Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Can You Feel It?" Sam-E New Dance Single Will Make Sure You Feel It!
It's a Friday night. The DJ is blasting party music and the dance floor is made for you to feel the energy and let it all out. Pop artist Sam-E projects that very emotion with his latest music video for "Can You Feel it" and it's something you can definitely feel. From thumping beat to a catchy chorus, Sam-E's song is certainly set to become a party anthem.

"Can You Feel It" uses a lot of electronic soundscapes, which is perfect for a party atmosphere. The video music video embraces it and creates a visual representation of what the song makes you feel. The music video shows off different party locations Sam-E has embarked on that are the epitome of party life. From the streets of a metropolitan New York to the steamy skyline of Miami, Sam-E's music video shows the lifestyle fit to his song.

Another notable aspect of the music video is the constant flashes and use of color that adds an empathic and eclectic flavor to the visuals. With his chanting and melodic singing, the eclectic flashes and energy shine through to add an extra sense of partying while simple watching the video. The music video also uses beautiful woman, seductively dancing to incorporate the nature of a party lifestyle right into the viewer's eyes. It's as if "Can You Feel It" is inviting you to dance and become one with the song.

Without a doubt, Sam-E's song "Can You Feel It" is a perfect song for any club. The music video however adds the aura and mystique of a night out that replicates what it feels like to go out and just let the music take over. With eclectic visuals and up-beat, jumpy cut scene, "Can You Feel It" is the epitome of party music and will surely incite party lovers across the globe.

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