Thursday, January 15, 2015

"An Afternoon Of Artist Development" With Appearances And Panels With GRAMMY®-Winners Colbie Caillat And Toby Gad To Be Held In Anaheim

An Afternoon of Artist Development," will take place on Friday, January 23, 2015 from 2pm to 6pm at the Hilton Anaheim California Ballroom D, coinciding with the Winter NAMM Show 2015. Presented by GRAMMY®--winning engineer, producer and author Ken Caillat, (Fleetwood Mac), Sleeping Giant Entertainment and ArtistMax (,) The event will include appearances and panel discussions by a number of noted artists and producers, including GRAMMY®--winning artists and songwriters Colbie Caillat ("Bubbly," "Try," "Brighter than the Sun,") and Toby Gad (BeyoncĂ©, "If I Were a Boy," John Legend, "All of Me").

ArtistMax is an innovative, intensive boot-camp designed to give developing artists the training and tools necessary to help them achieve success in the entertainment industry. "If ArtistMax was available when I started performing," says Colbie Caillat, "It would have made things so much easier for me and the growth of my career."

This special ArtistMax NAMM Preview session will explore the keys to becoming a successful artist, including tips from behind-the-scenes expert coaches to stars like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Katharine McPhee, John Legend and many others. Topics to be covered include: fundamental elements of hit songwriting, getting the most from your voice, the importance of artist imaging and styling, as well as the tools that are needed onstage to deliver a powerful performance. Co-hosted by GC Pro and Shure, attendees will be entered for a chance to win a number of prizes, including a recording session with Ken Caillat at the famous Village Studios in West Los Angeles.

"Many new and up-and-coming artists, songwriters and entertainers don't know where to go to get professional training and advice to prepare them for today's competitive entertainment industry," says Ken Caillat. "ArtistMax was created to give these future stars the insight and tools necessary to lead them on the path to success and help them to avoid the proverbial school of hard knocks."

Advance Registration for the ArtistMax NAMM Preview Event: "An Afternoon of Artist Development," is $25 prior to January 15th, $35 thereafter. Space is Limited. Register online at:

About Sleeping Giant Music Group
Sleeping Giant Music Group is a creative, artist-friendly music and content label with interests in music publishing, recorded music and film/television music.

About ArtistMax
ArtistMax is a 3-day intensive artist "boot camp" designed to give developing artists access to the training, knowledge and coaching necessary to maximize their careers. The next ArtistMax session will be held at the world-famous Village Studios in West Los Angeles, June 12-14, 2015.

ArtistMax is designed to maximize the artist in YOU.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cosmpolitan Country Artist, Rhea Francani, Releases Debut Single "Dizzy" To World Market January 20, 2015

Rhea Francani bursts onto the music scene with the release of her first single “Dizzy” on January 20, 2015. The single, from the debut EP "I Want You To Know" due out in February 2015, is accompanied by a high-energy music video capturing the escapades of a girls’ night out. An interactive campaign coincides with the releases on Instagram inviting fans to share their favorite things about #DizzyNightOut.

Francani readily admits she’s not your typical country music artist as she was raised in Western NY and now lives in New York City. “I am drawn to the southern charm of country music’s heartfelt lyrics - songs about love, life and good times,” she explains. “I wanted to create an authentic country album drawing on the talents of the Nashville music industry, and those seasoned professionals that could bring my music to life.”

The finessed singer/songwriter/performer co-produced the four self-penned tracks at Omni Sound Studios in Nashville with Omni's own Mike Walter, utilizing some of the industry’s top studio musicians. LA/Nashville-based music videographer, Jeff Johnson, shot the high-energy music video for “Dizzy” on the streets of Music City’s Lower Broad and its honky tonks and Karaoke bars. “I’m following my heart’s highway from NY to Nashville. My fans know me as a city girl with a country heart. I’m thriving in two completely different worlds!”

Rhea has performed various styles of music on numerous stages of theatre. She is an honors graduate of Wagner College, NYC in Musical Theatre Performance. She resides in New York City and is a soon-to-be alumna of Teachers College, Columbia University, NYC with a Master's Degree in Music and Music Education. Upon graduating, May 2015, Rhea will look to reside in Nashville.

Monday, January 12, 2015

IQzic Music Discovery And Funding Platform Announces January 26th Launch

IQzic, innovators of music discovery and connecting the music world, has announced the launch of their Phase I music discovery platform, IQzic, to be set for January 26th, 2015. In Phase I, the IQzic platform allows members to competitively discover music videos across 40 genres, and recognizes those members that best predict music success.

“We know that music discovery is personal, but the desire to share it and be recognized for discovering something great is nearly universal,” said Jim Hodson, Founder of IQzic. “With tens of thousands of recordings released each month, it is extremely inefficient to organically discover the best emerging music, so hype and gimmicks tend to dominate. With IQzic, we’ve uniquely provided the ecosystem to incentivize all music lovers to collectively enable the best music to rise to the top –while taking pride in doing so.”

Phase II of IQzic will use additional incentives and allow listeners to support artists early in the creation process and directly fund demo versions of recording artists’ materials, significantly reducing the financial risks artists and labels encounter when producing mastered versions. “When creating IQzic, we focused on finding mutually beneficial ways to connect the artist and fan, and then position them to succeed together,” said Hodson.

IQzic plans to release Phase II later this year. Registration is now open to sign up for free for the Phase 1 launch at

MusicDish Review: BIMB Family Debut Single "Steppin' On My Coat"

The timeless Bob Marley song "Exodus" was an anthem of self-empowerment; nothing can get in your way to accomplish what you want. However more often than not, it's hard to see how the decision we make affect our lives and what we will become; and sometimes for the worst. But there is always hope, a shimmer of light that can lead you to a better path for yourself.

With such a powerful message, it's only appropriate that the new musical act BIMB Family release their positive, debut single "Steppin' On My Coat". Their unique blend of reggae and hip-hop which they coined "Dub 2.0" is a perfect sonic mixture of reggae bass lines and hip-hop energy. Their new single represents the trials and tribulations of the group and how through self-improvement, they are now on a better path.

"Steppin' On My Coat" starts off with heavy subs that instantaneously bang. Coupled with reggae's staple "bubble" piano rhythm, the track begins with a force to be reckoned with as BIMB Family's rappers spit their own version of self-actualization. From wishing they worked harder, to making better decision, what resounds the most in their record is their hook "Only I Can Stop Me, I'm My Worst Enemy".

Their positive messages offer a much-needed message for not letting circumstances or self pity take over you, but rather assume responsibility and be the change you want to be. Each rapper has a distinct delivery, from blazing fast rhymes to more grimy and rough-around-the edges of flow. Each unique take on the song adds a personalized touch to the listener, as they can relate to all facets of the song.

This is definitely a solid debut single from the Brooklyn based music group. What sets them apart is creating a whole new lane with their very own sub-genre of "Dub 2.0". With innovative sound and incredibly artful lyrics, BIMB Family is sure to be the talk of the town within the music community and has the potential to branch out into a real big movement.