Friday, February 10, 2017

Italian Artist Releases New Worship Project

The voice of Sara T will carry you into a fresh, anointed and worshipful time, whether you speak Italian or not. Working with talented award winning Contemporary Christian music composer Chris Eaton (Cliff Richards, Amy Grant, Jaci Velasquez and many others), Sara brings her audience into a powerful and intimate worship experience.

The first single "Dio - Buono," the Italian version of "Our God is Good" by Dave Bell and Chris Eaton, is a praise anthem proclaiming God's goodness all over the earth.

"BasterĖ†" is a passionate cry out to the God of salvation, who reminds us that we do not have to worry because He sees all the hurt and pain we are going through. He will be strong for us because His strength is perfect in weakness.

"Vittoria" is a dance party song proclaiming victory over our enemy, because our God is the One who guides us, saves us and raises us up.

Sara is an independent Italian Christian singer and songwriter, and also a wife and mother. Sara's primary goal, who is truly passionate about her music ministry, is to bless the Italian Christian community with Italian songs and to bring the message of the Gospel to the people who still do not know the love of God.


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