Friday, March 11, 2011


NOV.US, the new industry leader in profitable integrated web, iPhone, and Android apps for engagement between musical artists and their fans, today unveiled their extensive activation platform for the SXSW Music Festival. The events are all designed to create additional opportunities for new artists and get more exposure for NOV.US' cost-efficient and highly effective fan engagement technology. NOV.US is one of the only companies in the space that has built an all-encompassing fan engagement platform that also gives artists a way to earn direct compensation while rewarding their fans with behind the scenes access. The apps are already in place for 30 emerging artists/personalities and that list is expected to double very quickly as the brand heads to Austin.

"The music industry today is continuing its quest to deliver quality and effective fan engagement platforms which give fans the access they crave in a manner that is cost efficient for the artist," said Eric Shaffer, Co-founder and CEO of NOV.US. " NOV.US answers that quest by delivering an integrated web and mobile app that allows artists to distribute, in real time, all kinds of high value content and to be compensated for their effort. Our platform speaks to fans where they want to receive phones, tablets and the web... and is quickly becoming the avenue of choice for artists who want to engage fans while generating a source of income to support their creative process. It is a win for everyone in the pipeline, and we are excited to be able to show even more people what we are doing at the SXSW Music Festival."

The NOV.US apps for artists like Fair To Midland have already been proven to be both effective and profitable in fan engagement, giving artists a revenue stream that far exceeds anything they have encountered with other platforms. The apps are also being expanded to include personalities in other forms of entertainment and sports, all of whom face the same issue, providing quality extensive content in a model that makes good financial sense.

NOV.US, its artists and its technology will be on prominent display in Austin, Texas next week at the SXSW Music Festival. The brand will be sponsoring a showcase stage in conjunction with My Old Kentucky Blog on Friday, March 18th at Peckerheads, located at 402 E. 6th St. just three blocks from the convention center. In addition to the performance area, NOV.US will host the VIP lounge at the same location where they will be working with artists, brands and fans on the new era of engagement March 16th through 19th.

About NOV.US
NOV.US is a service line provided by Novus Applications LLC that creates Personal Media Channels, which are an integrated set of web, iPhone, and Android apps fully dedicated to an individual "personality" or celebrity. Their followers can subscribe to the channel, to receive exclusive, high quality content from that personality. NOV.US does not charge any fees to build, maintain or support the app. Rather, it only takes revenue shares. Novus Applications LLC also has a custom development business that creates consumer and enterprise-class web and mobile solutions, as well as providing consulting services for social media.

NOV.US can be reached here:

Eric Galler
Novus Applications LLC
Founder - President
(m) 301-728-3850

Avant Pop Singer Debuts At SXSW With Three Showcases

Alexis Foxe will appear at Austin's SXSW Festival at Malverde at 8PM on March 16th and on March 17th at the Hilton and Hyatt Second Play Stages at 6PM and 7PM, respectively.

Alexis Foxe is a pop singer hailing from New York City by way of Argentina and Spain. Of Cuban and Colombian descent, the visual, provocative, and humorous Foxe tickles nostalgia with the feather of futurism much like Goldfrapp, and is sultry and occasionally dangerous in the way of Amy Winehouse.

Alexis' debut album, Lady Be Bad, was touched by the production genius of Richard Niles (Paul McCartney, Ray Charles, Tina Turner), and executive producer Russ Titelman (James Taylor, George Harrison, The Bee Gees, Chaka Khan) gave expert guidance to the sophomore To Have and Want More. The experience and wisdom of these legends were an ideal complement to Alexis' unimpeachable vision and her primary creative partnership with producer/songwriter Gary Schreiner, and their combined efforts coaxed the artist’s sensual, humorous, dreamy style into being.

Singing entered the picture a bit later for Alexis than most. Having played piano since age 7, it was not until a recording session at age 20 where she was the only one on hand to sing the vocals on a track that she simply did a job and discovered her voice. In her voice, she found the conduit for her lyrics, which are her unabashed musical love. Notable tracks include "Cynic," "Grand Macadamias," "No Ticky No Shirty," "Manhattan May Be Grand," "Braindead," and "Revel Without a Cause."

Registrants of SXSW can tracks in full from SXSW Virtual Swag. Others are invited to preview her album at

MarilynMusic Releases Video Teaser For Upcoming Hit: "IMA BE A Celebrity"

Publishing Company Marilyn Music is announcing the release of a new teaser video for: "IMA B A Celebrity", sung by Wallace Gary. Slated for release on March 25, the video/single takes satirical life of a hip-hop artist will be availed in the video, with the backing of some of the greatest vocals, and produced music that is on the market today!

The video teaser is available on MusicDishTV at

Vocalist Wallace Gary, protege of Chaka Khan, is one of the top hip-hop, pop, fusion extraordinaire in the mists of coming out with a new single: "IMA B A Celebrity". Inspirations coming from Sly, to the Jackson 5, Wallace has committed his sound to funk soul. A struggling artist who came from the bottom, to working with famous artists to provide a very strong backbone to kick start him to fame.

MarilynMusic is of course a multi genre music company, and recognizes Wallace for his talent, dedication, and overall love for music. "IMA B A Celebrity" includes awesome breakdowns and builds up, with a touch of a smooth pop chorus to put the icing on the cake. Now a first call session singer in NYC, he performs weekly with Ashford & Simpson at their Westside club 'Sugarbar'. The world can expect this artist to keep popping up all over, and put his initials in this generation, as one of the few good artists of his time.

About MarilynMusic MarilynMusic is the partnership of musicians/composers Michael Gaines and Casey Conrad. Gaines and Conrad created MarilynMusic to combine their knowledge and love of a broad range of musical genres with the tastes of today's pop audience. The prolific team has numerous tracks expertly produced, with new material constantly being created. Gaines and Conrad collaborate on every aspect of the music from the writing to the finished production.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Halie Loren Packs The House For Eight Concerts At The Cotton Club And Blue Note In Japan

Halie Loren, international award-winning jazz/pop singer-songwriter, has already had quite a year with more than nine months still left to go. With 2011 touring under way, she has just returned from a week's worth of packed-house shows in Japan, where she performed at the world-renowned Blue Note (Nagoya) and Cotton Club (Tokyo) jazz clubs.

Loren's song interpretations drew enthusiastic responses from the many fans who attended one or more of her eight performances as she sang originals and standards in several languages, including the crowds' favorite, Japanese. Eager fans waited patiently in long lines to meet the artist and obtain her autograph, and once the venues sold out of her CDs, Loren went on to sign iPhones, assorted clothing, and framed Halie Loren CD covers. One fan who could not attend shipped a leather jacket to the Cotton Club for Loren's signature.

"It was incredible to meet so many fans who had listened to my CDs so much that they knew all the songs from my albums…maybe even better than I do!" says Loren. "That, along with the privilege of performing at such world-class clubs, really made those shows special. It definitely was a tour of 'firsts', including riding my first bullet train, signing my first iPhone, and playing in Japan with my fellow U.S. bandmates — a memorable tour on all levels." Longtime band members Matt Treder (piano), Mark Schneider (bass), and Brian West (drums) were joined by popular Japanese saxophonist Ken Ota for six shows in Tokyo.

After signing in 2010 with JVC/Victor Entertainment for marketing and distribution in Japan and Asia, Loren was interviewed by most of Japan's largest media outlets and appeared live on several major Japanese radio stations. A series of high-profile in-store performances last fall at Tokyo's largest music retailers helped generate intense interest.

But the buzz surrounding Loren's music reached new levels with her headline performance at the 2010 Ginza Jazz Festival in Tokyo. By the time she returned for command performances at two of Japan's most famous jazz clubs in February 2011, her inaugural jazz CD, "They Oughta Write a Song," had reached #1 on both Amazon (Japan) and HMV's jazz charts and placed as the #4 jazz album of the entire year on Amazon Japan's "Best of 2010" jazz chart.

Her most recent studio CD, "After Dark," was released worldwide in mid-November 2010 to critical praise. "She has both an exquisite musical sense and the talent for phrasing that makes a song come alive," wrote Vivoscene. "Her new album reveals a major star in the wings, soon to take center stage ... If this is your introduction to jazz, there can be no better."

Loren already has a full calendar of performances scheduled across the United States this year. Accompanied by pianist/band leader Matt Treder and New York bassist Mary Ann McSweeney, Loren will appear in New York City in April to perform at the Metropolitan Room, closely followed by several dates in Los Angeles and a string of Seattle-area club shows and festivals in May. More international travel in Europe and Asia is slated for the months ahead.

It's going to be a very good year for Halie Loren, indeed!

Contact info: Keith Altomare / 541-992-5399
Company: White Moon Productions
Location: Eugene, Oregon

DIY Media Announces Launch Of DIY Music Platform

DIY Media, a leading provider of innovative social commerce tools for the global entertainment industry, announced today that it has launched its first product platform, DIY Music.

DIY Music provides a direct-to-consumer digital music, Social Commerce and marketing platform for artists, labels, music publishers and distributors. With DIY Music's suite of Powerful tools, customers can quickly build highly customizable portable music download storefronts for social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, or on websites and blogs. Storefronts are also accessible using Android-based handsets and tablets. Customers can learn more and sign up today at

DIY Music employs cloud-based technology to enable professional media management and content fulfillment with DIY's advanced widget, backed by Amazon's Web Services and Payments ensuring a simplified in-site checkout process and download. DIY's innovative, soon to be released, Friends Of Friends program allows content owners to quickly expand their points of sale through social networks and fan communities.

David Robb, CEO of DIY Media stated: "We believe that the music community will quickly embrace the opportunities for expanded reach, conversion and monetization that DIY Music provides. With DIY’s advanced tools and platform, users have the flexibility to sell individual tracks, albums or entire catalogs – even the option of selling WAV files – while controlling pricing and territorial availability. It truly gives the content owner the ability to Do It Yourself and changes the way music is sold."

Customers can sign up now through and upload and prepare their content for sale in minutes. DIY Music allows for high volume uploads supporting catalogs from single songs to millions of tracks.

Robb added: "DIY has significantly advanced the opportunities for download sales. With DIY's suite of services, any content owner can quickly reach their fans, who in turn can reach their friends. Artists and content owners can access an entirely new audience with every widget and storefront they create."

About DIY Media
DIY Media Inc., ( is a cloud-based digital media company focused on providing professional-grade digital media management, e-commerce and marketing solutions. DIY Media's mission is to provide innovative tools that empower social commerce and extend the reach and revenue opportunities for its customers. DIY Media provides content companies with enterprise-level asset management and the ability to conduct business whenever and wherever they need to, while substantially reducing operational expenses. DIY Media is privately held, and is based in Seattle with offices in Charlotte.

For further information, contact:
fortyninegroup, LLC e-mail:
phone: 212.246.7049

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MusicDish "Secret Sounds Vol. 1" Playlist

Mi2N regularly features incredible bands and talent, well before more mainstream outlets take notice. For over a decade, I've selfishly kept this well-known secret to myself, hoarding all this great music in an age of sharing... well, no more! I'm proud to announce the first edition of MusicDish Secret Sounds playlist, featuring music and bands you probably haven't heard of yet! There are no rules though to this playlist - no boundaries on genres, countries, status (signed/unsigned) - the only thing they share in common is that they struck my ear... and that they are sourced from Mi2N.

Want you music to be considered? Go to Mi2N to submit your music release announcement (the newer, the better) or look for our drop box on the homepage. Now on to the music...

Ranging in genres from rock, funk, punk, techno, even to a completely new genre called 'Beta Music', MusicDish Secret Sounds Vol. 1 will get any party started and will suit the needs of many people's particular styles of music. Show your Warface to Your favorite Enemies, so the zoobombs can drop the bombs, while the Sewing Circle rocks to the techno beats of Revolr, Scotty Boy, and Red, and former frontman once again becomes a frontman, while Jelixa makes her very own genre of music.

Highway A Go Go - ZOObombs
The ZOObombs with their song "Highway a Go Go" is a classical representation of Punk Rock as the backbone for this bands sound. This band very much could of toured with bands such as the Ramones, Iggy and the Stooges , if only they were alive during that era of music, the ZooBombs would of fit right in. They will be making stops at CMW and SXSW on their tour in support of their new album "La Vie En Jupon." A very raunchy approach is taken to capture the "moment" or energy of what this band is doing.

WARFACE - Revolr, Scotty boy and Red
DJ RED, Scotty B, and Revolvr are a true dynamic trio, raising the bar of the electronic music for generations to come. With the beautifully incorporated mix of the famous drill sergeants voice, with a heavy electronic beat that will blow up a girls skirt, evokes a passion of liveliness whenever this track is played. From the dance floor, to speakers from a computer, "I WANNA SEE YOUR WARFACE" does not disappoint!

Chemical Marketplace - Evan Russell Saffer
To all former Fixer fans, Evan Russell Saffer's (former frontman to Fixer) debut solo album Neon Gas chronicles the mind of the everyday maniac. From the opening Iron Maiden'esk introduction of: " Chemical Mark" Evan proves to fans, even after 2 years of staying out of the spot light that he is definitely still alive and willing to rock his heart out. The captivating lyrics and Evan's voice puts a word out to all rockers to put their fists in the air. Evan's Schizo/Rock Opera/Hobo Chic genre of music, appeared in the indie film Chance Encounter by director David Toth, the song was called: "Just One Day". It is obvious Evan's career will be taking off again with his national tour for 2011.

I Just Want You To Know - Your Favorite Enemies
Your Favorite Enemies unleashing their new song " I Just Want you to Know" capture the pure rock feeling one gets from going to a concert. The bands moral ambition to spread a social connection from their band to its fans, only adds to this songs intensity. Their music video also offers a deeper insight into this songs meaning, with its orange aura of flashing lights behind this driving rock song. Your favorite Enemies upcoming release date for their album is expected in the fall of 2011, and recent fan activity due to the bands willingness to promote free downloads can push this band to the top.

Lead Role - The Sewing Circle
The Sewing Circle's new song "Lead Role" is a deep rock/ pop song feel with very joyful fun melodies that will get stuck in your head. With a touch of the style of No Doubt with Gwen Steffani, The Sewing Circle puts a modern twist to make their songs fit today's demands on music. Wonderful work on the acoustic guitar is clearly established in the first few measures of the song, as well as the drums that push the song to the end. The lead singer draws deep to the audience with poetic lines, that have a polyrhythmic feel to the bass line that only adds to the character of the song.

img src="" alt="" width="200" height="200" align="right">Are You The One For Me (Extended Mix) - Jelixa
Jelixa is the fresh new female artist out of North Richland Hills, Texas, raising the bar in music releasing a new genre of music called "Beta Music". Basically this genre is a collaboration of pop, R&B, Techno, hip-hop, funk, etc. Jelixa chooses two or more of these genres and puts then together depending how she is feeling for the song she is singing. For her debut release in March 2011, the song " Are you the one for me" could give Lady Gaga a run for her money.

By Eric de Fontenay


Monday, March 7, 2011

Pennan Brae - "Anyways"

Pennan Brae, has released his new single for his debut album : "Anyways". The video was shot in zero degree sunshine in the Okanagan Valley, BC in 2011. Props should be given to this guy for wearing a flimsy coat, and making a entire music video. It is obvious his dedication for music drove him to zone out the cold and perform this video.

A brilliant, but classic music video shot approach was taken by director Mogcat of Osaka, Japan, which is primarily just focusing on a wide angled shot of Pennan playing the harmonica, bass, guitar, piano, and vocal instruments. Now and again the camera wonderfully zooms in and out on angels of the guitar and bass instruments, adding for a very cool affect. The music at times can sound like a skit of Andy Sandburg from Saturday Night Live in New York City. However, a prominent bass line keeps this pop song moving, along with the catchy harmonica introduction. This beautiful , mellow, pop song, eventually grasps a hold of your ear the more you listen to it. Listeners will be hooked with the underlying melodies from the very beginning.

Pennan Brae - "Anyways"