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GiGhive Independent Artists Presents The First Annual IAN Music Arts Awards

GiGhive proudly presents its first annual Independent Artist Network for the Music Arts (IANMA) Awards. The IANMA Awards is unique in that while it honors excellence in all areas of the Music Arts, its primary focus is highlighting and stressing the importance of the music artist brand and the Music Categories that establish the foundation for the Arts.

Ultimately we believe, they are the next generation artists that will compete at a high level, in an online music industry designed to maximize revenue from advertising, product sponsorships placements and music sales.

It is free to enter. To qualify you must be a Music Professional, Producer, Indie Band, Musician, Aspiring Artist etc; who:

  • Owns an official branded website(dot com) and is actively promoting services or music from it

  • Using sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, etc; to promote your website, network and build your brand

  • Has a decent following or has/had accomplishment/achievements in the field.

  • Has a professionally written; detailed About Me/Bio somewhere on website. Very Important!!!

  • Has a quality brand that stands out on the web...

    • Entry Deadline Sept 3rd 2013
      Nominees TBA October 5th 2013
      21 Award Winners TBA on December 7th 2013

      Best of Independent Music Arts Categories
      Music Producer
      Music Photographer
      Music Composer
      Music Teacher
      Music Engineer
      Music Blogger
      Indie Designer

      Top Artist Achievements
      Best Music Video
      Best Song
      Most Influential Artist Brand
      Top Overall Music Brand

      Artist Achievements
      Best Music Photograph
      Best Website Design
      Best Artist Biography
      Best Original Songwriting
      Best Musical Performance

      Top Artist Honors
      Independent Artist
      Singer Songwriter
      Independent Band
      DJ - Disc Jockey

      • Four Major Categories

      • Twenty One Individual Award Honors

      • 5 Nominees Per Award

      • One Hundred Five Nominees TBA October 5th 2013

      • Top Artist Achievements Cash Prize - $2000.00 per winner

      • Top Artist Honors Cash Prize - $1500.00 per winner

      • Best of Independent Music Arts Categories Cash prize - $1000.00 per winner

      • Artist Achievements Cash Prize - $500.00 per winner

      • All Winners will be awarded The Microphone IA

      • $25,000.00 in cash awards

      Listed artist brands are automatically entered. Must be a listed artist to be eligible.

      Submit artist website for consideration @

Edgy R&B/Pop Princess, Angela Jae, Releases New Single "Broken Heart"

(New York, NY) - Feb 8, 2012 - It's not a secret that R&B has needed a makeover for some time now. With artists like Frank Ocean, Drake, Jhene Aiko, Dawn Richard and others, R&B has taken a nice turn for the better. With electronic music taking over the clubs and radio, there is a need for more melodic and harmonic structure. This is where Angela Jae, a Houston gem, has taken the wheel. She's come prepared with sleek vocals on a bed draped with filtered sweeps, lined with knocking beats provided by the production duo "Aeronotiks". This, her debut single entitled "Broken Heart", a story of trust turned heartbreak, forsaken then embraced, is proof of her talents both as a writer and as a vocalist.

"Broken Heart comes from a very real place, which ironically didn't become clear to me until after it was completed and I had a chance to listen back and internalize it. I was like, wait, am I hurt?," She remarks jokingly.

Angela Jae, formally signed to Warner Bros in a group deal, has had the pleasure of working with such writers as Tank, Adonis, Brian Michael Cox, and The Clutch. She's now embarking on her solo journey and, with her pen skills in tow, she plans to forge her own path. She has sworn to not be boxed in.

"My music is definitely R&B driven, with strong alternative/pop influences. I have grown so much as a singer/songwriter over the years, and my style certainly reflects that." says Angela Jae. "I want my audience to experience something completely different with each record, so for me, the most important thing is to trust the emotions that guide me as I write. This way, at least I know I am sharing from an honest place."

No place is more honest than the rough streets of New York City. Where the gruff city has chewed up some, it has come to accept Angela Jae and her many talents as Singer, Songwriter, Model and Visual Artist. New York's many outlets and rich culture make it just the right place for this multi-faceted southern angel to shine. Her decision to leave sunny Houston for the cold city has made for a stronger story.

"New York can be a very intimidating place, especially for a country girl like me. But I've always had grandiose goals and amazing faith, and to me, there was no better place to put that faith to work than in the Big Apple. It's the perfect place for a dreamer with a hustler's mentality, so I feel right at home." says Angela Jae. "Houston will always be home. I love my city! It's where I was born and raised. But I knew I had to leave that comfort in order to really see what I was made of."

Angela Jae's single "Broken Heart", has not just been well accepted, but has made fans of writers, singers, celebrities and athletes alike, thanks to Mechanism Creative's indie label arm, Music Mechanism. By releasing her music through the music technology company, Angela has been able to expand her exposure beyond the states, making fans in places not typically within an indie artist's reach. Mechanism has distributed her music around the globe with a solid plan to expose Angela to world through technology.

"Mechanism is dedicated to Angela Jae and her fans by giving them access to her releases wherever and whenever they love to listen." says Montique Willis, an executive at Mechanism Creative. "We are believers that advanced music consumption through technology is what drives this industry. So our products are helping artists like Angela Jae get their message across � emphatically."

Angela's music can be found on all major digital retail sites and interactive stations. Angela Jae is slated for more releases late this quarter and for the remainder of the year. Follow Angela Jae as she pushes to secure her place in music history.

Angela Jae- "Broken Heart" Link. -


For review or interview requests, please contact Montique Willis at For more Broken Heart information please visit:,or follow Angela Jae on Twitter at: |

LiLi Roquelin Releases Music Video For "Thank You" From Her New Album "Beautiful Sun"

LiLi Roquelin released her new LP "Beautiful Sun" (3rd solo release) in December and just premiered a 3rd music video for the track "Thank You".

One of the best things about LiLi Roquelin is that she wears her heart on her sleeve through her music, and new album "Beautiful Sun" is no exception.
The record smoothly blends soft ethereal pop ballads with electronic alternative that supports her unique vocals and piano performance, and the outcome is something that touches the soul.

The grace of "Like A Feather", and emotionally driven "Thank You" invite her listeners along on an insightful journey. The moving string orchestration adds an organic feel to the lush sonic textures throughout the record.

With its complicated atmospheric tones and arrangements, title track "Beautiful Sun" excels in giving a unique expression to a basic universal desire. The songs sway, caress, mesmerize and most definitely rock. The darkly swirling "Try To Remember" reminds the listener of LiLi's Rock experience; her fans will certainly love the righteous "The Only One", layered with energized piano rhythms and adrenalized guitars. The album includes other powerful tracks such as the jazz-edged bluesy "Don't Wait", the poignant theme of "Oh Brother", and the haunting "Bliss of My Soul". Ending the album with "N'attends Pas (La Vie)" reminds us of the international level of LiLi's career and passions.

A new music video for "Thank You" was premiered and can now be viewed in HD on Youtube. The video was directed by Arnaud Muller, who has worked with U2.

On her previous solo releases, LiLi Roquelin has had her music placed in documentaries and TV shows, accompanying dance performances, receiving songwriting and music video awards and extensive press and radio coverage. Some notable songs are "Blues Alone", "Keep This For You", "Renew", "I Saw You", "Should You Get Mad", "Sally's Song" (French).

Her talent spans from the craft of songwriting, composing, and programming to the usage of unusual technologies for live performances. She blurs the boundaries between pure artform and creative entrepreneurship using social networking and video blogs to create a personal connection and engage her fanbase.

A must hear... and see.

Visit website for more info

"Thank You" Music Video

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Event Hosts Kevin Rouse And Deshawn Cabeza Bring The Legendary Big Daddy Kane To Los Angeles

Los Angeles - Quintessential event hosts Kevin Rouse and Deshawn (Young Gun ) Cabeza are bringing 2013 in big. Big Daddy Kane big ! Well recognized as the hosts with the most, Rouse and Cabeza, are bringing rap icon Big Daddy Kane to Los Angeles, Saturday, February 23 ! This very rare live appearance and performance by Kane will see him celebrating 25 successful years in the music industry.

The festivities will be held, Saturday, February 23, 2013 at the Rooftop 3100, located at 3100 Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles. Doors open at 9:00 pm. Tickets can be purchased at .

Big Daddy Kane is one of hip-hop's most charismatic MC's and a legendary pioneer figure in the rap game. He will rock his hits "Smooth Operator," "I Get The Job Done," "Ain't No Half Steppin," "Warm it Up Kane," and "Raw" during his Los Angeles appearance. Kane was recently featured on TV One's critically acclaimed series, "Unsung." This will be his first Los Angeles appearance / performance in several years!

With the Big Daddy Kane venture, Rouse and Cabeza continue their legacy of producing unrivaled levels of entertainment for Los Angeles' upscale and progressive professionals. Their brand boasts nightlife that blends the best of entertainment including fine dining, celebrity performances, live music and dancing. This year, the duo are adding to the palette, providing concierge provisions to clientele around the country interested in attending their events.

"My two plus decades in the hotel industry have provided me unique access to provisions not easily obtained by many. Cabeza and I are branching out in 2013, offering services like private jet travel and hotel bookings for parties interested in getting a real taste of L.A. nightlife," reveals Rouse.

Rouse and Cabeza's roster of events includes "The Annual Elegant New Years Eve by the Sea," "Blazers & Stilettos," actor "Brian White's Star Studded Birthday Celebration," and the seasonal "L.A. Nights." The two often partner with some of Los Angeles' premier promoters to make it all happen, including Pernell Clark and the Impresario Group, Marc Gaspard, Roland Wirt, Larry Moore, Chuckie Miller, Dantae Dupree and many others. Their venue locations grace the span of greater Los Angeles, including downtown, Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks and this historic Crenshaw district.

For ticket information go to . Reach out to Kevin Rouse directly at (213) 926-2809 or at for your concierge needs.

Also follow both Rouse and Cabeza on Facebook at and

iWantJam Places The 'Artist Spotlight' On Hip-Hop Hipster Bodie Wade

Live web streaming portal iWantJam released the latest installment into its 'Artist Spolight' series, focused on helping music fans find exciting new talent on the platform. This installment puts the spotlight on Hip-Hop Hipster Bodie Wade, part of a new generation of musical and stylistic fusion.

At just 19 years old, Wade has developed his professional persona by mixing the basic themes of an average teenage Christian kid from SoCal, with the lyrical rhymes and beats of a veteran Hip-Hop artist; forming what is now referred to on 'the streets' as, a Hip-Hop Hipster.

Born in Los Angeles in 1993 from a family of musicians, Wade has always been surrounded by the entertainment industry. Music became his personal passion at a the early age of 10, when he started exploring the techniques of music recording software and learning to play different instruments including the guitar, piano, and even the saxophone. He discovered the Hip-Hop genre and decided to pursue a career in music during his Freshman year of high school in 2008. Now, between his college courses, Wade finds the time to write lyrics and create original new beats for his growing fan base around campus and throughout Orange County.

Wade's first mixtape, "College: The Lecture" was released in December 2012 and is full of inspired music and absolutely no "bragging about drugs, hoes, and whips" he says. "I am real, vulnerable, and honest. What I rap about is what I am going through in my real life. I will never rap about something that isn't relevant to me. I know who I am as an artist, and as a person. My music is fun, and it is CLEAN. I understand that sometimes swear words can be poetic, but if a writer can't write a song without using profanity, that is a weakness and limits who will listen to their music." The new mixtape releases the hot new style, "HipHop Hipster" with both hard and boombap beats. The entire 11 song album was engineered, mastered, and written by Wade, and appropriately done inside the comfort of his own dorm room at Vanguard University.

Bodie Wade is currently working on his next mixtape scheduled to hit the streets in March 2013. He is also in the process of creating several music videos to accompany the release.

iWantJam is a brand new type of music site that aims to connect musicians and fans worldwide through live shows, video streaming and social media. Artists will be able to connect with their fans on a much deeper level than just a profile page and music button, thus offering far more than a promotional device, but a unique experiential connection. Register your artist profile and join the online live music experience of iWantJam!

REDCON-1 Artist BQ Tha Emcee Releases "Another Debut"

Many Hip Hop artists struggle to find their own identity in an industry that has strayed away from originality and style. In a genre that has diminished in quality of lyrics and content, BQ the Emcee strives towards musical supremacy, never forgetting the importance of the pen and pad. A student of the game, Q arrives with a fresh, yet universal sound guaranteed to capture the ears of an audience.

Born and raised in Southern California, BQ currently resides in Southern Illinois by way of the United States Military. During his service, his craft has continually improved in its own unique way due to diverse personalities he's met along his path. As a member of the military-based label REDCON-1 Music Group, as we as his own 8th Starr Entertainment imprint, this emcee continues to touch lives, this time through his new album "Another Debut".

The opening track, "Get It Out My System" represents an updated style from his early days which helps to lead into growth and maturity displayed later on "Would Give My Life For You" & "Let It Go". With topics ranging from military life to personal relationships, one of the stand out records is "Arm'd Forces"---the first and only track to feature an artist from all 5 branches of the military.

BQ still serves on active duty but finds time daily to write. "I continue to challenge myself each time I sit down to create," BQ says. "I came from an era where you had to be better than the next guy on the mic. I believe in growth and have enjoyed the diversity we've seen over the years. It motivates me to never sound outdated or bland". Listeners, new and old are encouraged to join BQ on his next journey through music. For some, "Another Debut" represents a new a beginning, for others it's the next must-have new album of the year. "The title lets you know I stay hungry. I treat every project like it's my first--that's my winning formula."

"Another Debut" can be purchased digitally on iTunes and Amazon. Autographed CDs can be purchased at

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Dr. Clarice, The Atlanta Doctor Turned Songwriter, Co-writes "Oooh Wee" And "Whisper" On New Charlie Wilson Album

Prescriptions aren't the only things that Dr. Clarice (Bell) is writing these days. The well-known Atlanta family physician turned songwriter/music producer who co-wrote the recent Boyz II Men "Twenty" album single, "More Than You'll Ever Know", has co-written and placed 2 more songs. This time it's with Grammy nominated R&B/funk legend, Charlie Wilson, on the newly released, "Love, Charlie" album. She says about one of the songs, "One of Mr. Wilson's signature vocal phrases is 'oooh wee'. While in the studio, I ran some concepts by him for the song that's based on that phrase, he liked it, and we finished the song the same day", adding, "It's a fun, mid-tempo groove that's not only about the 'oooh wee' feelings of attraction you get when in a new relationship, but also about the 'oooh, WE' possibilities of where that relationship can go! 'Oooh, WE can rocket up into the sky. Imagine you and me and our desires'!you know, we can make this as fabulous as we want it to be."

Another song co-written by the multi-instrumentalist, Dr. Clarice, on the "Love, Charlie" album is the slow jamming "Whisper", which features R&B royalty and radio personality, Keith Sweat. "I had just recently met Mr. Sweat; it was so cool to later find out that he would be featured on the song", she says. "Mr. Wilson shared with me and the other writers his concept of a song about a guy wanting to whisper in his lady's ear. What I think is cool about the song is the fact that the listening audience never actually hears ALL of what the guy is saying in her ear!so the audience gets to fill in the blanks." She adds, "There are a lot of ways that the guy could have chosen to communicate what he wants to say to his lady! 'I could write it in a letter. I could text your phone. I could hit you up on Twitter 'cause you stay logged on'. But he wants to communicate it AND, at the same time, feel her warmth and take in her aroma!and well!he's gotta whisper in her ear to achieve THAT."

So, what's the doctor taking care of next? "The song; if I take care of the song, the song will take care of me. If I stay present in the moment as each note is played and each new melodic and lyrical phrase is created, I'll continue to enjoy the creative process and enjoy life! (while, on occasion, giving myself permission to fantasize about working with more artists, like Janelle Monae, Aretha Franklin, some pop artists!)! "

Christopher Howlette



Power duo Starnes&Shah release newest single "24 Million"

White Plains based duo Starnes&Shah have released the newest single off their forth coming album that Skope Magazine calls a "rare dynamic that intertwines their vocals into beautiful melodic threads".

Starnes&Shah, who got their start as an "unlikely folk band" that "finds common ground in heartfelt acoustic songs" (NPR), are a pair of self-proclaimed "tragically uncool travelers." Guitarist Dania Abu-Shaheen hails from Lebanon and keyboardist Zilpha Starnes was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Originally formed in Astoria in 2005, Starnes&Shah hightailed it to Boston for a touring stint, then returned to settle in New York.

As much of their earlier music, Starnes&Shah's latest single "24 Million", draws on influences like Fleetwood Mac and Indigo Girls.

For more information please visit:

Pop Singer-Songwriter Jared Salvatore Announces Release Of Sophomore Album Compass Out On January 15, 2013

"Helplessly Wasted," the first single from Compass Out has essences of Jason Mraz and Robin Thicke, a combination of pop/rock, fueled by Salvatore's expressive vocals and driven with a tight groove beneath layered background vocals. Stand-out track "Learned My Lesson" is reminiscent of the funkier side of John Mayer or Gavin Degraw and was included on the recent compilation Grooving Forward: Volume 1. All proceeds from the compilation will be donated to The SAMFund for Young Adult survivors of Cancer and The Andrea Coller Memorial Award.

Like many natural troubadours, Salvatore doesn't remember a time without music. By the age of 18, he realized it was his calling and began studying guitar and voice, in addition to piano which he'd played since the age of 5. Within two years, he found himself attending Berklee College of Music and playing in various Boston-based bands, as varied as progressive rock band The Zero Four, funk/jazz ensemble Flatbush Park Leisure Group, and hard rock band Lansdowne.

Listen to "Helplessly Wasted" here:

Compass Out, 1/15/13

Monday, February 18, 2013

Singer-Songwriter Alicia Greene Releases two New Singles in time for Valentine's Day on February 9th 2013

(Bowie, Maryland) Emerging singer-songwriter Alicia Greene releases two new singles "Happy Place" and "Fire and Ice" from her upcoming February 24th album Happy Place in time for Valentine's Day. Happy place will be the second album from the singer whose first album Heart and Soul was released in 2012 to rave reviews. Her fans can expect more uplifting and whimsical classical and electronic melodies along with her unique individual approach to music composition.

Alicia wrote and performed the vocal version of the title song "Happy Place". Her beautiful high pitch Soprano 1 voice along with the melody makes it powerful musical arrangement. Singing and Songwriting has always been a part of her life with her active involvement in her church and school choirs and, the numerous journals of poetry and lyrics she has written over the years.

Both singles "Happy Place" and "Fire and Ice" are deemed appropriate for Valentine's Day with romantic, heart-felt, invigorating and enchanting tunes. With lyrical verses such as "Every time I look at you, I feel as if I'm in a Happy Place" or "My heart, the happiness I feel; my soul, my sweetheart I want more" would sure to make anyone want to fall in love or embrace the idea of it. Both Songs will awaken your spirit as well as entice you from beginning to end.

For more information on where you can contact Alicia Greene visit her official website here: . If you would like to purchase her new releases or any other music from Alicia Greene visit her music page here:

Legendary Folk Musician's Son Wins Acoustic Music Awards

AJ Croce won top honors at the 9th Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) by winning the overall grand prize as well as the first prize in the AAA/Alternative category with his original song "I Should Have Known".

Nashville based singer/songwriter and recording artist, AJ Croce is the son of legendary singer-songwriter Jim Croce. Ron Goldstein and Peter Bauman of Private Music signed AJ Croce to his first record deal at age 19. He recorded two CDs for Private Music. His website can be viewed at:

AJ Croce's "Beatles like" song "I Should Have Known" beat out other notable winners at the 9th Annual IAMA such as :Wes Carr (Top winner of Australian Idol) who won Best Male Artist; Joel Rafael (Board of Director of Folk Alliance International) who won Best Folk/Americana/Roots; Mayu Wakisaka (Japanese Acoustic Musician), who won Best Open Category; Virtuoso Guitar Duo Loren Barrigar & Mark Mazengarb who won Best Instrumental.

Here is the list of winners of 9th Annual IAMA:


"I Should Have Known" - AJ Croce


1st Prize: "Onward" - Loren Barrigar & Mark Mazengarb

Runner-up: "Charlotte" - Ed Henderson (Canada)


1st Prize: "Once" - Mayu Wakisaka (Japan)

Runner-up: "Find a Home" - Laura Jorgensen (France)


1st Prize: "I Should Have Known" - AJ Croce

Runner-up: "Mystery" - Michael Logen


1st Prize: "Dance Around My Atom Fire" - Joel Rafael

Runner-up: "World Isn't Worth It" - Chris Volpe


1st Prize: "How I Wanna Be" - Berteal

Runner-up: "Where We Are" - Sean Gasaway & Allison Campbell


1st Prize: "Blood and Bone" - Wes Carr (Australia)

Runner-up: "Coming of Age" - Micah Brown


1st Prize: "Love Changes Everything" - Kat Parsons

Runner-up: "Wildflower" - Abbie Folken


1st Prize: "Ramber's Plea" - The Unseen Strangers (Canada)

Runner-up: "All Night Long" - Jon D'Agostino

Music Artists are judged based on music performance, music production, artistry and songwriting (or song selection). Over 12,500 entries were received for the event. For more information, visit:

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Legendary UK Techno Collective 'Chicks Dig Bass' Release Hugely Anticipated Double-A Side Single At Last!

Hailing from between Reading and West London, the enigmatic production collective who call themselves 'Chicks Dig Bass'

have released their first double-A side since signing to Wax Indignant Recordings in 2011.

Entitled 'Ra Ra Kali Ma / Dark Matter', the A side is a barnstorming hardhouse floor-filler with a distinctly acidic twist and a trademark 303 burble, while the AA side, 'Dark Matter', has a more leftfield trance feel with a spine-tingling melody which will bring up the ghoosebumps in all but the most battered of clubbers.

Recorded at Sargasso Studios, with it's plethora of old-school analogue mono synths and drum machines, both tracks on the single showcase Chicks Dig Bass' analogue fatness and warmth that sounds great through a large club PA - preferably outdoors, on a beach as the sun rises!

Aimed at the burgeoning digital DJ market, the tracks are available as WAV files, recorded directly off the mixing desk to minimise any loss in sound quality, and designed for DJs to drop directly into software or to burn onto CD to take out and play.

Each track is available for download NOW, exclusively at, priced at 99p per track or �1.49 for the entire Double-A in WAV format.

320k mp3s are also available at the same price, or if you just want to stick it on your iPod, 192k mp3 are available at a mere 99p for the whole release.

Any DJs wanting something a bit fat and psychedelic to drop into their sets can audition the tracks with Juno's player - just click on the link to Juno Download.

Also available from Chicks Dig Bass is THROB.

Post Punk Rewind: Pazz Kluger Set To Release New EP

Post Punk revelers Pazz Kluger will be releasing a third EP on 2/14/13 fittingly titled "Lovely, Deadly". Formed in 2009, Pazz Kluger is lead by Patrick Av, who wrote and instrumented all of the new tracks on "Lovely, Deadly". Jon Lorusso, friend and former Pazz Kluger band mate, also contributed to the EP with guitar, synth and keyboard parts on four of the five tracks. "Lovely, Deadly" was recorded and mixed by Patrick Av in the Fall of 2011 and parts of 2012 and it was mastered by Steve Corrao at Sage Audio.

Called "Alterna Gothic at its best" (Christian Cowsill,, and "...Something Distinctive..." (Aaron Joy, Joyful Gadfly Rock & Metal CD Review Blog), the Pazz Kluger sound has been likened to vintage alternative acts such as: Joy Division, Bauhaus and New Order.

"Lovely, Deadly" will be released on CD Baby and will also be available on: Itunes, AmazonMP3 and BandCamp to name a few. Upcoming shows for "Lovely Deadly" will be announced soon.



ThaNovelist's New Music Video "Why Me?" Reveals Childhood Experiences That He Hopes Helps Others

(iFastFwd Media) Las Vegas, NV - US Rapper ThaNovelist released his new video novel "Why Me?" an autobiography of his youth, on several global video channels this week. The song "Why Me?" weaves listeners through what some might call a living hell and speaks volumes about children in State facilities. The gritty Hitchcockesque track behind his lyrics was produced by National Musick League of the Philly International production fame. "When you listen to my songs like "Why Me?", you catch on fast that my childhood was completely different than most people." says ThaNovelist.

Most people have a few complaints about their childhood, however most have never witnessed or lived thru anything close to what ThaNovelist endured. After witnessing his mother's suicide as a 12 year old ThaNovelist found himself spending most of his teen years unwanted, in therapy, medicated and in various State run children's facilities. Now as an adult, ThaNovelist feels the need to share his gripping stories thru music. "I would describe my music to be inspirational to individuals who were told they would be a failure in life. It happened to me! If I can help turn a negative situation for someone into a positive one through my lyrics, then I feel my music has accomplished something that is missing in today's music", says ThaNovelist

When asked about his name, ThaNovelist responds: "The name ThaNovelist came from my ability to tell my life story in a format just like a novel." Musically influenced by 2Pac, Biggie and Mobb Deep ThaNovelist explains, "My first experience with music was listening to 2pac. The song I remember most was "Me Against The World". At that point in my life, it's exactly how I felt and I related to every word. To me, Pac was inspirational, yet real! As I was living my complicated childhood, Pac was a voice. I want to be that voice for others. I want others who have no one to talk to, to turn to my music to help them get through their struggles. Believe me, there are many."

As a youth, ThaNovelist felt voiceless and realizes that children's mental health issues are larger issues than the mass public are aware. ThaNovelist supports groups like the National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health and and asks the public to do the same. A mind is a terrible thing to waste! Unfortunately, they're not playing this kind of music on American radio.

"Why Me?" can currently be viewed on, YouTube and several global video outlets.