Friday, August 19, 2011

"This Road" - La Res

La Res’ new music video “The Road” tackles the heart-wrenching reality of post-traumatic stress on veterans. The first single to be released from La Res’ new album Revolution, “The Road” also appears in the critically acclaimed new film Happy New Year. This compelling rock video shows the trauma of being in a war zone and seeing things that change your life and who you are forever.

“The Road” begins with a soldier awakening from a recurring nightmare that haunts him about the dead soldiers who didn’t make it back home. That fact and the entire traumatic experience has affected him to the point where meds are barely holding him together, and being around others is not something he can do. Sadly, even his wife is not an answer to his depression and the darkness he carries within. The scars of war have made him something he was never meant to be. The pain is expressed in strong lyrics like, “/There’s a rumbling down inside/The horn’s about to blow/This pride that’s been my shield/I think I’m going to let it go"/.

With the help of gritty guitar tones, driving bass lines, and compelling melodies, La Res concocts an intriguing amalgam that aggressively and passionately cries out for redemption, self-empowerment, and an ultimate liberation. The video ends with the soldier facing his demons by walking into the graveyard that has been haunting him. All who have served and fought or loved those who have will feel this video and track deeply.

"This Road" - La Res

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Elijah J - "Meet Me on the Dance Floor"

Elijah J is certainly no stranger to the entertainment industry, as many will remember him as Simba in the Lion King. But he has arrived on the urban/dance music scene with energy, a great voice, and dance moves that defy gravity and pull it all together. In his video, “Meet Me on the Dance Floor,” which is well produced and shines brightly with talent (including Chaz Marcus), Elijah J and his crew put on a show that is impressive and captivating. The video features music that is well mixed and never stops. It’s a pulsating dance groove that makes you get up and dance – if you can. This track is funky enough to get not just a little wiggle out of you – it has a real get out there and let it go, sweat, and move persuasiveness to it. The breaks in the video that allow the dancers to improvise and show their stuff are great, and the pace is one that you’ll find yourself sweating to keep up with but enjoying every minute of it. Hard bass and a true quality voice combined with great rapping set this young artist apart from the rest.

Elijah J - "Meet Me on the Dance Floor"

Fix You - Music Matters for Japan

Not many people can forget March 11, 2011, when an earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale struck off the east coast of Japan, creating a tsunami which caused massive devastation and loss of life. But In the worst of times, the best of humanity often makes an appearance. This was definitely the case when, during the 6th annual Music Matters conference/festival which was held in Singapore in May, 49 artists from 18 countries came together to give of themselves to raise funds for relief efforts. In just 36 hours, a song for Japan was conceptualized and completed from start to finish. All proceeds from the track, their rendition of Coldplay's "Fix You," featuring an all-star ensemble, has now been released globally, directly benefiting the Japanese Red Cross & Peace Boat.

The video shows scenes of almost unfathomable destruction courtesy of CNN, but it also gives us hope, showing workers of various types providing medical care and in their rebuilding and humanitarian efforts. Alternating between the scenes of ruins, people in despair, and others striving to lift a country and people back up, along with the artists and musicians in the process of recording "Fix You," the video is powerful and captivating, invoking several different emotions from the viewer. The choral ending is beautiful and inspirational.

Among the artists contributing their talents to the cause are: Pierre Bouvier and S├ębastian Lefebvre (Simple Plan - Canada), Tommy Bastow and Richie Craker (Franko - England), Aarika Lee (Sixx - Singapore), Katerine Agoustakis (Belgium), Alex Johnson, Joe Porter, Matt Vink, Josh Mitchinson, and Joshua McDaniel (These Kids Wear Crowns – Canada), Sara Wee (53A – Singapore), Lydia des Dolles (Sweet Jane – Ireland), Joseph Curiale (Producer and Arranger – USA), Yuto Miyazawa (Guitarist – Japan), Saidah Baba Talibah (Canada), Ian Hardwick and Tim Hardwick (Goober Guns – UK), Will Rendie, James Keo and Jim Ralphs (Will and the People – UK), Jay-J (Belgium), Sam Cromack and Jennifer Boyce (Ball Park Music – Australia), Johannes Marx (Pitchtuner – Germany), Leslie Liang (KoOk – Taiwan), Lu Yan (AV Okubo – Taiwan), Mooky Latif (One Buck Short – Malaysia), Muhammad "PJ" Panji Prayoga (Disconnected – Indonesia), Nelson Morris (Belgium), Osamu Kitajima (Koto – Japan), Park Yoon Sik (Crying Nut – Korea), Richard Perry (Evaline – USA), Shamril Salleh (Guitar – Malaysia), Sunny Gottlieb (Belgium), Shouwang (Car Sick Cars – China), Vishal (Pentagram – India), and Wilson Tan (Singapore.

The video is a strong reminder to us all than man is at his best when nature is at its worst, and that hope, love, and goodwill cannot be shattered. Individuals can donate directly at or

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Scion A/V, the innovative and forward-thinking creative arm of Scion, has launched the new Scion A/V Streaming Radio, opening a portal to rare and underground music as well as exclusive artist interviews via seventeen original broadband radio stations. With these non-stop streaming stations, Scion A/V presents ever-evolving programming from respected DJs and revolutionary-minded hosts in the genres of metal, dance, techno, hip hop, indie rock, reggae and more.

In order to help fans connect swiftly with the online stations, Scion A/V has created the Scion A/V Streaming Radio widget, which arms fans with a sleek and share-able platform; the desktop widget allows the stations to be shared using basic HTML code. To obtain the code check out the widget at Scion A/V’s Facebook page:!/scionav?sk=app_128953167177144

“The team at Scion A/V continues to innovate and create new contributions to the cultural landscape,” says Jeri Yoshizu, manager of sales promotions for Scion. “With the launch of the new Scion A/V Streaming Radio and the accompanying widget we are carving a new path for music fans to discover incredible content and share it effectively with others.”


Host: Christopher Roberts
An exploration of the music that defines the venerable Brooklyn-based Vice Records.

Hosts: DJ Eleven, Cosmo Baker, DJ Ayres
The past, present, and future of hip-hop from Bronx-bred breakbeats to the newest and unknown.

MEGA Los Angeles
Host: Skeet Skeet
MEGA is the brainchild of the LA based Skeet Skeet who has been causing waves across the world with his unique taste in music and epic DJ sets.

Host: The 45 King
Radio 45 is the outlet for producer "The 45 King" who burst onto the rap scene during the late '80s with his bona-fide breakbeat classic "The 900 Number."

Host: Scott Kelly
KMBT is new station joining the Scion Radio 17 and is best described as pure guerilla radio. Scott Kelly is a vocalist and guitarist of Neurosis, an experimental metal band from Oakland, CA.

Host: Trouble & Bass Crew
Electronic Dance
Trouble & Bass Crew launch dance floor destroying mixes of anything bass heavy – from house to kuduro and everything in-between.

Host: Drew Best/12th Planet
DJ Drew Best brings the best in dubstep music and beyond. 12th Planet is a co-founder of the SMOG record label and the host of Dubtroit, a monthly night of dubstep in Orange County.

Host: Adam Shore
Adam Shore brings you the best in death metal, grindcore, thrash and doom plus new tracks and absolute classics from all around the world, plus rare interviews.

Host: Max Glazer
Hosted by one of the most celebrated DJs on the scene Max Glazer, The Federation Invasion is a non-stop mix of the best in dancehall reggae music.

Host: Blu Jemz
Night People host Blu Jemz, invades your airwaves to bring you the newest, dustiest, and hardest. From up-tempo B-more & house, to raw beats & rhymes and lost gems, musically the show comes at the listener from all angles.

Host: Monty Luke
Monty Luke brings a funky, stripped down and eclectic sound from the underground of American dance music.

Host: Chris Morris
"Watusi Rodeo" presents the best in hardcore, no-nonsense alternative country, rockabilly, and roots - old-time hillbilly music, honky-tonk, outlaw country and cosmic cowboys, and classic country-rock.

Host: Gina Turner
On "Below the Bassline" host DJ Gina Turner shares her favorite tastemakers in the techno, house or any other genre flying under her radar at the moment.

Host: Rob Swift
Rob Swift knows all about evolution and its conceptual cousin, revolution-whether it's the spontaneous kind that sparks radical change, or the vinyl-based kind that occurs at 33-1/3 revolutions - per - minute (and variations thereof).

Host: DJ Roy Davis Jr.
While spinning his own brand of floor-stomping soul for his multitude of fans, Roy Davis Jr. has emerged as one of the most requested DJ’s in the world.

IHEARTCOMIX Radio Host: Greg Acid Girls
Remix wizards ACID GIRLS, comprised of Gregory Bowler and Jamie McNiel, are a DJ and production duo based in Los Angeles, CA. Acid Girls have carved their own niche in the international dance music scene, combining pop and techno, disco and electro.

IN THE RED Host: Larry Hardy
Larry Hardy is the founder of In the Red Records, a label largely responsible for the resurgence of American garage rock over the past two decades, The philosophy of the radio show is to spin the best in current and ancient garage-punk-weird rock n' roll music.

About Scion A/V:
Scion A/V is a creative enterprise of Scion devoted to the discovery, nurture, funding and distribution of compelling music and arts programming. Scion A/V has created and championed projects for over 100 underground musical artists, supported tours and special events, created film documentaries, curated art installations, and produces a collection of ‘zines. Additionally, Scion A/V executes the annual Scion Music (less) Conference and operates 17 broadband radio stations via Scion Radio 17. For more information, visit

About Scion:
Scion, from Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc., was developed with a new generation of youthful buyers in mind. Scion’s mission is to provide distinctive products, the opportunity to personalize, and an innovative, consumer-driven process at the retail level. The brand features three groundbreaking models with a wide array of standard features: the xD urban subcompact five-door, the iconic xB urban utility vehicle and the tC sports coupe. Scion launches the all-new, premium micro-subcompact iQ in 2011. The Scion brand often applies new practices in all aspects of its business and pushes the creativity envelope with non-traditional advertising and marketing to engage young consumers. Scion also supports originality through its programs in the artistic community. For more information, visit

Press Contacts:

Johnathan Melehan
Beyond Marketing Group

Caroline Bubnis
The Door

Craig Taguchi
Scion Public Relations

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ConcertCrowd Facebook App Turns Concert Discovery Social

Integrating with the user's social graph, Facebook App ConcertCrowd ( provides a new way to track artists and discover bands. By analyzing the user's Facebook info, ConcertCrowd provides personalized concert listings based on their location and music preferences. In addition, the app overlays the user's Facebook network within the event listings - showing which of their friends like each artist. This not only makes it easier to identify which friends have the same music tastes, but exposes other artists the user's friends have liked, creating a whole new way to discover bands. ConcertCrowd also connects directly with each Artist's Facebook page, letting the user listen to the artist's music, watch their videos and learn more about them.

"I got tired of finding out that my favorite bands were playing in town only after it was too late. After talking with my friends I realized I wasn't alone and wanted to create a tool that anyone could use to track their favorite artists," says ConcertCrowd creator, Arman Javaherian. "Once we started developing the app, we realized we could also integrate the concert listings with the user's social network, creating a new way to discover bands and music."

ConcertCrowd also makes sharing events with friends simple. Dedicated links let the user add the event to their Facebook calendar, post the event info to their walls and send private messages to their friends. Links to purchase tickets and get ticket info are also provided, if available.

Using multiple APIs, the App houses the largest list of upcoming concerts in the world and lets users customize their date and location settings so that they can view events in any city for any date. "By allowing so much flexibility, ConcertCrowd lets users find and plan events for when their friends come to town or if they themselves are traveling to other cities," says Amy Bauer, a PR consultant that works with multiple artists and labels. "This app gives people a brand new way to find concerts and discover bands using their social network - music to my clients' ears." ConcertCrowd is an entirely free Facebook App that can be found at:

Since its launch on August 11th, 2011, ConcertCrowd has been featured in multiple outlets including: Mashable, Scribbal and HypeBot. The app has gotten a strong response, amassing over 1,300 users in the first 5 days.


About ConcertCrowd
ConcertCrowd is based in San Francisco, CA and was founded by two seasoned tech industry professionals looking for a better way to follow their favorite bands.

Tony Adamo - Groove Therapy

San Francisco Bay area singer/songwriter Tony Adamo delivers some of his best work to date with his remake of Tower of Power’s “Groove Therapy.” “Groove Therapy” is a cut from Adamo’s CD Straight Up Deal, and this is a vibrant, earthy track with a definite 70s feel and all the funk you can handle. The horn section features members of the original Tower of Power horn section, and Tony smoothly delivers the “therapy,” musically speaking, that is. The “doctor” is definitely in the house. With crisp music, a nice guitar solo break, and the band at the top of their game, “Groove Therapy” comes together in a style that most can only envy. Adamo seems to have fun with this track with his deep, sultry, and commanding voice, and the expertise from the horn and percussion sections put the song into overdrive.

Tony Adamo - Groove Therapy

Monday, August 15, 2011



KC Jockey – New Single – “Girl You’re Free” Says it all...........

After bursting onto the international scene repeatedly over and over again. Recently added to this collection with his chart-topping hits “Kiss Me” ,“When You Look at Me” & Toast To The Dads" to name a few hits. KC Jockey is ready to take the music world by storm again with his latest single, “Girl You’re Free”. Having just signed a digital distribution deal with Empire Distribution, Jockey now has even more outlets to let the world hear his unique and infectious sound.

KC Jockey was born in Kingston, Jamaica but moved to Brooklyn, NY as a young child. The rising star quickly developed a passion for all things New York—both the good and the bad. The “bad” had him in the streets hustling to get all the luxuries he saw others around him enjoying. The “good” had him embracing his God-given musical abilities, which he finally realized could provide him with the same lavish lifestyle as the hustling he saw going on around him. After his mother passed from a tragic accident in 1997, Jockey dedicated himself to the studio, often working through the night to perfect his craft. The hard work paid off in 2000 when Jockey launched his own record label, Sweet Sadie’s Productions, appropriately named in honor of his mother.

“Girl You’re Free” is the story of a woman who has finally summoned the courage to break free from her abusive and oppressive relationship. The man she once loved had mentally and physically abused her to the point where she feared for her life every day. This song celebrates the strength and bravery she showed as she finally escaped her painful and terrifying situation. This powerful song will surely pull on the heart strings of many women and men who have suffered through abusive relationships. As KC Jockey will be having a campaign set for this single on SAYING NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE An equally powerful and moving music video for “Girl You’re Free” is in production now and will be released by early Fall 2011.

Jockey’s infectious smile has landed him jobs as the face of many of the hottest new products on the market. He is currently one of the faces for the fresh new clothing line 4.U.2.N.V, who have featured him on their New York City billboards. Jockey also recently received national attention on MTV’s “Idol Party Live” during an interview with American Idol season ten finalist Paul McDonald. When Idol fans discovered that McDonald had made a cameo in Jockey’s music video for “Rub Your Body”, the story and video went viral and became topic for discussion in many of his subsequent interviews.

KC Jockey already has the musical chops and resume to prove his international star power, having shared stages with the likes of 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Jay Z, Mary J Blige, Beanie Man, and many others. His consistent success on both the North American and European charts shows that his style and sound transcend borders and cultures; “Girl You’re Free” is certain to be no different!

(Written By: Larken Egleston)

KC Jockey Management:
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