Friday, November 14, 2014

Robert Kramer Guarantees “Strange Times” For New Music Videos

In a world where up is down, down is up; no one can tell what real is anymore. Where we are complacent to things around us yet are in upheaval when something doesn’t even affect us; toying with emotions that have no effect. Indeed we are living in strange times, and that’s what Rock musician Robert Kramer sings about in his latest music video for “Strange Times”.

Robert Kramer’s video for “Strange Times” uses satire and comedy to illustrate how slowly but surely, society is progressing into a time where things aren’t all what they seem to be and how we deliberately make choices that have no benefit for us. Yet with entertainment and silly things catching our attention, it’s easy to see we are living in strange times.

The music video for “Strange Times” would make any Sci-Fi historian proud. Using bits and iconic scenes from different Sci-Fi classics like “The Day The Earth Stood Still” to even “Frankenstein” Robert Kramer is imposed onto these scenes as a character himself, melodically redacting the irony within the song. Combining vintage video techniques with modern effects, the music video takes an interesting concept of old and new to the next level while adding social commentary.

In an industry with a lot of fluff and mediocre messages, it’s refreshing to see that art and musicianship still exist. With a video with such creativity, Robert Kramer’s “Strange Times” will surefire stir up commotion in the music community and have viewers enjoying a great video with much to talk about with the song.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Space-western Purveyors Engine Drop Latest Album, Red Moon Rises

Self-described as a space-western outfit, Engine are a four-piece group that has established themselves in their local scene while writing music from a house-boat town in southern Louisiana and street performing in New Orleans. They're now making headway into national recognition with the release of their latest album, Red Moon Rises, as well as their featured track included on WiFi PR Group's digital mixtape, Indie Anthems Vol. 7.

Fans of Conor Oberst and Jonathan Wilson may have never heard space-western music before, but once they've had a chance to experience Engine's songs and productions firsthand, they'll have a new appreciation for the way indie musicians reinvigorate the sonic soundscape. Their music is transformational and blends gospel, R&B and psych rock with a little southern soul that comes from their Highland, LA, upbringing.

With musical influences ranging from Bob Dylan and Ink Spots to Iron and Wine and Jonathan Wilson, Engine's sound blends many different genres to create their unique niche music. At times, their instrumentation resembles that of The Beatles in their psychedelic era but with the lyrical prowess of Bright Eyes and the art-rock sensibilities of Arcade Fire. In addition to space-western, Caddo-American Folk rock and psychedelic gospel are two other genres that Engine find themselves being compared to, and it is these unique influences and musical flavors that have helped Engine to create such a distinct sound.

In addition to creating compelling music, Engine dedicates themselves to the visual aspect of performances and music videos as well, embracing storytelling and incorporating settings and characters as they go about their adventures. From pirate ships with fluttering sails to a psychedelic forest with woodland creatures, Engine's set designs bring their music to life in a way that most other bands don't attempt.

With their fourth full-length and latest recording effort, Red Moon Rises, Engine were entirely self-sufficient, having recorded, produced and pressed the album to vinyl themselves within their northern Louisiana community. They consider it to be their greatest achievement thus far in their music career together, and they are currently pushing and promoting it heavily to reach a wider national and online audience.

Preceding this album were three other full-length albums and an EP, all of which they self-published and used to build up a following throughout Louisiana. As part of the Louisiana film community, the band's songs have also been used in local films that were entered in the Louisiana Film Prize. The Louisiana Department of Tourism also used Engine's music for their commercial and promo videos, including downtown development videos and Mardi Gras ads.

Following up the Red Moon Rises release, Engine's track "Whiskey Hymnal" is featured on WiFi PR Group's mixtape, Indie Anthems Vol. 7, a collection of international independent talent spanning a wide range of genres that WiFi PR wants to put on the radars of industry tastemakers and music lovers the world over. Released at Chicago's Pitchfork in July 2014, the digital mixtape was handed out on 3,500 download cards to festival attendees, and 1,500 more copies are now available on the Indie Anthems Bandcamp page.

Engine has a number of upcoming tour dates:

11/07/14 - Texarkana, AR - Hopkins Ice House w/Otis the Destroyer
11/08/14 - Alexandria, LA - Pitchers and Pints (Tamp and Grind pre-show)
11/22/14 - Minden, LA - Fasching Carnival (Parade)
12/12/14 - Shreveport, LA - Red River District (Public)
01/09/15 - San Antonio, TX - Bottom Bracket Social Club
01/30/15 - Florence, AL - The 116
01/31/15 - Jackson, TN - Hal and Mals

Fans and media can find Engine's music for download on iTunes and Bandcamp. Engine also has videos up on YouTube, including one for "Lands of Sleep," and an entire video playlist.

About Engine Music

The Factory Fire (2010)

Caverns of Sonora (2012)

Lands of Sleep (2012)

Wild Onions EP (2013)

Red Moon Rises (2014)




Media Contact:

Alisa St. Rock

WiFi PR Group

800.614.6473 Ext.1

About WiFi PR Group

WiFi PR Group,, based in Los Angeles, CA, is an innovative marketing force in the interconnecting worlds of Philanthropy, Business and Entertainment. Specializing in digital publicity and branding, WiFi PR works closely with its clients to create business to business and business to consumer campaigns.

Rising Young Star Craig James Releases Debut Single, "(Maw Maw) Why Her?" Produced By Arden Lo

This fall welcomes the refreshing talents of Soul R&B/Pop singer/songwriter Craig James as he releases his debut single “(Maw Maw) Why Her?” written by Craig James, produced and co-written by the legendary Arden Lo. At just 14 years of age Craig has already garnered attention from fans and media with his incredible vocal talent, sincere lyrics, and mature ambition. “(Maw Maw) Why Her?” is available everywhere November 11th, 2014 through Think Twice Move Once.

Craig James was born with an incredible vocal talent and has accomplished more in his short life than most young adults. He was also born with a mild form of cerebral palsy, which has not slowed him down in the slightest. While most teenagers are pondering on life and where they will be in ten years, Craig already has his path in sight. He began performing to large crowds in 2008 and since was discovered by DJ Wild Wayne, a radio personality for Q93 in New Orleans, who found Craig at his Gretna Middle school talent show where he won first place.

Soon after watching him perform, DJ Wild Wayne invited Craig to sing at Teen Summit 2012 which spiraled into more opportunities including performing at Youth Literacy Fest, WOW Jam, and Children’s Hospital Telethon in 2012 & 2014. Craig has performed with such notable artists as Grammy Award-winning Bill Summers, Norma Miller, and Irvin Mayfield, and was honored to open for the likes of Diggy Simmons, OMG Girlz, Jacob Lattimore, and Key Swagg 3000.

The heart-wrenching ballad “(Maw Maw) Why Her?” is inspired by Craig James’ late grandmother, Doris Rose Alston, whom he affectionately refers to as Maw Maw. Doris Rose was a principal influence in Craig’s life. Together they spent Sundays singing at church, fueling his passion for music and nurturing his talents. While Craig was still very young Doris Rose lost the battle with breast cancer. The pain of this loss, still fresh to Craig, is vividly expressed through his heartfelt lyrics and elegant melody, co-written and produced by composer/producer Arden Lo. The perfect combination of piano, hip beats, and Craig’s lyrics and melody bring to life a song that speaks so honestly to any heart that has loved so hard and lost so much.

Arden Lo is a world-class producer who has worked with Capitol Records and Warner Brothers producing several chart-topping artists including Jamie Foxx,Trina B, D.J. Quick, Eddie Griffin, Ice T, and The Hughes Brothers among others. He has also scored a number of feature films including "Seducing Spirits" and a documentary entitled “Gold Diggin: For Love of Money.” Arden also lends his talent to several jingles such as American College, American Credit Card Club, Soul Train Fashions, and themes for various feature films including “Phat Beach” starring Coolio and the Academy Award nominated short "Tuesday Morning Ride." When Arden heard Craig’s voice he knew instantly there was something very special in this young man and jumped on board. Arden says of Craig, “Craig James is the next echelon of Soul R&B frontiersmen. A 100 year old soul in a 14 year old’s body.”

This debut is only the beginning for Craig. He continues to push forward on his path with the release of an accompanying music video for “(Maw Maw) Why Her?” produced by Cinemdona Studios, as well as several other original singles to be released in 2015. He is currently perfecting his musical gifts and plans to perform all over New Orleans and beyond.

For more information visit:

Preview "Maw Maw Why Her?" on Soundcloud:

Download the single on iTunes:

For or a digital copy for review please contact: Amanda Nagle - amandajonagle (at) gmail (dot) com

Manager: Adeline Michel - adelinemichel (at) me (dot) com - (504) 250-8163

Label: Think Twice Move Once - thinktwicemoveonce (at) gmail (dot) com - (504) 541-3636

Supermodel Astronaut Challenge By Worldwide Groove Corporation Gaining Momentum In Wake Of Other Feminist Trends

Just one week after their official "Supermodel Astronaut" music video was posted, Nashville's electronic music power duo Worldwide Groove Corporation have caught the attention of major media outlets. What began as a grass roots social media campaign surrounding their fun and quirky electropop song has now become a social movement encouraging women and girls to push back against the unrealistic ideals portrayed in the media and embrace the statement "I am enough". The entertaining music video features women and girls from around the world lip syncing to the cheeky and memorable chorus as they proclaim "I'm a million dollar venus, fill your cup. I'm a sassy supermodel astronaut."

"There has never been a supermodel astronaut," says Ellen Tift, the songwriter and voice behind the catchy song, "so I felt it was a perfect metaphor for the unattainable ideals women and girls feel pressured to live up to every day. These false expectations lead to highly pervasive feelings of inadequacy. I say that regular women and girls deserve the title Supermodel Astronaut for all they already do each day." Huffington Post published an article in several of their news categories, touting this campaign as the "antidote" to the video of the little girls in pageant dresses repeatedly dropping the F word. The Huffington Post article has sparked a series of other TV and print news outlets also sharing the story and music video.

The empowering lyric and fun beat of this song have also caught the attention of those in the music industry. “In music licensing, I'm always looking for songs that are either in the fun/uptempo/upbeat lane or are emotionally inspiring for a variety of marketing campaigns. I loved Supermodel Astronaut right away because it not only has that upbeat component, but it was a very symbolic and inspiring message for young girls," says Wendy Duffy, Director of Creative Development for iV Music Licensing in Nashville. "Several brands are integrating these messages into their campaigns, so I feel there is a real opportunity for this song to not only go viral, but to be a campaign/brand theme song that inspires their younger consumers.”

Supermodel Astronaut is the 4th in a series of monthly music releases that Worldwide Groove Corporation have created as part of their "Year of the Groove" where they are putting out one music release a month for a year. Learn more on their website #supermodelastronaut #iamenough

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Can You Feel It?" Sam-E New Dance Single Will Make Sure You Feel It!
It's a Friday night. The DJ is blasting party music and the dance floor is made for you to feel the energy and let it all out. Pop artist Sam-E projects that very emotion with his latest music video for "Can You Feel it" and it's something you can definitely feel. From thumping beat to a catchy chorus, Sam-E's song is certainly set to become a party anthem.

"Can You Feel It" uses a lot of electronic soundscapes, which is perfect for a party atmosphere. The video music video embraces it and creates a visual representation of what the song makes you feel. The music video shows off different party locations Sam-E has embarked on that are the epitome of party life. From the streets of a metropolitan New York to the steamy skyline of Miami, Sam-E's music video shows the lifestyle fit to his song.

Another notable aspect of the music video is the constant flashes and use of color that adds an empathic and eclectic flavor to the visuals. With his chanting and melodic singing, the eclectic flashes and energy shine through to add an extra sense of partying while simple watching the video. The music video also uses beautiful woman, seductively dancing to incorporate the nature of a party lifestyle right into the viewer's eyes. It's as if "Can You Feel It" is inviting you to dance and become one with the song.

Without a doubt, Sam-E's song "Can You Feel It" is a perfect song for any club. The music video however adds the aura and mystique of a night out that replicates what it feels like to go out and just let the music take over. With eclectic visuals and up-beat, jumpy cut scene, "Can You Feel It" is the epitome of party music and will surely incite party lovers across the globe.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Willie Basse / Tales From The Sunset Strip Sits Down With "inside La Metal" Docu-film Director, Bob Nalbandian Wed Nov. 12 At 9pm Pst

"Inside Metal: The Pioneers of L.A. Metal and Hard Rock"

Cultural Ambassador to The Sunset Strip, WILLIE BASSE will interview BOB NALBANDIAN, Director of the Docu-Film "iNSIDE LA METAL" Wednesday NOV 12 at 9pm PST Streaming at

Years before MTV and decades before the Internet, there was a powerful musical force that dominated the city of Los Angeles. Only a handful would survive and withstand the new millennium, yet these stalwarts literally set the blueprint for hard rock and heavy metal bands that would soon reign supreme and gain worldwide attention throughout the ‘80s and beyond. These artists were the groundbreakers and trendsetters that set the course of heavy metal history. Yet little is known about these founding fathers of hard rock and heavy metal music…until NOW!

The Docu-Film has been released to select theaters this week. A worldwide list of theaters can be found at

According to Roadrunner Records, Bob Nalbandian started his career in metal at the age of 18, as founder/publisher of the seminal heavy metal fanzine The Headbanger, a nationally distributed Xeroxed fanzine which featured the very first profiles of then-unsigned, groundbreaking bands such as Metallica, Slayer & Megadeth. Throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, Bob Nalbandian was a contributing editor to several well-known metal mags worldwide including Metal Rendezvous, Creem, Hit Parader, Foundations, Loud and many others.

Nalbandian also worked at Roadrunner Records(LA office) and Bizarre/Straight Records in the early ‘90s and managed and advised many rock bands acquiring license/distribution deals, and worked as a freelance writer and independent publicist. Apart from the Shockwaves Skull Sessions, Nalbandian also runs the online metal magazine Shockwaves and the Shockwaves/HardRadio podcast, both available at

Tales From The Sunset Strip is Rock 'n Roll Television & Internet Radio at its finest. Host, WILLIE BASSE sits down with legendary Entertainers from the past, as well as current Stars.

From Artists, to business professionals, Tales From The Sunset Strip captures candid, untold, inside story interviews, current news and events, as well as a nationwide Concert Calendar.

Download the LIVE365 App and find us on Facebook to interact and comment live.

Get LOUD / Get BUSY @wbasse

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Monday, November 10, 2014

All Music Guide Premieres Exclusive Stream Of Rachael Sage's "Blue Roses," Available In Stores Now!

New York, NY: MPress Records' flagship artist Rachael Sage’s 11th studio album Blue Roses is streaming exclusively at All Music Guide this week, and is available in stores and onlinenow. The celebrated songstress has crafted what Curve Magazine calls “a treasure chest in a candlelit chamber, glimmering with myriad delights.” Blue Roses is a collection of songs about the impact any single person can have upon the destiny of another. As She Magazine sums it up: “Blue Roses is a wonderful meditation on love and quirky destiny.”

Produced by Sage with two-time Grammy® nominee John Shyloski (Stephen Kellogg, Johnny Winter), Blue Roses features 13 chamber-pop gems, supported by an impressive lineup of musical guests including legendary folk icon Judy Collins, drummer Quinn (Daft Punk), percussionist/singer Everett Bradley (Bruce Springsteen, Hall & Oates) and guitarists James Mastro (Garland Jeffries, Ian Hunter) and Jack Petruzelli (Patti Smith, Rufus Wainwright).

The theme of transformation recurs on several tracks, including the title cut “Blue Roses”, which depicts an unusual relationship involving two would-be lovers who connect in a way that transforms them, even though they remain friends. On the song “Wax,” featuring internationally renowned theremin player Armen Ra (Antony & The Johnsons), Sage muses bittersweetly over prior risks and current dangers of loving someone who seemingly can’t commit.

Closing out the album is a cover of Neil Young's "Helpless" - re-imagined as a duet featuring folk icon Judy Collins and accompanied by Charleston alt-rock band A Fragile Tomorrow – in which Sage comes full circle, imbuing the classic anthem with a warmth that is entirely her own. This rendition of “Helpless” also appears on Judy Collins’ Both Sides Now: The Very Best Of Judy Collins which also hits stores on November 4th.

For press inquiries or a copy of Blue Roses,
give us a shout or visit our Media Page!
Melanie Rodriguez // // 212.481.7243

Rachael Sage Assets:
Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | Official Website | Media Page
Rachael Sage On Tour:
Nov 12 New York, NY “Blue Roses” Listening Party & Rachael Sage Art Opening @ Think Gallery
Nov 15 Waukegan, IL Genesee Theater (w/ Judy Collins)
Nov 16 Santa Fe, NM The Lensic Theatre (w/ Judy Collins)
Nov 20 New York, NY Live In Your Living Room NYC Festival @ CitizenM Hotel Cloudbar
Nov 23 Boston, MA Club Passim
Dec 7 Pittsburgh, PA Garfield Artworks

Jan 16 Chicago, IL City Winery (w/ Mary Fahl)
Jan 17 Milwaukee, WI Shank Hall (w/ Mary Fahl)
Feb 6 Binghamton, NY Bundy Museum
Apr 12 Alexandria, VA The Birchmere (w/ Shawn Colvin)
For more information on Rachael Sage, please visit:

Dimension One Records Announces New Single & Video "Strange Times" From Robert Kramer

Dimension One Records is proud to announce the release of the new pop/rock single “Strange Times” from multi-faceted indie recording artist Robert Kramer, now available thru major digital download outlets including Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Rhapsody & Google Play .

The song “Strange Times”, a energy pop single reminiscent of early Billy Joel styled power vocal delivery, is Kramer’s first new single in 5 years, and the first in a series of songs to be released for a new “album in the works” concept which is to be titled “Shadow Logic”. One new song is scheduled every few weeks, allowing listeners and fans the freedom to compile the order of the songs at

A companion music video for the song released on Halloween and produced and directed by Kramer, shuns the typical MTV music video artist performance shots, using instead various clips from old 1940’s and 50’s horror and sci-fi movies with Kramers’ image in outrageous makeup parodies including Frankenstein, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber, all strategically implanted thruout the video.

“I decided that the old album concept in the digital age is becoming a thing of the nostalgic past..” comments Kramer. “Let the listeners decide the order of the songs themselves. That’s the whole idea behind the “Shadow Logic” album title. It’s totally backwards from the way artists used to release product. It also adds a bit of drama to the whole thing, as well.” he quips. A fan will never know what’s coming next; blues or a dance single, prog rock, it could be anything.”

The video is already garnering views on YouTube, with a worldwide internet & terrestrial radio campaign beginning this week in US, UK, Europe and Asia.


Dimension One Records
c/o Butterfly Effect Media
Jan Olesky