Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tony Adamo/The Grammys Have Lost It

Over the last few weeks, much more has been learned about the factors and the people behind the decision to drop the Latin Jazz Grammy category In response and in solidarity with other music communities, we have now reopened the Petition demanding the NARAS leadership to rescind this action, and restore the Grammy Awards for all these categories, and not just for Latin Jazz. If you know of musicians and supporters from other music communities, please feel free to circulate the petition. The link again is:

This issue has also Blues, Jazz, Cajun & Zydeco, Rock, Native American, Mexican, Polka, and other music communities and cultures across the country. One of the most disappointing discoveries was to find that none of the NARAS' Membership or local Chapters were even consulted about this action. There will be more information coming soon.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

PLUNKY & ONENESS - Plunky On Fire

The video "Plunky On Fire" by Plunky & Oneness is a live performance that was taped at the Martini Kitchen & Bubble Bar in Richmond, Virginia. First of all, kudos to the venue, an oasis of sophistication that would have been necessary to contain the hotness, professionalism, and savvy of an act such as Plunky & Oneness. The track and video build a fire so hot, you just can't sit still and don't want to! The flame changes colors from red to blue to white hot, climbing higher and higher as Plunky and his band throw down a rhythmic melody that makes you want to jump up and get busy while you're 'Burning, Burning'! A fantastic horn section and synthesizer start things off as the band declares that it's "Oh so hot" and "I'm on Fire", and you best believe they are.

This is definitely one groove that will bring everybody to their feet. The video is tastefully done, and the band, dancing, and fire sequences are captured and executed perfect. With a dance hall, jazzy, Jamaican, and just plain funky beat, the message comes across loud and clear that Plunky is indeed on fire. The performance and audience participation are more than impressive, and watching this video makes you wish you had been there to join in on this night because it was obviously a memorable experience, and one that this reviewer wishes she had been a part of.

Watch it now on MusicDishTV:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Songbird Crystal Johnson Drops Debut CD "The Day Before Heaven"

When Crystal Johnson sings, we can feel her soul stirring ours in every note she hits. Her voice is laced with the nuances of a woman who has been there and done that. Grown, sexy, seductive and serious, Crystal Johnson is no newcomer to the game. And we get that. We feel that. We can hear it! With her debut CD "The Day Before Heaven" Crystal is releasing her testimony about life, about nurturing, about giving and getting. Fierce, yet feminine, it is music that fills you, served straight up, no chaser!

Crystal Johnson CD cover"The Day Before Heaven" on Egyptian Fusion Music is a momentous accomplishment for a woman whose life journey has been one long continuous song. Having first recorded at the age of seven with Pink Floyd and the award winning Institutional Children's Choir, this debut release has been a long time coming and is indeed a celebration.

May 10 will mark not only her CD release date but also a listening party and performance produced by Egyptian Fusion Music in association with Ubiquita Worldwide at Drom in New York, her native home. Drom is located at 85 Avenue A and showtime is 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Crystal's incomparable vocals have complimented numerous projects over the years. In fact, her entire life can be viewed as a movement toward this day. At age 11, she landed the original lead role of "Doris Winter" in the smash hit and gospel classic, "Mama I Want To Sing." Soon after she performed in the widely acclaimed opera, "Porgy and Bess", a Shakespeare In The Park Production with the Lincoln Philharmonic Orchestra, starring Theresa Merritt. Crystal then made her debut on Broadway at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre in the original production of "Gospel at Colonus" starring Morgan Freeman.

A warrior of personal achievement, Crystal's musical career as a singer, songwriter, producer, vocal coach and entrepreneur has consistently propelled her. She has musically collaborated with Usher Raymond, Angie Stone and Anthony Hamilton. She also appeared on the soundtrack for "Who's The Man" performing the self written/produced song, "Lovin You". Other collaborations include Mobb Deep's classic, "Temperature's Rising," Heavy D's "Got Me Waiting" and also Pete Rock and CL Smooth's "I'll Take You There". Crystal can also boast working with Dr. Dre on his multi-platinum "Chronic 2001" co-writing "The Message," which featured Mary J. Blige and Rell.

With "The Day Before Heaven" the New York transplant, now living in Atlanta, brings the journey to fruition. Fourteen tracks sway with the fire of a woman who has come full circle and stands rooted in her vocal ability and power. Blending R&B, jazz and hip hop with elements of house and world music, "The Day Before Heaven" rocks to the core. Her "Summer Nights" is a jazzy escapade into the mind of a woman who has traded romance for marital security. Her voice rides a breezy, uptempo cadence in "Feeling Out" and with "Who Am I" she magically whirls us with a breezy spin of melodious rhythms. Crystal slows the pace with the melodious revelation "Butterfly," while the self-produced title track "The Day Before Heaven" sways as a mantra of serenity and affirmation.

"I am the first generation of hip hop, now evolved. My music is from my soul...a story of my triumphs and pains. A song has the ability to take you places within your spirit and with "The Day Before Heaven" it is my wish that we can travel together within those spaces. The women will know what I'm talking about when they hear the music and the men will feel it and be happy they were invited along for the ride!" reveals Crystal.

Journey with Crystal Johnson and preview what "A Day Before Heaven" feels like at

Monday, May 9, 2011

Radio Live365 "Robert Lauri On The Air"- The Public And Fans Participate In His Radio Programs

Today, "Robert Lauri on the Air" Radio announced a new concept of radio interaction with the public. Fans, as well as the general listeners, can record a voice message online via a special radio webpage. They can express and share how they feel about a song or an album, about the artist, or any other musical topics they would like to discuss. The messages will be inserted into the Live365 radio programs that day, and as a result, the broadcast become a live show that changes daily due to listener participation and interaction with the artist. A special webpage with integrated voicemail allows listeners to record a message, check their recording, and send it with the click of a button. The radio station immediately receives the voice messages and inserts them into the broadcast the same day.

Special page with all info and integrated voice messaging:

The radio concept was created by Linda Vranken, who has been passionate about international marketing, creating and developing new concepts and communications for many years. She also created the program "Concert a la carte" that was used for a Robert Lauri show.

Radio Live365 "Robert Lauri on the Air" offers an international as well as a French program for listeners. The musical moods are so varied and new that there is no mistaking that they are the work of a single artist.
And yet...
Robert Lauri has been a writer, composer, an excellent melodist and performer for more than 30 years.

Robert Lauri’s songs reflect his great skill in creating innovative arrangements. Although each composition is infused with its own magic, a common thread runs through his unique creations: dreams and relaxation.

The album, United Souls, is a perfect example of Robert Lauri’s talent for composing in a wide array of musical styles ranging from urban, contemporary classical to early music via hip-hop. When listening to the movie music from the albums The Other Side of Robert Lauri and New Face, we find a way to escape through his emotions and imagination. The albums, Si Je Meurs Par Hasard (If Perchance I Die) and J'y Crois Encore (I Still Believe) are two compilations of timeless songs flooded with poetry and magic. The album Liberté (Liberty) was recorded in Paris and New York. The lyrics are deep and sensitive as they float above innovative arrangements with multiple rhythms. With the album Power in Heaven, set for release in May 2011, Robert Lauri shows us that he knows how to build a melody into a unique musical work of art, a true canvas of harmonies and color variations that, upon hearing, will remain etched in the listener's memory. He is a melodic visionary, a unique creator within his genre in all musical styles that he offers his listeners. Robert Lauri constantly produces, and all new yet-unpublished songs are aired immediately.

Another musical world is the "Alef" concept by Robert Lauri and Chantal Allon. Yaacov Alvo adapted the biblical Psalms of David, and Michel Bernholc created the musical arrangements. Alef has performed in prestigious venues worldwide. Yaacov and Robert Lauri did the vocals. Their album, Resource, is part of the international program.

Robert Lauri has also written for other artists. Some of these songs can be found online. However, for fans searching for harmony between the musical arrangements and beautiful poems, an unpublished catalogue of songs are yet to be revealed.

The "Robert Lauri on the Air" radio station offers so many different musical worlds that listening to it is like traveling to distant lands and experiencing its cultures.