in social media. Her EP will be the first ever World Premier music on the number 1 social media start-up tsu on April 7, one full week before public launch. As a prominent musician on tsu.co, she is giving away cash and other prizes every day for the 30 days before her EP launch, which you can see at tsu.co/Meresha.

tsu pays 90% of earned revenues to its already 3 million users. Some musicians have already earned royalties of even $100 per day, just from being social. Compared to the royalties musicians get from streaming services and other sources, it's a nice bonus. It's a New Revolution, bringing back the times when artists were compensated for their content, unlike sites like Facebook where artists have to pay to get their posts distributed to all of their fans.

Other songs on the EP include "Lemonade City" and the dreamy "You".

"Check Check we're looking for signs of UFOs. Might be hiding somewhere here. We don't know."

Watch out.



The Bicycle Music Company To Release Brenton Wood's Oogum Boogum Exclusively For Record Store Day 2015

The Bicycle Music Company is proud to announce the release of Brenton Wood - Oogum Boogum on stunning white vinyl, exclusively for Record Store Day – April 18th, 2015. Originally released in 1967, Oogum Boogum would transform Brenton into one of Los Angeles' most enduring classic soul icons and produce the evergreen songs "Gimme Little Sign" and "The Oogum Boogum Song". Brenton's studio albums were recently digitally reissued by The Bicycle Music Company (distributed by Concord Music Group) and this Record Store Day release will mark the first official Brenton Wood vinyl pressing in over 20 years.

"I'm amazed at 'Gimme Little Sign', how it just means so much to everybody. And I can't forget about 'The Oogum Boogum Song' either, because both of those songs are like spirit up-lifters. They make people feel good about themselves." - Brenton Wood

The white vinyl edition of Oogum Boogum will be sold in limited quantities, available only at participating Record Store Day retailers.

"The Oogum Boogum Song" Lyric Video

Oogum Boogum
Track Listing
1. I Think You've Got Your Fools Mixed Up
2. A Little Bit Of Love
3. Best Thing I Ever Had
4. Runnin' Wild
5. Take A Chance
6. The Oogum Boogum Song
7. Gimme Little Sign
8. Psychotic Reaction
9. I'm The One Who Knows
10. Come Here Girl
11. Birdman
12. I Like The Way You Love Me

Brenton Wood Official Site: http://brentonwood.net
Facebook: facebook.com/therealbrentonwood
Twitter: twitter.com/brentonwood
YouTube: youtube.com/user/BicycleMusicCompany
Instagram: instagram.com/therealbrentonwood
Campaign Hashtag: #RSD15 #OogumBoogum

For more information on Brenton Wood, please contact Leah Price at Concord Music Group: leah.price@concordmusicgroup.com or 310 385 4234.

For media inquiries concerning Record Store Day and Record Store Day Black Friday please contact Perry Serpa at Good Cop Public Relations. Phone: 917 660-4137 or email: perry@goodcoppr.com.

For a list of participating Record Store Day vendors, please go to www.recordstoreday.com.