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Edgy R&B/Pop Princess, Angela Jae, Releases New Single "Broken Heart"

(New York, NY) - Feb 8, 2012 - It's not a secret that R&B has needed a makeover for some time now. With artists like Frank Ocean, Drake, Jhene Aiko, Dawn Richard and others, R&B has taken a nice turn for the better. With electronic music taking over the clubs and radio, there is a need for more melodic and harmonic structure. This is where Angela Jae, a Houston gem, has taken the wheel. She's come prepared with sleek vocals on a bed draped with filtered sweeps, lined with knocking beats provided by the production duo "Aeronotiks". This, her debut single entitled "Broken Heart", a story of trust turned heartbreak, forsaken then embraced, is proof of her talents both as a writer and as a vocalist.

"Broken Heart comes from a very real place, which ironically didn't become clear to me until after it was completed and I had a chance to listen back and internalize it. I was like, wait, am I hurt?," She remarks jokingly.

Angela Jae, formally signed to Warner Bros in a group deal, has had the pleasure of working with such writers as Tank, Adonis, Brian Michael Cox, and The Clutch. She's now embarking on her solo journey and, with her pen skills in tow, she plans to forge her own path. She has sworn to not be boxed in.

"My music is definitely R&B driven, with strong alternative/pop influences. I have grown so much as a singer/songwriter over the years, and my style certainly reflects that." says Angela Jae. "I want my audience to experience something completely different with each record, so for me, the most important thing is to trust the emotions that guide me as I write. This way, at least I know I am sharing from an honest place."

No place is more honest than the rough streets of New York City. Where the gruff city has chewed up some, it has come to accept Angela Jae and her many talents as Singer, Songwriter, Model and Visual Artist. New York's many outlets and rich culture make it just the right place for this multi-faceted southern angel to shine. Her decision to leave sunny Houston for the cold city has made for a stronger story.

"New York can be a very intimidating place, especially for a country girl like me. But I've always had grandiose goals and amazing faith, and to me, there was no better place to put that faith to work than in the Big Apple. It's the perfect place for a dreamer with a hustler's mentality, so I feel right at home." says Angela Jae. "Houston will always be home. I love my city! It's where I was born and raised. But I knew I had to leave that comfort in order to really see what I was made of."

Angela Jae's single "Broken Heart", has not just been well accepted, but has made fans of writers, singers, celebrities and athletes alike, thanks to Mechanism Creative's indie label arm, Music Mechanism. By releasing her music through the music technology company, Angela has been able to expand her exposure beyond the states, making fans in places not typically within an indie artist's reach. Mechanism has distributed her music around the globe with a solid plan to expose Angela to world through technology.

"Mechanism is dedicated to Angela Jae and her fans by giving them access to her releases wherever and whenever they love to listen." says Montique Willis, an executive at Mechanism Creative. "We are believers that advanced music consumption through technology is what drives this industry. So our products are helping artists like Angela Jae get their message across � emphatically."

Angela's music can be found on all major digital retail sites and interactive stations. Angela Jae is slated for more releases late this quarter and for the remainder of the year. Follow Angela Jae as she pushes to secure her place in music history.

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