Thursday, July 7, 2011

R A D I A T E - Rick Denzien

Rick Denzien’s “R A D I A T E” is a mid to slightly fast tempo, very upbeat, uplifting, and enjoyable video and track. With a voice reminiscent of John Anderson or Phil Collins, and a musical style very close to R.E.M., Denzien hits the mark with “R A D I A T E.” In this soft rock number, Denzien beautifully harmonizes lyrics that tell the story of radiating love – the kind that comes from deep inside the heart. It’s a pure and touching reminder of what we should all be doing – seeing the good and being the good; expecting wonder, and radiating love to one another. An excellent band with a full sound captures you with their top notch performance, complementing each other perfectly. The guitar break and solo are excellent, and the song has a positive vibe that will make music lovers of any genre appreciate it greatly.

The video is filled with images of what appear to be home movies of children experiencing life – growing up, falling down, laughing, crying, growing, and coming to know the love that comes along with these things. But it reminds us that there is another part of life that is dark and sinister that, though it is everywhere and can’t be escaped, it can be overcome through love and it’s our duty and should be our pleasure as well to do it. You can’t help but watch or listen to “R A D I A T E” over and over as it is a song that will leave you feeling just a little bit better about people, life, and love. “R A D I A T E” it!!! The track is available on iTunes at .

R A D I A T E - Rick Denzien

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