Friday, May 5, 2017

Your Ears Are Going To Dig Orbital Mechanix' Fresh New Sound

Orbital Mechanix record label is owned and run by artists. With no corporate interests calling the tune, these artists are able to push the boundaries of different genres to create a unique, irresistible sound and produce tracks that will take over your playlist. Their scintillating compilation, OM Vol.1 sees jazz, neo-soul, RnB and pop mixed with hip-hop to create a memorable sonic experience.


Orbital Mechanix’ music is not like anything you will hear on the radio. It reflects the best of classic hip-hop while offering a new interpretation of the genre. On the compilation’s first track HW2, MSNRA mix an excellent flow with beautiful backing vocals and a beat which uses real instruments to create a symphony of swag. Production like this has been absent from mainstream hip-hop for some time. The RnB kicks in on ‘Paper Dreams’ as Orbital Mechanix gives listeners a quality melody with serious social commentary, on a track as enjoyable as it is interesting. This compilation is so good that your ears will write you a sincere letter of thanks after you listen to it. If you blast the compilation through the loudest possible speakers, so will your neighbours. The compilation is designed to push boundaries in sound. That it certainly does. OM Vol.1 redefines what is musically possible, dropping an instrumental in the middle of the compilation, just to make the full extent of their talent clear.

This talent is already being noticed with Shara Lunon, member of Orbital Mechanix, being invited to perform at the Gaze Festival in Gainesville, before the label has even released an album. Their music is notable for its inimitable style and swag. The label hopes that the creativity which they infuse into their craft will leave an indelible mark on the music industry.

OM Vol.1 is coming very, very soon. Prepare yourself for an audio experience unlike any other. Orbital Mechanix are only just getting started. This year will see new albums from Masune and Weekend Supaheroes. Weekend Supaheroes bring soulful harmonies to your ears with beautiful tracks such as 'Jonah's Doom'. Not content with making a song which is better than many artists' albums, Weekend Supaheroes keep the hits coming with, 'Meditation.' The song continues the classic hip-hop vibes which infuse OM Vol.1. The 'award tour' on which the track reflects seems as though it will be an annual occurrence for Orbital Mechanix. Masune's album represents a wonderful synergy between hip-hop and soul. This is particularly evident on ‘Sip Slow’ feat Mariama Ndure and Shara Lunon. As usual, Masune's fire bars have listeners rushing to find an extinguisher, but on this track they pause on the way to listen to Shara's operatic vocals. Not many hip-hop tracks finish with an aria, 'Sip Slow' does. 'Banana Tree' continues the album's joyous vibes. You'll have this on repeat for days and days.

Orbital Mechanix will be electrifying a city near you with Masune’s tour featuring Sha-ra and Mariama Ndure. The US tour will start on the East Coast and run and run from there. To summarize, Orbital Mechanix is about to turn the remainder of 2017 into a 9-month long motion picture.

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