Thursday, January 29, 2015

MusicDish Review: Rhea Francani Debut Single "Dizzy"

"I'm following my heart's highway from NY to Nashville. My fans know me as a city girl with a country heart. I'm thriving in two completely different worlds!" This is how Country artist Rhea Francani describes herself. She will be releasing her first single "Dizzy" on January 20, 2015 and it perfectly represents the dichotomy Rhea feels deep down for all to listen. A New York attitude with with the soul of Nashville.

The song is about a girls night out drinking together, and that all too familiar feeling of having drunk a little too much is the result leading Rhea to be feeling 'Dizzy'. The fact that the lyrics are so relatable… at least to a fellow millennials, adds to the experience. It is one thing to listen to a song, it is another to understand it.

The song starts off very intensely, with gospel organs building up to Rhea's eloquently sweet voice, and soon the chorus is cheerfully blasting. The melodic song melds seamlessly between chorus and verse, leading the listener to yearn to sing along. Listening to Dizzy before knowing more about Rhea, one would assume she was part of the Nashville Country scene since childhood. But she is actually a New Yorker (Buffalo, NY native) who left to record with the talents of Nashville, the home of her heart. The result is a fresh wake up call to an otherwise stale NYC country scene.

Rhea Francani readily admits she's not your typical country music artist and we quite agree. Dizzy has overtones of Michael Jackson-like Pop and Light Rock. "I am drawn to the southern charm of country music's heartfelt lyrics - songs about love, life and good times," Rhea explains. "I wanted to create an authentic country album drawing on the talents of the Nashville music industry, and those seasoned professionals that could bring my music to life." After listening to the song one would have to agree that she has succeeded in this.

Her debut EP "I Want You To Know" will be due out in February 2015.

MarilynMusic Welcomes You To A Creative And Fruitful 2015

Latest recording projects include three new tracks featuring Australian top ten singer songwriter Thom Crawford. "No Reason No Rhyme," "Smoke and Mirrors," and "Just Say Yes" are all available on

"It's been a privilege to work with and feature Sony recording artist Sera Burus, whom Michael Bolton has called the best singer he's ever heard," said MarilynMusics' Casey Conrad from The Vertical Room studio in NYC. "You Loved Me Best" is a powerful pop country crossover."It's the perfect match for Sera's incredible vocal chops," Conrad explained.

A unique opportunity to create a "State song" for California was the genesis of "Golden State," a rock anthem that evokes the power of Springsteen and Seger. Showcasing the talents of NYC based studio legend and Blues Brother's lead singer Jonny Rosch, the song is like a trip along the California coast including a cool homage to the Beach Boys.

Continuing a longstanding working relationship with New York producer/writer Gary Haase, Conrad is currently in the studio using his engineering and mixing skills on projects for various artists including Paul Mcartney and Chaka Khan.

MarilynMusics' Michael Gaines is busy in L.A. writing songs while also working on several film endeavors including "The Auctioneer," a drama set in the early 60's dealing with the seamy underbelly of the auction business.

Gaines and Conrad remain committed to their belief in the power of music to affect positive change.

You can access all of MarilynMusics'songs for licensing and purchase at MARILYNMUSIC.NET

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Award Winning Southern Rocker Launches Indiegogo Campaign For "Outlaw In Love", The New Album By Glitter Rose

Known as the Outlaw Southern Rocker, 29 year old singer, songwriter, producer and 8-time award winner Glitter Rose launched her 30 day Indiegogo campaign today in support of her 3rd full length studio album "Outlaw In Love". GR is a 17 year veteran in the music industry, and has worked as an independent artist her entire career. She is a perfect blend of rock, country, pop and alternative.

Her first 2 albums, "Southern Comfort" and "Dead or Alive", show an assertive side of the female guitarist, with songs that focus on fun story-telling and good times. "Outlaw In Love" takes a different approach, showing a softer, more vulnerable side of GR and addresses the personal experiences she's been through since moving to Los Angeles, CA in late 2011. The album will also be produced by Glitter Rose.

GR's reason for the campaign is to engage with her fans on a more personal level. People who contribute are rewarded with some great gifts, but more importantly, they become of part of the making of the album.

"I wanted to let my fans in to my world, let them see how the process works for making an album. Since this is such an intimate album for me on an artistic level and as a songwriter, I wanted it to be intimate on the development level as well, bringing my friends and fans in close, so they can be a part of the journey with me." –Glitter Rose

Album production will start shortly after the campaign ends. Pre-production has already started for the album and some teasers of the songs can be heard on GR's campaign video and new album teaser video on her YouTube channel (

GR's Indiegogo campaign will end Friday, February 20th, 2015 at 11:59pm PST. In celebration of the campaign's final day, Glitter Rose and The Band will be performing at The Mint in Los Angeles, CA. For tickets to the February 20th show and for information how to make dinner reservations, please visit To visit the Indiegogo campaign, go to or GR's website,

ABOUT GLITTER ROSE: Starting at the age of 13 in 1998, GR has dedicated her life to her craft and her fans. Never swaying in her musical truths, Glitter has walked away from several offers to be something she's not. Pushing strong as an independent artist, she has performed over 3,000 shows, has 12 major endorsements including companies like Gibson Acoustic Guitars, Orange Amps, and Telefunken Elektroakustik to name a few, and has worked on projects with musicians like Matt Sorum, Chris Chaney, Stu Hamm, SeHwang Kim, Billy Morrison, and more.

In 2012, GR moved from Ft. Worth, TX to Los Angeles, CA, with a residency at Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood Blvd for her signature show titled Southern Rock Brunch. 2013 brought some of her many accolades, like Best Rock Artist and Album of the Year for Dead or Alive from the Artists In Music Awards, Best Music Video for "Buda Negra" in the Bare Bones International Film Festival and Country Artist of the Year in the Los Angeles Music Awards. GR also wrote the title track for the feature film "American Girl", as well as made a cameo appearance, and is an associate producer on the film, which won Best Producer of a Feature Film in the 2014 LA Femme International Film Festival. In 2014, GR launched her career as a producer, teaming up with engineer and mixer Francisco Rodriguez. She also co-wrote and performed on a track with Stu Hamm and SeHwang Kim for the soundtrack of the Korean box office smash The Technicians, titled "Two Lovers".

Well, Well, Well! Midland Rock Band Capture Horse Rampage On Video

Newly formed Staffordshire-based grunge rock band SLUMBERDOG have released their first music video for brand new single The Well, in support of their debut album Orca. The home-made animation shows a day in the life of a local horse who goes out for a quiet drink at a bar, but ends up getting more than he bargained for when he bumps into an old adversary.

This is the second song to be released from the 3-piece band's self-produced record, after BBC WM Introducing picked up on their first release Always Is (A Horse to be Reckoned With) only last month.

Created on a shoestring budget and with no prior animation experience, The Well is an extension of the DIY ethic that SLUMBERDOG hope to portray with their album, which fans are encouraged to download from their website on a pay-what-you-like basis. CD copies are also available from just £1 plus P&P.

Interested music fans can watch the video for The Well, listen to Orca, and find out more information about SLUMBERDOG on their official website at

Monday, January 26, 2015

Award-winning Sea Dance Festival Partners With UKF And TheSoundYouNeed

Following last week’s Best Medium-Sized Festival Award win for Sea Dance Festiavl at the European Festival Awards, it can now be revealed that they will be partnering with London-based media company AEI and its global music brands UKF and TheSoundYouNeed.

The team behind Exit Festival’s success will be working with AEI across the planning, artist line-up, ticketing and marketing of their beach event which is a part of 10-day Exit Adventure package that begins at Exit Festival in Serbia. Sea Dance is a premium festival event that is held on one of the most beautiful beaches of Adriatic coast, Jaz Beach in Montenegro, Europe’s best kept secret. Both sides of this newly founded partnership see it as a natural progression of their earlier collaboration and a way to further develop Sea Dance as one of the leading events in Europe.

Watch the Sea Dance Festival Video here:

Founded originally as YouTube channels both UKF and TheSoundYouNeed boast impressive fan engagement figures and with masses of experience in electronic music events in UK, US and across Europe, this partnership will present Sea Dance to an even wider global audience. TheSoundYouNeed is one of the fastest growing music brands in Europe, amassing over 2.5 million YouTube subscribers over the past two years. Representing the best in bass, UK house, future garage, lounge music, hip-hop, minimal and more, the carefully selected tracks receive well over 1m views each from the hyper engaged audience, and has become a sonic sanctuary for electronic dance music.

UKF has almost 9 million subscribers across its network, almost 2 billion views, and a champion of electronic music’s most talented, creative artists online and live: the brand is trusted by a huge international audience. The first channel of its kind to hit over one billion views and win two prestigious Google Gold Play Awards, UKF’s position and globally renowned brand excels at video content, global events, best-selling compilations, podcasts, merchandise and ticketing.

Exit CEO, Dušan Kovačević welcomes the new partners: “The collaboration on Sea Dance Festival will build upon the solid relationship we have formed working with AEI and UKF over the past years. We both believe that this will develop into a long-term partnership which will further raise Sea Dance as part of the Exit Adventure, the most unique festival experience in the world. For the fans this means a 10-day adventure starting at the medieval fortress of Exit festival and continues on to Sea Dance at one the most beautiful beaches in Europe”.

Jenni Cochrane, AEI’s head of events and tours commented on the news: “We have been heavily involved in Exit Festival in Serbia for the last 2 years, and it is great to be able to bring all our successes from that experience to this partnership for Sea Dance Festival. We are incredibly excited to make this festival a truly memorable weekend for our fans”.

Following on from the Exit Adventure, which kicks off at Exit Festival in Serbia from 9th to 12th July, this summer’s Sea Dance Festival will be held from 16th to 18th July at the gorgeous Jaz beach near Budva, Montenegro, with a special event happening on the 15th July.

Tickets for Sea Dance are on early sale at 44£ (54€) + b/f and can be purchased at For those who seek to experience the whole Adventure and save up to 40% with both Exit and Sea Dance included, can buy joint ticket at 105£ (130€) + b/f. Plenty of additional options for packages that include travel and accommodation options with more info can be found at and