Friday, December 19, 2014

Korg USA To Distribute Dean Markley Products

Korg USA to Distribute Dean Markley Products

Korg USA announces they will be the exclusive U.S. distributor of Dean Markley’s exceptional line of guitar strings, pickups, picks and polishing accessories. Dean Markey joins Korg’s family of elite brands and this partnership is in line with Korg’s strategic plan to provide dealers with a full spectrum of quality products at various price points. The full line of Dean Markley products slated for distribution will be on display at the 2015 NAMM trade show (Booth #6440 Hall A).

“We are proud to have the opportunity to represent Dean Markley. It has a great heritage and we are looking forward to helping them reenergize the brand,” stated Korg USA President Joe Castronovo.
“Having a premier company like Korg USA manage the sales and distribution of Dean Markley products is the best way for us to ensure our dealers are taken care of. Korg USA will improve our product availability and delivery time at the industry’s most competitive prices,” states Lori McCallian, CEO of Dean Markley USA.
Korg USA will begin offering the Dean Markley products in the U.S. starting January 1, 2015.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jay C, Sean Angel and Argento vs Mylo release their 'Drop The Pressure' (2k15 Rework) as a FREE download

Jay C, Sean Angel and Argento vs Mylo have today announced the release of their 'Drop The Pressure' (2k15 Rework) FREE download, which is available now on Soundcloud.

The unmistakable sample is an energetic and fun club hit, designed to please big-room dance floors and EDM fans alike with its impressive electro-house fuelled beats and bass lines. Its already received support from the likes of Mark Knight, Erick Morillo, Prok & Fitch, Robbie Rivera, Thomas Gold, NERVO, Federico Scavo, Manuel de la Mare, My Digital Enemy, Hoxton Whores, Cube Guys, Outwork, as well as plays on Xfm from DJ Eddy Temple Morris and a whole host of others. Their influences include artists such as Sanchez, Morillo, Axwell & Angello, Mark Knight and Umek.

Jay C is a DJ/Producer based in Manchester, UK and has become a prominent figure in the dance music scene with over 15 years experience. With a steady flow of releases on Toolroom Records, 1605, Strictly Rhythm, Zulu, Tiger, Hotfingers & Hed Kandi amongst many others, the once In Bed With Space & Space Ibiza World tour resident & has supported David Guetta and Fat Boy Slim on their album tours and has played alongside the majority of the most renowned DJs in some of the biggest club venues around the world, including Space, many of the Pacha clubs around the world, Amnesia, Ministry of Sound, Sankeys, Cream, Gatecrasher and many more.

Sean Angel is an upcoming DJ/Producer from Greece and has released tracks and remixes through labels such as Cr2 Records, Wormland Music and Suka Records. Sean Angel has received support from the likes of Roger Sanchez, Tristan Garner, Antoine Clamaran, David Vendetta, Dr.Kucho! and more. He's also played some of Greece's top clubs including Paradise in Mykonos.

Argento is a DJ also from Greece and has carved himself the reputation as a reliable Producer of house and progressive house. Argento has supported Hardwell, Afrojack and Avicii and he's released tracks through Kontor, Wormland, d:vision and Strictly Rhythm and he's also collaborated and remixed with well-known producers such Tom Novy, Jerry Ropero, Mike Newman, Ron Carroll, Dirty Secretz and Peter Brown. He's also received support from the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Max Vangeli, Axwell, Nari & Milani and many more.

'Drop The Pressure' (2k15 Rework) is available now to download for FREE from

For more information, visit:

Jay C

Sean Angel


Transference Set To Rock It Out In January 2015

The band are stoking themselves for an eventful year in 2015. New video being aired now on iDefineTV music channel.

New ebook (just published on Kindle Amazon) also contains a free download & a free flipbook for your desktop is available to purchasers of the ebook.

Book Interview by Jan Jacob Mekes
Infograph (with more to come)
Band featured until the end of December 2014 on Sacred Music Radio

Radio plays hotting up, with a further radio campaign in Jan 2015 in the run up to the album release.

Talks of tours
Album release end of Jan 2015
Album distributed via Universal

Oh and by the way a plea goes out to the wonderful Pink Floyd, they didn’t mean to rip off one of your quotes in their first ebook they just got a bit over excited so please don’t litigate! Well at least not until they’ve sold a shed load of tickets for their next gigs/tour & cd’s, did we mention they are being released on vinyl, lovely artwork too.

So, Transference from OZ (that’s Australia to us) are getting around & over the next year should be available to play around the globe, they are not called "The Navigators" for nothing! Seriously now these guys are a unique act, their live sound is electrifying & they are getting ready to journey to a place near YOU.

Meet the band. The touring lineup is:
Astral (Mike Puskas)
Scorpius (Steven Harris)
Celeste (Mary Jennings)
Orion (Loughlin Harrick)
Cosmic (David Garland)

The recording line up for the upcoming album "The Navigators" is:
Mike Puskas
Steven Harris
Georgia Harris
Loughlin Harrick
Kata Ruszic
Julian Reid
The touring line up is subject to change.

Now you might be asking yourselves why the intergalactic names.Well the band have a message in their music and have decided it would be fun to convey it as a journey through the cosmos as "The Navigators" and invite you to join them on this exploration, which is an inner journey with electrifying performances & musical satsangs. There will be a series of follow up ebooks to the first one where fans can both engage with the bands journey but also be a fun way to explore your own inner journey (for those who wish to do so.) Lots more to come, so in the meantime check out the links, sign up to the band’s mailing list & connect through their various social channels. People are showing a lot of interest in this band, check them out.

Alex & Friends Release Second Album: "Some Winter Tales"

After the angry 'One Thing Left" published in 2012, Alex & Friends are back with the quieter yet infectuous 'Some Winter Tales' and the timing - with Christmas coming to town - couldn't be more spot on.

The combo here is at its best. Pierre Alexander's disenchanted songs are brought into life by an intricate combination of 70's like ambiant rock and more pop-oriented tunes. The beautiful piano-driven ballad 'Glamorous Glow' is a perfect introduction to Alex & Friends' classy approach to pop music, while 'Losing Ground' and 'Speed Limit' remind the listener of how good this band is at wrapping up catchy nasty singles.

As for the majestic 'Christmas Day' with its epic ending, a hundred listens might not be enough to capture its dark and poisonous beauty.

A very special Christmas present for a decidedly very special band.

The Inspiration Behind The Versions Of "Santa Baby" Remakes... Hint, Never Marilyn Monroe!

Sultry Jazz Pop singer, actress, Nobel Nominated Cynthia Basinet whose iconic version of "Santa Baby", that has often been mistaken for Marilyn Monroe; although Marilyn never sang the song, has been the inspiration behind the versions of "Santa Baby" recorded to date since 2000, whether well-known or not.

Cynthia's one off of Eartha Kitt's renowned Holiday Tune is a true homage to the famous Cat Woman herself also a lyrical gift to a very special person in Cynthia's life: "I recorded Santa Baby as a gift for a very special person in my life, Jack Nicholson. Have always loved that song, as so many do, thanks to Eartha.' She recorded it and another, "Someone To Watch Over” Me, as gifts that went on a Christmas card CD. That was 1997. She then launched Santa Baby via the Internet and it went viral in 2000. This version, perhaps because it was sung from the heart, has oft credited to Marilyn Monroe. (Well, that and illegal file sharing. ;-).) Ironically, this version has become the standard for today's artists from pop to R&B to country, worldwide.

Watch the OFFICIAL Music Video:

A bit more on the leggy, statuesque, strawberry blonde who has been seen in over 200 commercials and films, on magazine covers and whose image has been retributed: The quirky natural beauty with sparkling versatility as an entertainer, Cynthia Basinet was born in Van Nuys (Los Angeles), California. A single mom she is a resilient star, a rare inspirational gem of entertainment, combining her experience as an actress, a sought after American fashion model in Europe during the rise of the supermodel, as well as being recognized as a remarkable humanitarian¸ She was nominated in 2005 for a shared Nobel and has addressed the UN on numerous occasion of issues facing the Saharwian peoples living in self-determination. Her quote "Displaced societies are of value. Their issues are our issues." has become an anthem worldwide for the UN and refugees.

With crowning distinctions as a classically trained vocalist and musician (she learnt opera, the saxophone and flute as a child), Cynthia is one of the best jazz singers in the world today and is capable of conjuring up Hollywood's golden era of glamour from American history with her critically acclaimed performances and sultry jazz recordings. The artist has 10 releases from pop to electronic but it's her exquisite, speak-easy singing style smouldering with elegant mastery has ensconced Basinet as a cultural living treasure of the American jazz canon comparing her to the likes of Ella, Frank, Billie and others.

Her songs have been heard in soundtracks as varied indie cult film, "Party Monster" and the very popular CBS show "NCIS Los Angeles".

Cynthia's limited releases including her latest, "The Christmas Song" with Lee Musiker from "The Standard" on @iTunes:

Follow Cynthia on social media @cynthiabasinet, Google+ and more

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

MusicDish*China Top 10 Songs Gives Insight Into Chinese Online Fans

In 2014, MusicDish*China (独立小炒) featured over 150 songs from Western indie musicians to Chinese music platform Ximalaya since July as part of its Song Blast promotional service. Covering genres from pop, R&B, jazz, electronic and rock, many songs have generated thousands of plays on the Chinese platform, with the most listened surpassing 30,000. So what appeals to Chinese online listeners?
Pop and EDM Find Favor With Chinese Online Fans
We listed our top ten most played songs on Ximalaya below. Without a doubt, one thing they share in common is that all ten of them are enjoyable to the ears --- Chinese ears to be precise. One of the trends we have discovered is that Chinese indie listeners on Ximalaya buy more into pop and electronic music, with pop being most popular. Another pattern that drew our attention is that all of our top fours have frighteningly beautiful, melodic, yet powerful female vocals. We hope our top ten songs can give a glimpse into the style of Western acts appealing to online Chinese fans this year. So here we go:
1. "Close Your Eyes" by Roxanna
Plays: 31,427
Genre: pop, jazz
Canadian music sensation Roxanna was born in wartime Iran. Her music always has an amazing power to heal broken hearts and inspire lost souls. Resounding melody, emotional lyrics, powerful voice, and a strong accompaniment of string orchestration all together make it the most touching song. This is why Close Your Eyes managed to touch our hearts and became our top one in the list of most played songs in 2014.

2. "Run" by Marina V
Plays: 19,175
Genre: pop
Marina V has this "hauntingly beautiful voice" (LA Times) that could intoxicate us. Run is a melodic and emotional pop song that would catch your ears very easily, and probably would linger in your head for days to come. As the songwriter and producer for her own music, Marina V always integrates her childhood experiences in Russia and teenage life in America into her songs. This song won her LA Music Critic Award in 2013.

3. "Falling 4 U" by Devyn Rose
Plays: 12,673
Genre: R&B, electronic
Talented musician Devyn Rose has been producing R&B, hip-pop and remixing tapes with her unique style that combines different music genres together. This Falling 4 U is sexy, edgy, yet hits you with an attitude. Beautiful and clean melody with a strong beat-driven rhythm all together make this song a number three on our most played songs list in 2014.

4. "Tomorrow" by We Are Catalyst
Plays: 10,716
Genre: rock, electronic
Heavy metal, alternative rock and electronic, "Tomorrow" is like a standard millennial type of thing. Leading vocal has a pure and simple female voice, which adds a sense of innocence to this dark, hopeless world that was created in the song.

5. "Stuck in My Head" by Sam Ebako
Plays: 10,080
Genre: EDM
After four stunning, female voices taking over the top four spots in our chart, finally we are here with some strong, male vocal expression. Sam Ebako is a Cameroon-born singer and songwriter. Stuck in My Head actually came out after his horrible breakup with his ex-girlfriend. The sad and grieved lyrics make a sharp contrast with the strong beats and hasty rhythm; and the electronic effects added to the vocal make this song very trendy and clubby.

6. "Boom" by Lina Fouro(L4O) 
Plays: 9,215
Genre: pop, electronic
L4o has always been popular among teenage girls. Her music is popping, chic and very straightforward. Catchy melodies with candid lyrics, Boom allows us to hear this simple, and maybe a little bit shy teenage girl expressing her love for her high school crush. The electronic effects and sexy vocal voice save this song from being plain, boring and too sweet.

7. "Somewhere" by Hashback Harnish
Plays: 7,343
Genre: electronic, experimental
Smoky, mysterious, and edgy. Hashback Harnish makes us enter this post-midnight world that only exists in our deep imaginations…

8. "Toxic Kisses" by SweetTooth
Plays: 6,603
Genre: rock/heavy metal
Heavy metal and electronic usually do not go along, yet Sweet Tooth surprises us by making these two comfortably compatible with each other. Toxic Kisses creates this dashingly frantic sense that would give you goose bumps from the first note.

9. "Sing Along, Sing Along" by Cookie Robinowitz
Plays: 5,803
Genre: pop
Cookie Robinowitz has successfully made this song pop-y and captivating that this song is simply enjoyable. The melody is so catchy that you would probably be singing along together right after verse one, just as the title has suggested.

10. "With You" by FM Pilots
Plays: 5,453
Genre: pop-alternative
FM Pilots is a pop-alternative band from Oklahoma. This song With You is frank, simple and clean-cut. The lead vocal has a very attractive voice, and the melody is well written and catchy. All of these make this song enjoyable and fun to listen.

MusicDish*China Song Blast
Since July 2014, MusicDish*China Song Blast service has been promoting Western acts on its branded channels on Chinese streaming platforms such as Ximalaya, and as well as Chinese social sites such as Weibo, Douban, Huaban and Diandian

What Is Ximalaya?
As one of the major music platform in China, Ximalaya ( is an online podcast platform and music player with mostly user-generated content. According to BaiduApp (a Chinese digital distribution platform for mobile apps, like GooglePlay and Android Market), more than 14 million people have downloaded Ximalaya app to their mobile devices since its launch in 2012.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Premortal Breath -THEY....are Coming To Get You!!!

Straight in the face of society!

True believers know it well:
So many fine pronouncements.
So rarely fine deeds.
Mankind truly seems lost on morally levels.

PREMORTAL BREATH don't want to be a part of these shameful emotional decay.

The special HEAVY METAL output of these wholeheartedly condemning accusers from Germany should concern!

Their debut album "They" isn't made for simple minds.