Monday, March 7, 2011

Pennan Brae - "Anyways"

Pennan Brae, has released his new single for his debut album : "Anyways". The video was shot in zero degree sunshine in the Okanagan Valley, BC in 2011. Props should be given to this guy for wearing a flimsy coat, and making a entire music video. It is obvious his dedication for music drove him to zone out the cold and perform this video.

A brilliant, but classic music video shot approach was taken by director Mogcat of Osaka, Japan, which is primarily just focusing on a wide angled shot of Pennan playing the harmonica, bass, guitar, piano, and vocal instruments. Now and again the camera wonderfully zooms in and out on angels of the guitar and bass instruments, adding for a very cool affect. The music at times can sound like a skit of Andy Sandburg from Saturday Night Live in New York City. However, a prominent bass line keeps this pop song moving, along with the catchy harmonica introduction. This beautiful , mellow, pop song, eventually grasps a hold of your ear the more you listen to it. Listeners will be hooked with the underlying melodies from the very beginning.

Pennan Brae - "Anyways"

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