Friday, July 8, 2011

Oil Boom Releases Black Waxy EP

Drawing inspiration from a generous helping of American roots music and contemporary indie rock, Oil Boom mines the past-meets-present trail blazed by groups as diverse as The Gun Club and Two Gallants. The Dallas trio, comprised of two Oklahoma refugees (Brian Whitten, Ryan Taylor) and a St. Louis expatriate (Dugan Connors), has released a new six-song EP, Black Waxy, on May 3rd, 2011. Produced, tracked and mixed by Grammy™ Award winner Stuart Sikes (Loretta Lynn, The White Stripes, Modest Mouse, Cat Power) at Dallas’ Elmwood Recording, (the same room used by The Walkmen to complete their most recent effort, Lisbon), Black Waxy boils like the Texas soil for which it is named.

Armed only with a simple drums/guitar/vocal setup, the members of Oil Boom create a roomful of desperation, grit and sweat, delivered with the impassioned soul of road-tested music veterans. According to drummer, Connors, “I think people tend to make assumptions based on our limited instrumentation, and we’re interested in defying those and showing how much can be done with so little." Judging by their audience's enthusiastic response night after night, it seems as though they are succeeding doing just that.

The electronic release of Black Waxy will be available on all major sites such as iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, CD Baby, etc. At shows, the band will be selling a special package that includes one of 3 limited edition t-shirts, a unique drop card for EP and album art download, a sticker and two special slip in posters.

Oil Boom is planning on touring in support of the release this summer, both regionally and nationally.

D'Manti Ignites Latin Music Firestorm With "Candela" Video Featuring Dyland And Lenny

Exploding on the global music scene is Los Angeles based, pop-dance and Latin artist D'Manti. D'Manti's upbeat "Spanglish" single "Candela," which features Sony Latin Music recording artists Dyland and Lenny, is suddenly and organically receiving spins on radio in Latin and South American territories. Attracting an ever-growing number of daily views, the music video for "Candela," which D'Manti directed herself, also includes visual performances by the Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Dyland and Lenny.

"'Candela' was the first single I recorded with Luny of Luny Tunes. We shot a hot video and released it on the web without any expectations," states D'Manti. "Dyland and Lenny were awesome to collaborate with and I've always believed in the song. I'm grateful for all of the amazing support!"

Scheduled to break-out next month is D'Manti's new summer single titled "Tonight." "Tonight" will be promoted to clubs and radio worldwide with brand new mixes from Mixn' Marc, WAWA, DJ Mike Cruz, Smash Mode and Greg Stainer. A super-sexy "Tonight" music video is also slated for release.

"Candela" promises to cross-over to the U.S. market as it will be included as a bonus track on the "Tonight" maxi-single package and will also be distributed on next month's Promo Only Latin Pop Series CD and Video DVD.

Watch the "Candela" music video on YouTube.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

R A D I A T E - Rick Denzien

Rick Denzien’s “R A D I A T E” is a mid to slightly fast tempo, very upbeat, uplifting, and enjoyable video and track. With a voice reminiscent of John Anderson or Phil Collins, and a musical style very close to R.E.M., Denzien hits the mark with “R A D I A T E.” In this soft rock number, Denzien beautifully harmonizes lyrics that tell the story of radiating love – the kind that comes from deep inside the heart. It’s a pure and touching reminder of what we should all be doing – seeing the good and being the good; expecting wonder, and radiating love to one another. An excellent band with a full sound captures you with their top notch performance, complementing each other perfectly. The guitar break and solo are excellent, and the song has a positive vibe that will make music lovers of any genre appreciate it greatly.

The video is filled with images of what appear to be home movies of children experiencing life – growing up, falling down, laughing, crying, growing, and coming to know the love that comes along with these things. But it reminds us that there is another part of life that is dark and sinister that, though it is everywhere and can’t be escaped, it can be overcome through love and it’s our duty and should be our pleasure as well to do it. You can’t help but watch or listen to “R A D I A T E” over and over as it is a song that will leave you feeling just a little bit better about people, life, and love. “R A D I A T E” it!!! The track is available on iTunes at .

R A D I A T E - Rick Denzien

Rock Band IO - Making The Leap From Canada To Taiwan

I had the opportunity to sit down with the members of IO, a Taiwan indie band originally formed in Vancouver, Canada. The band relocated to Taiwan because it is "the launchpad for music in China and central focus of Chinese media."

IO admits that, "Musically speaking, the culture in Taiwan is very different. The way we speak, the content that we speak of, and the way we express ourselves onstage is very different than the way we'd do it in Vancouver. But our music is a merging of the Canadian and Taiwanese styles. When you perform in Vancouver, they clap for you no matter what - it's all about how well you sing and play. The way Chinese people look at music is less about the sound and more about how the content affects that body and emotions. You must connect with them with your message. The fans are much more demanding in Taiwan, which keeps us thinking and strategizing more for the crowd."

"We used to write songs that we thought was cool, but now we write more things that our fans can identify with, and then begin incorporating other elements that we like. Our goal is to bring more of the Vancouver sound to the people here in Taiwan, and we hope that it will one day be cool here too." IO is also keeping an eye on the pop scene in Malaysia, which is still playing mostly 90's pop.

Coming up with material is a collaborative process, though each person has a role to play. Angus does the songwriting, Hans is the guitarist and does most of the arranging, Sho does most of the administrative work and is the band's manager, while band founder and drummer Cody pitches in a little everywhere, critiquing the melodies and arrangements. Though the band's individual members' musical tastes range from Nickelback and Simple Plan, to mainstream pop, jazz, techno and hip hop, at their core lies a heart of "rock".

As with most artists, the Internet has greatly shaped the way IO interacts with their fans. "The fans really want to get to know and keep in touch with you. Through the Internet and the use of social media applications like FaceBook, YouTube, and Tudou, we are able to do that. It's a much better interaction process, and it really allows us to be a part of our fans lives. We're not at our concerts trying to tell the fans who we are anymore - they actually know that already. We're just using that opportunity to expand upon that."

"The Internet has changed the fan/band culture. This is the era of building relationships. They feel that we really care about them, which we do. People come to our show and get to listen and enjoy our music - it's like hanging out with friends. That's good because our music is not just showcase music. It's about interaction, and without that interaction on and offstage, it would really be nothing. Ours is a music that lives between us and the people, and without this platform connection for the people, the music would just die."

IO also acknowledges that though the crowd in Taiwan is a little tougher, they're in it for the long haul. "What we are doing musically is pursuing our dreams. We each have given up our jobs to do this. It isn't just about having fun. We actually want to deliver the message that you can pursue your dreams; you can fight for what you want and get it. That's really the core of what we're spreading through our album and music. We're still learning and growing and we'll see where the music takes us."

By Eric De Fontenay

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

KC Jockey New Single TOAST TO THE DADS Makes Unforgettable Mark With Fans Worldwide

After bursting onto the international scene in 2010 with his chart-topping hits “Kiss Me” and “When You Look at Me”, KC Jockey is ready to take the music world by storm again with his latest single, “Toast to the Dads”. Having just signed a digital distribution deal with Empire Distribution, Jockey now has even more outlets to let the world hear his unique and infectious sound.

KC Jockey was born in Kingston, Jamaica but moved to Brooklyn, NY as a young child. The rising star quickly developed a passion for all things New York—both the good and the bad. The “bad” had him in the streets hustling to get all the luxuries he saw others around him enjoying. The “good” had him embracing his God-given musical abilities, which he finally realized could provide him with the same lavish lifestyle as the hustling he saw going on around him. After his mother passed from a tragic accident in 1997, Jockey dedicated himself to the studio, often working through the night to perfect his craft. The hard work paid off in 2000 when Jockey launched his own record label, Sweet Sadie’s Productions, appropriately named in honor of his mother. After paying tribute to his mom thru the naming of his label, he has now taken the opportunity to turn his grateful attention to his (and everyone’s) father with “Toast to the Dads”.

Jockey’s infectious smile has landed him jobs as the face of many of the hottest new products on the market. He is currently one of the faces for the fresh new clothing line 4.U.2.N.V, who have featured him on their New York City billboards. Jockey also recently received national attention on MTV’s “Idol Party Live” during an interview with American Idol season ten finalist Paul McDonald. When Idol fans discovered that McDonald had made a cameo in Jockey’s music video for “Rub Your Body”, the story and video went viral and became topic for discussion in many of his subsequent interviews.

KC Jockey already has the musical chops and resume to prove his international star power, having shared stages with the likes of 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Jay Z, Mary J Blige, Beanie Man, and many others. His consistent success on both the North American and European charts shows that his style and sound transcend borders and cultures; “Toast to the Dads” is certain to be no different!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Precise - “It’s On Me”

“It’s On Me” by Hip hop/rapper Precise is one of the freshest tracks to be released in a long time. The video and track are all about taking responsibility for one’s life, family, and community and not blaming your problems on other people. The video begins by showing a loving father going home with his two sons to his wife – a strong black family united and in peace. Shot in various locations like tunnels, a museum, and with murals, snow, and city skylines as the background, this song couldn’t be any more real or needed. The beat and hook are tight, and the lyrics are solid and thought provoking: “Try to blame the other man, but I can’t/If I fail without a plan, guess what? It’s on me.” Precise makes it known that he is mindful of what has been called the lost generation with other lyrics like “Time is standing still, a generation is lost/Blame it on the “C’s” when you know it’s our fault” and “For the youth we struggle/Try to keep them out of trouble.”

“It’s On Me” should make viewers and listeners take a deep look at themselves. It is a hard hitting, no holds barred, but truthful, meaningful and thoroughly entertaining piece of work.

Precise - “It’s On Me”

"PHOENIX" - New Release By Annie Moscow/Melonball Records

Melonball Records is pleased to announce it’s latest release, “PHOENIX” by alt/pop singer/songwriter, Annie Moscow.

Annie Moscow is a storyteller and her songs reflect her own interesting journey through life with passion and lyrics that everyone can relate to. A baby boomer artist, Moscow has been dubbed “a female Billy Joel”, with her songs and arrangements eliciting comparisons from Joni Mitchell to Meatloaf.

“PHOENIX” is a collection of 12 new, original songs, ranging from sassy to silly to the sublime.

On “Bed & Breakfast in New England”, (Track 5 - featuring trumpet player Greg Varlotta (Nils Lofgren), Moscow sings, “You can tell me that I’m beautiful/Make love and go away”). On her song, “Traveler” (track 9) Moscow expounds on the joys of living in the suburbs (“where the beds are warm and the floors are clean/and the dogs are fat and the lawns are green/we have the biggest stores you’re ever seen”). Or for serious chills, check out “Free Pass.”

The CD is produced by Rachael Gold, a producer, arranger, and touring musician, who has worked with a wide variety of recording artists over the past 30 years, including Sister Sledge, Donna Summer and Bernadette Peters.

Moscow and Gold have been collaborators for over 25 years, with a long list of songwriting credits from Sarah Vaughn to Sister Sledge to Mickey Mouse. In 1992, Moscow and Gold penned the hit song, “All of My Love” for Kathy Sledge, whose album went to #1 on the Billboard charts.

Monday, July 4, 2011

“Rucktuk Girl” by Dezi Boyd

“Rucktuk Girl” by Dezi Boyd is a reggae track with just a hint of country to make it interesting. Featuring the rap of Ms. Lady Kane which is perfect and tight, the song is one that you can get your groove on to or just listen to while riding. Unconventional and unique, the song salutes Rucktuk girls who are obviously well liked by this artist with “everything in the right place, and bodies swirling.” The back and forth play between Dezi Boyd and Lady Kane make “Rucktuk Girl” a jam full of flavor, guitar, percussion, and reggae soul.

“Rucktuk Girl” by Dezi Boyd