Thursday, August 6, 2015


Released via Bout It Records 0002

Manchester-based Barry Brown impressed everybody when he dropped "Dat Party Track" back in 2014, with the single going on to receive glowing support from the likes of Trevor Nelson of the BBC, Rinse FM's N-type and many more.

Today his sweeping sound, a fusion of Bass and Trap returns, with the unveiling of his new single "One Thing I Know". Featuring vocalist Anonymous, the track once again displays Barry's unique brand of Bass music, while embracing a sizzling dance-floor production, fitting for summer.

2015 is set to see Barry Brown continue doing what he does best, making music. While he continues to be a respected figure in the underground scene, he's now focusing on further enhancing his growing reputation, and transferring his success into the mainstream.

Mercury & The Architects Roll Out New EP Release "Poets & The Beast" Worldwide


Dateline: New York City & L.A.

Fresh off of winning an International Songwriting Contest for Best Song for the track "Tonight", the group 'MERCURY & THE ARCHITECTS', has released the new EP entitled "POETS & THE BEAST". Acclaimed for his lyrics and songwriting craft, lead vocalist & principal songwriter TJ Mercury is being recognized as a musical force with global appeal. Already breaking out on OKTV in Germany & other video and radio programs from North America to Europe, from Canada to Latin America, 'Tonight' outlines the internal struggles of a relationship. "Being in a relationship", states TJ Mercury, "takes dedication, communication and perseverance to get over and past the many challenges today's fast paced, increasingly tech filled society and TONIGHT deals with that."

Other much talked about and well received tracks on the POETS & THE BEAST - EP are 'Philosophy Of Hope' and the track 'the Architect'. TJ continues, "Philosophy Of Hope" is a political piece, representing my analysis of society and my role within it, while "The Architect" represents my personal enlightenment and the person I have found through soul searching." The EP was mastered by multiple Grammy winner engineer Mark B. Christensen, known for his work with such major artists as LADY GAGA, THE KILLERS, 50 CENT, TREY SONGZ & others. Christensen, already working with MERCURY & THE ARCHITECTS on their major upcoming full length album, has been nominated for 5 GRAMMYS, with 2 GAMMY wins.

MERCURY & THE ARCHITECTS have joined forces with independent marketing powerhouse INDIEPOWER & their 40+ year industry veteran CEO Jay Warsinske. Warsinske, a longtime pioneer & innovator in the indie music, film, tech worlds, has been a part of launching and breaking such artists as U2, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, THE CLASH, THE POLICE, REM, METALLICA, STING, 2PAC & many more over his storied career. Also as the founder / CEO of the acclaimed industry conference & festival, IES - the INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT, Jay has been a vital part of developing & breaking talent and labels for the last 5 decades. "MERCURY & THE ARCHITECTS", states Warsinske, "is one of those quality acts you just feel & know has the writing depth, passion & tenacity to grow a catalog of classics! Can't wait to see music lovers all over the globe get into this EP & the upcoming full length album."


For more information contact: INDIEPOWER 818-505-1836

MEDIA - SKOPE Magazine review :
TRACKS : Tonight:
The Architect:
Philosophy Of Hope:
Full E.P.
Live Performance: Mercury & The Architects Live

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

IES Rock Honors Set To Induct Icons Lemmy & Motorhead, Slash, The Ramones & The Runaways

The 4th annual IES : INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT is proud to announce the Inductions of some of the most iconic Rock Stars & Bands at this year's IES ROCK HONORS. Opening night August 5, IES Founder Jay Warsinske will host an epic evening in music history as part of their 40th Anniversaries IES will induct the Trailblazers LEMMY & MOTORHEAD, THE RAMONES & THE RUNAWAYS.In addition Rock icon SLASH will always be inducted.

LEMMY & MOTORHEAD celebrate their 40th Anniversary at IES ROCK HONORS, as they prepare to release their highly anticipated new album BAD MAGIC, recorded at NRG Studios, in the L.A. neighborhood of N.Hollywood, where IES takes place. Revered as the 'Godfather of Everything Hard Rock & Metal', Lemmy epitomizes the Rock 'n Roll spirit & independence that is at the core of everything IES & the INDIE SUMMIT is all about!

THE RAMONES ushered in a new era of Rock 40 years ago with their debut album & paved the way for the Punk explosion & alternative scene that carries on today worldwide, from the WARPED TOUR to disciples such as GREEN DAY, BLINK-182, THE OFFSPRING, BAD RELIGION, NOFX, ALL TIME LOW, & millions more! Members of the ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME, the band's influence

THE RUNAWAYS started 40 years to THE DAY of the IES ROCK HONORS in the N.Hollywood area of IES, when lead singer CHERIE CURRIE met JOAN JETT, KIM FOWLEY & LITA FORD and formed the iconic all girl band! Legend has it, Joan & Kim wrote the classic 'Cherry Bomb' on the spot for Cherie to audition with.

SLASH, has blossomed since being the guitarist & main songwriter in one of the biggest bands in history, with GUNS 'n ROSES into one of the most iconic musicians of our generation & a headliner on his own on major Festivals & World Tours! The ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME member owns his own record label, produces independent movies & is the epitome of the indie spirit that IES: the INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT & IES ROCK HONORS symbolizes! He will help induct his hero LEMMY!

RICHIE RAMONE, legendary Drummer & only one that wrote full songs for the group & even sang lead vocals on albums, will lead an ALLStar performance of RAMONES, G'n R, MOTORHEAD, & RUNAWAYS classics that will include members of the RAMONES, GUNS 'n ROSES, RUNAWAYS, THIN LIZZY, OZZY & several Very Special Suprise Guests!

IES ROCK HONORS is not open to the public & only available to attendees of IES: the INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT. To register go to:

Skarkali Trio - The CD is out!

Today, 29th of July 2015, I am releasing my first album with Skarkali Trio. The album consists of nine diverse songs composed by me over the last few years.

On our Bandcamp page you can buy a physical copy (highly recommended) or a digital download of the album. If you are unsure you can also stream the songs:

Skarkali has performed twice at Reykjavik Jazz Festival (2013 and 2014) as well as we represented Iceland at Young Nordic Jazz Comets 2013. In the summer of 2014 we toured the Faroe Islands as a part of the Summartónar concert series. More info about us on

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Gypsy Funk, Twenty-Seven Songs And A Bucket

As of July "Gypsy Funk" duo, Acoustique Juice began their twenty-four month radio and publicity campaign. The duo will slowly release new and re-mastered singles, E.P's and albums aided by the invaluable services of Australia's radio distribution network AMRAP's AirIt. Month by month their twenty-seven song catalogue will be released to radio, followed by the public and will likely grow during the time of the campaign.

Acoustique Juice record all their tracks in their own studio using instruments ranging from soaring violin and rocking drums, to only a bucket for percussion, guitar and vocals.

With spy thriller "I Know Something" and folk fantasy "Desert Paradise" already on air, Acoustique Juice has a new three track single, "Purple Sky" so far hitting the radio in the U.S, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Norway and Denmark, before its release to the public on the 7th of August.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Mirage Box Release Follow Up Single Last Beautiful Woman

Craig Raymo
Director of Publishing
Moho Music, ASCAP/Craymo Music, BMI
Phone: 407-361-5514

Mirage Box, the music duo consisting of Nick Coppola and Chris Capozza, have reached the top of the charts with their inagural original single release, "Juarez", off their debut EP, "Contents Under Pressure". Released at the end of February, "Juarez" reached the number one spot on the Independent Music Network (3/11/15), New Music Weekly AC40 Indie (6/24/15) and New Music Weekly AC40 Main (6/24/15) FM airplay charts for the US. "Juarez" also reached the #2 spot on National Radio Hits AC40 Main (6/3/15), #5 on New Music Weekly Top40 Indie (4/29 - 5/6), #6 on New Music Weekly Hot 100 (6/3-10/15), #8 on National Radio Hits Top40 Main (6/3/15), #12 on Friday Morning Quarterback Top 200 (6/10/15) and #14 on New Music Weekly Top40 Main (6/10/15).

Mirage Box has released their current single "Last Beautiful Woman" in mid-June and already has charted as high as #7 on the New Music Weekly AC40 Indie chart. It also is a Top 25 song on NRH Top40 Main (#25), NMW AC40 Main (#25) NMW Top40 Indie (#9) and NRH AC40 Main (#9) as of this press release. Touring plans are being made currently for Fall 2015.

Mirage Box is a creative collaboration between Nick Coppola, a prolific songwriter and lyricist, and Chris Capozza, a multi-instrumentalist audio engineer and music producer. Mirage Box's music has been described as "modern retro" - a celebration for the great songwriting and music production of the artist heyday of the late 60s and through the 70s. Mirage Box's music and writing style reflects the various flavors of pop and rock music of the classic rock era. Mirage Box's music production employs many of the classic sounds and instruments of the by-gone era, but with a modern slant. Mirage Box aims to create soundscapes, painting scenes with music that takes listeners on journeys. Fans of album rock and headphone audiophiles will appreciate Mirage Box's compositions.

For more information, see:
Mirage Box artist page -
Mirage Box on Facebook -
"Juarez" music video -
"Last Beautiful Woman" music video -

What Would You Do With Your 30,000 Days On Earth? Artist, Allison Geddie May Have The Answer With Her Latest Release

There's a saying "Don't count the days, make the days count." The average human lifespan is 30,000 days. That sounds like an endless amount of time to live our lives to the fullest, yet it's a sad truth that many people at the end of their days look back with regret on things they never did. Allison Geddie is acutely aware of this, having been inspired by a dear friend Sandy Cooper who, according to Allison, "lived 21,659 days to the fullest." With this in her head and heart, Allison penned her single "30,000 Days" after realizing she wanted to spend her 30,000 days inspiring others. In this uplifting new video, she does exactly that.


“It was a challenge going out into New York City and asking strangers on the street a question but once we had a conversation it was so inspiring to watch people's faces light up,” stated Allison. “Some people had never thought about their goals, purpose, or what they want their legacy to be, and I felt lucky to be involved in their thought process! It was also cool to watch people dream big and realize that nothing is holding them back. I am very proud of the video and I'm happy to honor the song, the message, and the woman who inspired it.”

This supremely talented and motivated artist has been all over the globe in pursuit of her musical aspirations. She has worked with top name producers, the best players in the industry, and has been recognized with TV song placements (The View, All My Children), high profile opening spots for artists such as Blue Oyster Cult and Tristan Prettyman. Geddie’s signature style reveals itself in melodies and lyrics that often take unpredictable and surprising turns, riveting the listener with stunning depth, power, and beauty, haunting them for days and weeks to follow. Through her music, film, and humanitarian work, Allison inspires people to live life to its fullest and through that inspires the children of the future.

Such is the thrust of the new video for "30,000 Days"" The video is set in the heart of New York City where Allison grabs a bundle of poster board, markers, and sidewalk chalk and sets off on an adventure to find out what the rest of us want to do with our 30,000 days. Strangers become fast friends as Allison uses her charm and message to get to know the world around her. She begins in Central Park, works through the streets of Midtown, heads over the Williamsbrug, Times Square, and other NYC landmarks where each participant writes down their own aspirations one by one. Though they vary from the positive to the introspective, each and every sign tells a unique story about the person behind it. We're all encouraged to share our own goals or dreams on social media using the hashtag #30kDays. Spread the word and share the inspiration!

Twitter: @allisongeddie

For Press & Media Inquires for Allison please contact