Friday, January 6, 2017

MusicDish Review: Hard Rock Band Lost Elysium's "Think Like The Enemy"

Buffalo-based hard rock band Lost Elysium recently launched their latest single "Think Like The Enemy", after spending two years of writing, recording, producing and mastering this work of art. Produced by Mike Rogers and recorded at the historic Dreamland Recording Studio in Woodstock, this song quickly gained public recognition by making to the list of Rock 94.7 Wisconsin Ear Candy. "Think Link The Enemy" is a perfect example of blending roaring Rock 'n' Roll and melodic pop, making sure its audiences understand the piercing lyrics while tapping their feet to the melody. The lead vocal Ashley Elle's powerhouse voice adds another transcendent layer to the song, while guitarist Brian Muller and drummer Ricky Stage build the energy-soaked foundation of the soundtrack.

Lost Elysium sets the world ablaze, exploding with whole-hearted lyrics, lush vocals, bright guitar, piano riffs and driving, dark rhythms. Ashley Elle (lead vocals, keys) infuses the group with a vivid range of melodic colors and emotions, while members Brian Muller (guitars), and Ricky Stage (drums) tip its massive sound over a razor-sharp edge. The band's live shows are a raw and intimate thrill-ride, inviting audiences to seek solace in each other as they share time along life's challenging journey. Intricate recordings with layers of hard-hitting rock instrumentation plus pop and blues accents offer a soul-baring glimpse into both the elegant and the ferocious emotion conveyed by Elle's acrobatic voice, which soars easily between the earth's depths and its stratosphere. Her prowess as a songwriter shines through fiery lyrics about death, heartache, loss, pain and ultimate survival that give Lost Elysium its wings.


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Defiance Releases The Street Novel Paid 2 Be Free

Defiance during summer of 2016 brings the unexpected. Being coined a grinder for his magazine hustle. Defiance surprised the industry 2 years prior at the West Coast Unity Night with the skill to spit bars. Unaware of the background that Defiance had as an emcee prior to publishing magazines, he gives listeners a hunger to want to hear more. Defiance leaves with a considerable impact, attendees ask to hear a full length project, the following year he delivers with the release of Paid 2 Be Free.

Defiance is the founder of Imperial Hustle Media and IMC Music Group. He created a publication based on music and substance to give an outlet for independent musicians. Defiance moves further into the music business and soon puts his ambition for music on the back burner as his business becomes priority. In the midst of this journey he works with the likes of Freeway Rick Ross, Drae Jackson, Nappy Roots, Aone Super Producer from Maybach music Group, Kokane, DJ King Assassin, Ras Kass, Horseshoe Gang and many more. Defiance developed his background in music in the Inland Empire rapping with local artists between Temecula to Riverside.

"I just wanted to be a cornerstone for those that needed an outlet to reach the people", says Defiance.

Defiance drops "Paid 2 Be Free" the mixtape that penetrates personal and social issues crossing a journey of adolescence to manhood.

"This is a real life street romance what goes on between the drugs, guns and prostitution" Defiance relays.

Defiance is a West Coast artist but Chicago born, with a California state of mind. It's written all trough Paid 2 Be Free. If you haven't had a chance to listen to the mixtape take time and listen. A new artist with an old history, his mixtape recounts the dues that had been paid for the project to become free. 


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Rapper Acafool Launches 'You My Ride?' - A Dramedy Web Series Launching On YouTube

People from all walks of life have begun to use ridesharing regularly. Ridesharing's simplicity is the key to its success, since an app is all that is needed to arrange for a driver to take someone from one place to another.

The new web series is a dramedy that follows an aspiring rapper named Kervens "Acafool" Joseph (Kervens), who recently took up driving for a rideshare company in order to pay his bills. 'You My Ride?' is set to premiere in 2017.

Ridesharing offers the driver an opportunity to meet people of all types; the driver never knows whom he or she will transport. This unpredictability results in situations that could be hysterically entertaining one moment, and blatantly weird the next.

The series takes a glimpse at Kervens Joseph's lifestyle as a rideshare driver. He decided to sign up for the service in order to have another source of income; little did he know that he had just embarked on an unforgettable journey.

The foundation of the series' storyline is fairly straightforward: a friend named Jarrod, whom Kervens owes money to, suggests that Kervens' sign up for a rideshare app in order to expedite his debt repayment. Within a few minutes, he is registered and receives a notification from his first client. From this moment on, his life becomes far more intriguing.

Between the mismatched appearances and personalities of his passengers and the situations that arise while he is transporting them, Kervens quickly learns that he must always anticipate abnormality if he wants to adjust to the life of a rideshare driver.

Ayinde Howell and a slew of accomplished guest stars are featured alongside Kervens in the series, which will launch in January of 2017. Before its premiere, however, 10,000 viewers will have the chance to view three full episodes from the show; this is is a unique opportunity that will expire quickly.

Each story portrayed in 'You My Ride?' is based on actual events that have occurred. Kervens quickly learns to always expect a ride to get strange, as his passengers unfailingly create sidesplittingly funny situations that pull Kervens right out of his comfort zone.

To ensure you don't miss your spot for the pre-screen launch of 'You My Ride?', visit

Kervens swiftly finds that ridesharing involves much more than just taking passengers from point A to point B; his clients are anything but ordinary. In order to stay employed with his ridesharing service, Kervens must maintain a driver rating that is up to the company's standards. While this sounds simple in theory, Kervens occasionally struggles to fully accommodate the passengers who prove to be hilariously odd.

One moment, Kervens is transporting a client who belligerently demands that she be driven, but the journey ends up back at her original destination. On the next ride, Kervens is stunned to find his two male passengers getting a little too friendly in his backseat; a ride with Kervens always proves to be entertaining.

Los Angeles is a city that is renowned for its unique energy. With such a large population density, rideshare drivers have the opportunity to make a lot of money. As a driver who is just beginning his career, however, Kervens has not yet scratched the surface. Unfortunately for Kervens, his friend Jarrod is living the life he dreams about: beautiful women, celebrities, and large tips given for his services.

There is no series quite like 'You My Ride?', as no other show conveys the life of a rideshare driver to the viewer. The in-car cameras create an atmosphere for the viewer that places him or her inside the vehicle alongside the actors.

'You My Ride?' will premiere in January of 2017, and is guaranteed to appeal to viewers with its cleverly comical portrayal of a familiar service.

Starring: Kervens Joseph and Ayinde Howell
Production: Savage Hope Productions
Director: Jeff Osborne
Written: Angelo Perrino, Jeff Osborne
Genre: Dramedy


For more information on the new web 'You My Ride?' series, premiering only on YouTube, visit

For booking or for press inquiries please contact media relations liaison, Dana Blickensderfer at or call 813-775-7107.

About 'You My Ride'
'You My Ride' Channel, in partnership with Savage Hope Productions and Reagent Productions, was created and inspired by true events and real passengers to create engagement and conversation.


Countdown To Grammys! Spotlights 'Next To Blow' Artists In Major Industry Showcase February 10th

The 'COUNTDOWN TO THE GRAMMYS!' is Saturday Febuary 10, 2017 in L.A.. This Industry Party & Showcase for 'Next To Blow' Artists & Bands is Kick Off Event for the biggest Music Awards of the Year in the industry worldwide. Hours before the Worldwide extravaganza that is the biggest Event in the music business, this special event will be attended by Artists, Producers & Industry in town for the festivities.

Select Artists will perform for Industry, Media, Company Reps, Talent Scouts, Name Artists, Booking Agents, Concert Promoters & Music Fans from across the country, all being filmed for promotion to additional Music Companies, Booking Agents & Concert Promoters at the 59th annual GRAMMY AWARDS events in Southern California. Hosted by iconic music industry veteran & indie innovator Jay Warsinske (40+ years of helping breaking artists; including U2, DR.DRE, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, 2PAC, METALLICA, N.W.A, GUNS 'n ROSES, MADONNA, EMINEM, & many more; CEO/Founder of INDIEPOWER, IES-INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT, ULTIMATE TOURS), & will be broadcast on INDIE POWER Radio. Various TV & Radio Shows, as well as Magazines & Bloggers will be interviewing the performers for the Industry Event. Top Artists selected from the Concert will be walking the Red carpet at the COUNTDOWN TO GRAMMYS!, being interviewed for the popular TV Shows 'INDIE POWER HOUR', 'THE ROAD TO HOLLYWOOD' & 'BEHIND THE MUSIC' blog, & artists will be promoted at Grammy oriented events, & ability to be spotlighted on one of the top Industry Seminars, called 'MAKING MONEY MAKING MUSIC' featuring a Who's Who in the Industry & moderated by the 'Indie Icon' Jay Warsinske.

With the Industry turning increasing Independent, & focused on Touring, Merchandising & Endorsements / Sponsorships, the GRAMMY week industry showcase, as well as company produced events alongside the CES-CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW, BET AWARDS, IES-INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT, MTV AWARDS, & AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS are key for artist's exposure, PR /publicity, contacts, and networking for maximizing one's success potentials and opportunities in the industry.

Reps from the major new artist development platforms for POP Artists (WANNA PARTY! Music), ROCK Artists (ROCK THE NATION TOUR), POWERPOP/PUNK POP (POWERPOP BLASTS!), SOUL / URBAN (NEW SOUL POWER!, HIP Classic HOP), COUNTRY (COUNTRY BLAST!) will be in attendance looking for 'Next Big Thing' Breakout Artists for these major Marketing, Promotion & Touring worldwide platforms.

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