Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mustaine Writers Retreat Successfully Wraps In Greece - Electra Hosts Second Annual Songwriter Retreat In Syros

Electra announced today the successful wrap of the 2017 Mustaine Writers Retreat. Electra hosted her 2nd annual Mustaine Writers Retreat in Syros, Greece in early September providing a global experience for songwriting creativity. The invitation-only retreat had established songwriters and producers from the U.K., Denmark, Italy and the U.S. who collaborated successfully. The creative people who were invited are associated with acts including Bruno Mars, Flo Rida, Justin Bieber, Madonna, Mutt Lang and Shania Twain.

"After the first Mustaine Writers Retreat in Scotland in 2016, I could not imagine following up with a stronger creative experience," says Electra Mustaine. "The group who collaborated in Greece was phenomenal! I was not expecting the outcome of this trip to be as incredible as it was. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with these wonderful talents from around the world!"

The Mustaine Writers Retreat featured 5 days of songwriting sessions, sightseeing, beach & pool parties, gourmet dinners from a world-class estate on Syros, Greece. The event was sponsored by Ojai Energetics, Huski Chocolate and CTK Management. The event was held on a private beach estate on the beautiful Greek island of Syros. The songwriters, producers and social influencers successfully collaborated and wrote more than a dozen songs that many music insiders consider hits.

"I had an incredible time at this year's Mustaine Writers Retreat. I was so thankful to be invited to write music in Greece, and along the way I met people that I would come to love," says music producer Lost Boy from Los Angeles. "The energy and welcoming spirit was undeniable. I hope to come back next year and share this experience with even more great people."

"I've been to a bunch of songwriting camps in my career, but this one was definitely different. Different in the most positive way," says songwriter Tim Schou from Denmark. "Mustaine Writers Retreat feels like a moment in time when everything else fades away, creating the perfect atmosphere for, well… creating."

Pop artist & songwriter, Electra, is a rising musical talent known best for her witty songs, charming attitude, and unique upbringing. California native, now making a name for herself around the world, made her first debut in Rolling Stone at just 18 years old. Collaborating with hit songwriters and producers such as Nathan Chapman and Blair Daly,  all of which are well known for acts such as Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, and other accomplished artists, Electra discovered and developed her sound in pop music.

Being the daughter of heavy metal god, Dave Mustaine, founder of Grammy-award winning band Megadeth, she is certainly no stranger to the public eye. Currently residing in Nashville, Electra and her family members each independently form and build creative businesses stemming from the entertainment industry. Electra created the Mustaine Writers Retreat as a unique global travel / music experience and has successfully hosted two - in Glasgow, Scotland in 2016 and Syros, Greece in 2017.

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Masterful Solo Guitarist Chand K. Nova Releases His Latest EP "Uncuffed" On Bongo Boy Records WORLDWIDE

The other day I received a surprise from my friends at Bongo Boy. They know how much I love a really good guitar solo so they sent me a copy of the new EP from Chand K Nova who is out of London (No, not Ontario, the other London.) Now, in all seriousness, the UK has produced many of the best Rock musicians in the world, so it is with great eagerness that I cue up Chand's EP which is called UNCUFFED.


1. El Chando - I like the Spanish influenced guitar at the beginning of the track. The drums and bass come in and lay down a heavy groove as Chand shows his prowess on the guitar. This song really rocks. I am normally not a huge fan of Spanish guitar, not because the music is bad, actually when played well Spanish guitar is fantastic. The reason I am usually not a huge fan is that I often lose the groove after a while and start thinking of something else instead of listening to the music. This song is different! The drums and bass keep that groove going. I am not at all tempted to start looking out the window. You see folks I was ADHD back when it was just called being annoying. All in all, this is a cool song that keeps my attention and I am very impressed with not just the guitar, but with the entire band.

2. Kingdom Come - Wow, this song starts with some beautiful guitar work. Chand, you are a VERY good player. Then the drums come in and along with what sounds like a keyboard and bass lay down the bottom that makes my head nod. I am digging this song as I keep time with their drummer and listen in amazement at Chand's skills. The echoing droning effect in the middle of the song which plays off the drums is really cool - then Chand kicks in and the focus is back on the guitar. Just when I thought the song was about to end, Chand changes the voice on his amp and comes out with a very clean Rock solo. There is no feedback or Whammy Bar effects. What there is, is a man who can play blistering notes incredibly cleanly. Impressive.

3. The Cost of Freedom - Again, this song opens up with a stunningly beautiful guitar intro. Then the drums come in for the attack and give the song an intense beat. The rhythm section is in the pocket and has my attention. This is perfect, because as they lock in, Chand can do his magic on the guitar. I must say that while Chand is undoubtedly the main musician in the group, the other musicians playing on this EP really bring out the best in Chand. Simply put: They give him the perfect backdrop from which he can shine. Well done guys!

4. Uncuffed - Man, this guy can really play. The guitar at the beginning is memorizing. Then the monster bass comes in and the drums follow suit. All together this band can make some noise. It is quite melodic noise, but it smokes nonetheless. I am literally amazed as I listen to this track on my headphones. Folks, you really need to check out this band. I especially enjoy the part of the song where Chand turns up the volume and lets loose with a raging solo that is clean as a whistle.

5. The Beginning Of The End - Is that a keyboard I hear opening this track? Ah, then the guitar comes in and, as I have grown to expect, plays some simply beautiful music. Chand really is a very good player with a style all his own. Unlike some other albums that are purely instrumental, this EP does not have the feeling that the vocals are missing. I find myself enjoying every song and never once wondering when the vocals are going to come in.

Song Titles
1. El Chando
2. Kingdom Come
3. The Cost of Freedom
4. Uncuffed
5. The Beginning Of The End

So folks, what is the bottom line? It is this: Chand is a masterful player making some staggering-ly good music. I am happy to have this EP in my personal collection and the next time I have a long commute I am going to bring Chand along to make the time more enjoyable.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Global Women's Empowerment Network Launches GWEN Radio And GWEN.Live Website

GWEN Talks Radio features host Tess Cacciatore, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of GWEN, with inspirational and social activist guests from the entertainment industry, global women's groups and businesses, as well as local and worldwide communities.

October guests on the show include people supporting women and have a high profile in media, such as actress and activist Fran Drescher. In addition to Drescher's acting career, most notably in her starring role as Fran Fine in the 1990s television show, "The Nanny," she is a cancer survivor, an activist for healthcare and the LGBT community, is also known for her work as Public Diplomacy Envoy for Women's Health Issues for the U.S. State Department and is the founder of

The overall theme of GWEN Talks Radio is "Reveal to Heal" and, according to Cacciatore: "It's all about sharing our stories, diving deep into intimate conversations that pertain to issues and to then to uncover the solutions. Many of us survivors of abuse are held back by blame and shame. I wanted to create a safe place for people to share their stories and have their voices heard. GWEN offers our community to connect for interaction and to remind each listener and viewer that they are not alone. I am the voice for those who cannot share their voice."

A lot of times we don't talk about things like abuse or women's issues. There may not be a place to feel comfortable, but this is the platform and place for interaction, discussion and solutions. This is where we can give women a voice. We can be their voice."

GWEN was created in 2012 as a way to shine a light on women's issues, including domestic violence, sex trafficking, homelessness and healthcare, to advocate for positive change.

Cacciatore is passionate about human rights issues in part because of her own experience as a survivor of domestic abuse and because of her tenure as a global activist, traveling abroad documenting strife and struggling in developing countries.

Cacciatore serves as the Chief Executive Officer of GWEN. "GWEN began as an inspiration after from hearing stories of women around the world brutally raped, forced into early marriages, and deeply scarred by abuse. This became a way to use my media experience to share the stories and give people from all walks of life a voice." she explains.

In addition to GWEN Talks Radio, Cacciatore is thrilled to launch the official website, an entertainment platform incorporating cause driven content.

The platform showcases films, tv series, music, books, and live stream events, as well as original programming from the GWEN Media Team. is a destination site for women of all ages, as well as for men interested in advancing the causes involved with GWEN.

"GWEN is for women, to inspire and advocate for change; but it also is for men – We can't do GWEN without the MEN. It's time we come together and make a difference through the power of media." she said.

There are many men involved in GWEN and its work, including David Longoria, of Studio City, Calif., who serves as Chief Operating Officer for GWEN. David brings his award-winning accolades from the music industry, as well as his expertise in growing a thriving business.

"I appreciate the vision of the GWEN team and the undying passion for empowering and encouraging women," Longoria said. "There are so many untapped talents that GWEN is discovering. This is what brought me into the organization, to lend my own experience and expertise toward furthering this worthy effort."

Cacciatore has more than 20 years of experience as a videographer, social entrepreneur, writer, talk show host and educator. She has worked extensively with the United Nations in Geneva, New York, and Africa as a media producer and journalist.

In connection with October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Global Women's Empowerment Network (GWEN) is announcing the October launch of its radio talk show: GWEN Talks Radio and official website: .

11 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017. GWEN Talks Radio is a weekly show, each Wednesday, #GWENSday

GWEN Talks is available online at and www.GWEN.Live .

October is the month of women's health and empowerment and the new radio show is dedicated to advancing human rights, community activism and self-esteem.


Monday, November 13, 2017

Bongo Boy Artist Kathryn Shipley Wins Artist Of The Year

Bongo Boy Records singer/songwriter Kathryn Shipley has yet another award to add to her growing list since joining Bongo Boy Records last year. She recently won Artist of the Year in the category of Gospel/Country Gospel at The annual Josie Music Awards show held in Nashville, Tennessee at Nissan Stadium on Sunday September 17, 2017. The Josie Music Awards is the largest most gala event in Nashville that recognizes independent artists domestically and globally! This awards show acknowledges the hard work and talent of these artists from all genres.

About six (6) years ago and a big nudge from her best friend Karen Garner who stated, "you need to go to Church, God is trying to tell you..." and other signs as she says that followed, Kathryn Shipley didn’t know what was about to unfold but it definitely was, according to Kathryn a "huge blessing" driven by God. She started singing at St. Charles Christian Church in St Charles Mo, in a community called New Town. She volunteered there for several years before moving on to her new Church home Harvester Christian Church. After knocking on many doors to try and get her music to another level, Bongo Boy Records opened the door, and has kept the door open for her ever since. Kathryn stated, "I was about to give up when I literally told my best friend, I am going to try this label and see what it’s about. After a couple weeks went by, an email came from Monique Grimme who is the Director of Business and Artists Development. She told Kathryn, "Gar, really likes your voice you have a different type of sound." Gar Francis who is the A&R with Bongo Boy Records, had written a song called Shine Your Love, and told Kathryn this was the perfect song for her.

The song received very good reviews domestically and globally, and has had radio play. Shine your Love has also won several awards, the biggest win to date, came by way of winning, The Artist of the Year, in the Gospel / Country Gospel Category, at The Josie Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee on September 17, 2017. The Josie Music Awards is the largest most gala event in Nashville that recognizes independent artists domestically and globally! This awards show acknowledges the hard work and talent of these artists from all genres. Kathryn recently switched genres and co-wrote a song with Gar Francis called, "Those Eyes" which was released September 9th Worldwide.

Kathryn who is a native of Louisiana Missouri is now back in the studio and working on some new material with Gar and Nashville Musician Eric Barfield.

Below are a list of awards to date from her first single with Bongo Boy Records, called Shine Your Love-

Shine Your Love - "Best Vocalist Of The Month" - Singer Universe

Shine Your Love - "Best Song Of The Month" - Songwriter Universe

Shine Your love - Voted Best song in a contest hosted/sponsored by Bongo Boy Records

Gospel / Country Gospel Artist of the Year - The Josie Music Awards -

Shine your Love is also up for FYC (for your consideration) - for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards ®

Artist Web Page:

Bongo Boy Records congratulates Kathryn on her winning The Josie Music Awards' Artist Of The Year. When we heard her voice for the first time here at Bongo Boy Records we knew that we received a gift from God. Gar started to work with Kathryn and the label has released 2 singles. The first single "Shine Your Love" and 2nd "Those Eyes". Both singles have been submitted for consideration of the 60th Annual Grammy Awards®. That Award show will be held LIVE on January 28th 2018 at Madison Square Garden, New York City.

Bongo Boy Records is a full stack Music Company located in Belvidere, New Jersey USA.

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Singer-Songwriter Natalie Jean Wins Big At 2017 Josie Music Awards

Every musician has a very unique journey that they often embark on for a variety of reasons. Maryland singer-songwriter NATALIE JEAN's journey is no different in that she was exposed to music at a young age, which helped her to get where she is today. As a young girl she used to sing with her father who was a famous Haitian artist by the name of Guy R. Jean. With music instilled at a young age she was able to establish a firm foundation of a signing background. Her love of poetry and dance would help as well. Both of these two talents helps play into what makes Natalie Jean a truly unique performer.

This solid foundation of a musical and entertainment background is a key reason why Natalie has not only previously won many awards, but also has an extremely impressive list of award nominations from a variety of accredited music institutions. Her most recent is that of the JOSIE MUSIC AWARDS, which took place September 17th, 2017 at the Nissan Stadium in the world famous music city of Nashville, Tennessee.

The event now in it's third year has sold out again, showing that this gala has quickly become a must attend for the independent artist. The awards show featured more than 28 performances along with over 60 award presentations. Natalie had an amazing weekend winning the prestigious honor of the award for "WORLD ARTIST OF THE YEAR- MULTIPLE LANGUAGES". This victory was nothing short of simply amazing and very much a sign of the heart she put into her singing. Notably she was also nominated for "Pop/Contemporary Artist, Pop/Contemporary Song", "R &B/Soul Category for Song of The Year - "Please Don't (a co-write with Michael Peloso)", "Best Musical Collaboration - "Shine On" (with Dennis Sy and Darick Spears)", and "Best Music Video - "Mon Ange". Most recently, Natalie released a Haitian Creole album called "Haiti Mwen Renmenw" which also won a Bronze Medal in the 2017 Global Music Awards. The Josie Awards really showed that a powerful and beautiful singer like Natalie Jean are definitely an important artist to watch.