Friday, October 30, 2009

Global Music Release: "If You Loved Me"

Dear Artists and Friends:

I would like to ask your help with the largest grassroots effort that has been developed to "Bridge Unmet Needs to Untapped Resources" on the community level, in every United Nations member country. The name of project is the "Global Arts Integration Into Education Initiative," url:

Our latest global focus was Stand Up Against Poverty 2009 where 173,045,325 citizens gathered at over 3,000 events in more than 120 countries, demanding that their governments eradicate extreme poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Radio and television networks can access the release "If You Loved Me" and soundtracks from the "Outside of the Box" album compilation through AirPlay Direct:

Questions or requests for additional information can be directed to:

Stephen Michael Apatow
Founder, Director of Research and Development
Humanitarian Resource Institute

Director, HRI Global Arts Integration Into Education Initiative
Twitter: unarts

Legendary Saxophonist Releases Plunky & Oneness 2012 Collectors Box Set


J. Plunky Branch offers music for old fans and new with an impressive 5-disc compilation, Plunky & Oneness 2012 Collectors' Box Set, a retrospective of the best of his last 20 years' 12 CD albums. Long known for his versatility, saxophonist-producer Plunky has exceeded the bounds of eclecticism in this extensive library of songs organized into genre-specific CD's: Urban Groove, Cool Jazz, Love Songs, P Phunk and Afro World, packaged into a box set.

This is a collection of songs by one of the most prolific and enduring groups of the last 40 years. The band originated in the early 1970's as Plunky & Oneness of Juju, an avant Afro-jazz ensemble, and they developed by constantly exploring a wide range additional genres of Black music including R&B, funk, smooth jazz, reggae, hip-hop and neo-soul. Plunky and the group has continued to record and tour extensively and recently had a new break-through when Plunky's song "Drop" received national radio airplay and became a dance club hit.

Plunky & Oneness 2012 Collectors' Box Set is a virtual music library of the best of Plunky's last 20 years' releases. The compilation includes more than 80 songs on five CD's plus a bonus disc that contains background information, pictures, travel journals and videos.

The original 12 albums recorded and released between 1988 and 2008 were each unique but similar in that they all contained multiple types of music, as Plunky consciously continued to demonstrate the "oneness" or common characteristics inherent in all Black popular music forms. The songs on the new 2012 compilation CD's are organized by genre, taking into account that listeners are likely to utilize music albums in accordance with their moods, activities and settings.

Whatever your mood, this collection offers music to enhance and uplift it. Disc 1 Urban Groove has saxy instrumentals for dancing or just grooving (and includes Plunky's smash hit "Drop"). Disc 2 Cool Jazz is smooth tracks for a mellow atmosphere. Disc 3 Love Songs' sensual music sets the mood for romance. Disc 4 P Phunk is all hard-core funk to move your mind and body. Disc 5 Afro World explores African rhythms and other world beats.

This is a massive compilation of music for Plunky fans and for collectors of original urban, saxy, cool, funky, love inducing, Afro-jazz and more. The five CD set, plus bonus disc will be packaged in a regular DVD case and have a list price of $39.99, with deep discounts offered for pre-release orders and downloads. National release date for the box set: November 3, 2009.

Distributed by Liaison Distribution, 9435 Washington Blvd, Suite J, Laurel, MD 20723. Available online at and

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rufus Cappadocia And Special Guests To Perform At The Jalopy On October 31st


Celloist extraordinaire Rufus Cappadocia will perform at the Jalopy on Saturday, October 31st at 8:30 p.m. along with special guests Gaida Hinawi (Voice Syria) & Yacouba Denke Denke (Fulani Flute & Vocals Niger). There is a $15 cover charge for the show.

Rufus Cappadocia and guests Gaida Hinawi & Yacouba Denke Denke @ Jalopy
315 Columbia Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 395-3214

Rufus Cappadocia is one of the leading voices on the cello today. From the modalities of Middle Eastern, West African and pan-European folk forms to blues, rock and jazz along the way, adding elements American roots, Mediterranean textures, and Caribbean percussion for good measure, Cappadocia's effortless and natural embrace of all music is awe-inspiring. Rufus will be playing his new 5 string cello and quartertone baritone guitar.

To request mp3 tracks for review as well as interview requests, contact:
Eric de Fontenay
+1 718 278 0662

Stevie Diamond - Heavenly Bliss


Stevie Diamond launches onto the international stage with a gift for Tigerlily Hutchence on October 24th 2009. This journey came about when Stevie met with Michael Hutchence back in 1996 and they both experienced a déjà vu experience that they had met each other before and instantly became friends. When Michael passed over Stevie was driven to write and arrange a myriad of work inspired by the former INXS front man including Rock Operas, Books, Move Picture Screenplays and a host of spiritually inspired songs.

'Heavenly Bliss' is Stevie's gift to Tigerlily and is dedicated to her from her Daddy, Michael. Recorded in the prestigious 301 studios and produced by Peter Blyton and John Spence this track takes you on a mystical journey of a father's perfect love for his little girl. Stevie witnessed the love between father and daughter on so many occasions. The lyrics are so heartfelt and are encouraging to us all. The bonus track on the single is 'Universal Child', also dedicated to Tigerlily, relates to the tragic separation from her parents.

The video clip for 'Heavenly Bliss' produced by Stevie, gives you a visual impression of his message. This visually stimulating clip takes you on a universal trip of touching moments with Michael, Paula and Tigerlily.

'Heavenly Bliss' is being distributed independently and will be available November through i tunes, Rhapsody, Napster, E-music and at:

Radio can also download broadcast quality tracks from Airplay Direct for free

All profits made from the release of this single will be donated to Tigerlily.

6th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards Deadline Looms


The 6th Annual IAMA's deadline is fast approaching. There is less than 2 weeks left to enter. IAMA promotes excellence in Acoustic Music Performance and Artistry. Acoustic artists in various genres can gain exciting radio and web exposure through this competition. Participating sponsors include D'Addario Strings, New Music Weekly, Loggins Promotion,, Tanager Music Software (Songframe),,, Acoustic Cafe Radio Show and XM Sirius Satellite Radio.

IAMA is open to all independent artists and labels. Unlike other music industry competitions, IAMA focuses on developing new markets for Acoustic artists, labels and with or without CD releases. Past year's winners include The Refugees (USA), Kate Lush (Australia), Wayne Southards (USA), Larry Pattis (USA), Omega (Uganda), etc.

Win awards in 8 different categories: Folk/Americana/Roots, AAA/Alternative, Instrumental, Open, Bluegrass, Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist, Best Group/Duo. There will also be an Overall Grand Prize winner awarded to the top winner worth over US$11,000, which includes radio promotion to over 250 radio stations in US and Canada. Winning songs will be heard on radio! Winners and runner-ups will be featured on our CD compilation. Also, we feature up to 10 different artists get featured and promoted on IAMA website every month, which provides a review, ratings, CD information and more. The sooner, you enter, the sooner you get featured!

Judging is based on excellence in music performance, songwriting/composition/song choice, Music Production and originality. (Please note that IAMA is a different competition from USA Songwriting Competition).

All entries must be entered by November 9 or earlier. Ways to enter:

** For the regular entry form, please go to:

** Or enter online:

** Or enter online via Sonicbids:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MusicDish Announces Premium Music Video Service: MusicDishTV Plus


MusicDish, LLC announced that a new premium video service for artists has been launched: MusicDishTV Plus.

MusicDishTV Plus is an upgraded stand-alone option to MusicDishTV, which delivers cutting edge music videos and recorded live performances on the leading video sharing platforms, such as YouTube and Dailymotion. MusicDishTV Plus distinguishes itself from MusicDishTV in that video submissions are guaranteed acceptance (provided the content is appropriate), and the process for releasing the video is expedited from what can be a 4-5 month waiting period (due to its popularity) to two weeks. MusicDishTV Plus also includes a professionally written video review.

Eric de Fontenay, Founder and CEO of MusicDish stated, "MusicDishTV Plus is our way of providing an alternative to talented artists who want more exposure for their music and videos quickly and effectively. As music videos are a very popular way to reach one's target audience, MusicDishTV Plus harnesses the power of the internet to efficiently maximize an artist's visibility."

The MusicDishTV Plus premium service also includes:
* postings to over 40 MusicDish LLC branded blogs & profiles
* distribution to over 35 Mi2N syndicated newswires
* features in both Mi2N and MusicDish e-Journal websites and newsletters
* targeted posting to over 75 online forums, eGroups and blogs
* increased SEO (search engine optimization) for their music brand

MusicDishTV currently has channels & profiles on the following websites:
* YouTube
* Dailymotion
* WildscreenTV
* Yahoo! Video
* myspacetv
* Facebook
* Megavideo
* Vox
* Vimeo
* Veoh
* Buzznet
* Current TV
* MusicDishTV's Blogspot
* Twitter

To submit your music video for MusicDishTV Plus,

About MusicDish, LLC
Since 1997, MusicDish LLC has served as the bridge between the music industry and the artist. Through its extensive online presence, MusicDish provides artists with an edge over the ever-prevalent competition the music industry entails. MusicDish gives the artist the opportunity to take advantage of several different services: a creative approach to artist development and representation; online press release distribution & marketing; publications disclosing all the latest information involving the music industry; and even a indie music video channel.

MusicDish uses a personal and approachable staff, highly informative content delivery, and creative marketing strategies to give the artist the best way to approach & advance in the seemingly inaccessible - and ever changing - music industry.

Jessica Wilson
MusicDishTV Program Director
(718) 278-0662

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bethany And Rufus Roots Quartet To Perform At Barbes October 30th


New World/Folk/Roots group The Bethany and Rufus Roots Quartet will be performing at Barbes in Brooklyn, New York on Friday, October 30, 2009 at 8:00 p.m. The Roots Quartet includes the duo Bethany and Rufus (Bethany Yarrow and Rufus Cappadocia), along with Fulani flutist Yacouba "Denke Denke" and Afro Haitian drummer 'Bonga' Jean-Baptiste. The foursome will be performing tracks from their live 12 track CD "Live A Fip" released in Europe on October 22nd as a co- production with Radio France and Daqui Records.

Bethany And Rufus Roots Quartet @ Barbes
Friday, October 30, 2009 at 8:00 p.m.
376 9th Street (corner of 6th Avenue)
Park Slope, Brooklyn
(347) 422-0248

One reviewer describes "Live A Fip," as "like nothing you've ever heard before. Styles from everywhere and anywhere come together seamlessly. One hears distinctly Afro-Cuban rhythms pop under driving bass lines, folksy lyrics and screaming flute. "Death Don't Have No Mercy" is particularly characteristic of this mixing and meshing. The cello is inescapably funky, the bongos complexify the rhythms, the flute line seethes with fiery reverberance, and Bethany's vocals lament the world in a way that only American folk music can."

Bethany as the daughter of legendary 60's Folk singer Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary) draws from the many songs that her father collected as part of the seminal folk movement of the 60s. Yacouba has dug deeply into the folkloric Hausa, Djerma, Peul and Songhai traditions of Niger and Bonga is the descendant of a very rich lineage of Vodou ceremonial drumming and song. Bonga has also traveled extensively through Haiti collecting and learning the different manifestations of Haitian song and folklore. Rufus has taken the cello into previously unknown realms and is noted for his collaborations in African, Arabic, and American music forms and also has a solo CD Songs for Cello on the Daqui label. Individually all of the members of the group have been instrumental in expanding the role of traditional forms in their respective musics. It is with this background that they have come together to create a sound that although based around the song forms of American traditional music reaches back to a common root that has inspired everyone involved.

To request mp3 tracks for review as well as interview requests, contact:
Eric de Fontenay
+1 718 278 0662

Monday, October 26, 2009

UK Artist New CD MENT TO BE Promoted By Jackson Thriller Exec.


Uk recording artist j-funk new upcoming cd MENT TO BE will be marketed and promoted by MR. T C THOMPKINS who is one of the marketing and promotions executives of MICHAEL JACKSONS THRILLER, BAD and OFF THE WALL ALBUMS.

J-funk long awaited album via U S A recording label ISMAEL RECORDS is just around the corner. With a huge uk fanbase this cd from j-funk is sure to capture and mesmerize a whole new legion of uk and state side fans.

The tracks SPECIAL KIND OF LADY, and FORBIDDEN LOVE are written by RUTH WARE aka RnB MISTRESS and JUSTIN STEPHENSON aka J-FUNK and are sure to make the ladies hearts beat just a little faster. The track ROCK THE HOUSE produced by head ismael records producer MIKE CROWELL will without doubt set the clubs on fire. This cd also has some live instrumental background coming from j-funk hotter than hot uk band, get ready, this is one cd you dont want to miss.

MusicDishTV: JAE CAMILO - Here's My Middle Finger

From her self-titled debut album, "Here's My Middle Finger" is the very first music video from award-winning female R&B artist Jae Camilo. Pushing the limits with her "psycho sexy" ways, Camilo puts a musical and theatrical spin on a relationship gone wrong.

Warning: This video is for mature audiences only. It is suggested you do not click this link if you are under 18 and/or not willing to watch adult content.

This track is also the first single release from Camilo's management and production company after she signed to New Day Music in July of 2008. Camilo appears to be pushing forward with the start of her career and, without a doubt, wil not be slowing down any time soon. "Here's My Middle Finger" is currently available on iTunes while her fans eagerly await the release of her album.

Keep up with Jae Camilo at

For booking & interview inquires, email