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Dirt Star Walks The Indie Path Through Shenzhen, China

By Eric de Fontenay (MUsicDish LLC Founder & Publisher)
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Subsequent to my trip to Hong Kong last June for Music Matters, Dirt Star (a musician based out of Shenzhen in southern China) and I connected through Twitter. I quickly became interested in this Western expat who started from scratch as a one-man band, utilizing a modified acoustic guitar with built-in midi controller for rocking beats in sync with Ableton Live. Over time, he became a jack-of-all-trades, playing in a number of bands, including a stint as an electronic DJ, as guitarist and lead singer for an indie rock band, a street performer, an electronic jazz artist. He's even performed pop songs before live audiences of over 20,000. Dirt Star now performs in a 3-piece punk rock and has shared stages with some of the biggest names in alternative music, including the Dirty Three, Feeder, the Rheostatics, and China's biggest diva, Faye Wong.

Dirt Star recently released his latest project called "On The Street", a collection of nine electronic-garage-punk-rock songs. The English language album is a departure from his debut album, "The Score", which featured songs in both Mandarin and English.

So how did you end up in Shenzhen, China?

I'm originally from North America, but I'm an adventurer at heart, and love to discover new places. I passed though Shenzhen once on a music tour, and fell in love with the city's dynamic energy and melting pot.

Dirt Star at Beijing's best known indie venue
How important is the neighboring live Hong Kong scene for a Shenzhen-based band? How about the Beijing underground scene, home to 300 indie bands?

It's kind of two separate scenes, but there are more and more crossover opportunities -- definitely excited to see more interaction between the two cities. It's great to see how many bands are coming out of Beijing these days. I've played there in the past and it's always a lot of fun.

Is there a lot of collaboration between independent bands in major Chinese cities (Shenzhen, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai,...)?

I recently produced an album for a local singer named Liang Ying. On the album, we collaborated with a bassist in Taiwan, an accordion player from the Ukraine, and a guitarist in Beijing. We collaborated the whole time with each musician over the Internet, sharing files using, and keeping on top of the project schedule using Google Sites. Each of us uses our own personal studio setup - either Pro Tools, Nuendo, or Ableton Live. With more and more computer savvy kids in China every day, it's really going to be an area that expands exponentially.

While your first album featured a mix of Mandarin and English songs, this latest release in primarily is English. Why the English focus? Won't this make it harder to connect with your fanbase?

Actually, I think creating in multiple languages has helped me to expand my fanbase. In the future, I plan on doing a CD with both an English and a Mandarin version of each song.

Where else have you played in Asia? What most differentiates music fans in the various Asian countries you've toured?

I've played on festival stages in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Taiwan and Hong Kong. And it may sound cliche, but it's really true - fans in each place I've played share a common bond that transcends all their differences.

We've all heard of the scourge of piracy in China? How does an indie musicians such as yourself manage to survive?

Piracy is definitely bad for CD sales. On the bright side, the new music economy that we see today has allowed for a lot of musicians to get exposure that wouldn't be possible otherwise.

I really believe that if a young musician can get their act together in China, there's a great opportunity to get paid. For example, Liang Ying currently has a 30-city tour in the works. 30 cities! The big rewards are going to be found in other growing parts of the music industry, especially in live shows, licensing, creative sponsorships and touring.

MusicDishTV presents: Andy Fraser - This Is The Big One

Andy Fraser has contributed the song "This Is The Big One", as a worldwide copyright free download, for fellow activists to upload their event videos or pictures, post on YouTube, help spread message and also win prizes. Andy Fraser is sponsoring a Climate Change Video Competition for all those concerned about our planet.

Watch the Video on MusicDishTV

About Andy Fraser:
Honored by BMIs 3 Million Play Club for crafting monster rock anthem "All Right Now," Frasers best known around the world as legendary bassist / founding member of 70s rock band FREE, Robert Palmers mega-hit "Every Kinda People" and songwriter / composer for artists including Rod Stewart, Chaka Khan, Paul Young, Joe Cocker, Paul Carrick, Wilson Pickett, Three Dog Night, Bob Seger, Randy Crawford, Etta James, Frankie Miller, and Ted Nugent.

Find out more at:

Monday, November 23, 2009

Boston's Reed Waddle WINS! Fourth Annual New York Songwriters Circle Contest

New York, November 24, 2009 - Boston singer/songwriter and guitarist Reed Waddle can add another notch to his guitar strap after his Grand Prize winning performance at the New York Songwriters Circles ( fourth annual Songwriting Contest finale at the venerable Bitter End. Reed's soulful performance of his single "Piece By Piece" brought New York's music faithful to their feet and ultimately captured the votes of the blue ribbon panel of judges assembled.

"I am so thrilled to have even be selected as a finalist," said Reed Waddle. "To win such a prestigious contest is a dream come true and to be honest it really has not settled in yet, I am truly elated. I can't say enough about the New York Songwriters Circle, it is rare that you meet so many amazing musicians."

Taking home second place honors this year was another Boston-based singer/songwriter and jazz vocalist Julia Easterlin for her unique single "Go Straightaway." Clara Olman, of Nashville, TN, secured third place for her single "Song For Ruthie," which infused phrasing from renowned 20th century classical French composer Claude Debussy Claire de Lune.

"Reed's performance and the way he presented his song was clean and of a very high professional caliber," said Tina Shafer, Artistic Director for the New York Songwriters Circle and host of the contest. "He completely impressed everyone with his smooth voice and is definitely ready to breakout into the mainstream."

Serving as judges for this years competition were Grammy Award winning songwriter/producer/legendary rock performer John Oates, Grammy Award winning producer Russ Titelman, Q104.3 Jonathan Clarke and many more.

Reed will be receiving $10,000 in cash, a performance spot with Grammy Winner John Oates in Aspen, CO, a top of the line Gibson acoustic guitar, an opportunity to record with Grammy Award Winning Producer Glenn Barrett and a guest spot on Jonathan Clarke's "Out of the Box" radio show on New York's Q104.3.

Past winners of the worldwide recognized New York Songwriter's Circle annual Songwriting Contest include such notable performers as Kate Voegele, Company of Thieves and Mieka Pauley.

The magical night of original and unique music came to a conclusion when John Oates took to the brick walled stage of the Bittern End and performed his Grammy Award Winning song "She's Gone" to cap off an event that will not soon be forgotten.

Sponsors for the 2009 Songwriting Contest include: Gibson Guitars,,, Ascap , BMI, , Sesac, MorningStar Studios, Dubway Studios, 795 Records/Denise Rich Publishing, Blue Light Digital Sound and

The New York Songwriters' Circle:
For over 19 years, the New York Songwriter's Circle has been producing and directing bimonthly shows at the legendary Bitter End club, in New York City's West Village. The Circle has launched the careers of notable artists such as Norah Jones, Jesse Harris, Lisa Loeb, Vanessa Carlton, Gavin DeGraw, NYSC songwriting contest winner and regular on "One Tree Hill," Kate Voegele, Company of Thieves and Chris Barron. The circle has quickly become one of the most popular music events in Manhattan, attracting not only the best up and coming songwriting talent from around the world but also top music industry executives looking to discover "the next big thing". Currently The New York Songwriter's Circle hosts live music showcases across the country including New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles as well as an educational "Loft Series" dedicated to supporting, nurturing and empowering artists in this new age of the Music industry.

MusicDishTV: Rukas Juice - Live My Life

Michael Cornell (director) and Tracey Paleo (executive producer) team up to turn musician Kameron White's music into visual form. White is the lead singer and composer of the Los Angeles band, Rukas Juice. After hearing Rukas Juice's "Live My Life," Cornell and Paleo began to develop and create a video that would take in all the senseless chaos of the economic crisis and spit it back out with a rock-and-roll twist in this smart and witty wake-up call.

Watch "Live My Life" on YouTube

"Michael Cornell was inspired by the upbeat positive music and lyrics of "Live My Life" and the contrast of the financial crisis that gripped America suddenly in 2008 to create the music video."

"A security camera 'capture' of what's really going on when no one else is looking."

"Mr. Cornell was inspired by the Rukus Juice song, Live My Life, and how it actually related to the concept of American Freedom. He felt that connecting it visually to the TARP controversy would be an interesting way to explore what has transpired in our economy, government and society."

"…offers a light handed, free-spirited look at the collapse of American Capitalism, that is part "Alice in Wonderland" and part Oliver Stone's "Wall Street," in the rock and roll music video "Live My Life."

Check out for additional info on Rukas Juice.

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About Music Xray
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About MusicDish, LLC
Since 1997, MusicDish LLC has served as the bridge between the music industry and the artist. Through its extensive online presence, MusicDish provides artists with an edge over the ever-prevalent competition the music industry entails. MusicDish gives the artist the opportunity to take advantage of several different services: a creative approach to artist development and representation; online press release distribution & marketing; publications disclosing all the latest information involving the music industry; and even an indie music video channel.

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Jessica Wilson
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Country Goes Global: "Nessun Dorma"


Classical music is considered the root of all music genres. Our contemplation and respect helps us appreciate music's ability to touch and carry our soul. Every artist, has a direct connection with the grassroots level and the capacity to inspire hope, healing and progress.

Medical, Veterinary, Legal and Performing Arts encompass the true meaning of "ARTS INTEGRATION INTO EDUCATION" and mission of promoting the arts as a vehicle for solution oriented strategic planning and development, on the community level, in every United Nations member country.

In the spirit of collaboration, Humanitarian Resource Institute ( developed the "Global Arts Integration Into Education Initiative," url:

Radio and television networks can access the Stephen Michael Apatow cover song "Nessun dorma" and soundtracks from the "Country Goes Global" album compilation through AirPlay Direct: