Friday, April 15, 2016

Raquel Aurilia Kicks Off Spring with Performances in Nashville & Glendale

Singer-Songwriter Raquel Aurilia announced she is kicking off spring with performances in Nashville and Glendale, AZ in April before she hits the road to open for John Waite on his upcoming Texas concert tour in May. Raquel will be performing in Music City with songwriters Megan Moreaux, Kaela Kinney, and Steve Lester on Wednesday, April 27th 8:30pm at a songwriters round at Douglas Corner Café in Nashville.

"Always love performing in Nashville and I am excited to have the opportunity to perform with these incredible songwriters," says Raquel Aurilia. "It's going to be a busy spring – with Glendale and Nashville before opening for John Waite in Austin, Houston and San Antonio. I'm thrilled to be performing so much in 2016!"

Raquel is thrilled to be invited to perform the National Anthem to over 16,000 people at the WV "MOMENTUM" National travel event at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, AZ on Saturday, April 9th. Raquel has been part of this popular travel club for 3 years and has been enjoying traveling the globe.

Recording Artist Raquel Aurilia has previously toured opening 25 U.S. cities for John Waite. She has also opened for B.B. King, Gin Blossoms, Eddie Money, Pat Benatar, Riders in the Sky... and has worked with Grammy Award winning producer Tony Papa (James Brown, Willie Nelson, John Denver) and Gardner Cole (Madonna, Jodi Whatley), as well as Grammy nominated producer Billy Smiley (Bebe and Cece Winans, Vince Gill, Johnny Cash). Aurilia's music has been featured on MTV's hit series "The Hills," "The City" and "Taking the Stage." Her latest music video for "Shattered" can be viewed at

Raquel's hit single "Feels Like" from her debut record, "Finding My Way," cracked the ultra-competitive R&R Top 30 AC and Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary charts at #28, and is still receiving national air play today.

Upcoming Tour Dates - Raquel Aurilia
April 9 – Glendale, AZ - Gila River Arena (National Anthem at MOMENTUM)
April 27 – Nashville, TN – Douglas Corner Cafe
May 18 – Austin, TX – One World Theatre (opening for John Waite)
May 20 – Houston, TX – Warehouse Live (opening for John Waite)
May 22 – San Antonio, TX – Tobin Center (opening for John Waite)

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MusicDishTV Review: "Born Beautiful" by John Mullane

Canadian recording artist John Mullane's song, "Born Beautiful", is a touching ballad. It seems like he is almost singing about his daughter or a daughter he wish he had.

The song tells that young girls shouldn't settle and to always remember that they were born beautiful. With heart and soul, Mullane sings that as adults we should never forgot the inner child within us and the happiness a sense of innocence can bring us.

The video clip is also touching. It follows the tale of a self conscious young girl, who clearly doesn't know her true self just yet. She tries to be the "cool kid" at a party and mingle with guys she isn't that interested in. But in the end she realizes partying with people who aren't her friends is lonely. She goes home to her apartment and begins to paint. Flashbacks shows she did this as a child. She suddenly feels happy and beautiful.

Mullane's song has a strong message - being true to yourself is more important than anything else. It makes you happy and we were all born beautiful to be happy.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bongo Boy Records Backroom Blues Volume Two is going to Asia on 4.5.16 and will be avialable worldwide on 5.3.16

Bongo Boy Records Backroom Blues Volume Two is a 10 track digital album with 8 international Blues musicians that was released in Asia on April 5, 2016. This release will also made available worldwide, for download and streaming, on May 3, 2016. Backroom Blues Volume Two is the second album in the series that Bongo Boy Records launched earlier this year. Tailored to Independent recorded Blues music the series is inspired by the success of Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Series (open genre) in Asia. The genre specific series includes worldwide distribution including Asia and Africa as well as promotions on Television, Radio campaigns, Reviews, and lots more exposure. Bongo Boy Records is an independent record label owned and operated by music producer/songwriter Gar Francis and Monique Grimme, both active Grammy members and huge supporters of Independent music. Bongo Boy Records is also offering the Out Of The Garage compilation series, tailored to 60's Garage Rock including originals as well as covers.

Recently plans are made for a brand new series which opens opportunities for the 80's Big Hair Bands and their recorded music. For more information please go to or email the label at

Bongo Boy Records would like to introduce the 10 songs by 8 talented Blues musicians that you will find on Backroom Blues Volume Two. On May 3, 2016 this digital album will be available for downloads and streaming on iTunes, Amazon and many others Worldwide.

1. "Beg and Plead" - New Jersey native Jeanne Lozier has been on the New Jersey/New York City Blues scene for the last fifteen years. She has a Jazz, Blues and R&B influence and has been singing since she was a child. Her diva style vocals delivery are strongly noted on "Beg and Plead" which features Bernie Brausewetter on Guitar (RIP 2007), Big Nancy Swarbrick on the Harp, Glen Johnson on Drums, Tony Storm on Bass, Ed Haddad on B3 Organ and Gar Francis on Guitar and wrote this jewel of a Blues song for her.

2. "Shake Your Hips" - Rocket 88 - From Asbury Park, New Jersey, Rocket 88 is bursting back onto the scene after a self-imposed hiatus, Rocket 88 is once again ready to take the music scene by force. The Rocket is a virtual Tour De Force of bluesy, chops-laden, savage rock, ready and willing to kill at a moment's notice. Bringing us an awesome Slim Harpo cover "Shake Your Hips" is a true gem on this digital release.

3. "Wonder If" - RB3 The Red Bank Blues Band – From New Jersey shore a diversely talented group, featuring blues, R&B and classic soul. The band has steadily become an audience favorite over the past years throughout metropolitan New York City area. The band is bringing their original blues song "Wonder If".

4. "Nag Nag Nag" and 7."She Broke The Ten Commandments" - Blind Lemon Pledge - From San Francisco, California, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer who plays a combination of blues classics, re-imagined rock/pop standards and crowd-pleasing originals. His sound has been described as "Muddy Waters meets Hoagy Carmichael meets Bob Dylan meets Randy Newman. As a producer and multi-instrumentalist, his albums are sophisticated and layered with Pledge supplying most of the instrumentation himself. Known for his eclectic and diverse styles and themes, with music ranging from hard core blues to jump jive to salsa to blues rock and more.

5. "So Tired (Goin' Home)" and 10. "Hollow Part 1" – From The UK, Trevor Sewell is a winner of 9 major awards in the U.S.A and 4 times nominated in the British Blues Awards. Sewell's music has not only been recorded recently by several American artists but is also featured on numerous major compilations alongside legendary artists such as Robert Johnson, B.B King, Howlin' Wolf, Bongo Boy Records Backroom Blues Volume One and now on Backroom Blues Volume Two.

6. "Broken" - Mike Daly & The Planets - From New Jersey, Mike Daly, the lead singer, is best known as the lead singer of New Jersey power-pop stalwarts Every Damn Day. His latest recording and performing ...project, Mike Daly & The Planets, is intended to feature an ever-evolving and revolving cast of musicians, which currently features Jim Van Sickle (bass/organ), Jim "Smitty" Smith (drums), and John Reynolds (lead guitar).

7. "She Broke The Ten Commandments" – Blind Lemon Pledge (see 4.)

8. "Good Time Charlie" - Laurie Ann & The SaddleTones. - From New Jersey, Miss Laurie Ann started writing songs at an early age and has developed an extensive collection of tight, well-crafted songs that tell stories of love, come and gone. She has been performing with her band, The SaddleTones, for several years now and the soon "Good Time Charlie" was recorded and mixed all analog, utilizing vintage recording equipment and techniques such as a RCA 44BX ribbon microphone, Otari MX70 8-track recorder, EMT model 140 plate reverb, and tape-to-tape slapback echo. It was recorded live in a "big room" setting to capture that vibe so prevalent in the recordings of the 50's, 60's, and early 70's.

9 "Pretty Baby" - Big Bone Daddy - From the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania fronted by Bill DeHart that started out as a drummer and trumpet player and fell in love with live music back in 1967. Started guitar lessons in 1968. He joined the band "Oasis" and soon had his own group "Dee Hart." They cut their first album "Some of us are losers" in 1979, and toured Northeast US & Canada for the next 16 years! In 1982 they took second place and won a spot on the Lehigh Valley's Miller Hi-life "Rock to Riches" album. The next year the band released a 45 rpm record, "Jolain Jolain". Now Bill is whipping Big Bone Daddy into shape with his smoking guitar work. We are stoked to have 2 songs on this release Backroom Blues Volume One. "Promised Land" and "All I Got To Say".

10. "Hollow Part 1" – Trevor Sewell (see 5.)

Official web page Backroom Blues Volume Two:

1. Beg and Plead – Jeanne Lozier 3:42
2. Shake Your Hips – Rocket 88 4:44
3. Wonder If – RB3 The Red Bank Blues Band 3:50
4. Nag Nag Nag - Blind Lemon Pledge 2:48
5. So Tired (Goin' Home) - Trevor Sewell 4:00
6. Broken – Mike Daly and The Planets 3:58
7. She Broke The Ten Commandments - Blind Lemon Pledge 3:08
8. Good Time Charlie – Miss Laurie Ann & The SaddleTones 3:40
9. Pretty Baby - Big Bone Daddy 2:54
10. Hollow Part 1 - Trevor Sewell 3:38

ASIA RELEASE: 4.5.16 | WORLDWIDE: 5.3.16 | UPC 685349938377 | ISRC: USPXQ

Bandzoogle Releases Powerful Theme Design Customization Tools

Bandzoogle, a website builder for bands and musicians, has released a new set of design customization tools that make it easier than ever for independent artists to create a stunning, professional-looking website and music store that matches their music, without hiring a web designer.

At the core of the release is upgraded technology that gives Bandzoogle members precise control over the look of each page element when building their websites, using an intuitive Theme Designer customization menu and preview window. Musicians can now see their website come to life in real-time, without worrying about technical details.

"Our new Theme Designer is a direct response to what our members have been asking us for: more control over the design of their websites," said Bandzoogle founder Chris Vinson. "We think we've hit the mark by offering tremendous new design flexibility without compromising on the ease-of-use that our members have come to expect from Bandzoogle."

From background colors, to the height of the header area, to the opacity of the navigation menu, musicians have the freedom to apply their creative vision to their websites on-the-fly, down to the smallest detail. The user-friendly technology guarantees that any design choice will automatically be made mobile-responsive, so that it looks perfect on any screen size, device or browser.

"The new design tools are straightforward and easy going, and allow total customization of every detail in a theme," said Bandzoogle member Federico Ágreda Álvarez, known as top-ranked Electronic Music DJ/producer Zardonic. "It's great for musicians because we can make a website ourselves, that looks and feels like our own, without a designer."

Bandzoogle's update also includes the ability to save customizations as drafts, which gives musicians the chance to show their designs to friends and bandmates before publishing. They can even save multiple versions and easily switch between custom drafts or pre-designed themes, without losing their website content or customization work.

All of Bandzoogle's 15 most popular music templates are now fully customizable, and each has its own unique set of powerful design options. With the new Theme Designer in place, the company expects to release all-new customizable website themes in the coming months.

Bandzoogle makes it easy for musicians to build a professional website and store for their music. Designed by a musician for the needs of musicians, Bandzoogle combines a simple drag+drop website editor with powerful e-commerce and promotional tools. Founded in 2003, Bandzoogle powers 25,000 band websites and has helped artists sell over $20 million in music, merch and tickets ­­– all commission-free. Plans start at $10/month including a .com domain and friendly live support. Sign up for a 30-day free trial at

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MusicDishTV Review: "Netflix and Chill" by Brentley

Brentley's "Netflix and Chill" is a top notch RnB tune. It captures the emotion of a guy in a tricky and complicated relationship. His girl is always up and down, breaking up and then wanting to get back together. You can see through the lyrics and Brentley's facial expressions that it is causing this man stress. However, when it's good he just wants to watch Netflix and Chill.

Like many couples, sitting to watch Netflix and chill is a time of happiness and relaxation. This guy wants his relationship to always be like this.

The melody is easy to listen to and would be perfect for a bar lounge or a small RnB club.The song is full of emotion and heart. Brentley also has an amazing and angelic voice.

The video clip in itself reflects the guy's mood. When he is singing about the sad times the backdrop is bleak and grey. When he is singing about his girl and their chilling times, the clouds are more lively and rich.

Overall, the video clip is well done and tells the story of complex relationships with heart.

FunkahTron "New York B-Bop"

Today, we present you with a brand new, rhythmic-offering from the mysterious FunkahTron.

Blending sounds of hip hop, dance and bass, today's release "New York B-Bop" is a track that boasts a steady pattern, reinforced pitched vocals and bags of energy throughout the 4minute 23second running time.

Introduce yourself to FunkahTron's signature sound, a unique journey of imagination and clever production work. Music video available to view here.


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Facebook page - Sound Engineering Management (S.E.M Llc.) Link -

Monday, April 11, 2016

EP 'Undeniable' On Target For Hot Summer Drop

Global hip hop recording artist, songwriter & producer and C.E.O of Came Along Way Records, D.N.A. Sams (, is excited to announce the release of his latest musical release, the EP entitled "Undeniable". The EP, described as 'a fresh new sound that is still hard' will drop in June 2016, just in time for summer.

A true MC, D.N.A. writes, produces, and engineers all of his own material. The resulting quality of the artistry, combined with the depth of the lyrics and feel of the music defines this EP as able to stand alone and speak for itself, no gimmicks, no fluff, no publicity stunts. The EP is just straight raw talent with a message much like his current CD entitled "Relentless" which is available now on iTunes and the artist website.

Having captured the attention of fans domestically and globally with the authentic, polished, hard rider sound, this MC has reached as far as Japan and Thailand. Born and raised in Gary, Indiana, D.N.A was inspired by early hip hop pioneers such as Rakim and Tupac. His love of the culture has evolved with no limitations on style or content allowing his sound to bring the genre back to it’s roots with an up-to-date feel.

Much of 2016 is already a booked up calendar of events as the artist uses the time to promote and take his brand to the next level through touring, distribution deals, new videos which are in production and acting. He has also recorded two songs that appear on the Daz Dillinger "Who Ride Wit Us" Tha Compalation Vol. 2 CD ("Do U Wanna Roll Wit Me" and "I Gotta Git This Money") and is putting the finishing touches on a project entitled "Relentless", a CD with strong lyrical content backed up by dope beats that includes R & B influences everyone can enjoy, soon available on iTunes.

For more information

Jon Mullane, Canadian Recording Artist, is in LA performing and promoting his new album SHINE

Jon Mullane, Canadian Recording Artist, is in LA is performing with a great new band: Jon Mullane on lead vocals and guitar, Rob Bonfiglio (singer/songwriter/producer and producer of Wilson-Phillips) on lead guitar/bv, Marcus Blake (Henry Rollins, Sparks, Daniel Lanois) on bass/bv, and Eric Downs (Jon Mullane, Allison Weiss, Olivver the Kid) on drums/bv. They performed at The Mint on Tuesday, March 15. At that show, Jon debuted a new song, Walking Away, co-written by Jon and Michael Jay and Michael was there to see it happen. It was a great night!

Jon's latest single, Born Beautiful, is currently garnering significant airplay in Canada. This song, as well as his top-40 US Billboard-charting hit song, My New American Girl, are on his album SHINE, which is slated for worldwide release in April of 2016.

Mullane and his band will be playing a private concert on Saturday, April 2 at SIR Los Angeles. Anyone interested in attending should contact ACR Management at

You can also catch Jon at the Rockwell Table and Stage in LA on Monday & Tuesday, April 3 & 4 as he pays tribute to the amazing Jim Steinman in Paradise Found (

There is so much more on horizon in 2016 for Jon Mullane ( Stay tuned for upcoming press releases and Shine On!