Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bongo Boy Records Proudly Presents Les Fradkin Upcoming New Single "Reflections Of Love"

Artist: Les Fradkin
Record Label: Bongo Boy Records
Single: "Reflections of Love"
Release Date: 2.14.17

Bongo Boy Records is extremely excited to announce the upcoming New Age music release of Les Fradkin. "Reflections Of Love" is his new Single of his New 2017 Album entitled "The New Age". The album is scheduled for a Late Spring 2017 release on Bongo Boy Records.

Les Fradkin takes his Starr Labs Ztar Midi Guitar into futuristic realms of Composition and Midi Guitar performance as he combines influences as diverse as Yanni, The Beatles, The Moody Blues and Jean Michel Jarre to realize an exciting New Age Musical vision. Listeners will experience a musical journey which they will enjoy through the Universe of Music.

Les Fradkin is a prolific Composer, producer and a Pioneer of MIDI Guitar. He captured headlines as the Original Cast George Harrison in the mega-hit Broadway show "Beatlemania" in the 1970s, and Les has played with The Ventures, enjoyed 16 #1 Instrumental hits at, won several awards at the Indie Music Channel, including 2016 Best Instrumental Recording and Best 2014 Classical Recording. He is also a member of the Television Producers Music Production Hall Of Fame as a Composer.

Bongo Boy Records is an independent record label since 2010. The label distribution and promotions is worldwide and also includes Television Broadcast via Bongo Boy TV, Galaxy Global Network, NBC Universal Comcast, Captiva Entertainment Group, Go Indie TV/ROKU, and many others. In Asia music video distribution is offered with QQMusic, XIAMI Music, Netease cloudmusic, BIADU Music and YinYueTai.

Since 2014 Bongo Boy Records digital music distribution is offered in Asia through their office representative located in Hong Kong, China. Additional distribution is offered via Bongo Boy Records’ European office with their distributor located in London, The UK. Distribution is Worldwide and Non Exclusive. Bongo Boy Records is owned and operated by Grammy Members/Producers Gar Francis and Monique Grimme.

Artist Web Site:
Label Web Site:
Producers: Les Fradkin and Loretta Pieper
Composers: Les Fradkin and Loretta Pieper
All Instruments played by Les Fradkin
Studio: RRO Entertainment, Parker, Colorado
Sounds Like: Yanni, The Moody Blues, Jean Michel Jarre
UPC: 703856898929 | ISRC: USPXQ

Friday, February 10, 2017

Italian Artist Releases New Worship Project

The voice of Sara T will carry you into a fresh, anointed and worshipful time, whether you speak Italian or not. Working with talented award winning Contemporary Christian music composer Chris Eaton (Cliff Richards, Amy Grant, Jaci Velasquez and many others), Sara brings her audience into a powerful and intimate worship experience.

The first single "Dio - Buono," the Italian version of "Our God is Good" by Dave Bell and Chris Eaton, is a praise anthem proclaiming God's goodness all over the earth.

"BasterĖ†" is a passionate cry out to the God of salvation, who reminds us that we do not have to worry because He sees all the hurt and pain we are going through. He will be strong for us because His strength is perfect in weakness.

"Vittoria" is a dance party song proclaiming victory over our enemy, because our God is the One who guides us, saves us and raises us up.

Sara is an independent Italian Christian singer and songwriter, and also a wife and mother. Sara's primary goal, who is truly passionate about her music ministry, is to bless the Italian Christian community with Italian songs and to bring the message of the Gospel to the people who still do not know the love of God.


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Chonkillah Drops His Hot New Single Medicine

Medicine is the electrifying new single from West London sensation Chonkillah. Drifting away from lyrical triviality, Medicine is lyrically engaging and discusses a man's deep love for a woman, who he sees a his ultimate source of happiness and as the cure for his problems. The beat is original and exhibits Chonkillah's unique, extremely catchy style. Having made music for many years, Chonkillah draws inspiration from a variety of artists, ranging from Michael Jackson, to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, to Naughty By Nature, to Eminem and aims to break repeat buttons on many a computer with energetic music which can be listened to and enjoyed again and again. The song's hook is as difficult to forget as the song is to remove from your playlist.

Chonkillah stays true to his roots in Medicine's official video, taking in the views of London and providing some excellent shots of the city's landscape, which are interspersed by shots showing his love for the woman who is his medicine.

The song encapsulates the positive music which Chonkillah seeks to promote, spreading love around the world and getting everyone dancing. As we enter 2017, a year was is set to be marked by rising political tensions across the UK, this feel good tune, which inspires unity in the pure enjoyment of life, could be an ideal medicine for this increasingly negative and divisive political climate.

Chonkillah's Medicine is out now and available via

Apple iTunes -

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

MusicDish Review - Tony Adamo "Sonic Henderson"

Tony Adamo has done it again. In his new single "Sonic Henderson", Adamo expanded the entire track from his appreciation of the legendary jazz artist Joe Henderson, and groomed this spoken word piece-of-art to perfection. With the star backline: Mike Clark on drums, Mike LeDonne on Organ, and Jack Wilkins on Guitar supported Adamo, he was able to burst his passion, energy, rhythm and tempo into a long strand of bullets and hit you hard with his talents. Besides Henderson, Adamo also saluted some of the most celebrated jazz artists from the 50's and 60's in this track: Horace Silver, Lee Morgan, McCoy Tyner, and many more. This song proves Adamo's admiration and yearnings towards the big legends during the golden age of jazz music, and his ability to lure his listeners into playing his songs over and over again, wondering what the rest of the album would sound like.

Born in San Francisco and with strong family ties to the Bronx and Brooklyn, New York, spoken word veteran Tony Adamo formed a music alliance with the legendary drummer, Mike Clark (Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters) and the respected trumpet player Tim Ouimette. This trio has come up with a fresh new sound in vocal/hip-spoken word laced with a funk musical attitude. With the exception of only a handful of traditional rap artists, most creative vocalists are lacking the substance and stamina to put an entire recording on their backs in an effort to either spread their message, music or both. Tony Adamo makes it look effortless and with a virtual all star line up he gains the freedom to let his imagination soar.