Thursday, April 12, 2018

Singer/Actor Ronny Cox Wins RoundGlass Award

RoundGlass Music Awards has announced Ronny Cox the winner in the Best American Roots Song category for his song "Bus To Baltimore".

The Awards took place at the Edison Hotel in New York City on Friday, Jan. 26.

Other winners at the RoundGlass Music Awards included Ringo Starr & Friends for Now the Time Has Come - (Song of the Year and Best Pop Song), Jessica Kelly for Little Thing - (Best Music Video) and Kato Hafez for Belad ElAkhlaq (Land of Morals) - (Best Rock Song).

RoundGlass Music Awards was founded by Grammy winning composer, producer and conservationist Ricky Kej. The mission of RoundGlass is to bring together a large International community of musicians who create socially responsible music for wellness, environmental consciousness and peace.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Music And Kids Joins Forces With Carnie Wilson, With Plans To Provide One-on-One After-School Music Education To Thousands Of Middle And High School Students

Music and Kids ( is a newly-formed 501(c)(3) non-profit organization started by singer-songwriter and performing artist Chuck Murphy, who resides in Palmdale, California, in the heart of the Antelope Valley. At the 2017 Almond Blossom Festival, Chuck Murphy was presented with the Quartz Hill Chamber's Person of the Year Award for his service to the community. Murphy's tradition of service continues with the formation of Music and Kids and its contributions to the communities in the Antelope Valley and beyond.

The mission of Music and Kids is to bridge the growing gap between government-funded educational programs in music and private funding.

In keeping with their mission, the first initiative by the Music and Kids organization involves providing one-on-one, after-school music instruction to 1,000 middle and high school students starting in the Antelope Valley of California and expanding to Southern California. To get this started, the first promotion, the Jr. Star Search Competition, will be a karaoke-style singing competition at the Almond Blossom Festival, hosted by the Quartz Hill Chamber of Commerce, on March 10th and 11th, 2018 in George Lane Park, Lancaster, CA. The Jr. Star Search Competition will involve 50 student performers enrolled in grades 6-12 (ages 12-18) in schools located in the Antelope Valley and 10 six-month scholarships will be awarded at the event. Registrations will be accepted through February 9, 2018. The application can be found online at

Joining Music and Kids as a celebrity judge for the Jr. Star Search Competitio is Carnie Wilson of multi-platinum award winning Wilson Phillips and Love Bites by CarnieĊ½ (

A second promotion is planned for the Coachella Valley region of California later in the spring of 2018.

Music and Kids will expand these efforts throughout Southern California and eventually nationwide in coming years. As the program expands, Music and Kids will visit schools all over the United States to raise awareness of the number of opportunities there are for performers as players of musical instruments or singers; or the support team as songwriters, recording engineers, and producers.

Music and Kids will be looking for the flowers in the field -- the students that are already standing out with their natural musical ability that may or may not be getting the ongoing education to develop their talent. Music and Kids will then help guide the students and parents with information and assist with scholarship funding when funds are available.

Music and Kids will join with communities to develop ongoing programs and events to continue the awareness for the need for music, music education, and the love a community can build through music.

The Almond Blossom Festival and the Jr. Star Search competition are free and open to the public, so Music and Kids relies on corporate and other community partners to provide volunteers to help defray costs and to contribute funding to the Music and Kids on-going one-on-one music program. Jr. Star Search sponsors will receive favorable publicity for supporting this novel event. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Music and Kids at (661) 435-3143 or email We have a variety of packages and will gladly customize a sponsorship package to accommodate your needs and/or budget.

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Singer/Songwriter Mandy Bon Releases "Traffic Jams" EP

Singer/Songwriter Mandy Bon has released 'Traffic Jams,' an EP made up of four original songs sharing the artist's insights into the ups and downs of life. Each song on the EP, 'Super Glue,' 'LA Traffic', 'Only A Fake' and 'Saying Goodbye', have corresponding music videos that can be seen here. The objective of the EP is to gain the artist representation by a major or independent record label.

Bon, a music major who plays piano, guitar and ukulele, decided to compose original music that reflected being a young twenty-something musician wondering aloud about her life path. "I get lots of ideas driving in L.A. traffic," says Bon. "A lot of songs come to mind." 'LA Traffic' highlights Bon being scared of commitment but willing to take the risk when she first started dating her future husband. "I was feeling very unsure about the direction of my life, was very nervous, I think people can relate," says Bon. "Kiss me in LA Traffic Take it slow we'll keep it classic Don't know where we're going But I'm not running away from You... You, me, and LA."

Getting Stuck
Another song on the EP titled 'Only A Fake' chronicles the universal frustration of getting stuck, with the anger being vented on oneself. "I wrote this when feeling very discouraged," says Bon. "In the end, the song is about pulling yourself out of that hole and keep stepping forward. Things will get better, even if at first it doesn't feel that way. We all have moments where we compare past with present." "Guess I'm only a fake Nice and neat for a day Pack away my mistakes Guess I'm only a Fake."

Uke Ballad
'Super Glue' is a ukulele-propelled ballad of love written to Bon's husband. The corresponding music video has the artist playing uke while flipping boards highlighting both her art and lyrics. "And I like you, even when I bug you, and actually I love you, alot!"

Bon hooked up with violinist Maile Hutchinson to breathe life into 'Saying Goodbye', "an honest song poured out of me when I felt absolutely devastated." "I'm a mess Watch me cry Driving home Dripping Sky." "Ok, so basically a very cheery song," adds Bon with a laugh. For the EP, Bon composed, recorded and mixed each track. Bon also helmed most of the music video production herself.

About Mandy Bon
Mandy is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter/composer. For more information, contact her at