Thursday, January 29, 2009

Audiolife Announces Public Beta Launch

As the economy continues to spiral downward, and cost efficiency takes center stage with every industry from finance to fashion, the young entrepreneurs behind Audiolife ( could not have chosen a better climate to launch their groundbreaking technology and web-platform specifically designed to empower artists to make money. Not only does the solution fill a long-standing void in the music industry, but it also provides artists the opportunity to design, promote and sell their music and merchandise online with no up-front costs or physical inventory.

"A lot of companies come through my office trying to sell me on their latest distribution technology and websites," remarked Kevin Lyman, President of 4Fini Inc. and Founder of the Vans Warped Tour. "But Audiolife clearly offers the best, most comprehensive solution for unsigned artists and bands that need a means to monetize and distribute their music and merchandise."

The Audiolife platform allows artists to:

* Create their own virtual store with an unlimited number of downloads, ringtones, CDs and merchandise items.

* Sell directly to fans on any website, blog or social network on the web.

* Have one central place to design custom products and manage all e-commerce.

* Easily buy high quality, affordable CDs and merchandise with no minimums for live shows and events.

* Focus on making music while Audiolife handles all on-demand manufacturing, distribution, customer service and accounting.

"Audiolife was built around the specific needs of artists," remarked Brandon Hance, Founder and CEO of Audiolife. "We have spent over three years identifying the challenges artists have when trying to build their careers, and we have created a solution that integrates all of their needs into a single website that completely eliminates the need for start-up capital. Our goal is to create a middle class in the music industry by empowering artists and record labels with the necessary tools to make money in the new music business."

After using Audiolife’s platform during private beta, Indie Band The Harm noted: "I don't know why it took so long for music companies to leverage the internet. Before, it was such a hassle directing my fans to several different companies to purchase all our music and merchandise. Now we only go through Audiolife - and it's so easy to use and cost-efficient, for both our band and our fans! Glad to see there's finally a company catching on."

About Audiolife
Audiolife ( a division of Inhance Media, is an Artist Services Company founded in 2005 by USC graduates Brandon Hance, Aaron Wiener, and Nishit Rathod. Based in Los Angeles, California, the company is currently in public beta and continues their dedication to empowering artists through new technology solutions.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Songwriters Festival Ramps Up Again For June Performances

Songwriters of every genre, from the novice to the professional will converge on Music Row for The Nashville SongWriters Festival held every third weekend of June. The 2009 Song Fest is many happenings in one. It's part live music festival, part teaching conference, part business networking opportunity and part gathering of old friends. Tune smiths share their original music on multiple outdoor stages and Open Sing Rings. The jamboree is hosted by this June 19-21 and registration to attend is now officially open.

There will be featured writers strumming their hits and undiscovered songwriters playing new ones. Last year Sony/BMG staff writers, a gang from Warner-Chappell/Ash Street Music and many others you hear every day on the radio, shared their songs. The fest represents the past, present and future of songwriting, we welcome all forms of music. Composers are encouraged to come as they are and find their place in the mix.

There are several open air stages with scheduled performances and impromptu areas for unscheduled Sing Rings. Everyone who comes to the fest has an opportunity to share their original lyrics, song or music. Last year at the Curb Music Parking Lot stage, Tom T. Hall, Stella Parton and many others jumped in to lend their talents. On the Artist Building Partners Video Stage, managed by Red Starr, live videos of player performances were provided. Sure Fire Music, one of Nashville's oldest publishers along with Second Life sponsored the Web Cast Stage. Studio 33 hosted the Alley Cat Stage and more.

Running concurrently with the live performances the festival also has classes hosted by hit writers to Grammy winners. Writers can attend all or parts of the Pro Instruction while at the fest. The tutoring was held outdoors between Crystal Gayle's Building and SESAC on the grass near a shady oak tree. pros who have "been there done that" gathered to impart their secrets, personal experiences, offer song critiques and other tidbits of the music biz.

The celebration also host an Open House on Music Row where participating music related businesses have an "open door" policy to take questions, exchange samples and discuss what part they play in the industry. Recording Studios, Publishers, Song Pluggers, Duplicators, Distributors, Instrument Makers and many other aspects of the music business will be represented. The Open House is a whirlwind of unscheduled meet and greets and an opportunity to run the Row.

Non Performing songwriters are also encouraged to come and collaborate with other writers. Networking and Co-writing is a crucial key to getting cuts. There will be a writers table where registered attendees can display their CD's. There will also be informational booths and a collaboration tent hosted by "Keeli".

There are no set pre qualifications to attend all or parts of the Fest. The festival is not a contest or competition, which makes for a more relaxing atmosphere. The efforts of caring volunteers and many "Fest Heads" makes this event different. We have feel! The pros were once novices and one day some novices will be pros. Together we inspire and grow in the business of music.

"The event does not let money get in the way of people expressing their craft." says festival founder Cornelius "Popcorn" Robertson. "There is no set registration fee to attend the fest. Participants determine their "Writers Share" by their ability to help be a part of the phenomenon. Some have, some have not, we all just do the best we can and that's what makes this music magic happen. This year, the festival has added the Tune Shop to the web site and also offers Fest Heads a way to express their support. The Tune Shop has festival related items and other memorabilia for the discriminating songwriter."

Registration is now officially open. Performing and Non performing songwriters, music related business, volunteers and the general public wishing to participate in the June 19-21-2009 activities can visit the website at or call 615-424-1491 or 931-296-4067 for more info.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

FookMovie Director's Approach: 'Strange Is Normal'

Nicholas Laurence G is in high school but his part-time job is directing music videos for FookMovie (, the visual production division of Golosio Publishing. He sees his age as an advantage. "Most music videos I see are like some Hollywood director's idea of what's unusual," G says, "but ours are really strange. Of course, for us, strange is normal."

G's video to "Thorne" (from the Electro Bop album) is loaded with symbolism that is both religious and psychological. Images in the video deal with concepts as varied as birth, death, baptism, violence, sex, repression, molestation, resurrection, and redemption.

For the video to "Go Through the Secret Door" (from the Jonny Harmonic album), G assembled a psychedelic collage of money, mysterious hooded figures, decorated skulls, guitars and keyboards thrashing underwater, a pixilated dance sequence from 1938, and a strange close-up of a face partially covered with two dozen clothes pins.

His video to "Keyboard Flavor Monkey" (from the Burning Fan Soundscapes album) takes a humorous approach, with an obviously fake gorilla playing a variety of expensive custom guitars and cheap plastic keyboards, plus images of the big monkey performing human tasks like driving around town, typing or brushing one's teeth.

Serving as editor on "Put it Where You Want It" for Euro dance artist Giannetta Marconi was a side project that helped him focus on his main goal. "I don't mind editing, but its better when you can also direct the project." What's on the horizon for G? FookMovie has many more videos planned for 2009, several of which will involve Nick as editor and/or director. "Doing both is hard work and very time consuming, but its good fun," G states.

The FookMovie Web site has all of the company's videos in Quicktime with links to the videos on YouTube and Veoh. Combining visual poetry, surrealism and performance art, the music videos of Nicholas Laurence G are a featured attraction of FookMovie. A Los Angeles-based collective of artists, musicians and videographers, FookMovie has completed an average of one video per week since opening in April of 2008. Musicians and bands with FookMovie videos include Scott Joss and Doug Colosio, The G-Man, James Sotelo, Jonny Harmonic, Country-Fried Funk, and Giannetta Marconi.

Scott G of FookMovie; 818-223-8486.

YouTube video to "Thorne":

Mi2N Launches Revamped Music PR Service Packages

Leading music industry news portal Mi2N relaunched its Music PR Service, expanding the packages offered at prices meeting any budget. Ideal for artists and labels, as well as supporting promoters and agencies, Mi2N's Music PR Service provides guaranteed press release placements through a network of newswires, eGroups, blog communities, boards and forums, as well as MP3 and video distribution.

Mi2N's Music PR Service offers 6 packages to choose from, ranging in price from $9.95 to 179.95. In addition to guaranteed PR placement, the packages provide exposure through the Mi2N website and daily newsletters sent to over 30,000 music professionals across the globe. A new addition to the service is MP3 and music video distribution, leveraging a network of video and audio sharing sites to reach a broad audience.

Since its launch in December 1998, Mi2N (Music Industry News Network) has grown into the leading and most complete news destination for industry professionals & executives worldwide. Through its daily newsletters, Mi2N provides an in-depth analysis of the ever changing and evolving music industry, from major and independent labels to the latest technology and copyright battles. Over the years, Mi2N as served as a content provider for leading brands such as DMX MUSIC and Nescafelive, and currently serves over 35 music websites through its private label newswires. Mi2N has distributed nearly 500 press releases over the past two years.

About MusicDish, LLC
Since 1997, MusicDish LLC has served as the bridge between the music industry and the artist. Through its extensive online presence, MusicDish provides artists with an edge over the ever-prevalent competition the music industry entails. MusicDish gives the artist the opportunity to take advantage of several different services: a creative approach to artist development and representation; online press release distribution & marketing; publications disclosing all the latest information involving the music industry; and even a indie music video channel.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Win A Free Custom Shop Guitar Signed By Elite Guitarist

Last Chance To Win Free TAGIMA Custom shop Guitar

Award Winning guitarist/producer Vernon Neilly in conjunction with Tagima® Guitars and Guitar Player Magazine are offering you a final chance to win for free, one of Vernon's 100% handmade custom shop guitars called the Tagima Cobra. The guitar was designed and given to Vernon by master Brazilian guitar maker and founder Seizi Tagima. The guitar features all Brazilian tone woods that are unique to Brazil, premium Tagima hardware, and specially designed Seizi Tagima humbucking pickups among other great features. Other than these points, what makes this guitar a collectors item and extra special is that it is signed by Vernon Neilly, Greg Howe (Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake), Kiko Loureiro (Angra, Tarja Turunen), Bill Hudson (Cellador, Coldera, Circle 2 Circle), and others who participated on Vernon's current top selling release "A Tribute To Stevie Wonder". The CD which was recorded on 3 continents blazes with original versions of classic hits by some of the most talented musicians in the world, paying homage to the "Wonder" man. The guitar giveaway will end Feb, 9, 2008, the winner will be contacted and sent this fabulous custom shop instrument. It is very easy to participate, just go to the Guitar Player website to get instructions for entering.

To hear samples of Vernon's new release you can visit his page at, and to order this amazing CD you can do so by checking at your nearest major record store, or online at,,,, or any major digital download retailer.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

MusicDishTV: Triptych, Part 1 - Alexander Shulgin's Songbook

In this video, we get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of part one of Alexander Shulgin's Songbook, Triptych. Producers Greig Watts, Paul Drew and Pete Barringer discuss what it was like working with Alexander Shulgin while their beautifully-composed smooth jazz music plays in the background. This is an excellent glimpse into the minds of those who made Triptych happen.

Album: Triptych, Shulgin's Songbook - Part 1
Genre: Instrumental/Smooth Jazz/Lounge
Composer: Alexander Shulgin
Performers: Paul Drew (guitar, backing vocal), Steve King (bass), Simon Rushby (keyboards), Jon Howells (drums), Laura Whittle (backing vocal), Chris "Beebe" Aldridge (sax)
Producers: Paul Drew, Greig Watts, Pete Barringer
Label: Familia Entertainment

MusicDishTV is more than an online video channel; it is the place to find out what's happening in the music world and hear brilliant new talent before they hit the radio airwaves. Artists & bands can submit their videos at