Saturday, April 28, 2012

Adult Contemporary Band WORLD5 To Be Distributed In China

Having recently seen chart positions in the top 5 on a variety of internet based radio outlets, the band WORLD5, which has their debut album titled "Global Experience" being officially released in the United States on May 1st, now has the approval of the Chinese government to have their music distributed in their country, which also includes Hong Kong and Taiwan. The official release date will be determined at a later time after the official release in the west. "The Chinese government keeps tight control of the music industry through ownership of their broadcast media, the screening of lyrics for commercial music and direct control of performing sites" explains Raimund Breitfeld, songwriter and drummer of World5. "All lyrics, the bio and everything about the band were translated into Chinese and screened. Most of the songs heard on Chinese radio these days are uplifting ballads and gentle love songs. The music of WORLD5 is a blend of adult contemporary pop rock and ballads; the lyrics are definitely never offensive." In addition, the band has also agreed to terms for distribution in Japan which will be made available soon after the May 1st release date. Breitfeld notices a vast difference in how music is treated in the two countries. "There is a long tradition for western bands in Japan and many have become big in Japan. They are far ahead with music downloads on mobile devices, while China discovers new music visually through music videos and other media. The Chinese listen to music extremely with their hearts, while listeners from the west are also more technically minded" Breitfeld explains. The Chinese and Hong Kong music industry can draw a potential of audience of 1.4 billion from citizens in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Chinese communities in large cities around the world. Japan has a buying population of 126.5 million, making it the 11th most populous nation. Over 140 million mobile singles were sold in Japan in 2008, an increase of 26 per cent on the prior year (RIAJ) and is currently the World's second largest music market for downloads. "We love the way people listen to music in Far East, and with 'Global Experience' we will certainly be accepted by most of the listeners" Bretifeld states. # # # ABOUT WORLD5: The band WORLD5 consists of five close friends: Raimund Breitfeld (Gothenburg, Sweden), Don Bruner (San Diego, CA), Stephan Goessl (Munich, Germany), Steffen Goeres (Wellington, New Zealand), and Roland Childs (San Francisco, CA) who all have performed live together over the years but later found homes in separate countries. Having great chemistry and the advantage of the internet, the band is able to collaborate and create musically while communicating via Skype. The band's debut album "Global Experience" was produced by 16-time nominated and 4-time Grammy winning producer Randy Miller (Burt Bacarach, Destiny's Child, Kelly Rowland) Email:

Friday, April 27, 2012

Music Executive, Entrepreneur And Business Consultant Didier Kussu Gravely Injured In Attack

Email: Website: Businessman Didier Kussu was attacked while in his private office in Germany by an Italian man identified by the police as Mr Riefolo. The attacker used many liters of acid which he poured onto Mr Didier Kussu's face and body. Mr Riefolo was arrested and transferred into a psychiatric unit, where the doctor has concluded that he is suffering from mental disorders. One of the investigating police officers who spoke on condition of anonymity said that he does not think that the Italian man is suffering from a mental illness, rather he believes jealousy and envy are some of the main motives for Mr Riefolo's action. To date, Didier Kussu has founded many companies and works in different fields such as Music and Entertainment, Energy and Waste Management, Metal and Mineral, Oil and Gas. Mr Kussu's legal representative was not available to speak, however one of the doctor said that he was still in a critical condition but they are doing the best they can so that the businessman will at least be able to see again.

Guitarist, Adrian Galysh, Enlists Ex-Yngwie Malmsteen Vocalist For New Record

Guitarist Adrian Galysh, whose previous releases have been mainly instrumental fare, has enlisted former Yngwie Malmsteen / Royal Hunt / Uli Jon Roth vocalist, Mark Boals, to contribute vocals to his new record. While the record is currently in preproduction, listeners can still expect Galysh’s tasteful guitar work, with hard rock and world music influences, to be heard throughout. Described as “A virtuoso of modern electric and acoustic guitar techniques” by 20th Century Guitar magazine, Galysh has been dazzling southern California audiences for over a decade, whether he’s backed by his band or as sideman for ex-Scorpions guitar legend, Uli Jon Roth. Boals, whose career started with stints in Savoy Brown and Ted Nugent, is noted most for his vocal work with neoclassical guitar virtuoso, Yngwie Malmsteen, appearing on four studio albums, including the hard rock classic, Trilogy. Galysh and Boals have worked together before, performing in ex-Scorpions guitarist, Uli Jon Roth’s band during a 2011 tour. Galysh says of the opportunity to write and record with Boals, “Mark Boals is one of my all-time favorite singers. I clearly remember first hearing him on Yngwie’s Trilogy album, and being blown away by how strong and unique his voice was. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to perform with both my favorite guitarist, Uli Jon Roth, as well as favorite vocalist, Mark Boals, and am thrilled to have him on my new record.” The new album, tentatively titled, “Tone Poet”, is expected to be released in summer 2012.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jazz Legend Jeff Hamilton Joins Big Drum Bonanza Line Up

Legendary Jazz drummer Jeff Hamilton (Ella Fitzgerald/Diana Krall/Paul McCartney/Michael Buble) has joined the line up for the first annual Thomas Lang’s Big Drum Bonanza (BDB), scheduled for June 25th -29th at The Palm Garden Hotel, Thousand Oaks California. Drummers of all ages, levels and styles are invited to join Thomas Lang and other special guest instructors including world-renowned drummers Virgil Donati (Steve Vai/Planet X/Derek Sherinian); Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp/Chickenfoot/Bob Seger); Chris Coleman (The Mars Volta) and Chris Coleman (Prince/Stanley Clark) for this exciting, 5-day music camp and educational experience. Lang and his special guest teachers will lead 
daily schedule of intensive drumming, drum education, Q&A sessions, private lessons, exclusive presentations and more. For nearly four decades, drummer Jeff Hamilton has proven to be one of the most versatile and original drummers in contemporary music. Having worked with an incredibly diverse range of artists – from Country legend Willie Nelson – to Ella Fitzgerald, The Count Basie Orchestra, Queen Latifah and Michael Buble – Hamilton’s impeccable feel, skill and brush technique are simply unsurpassed. "The addition of Jeff Hamilton brings a whole new dynamic to the Big Drum Bonanza," says Lang. “His brush work and his feel set the standard for Jazz drumming. You will definitely see me sitting in on his lessons!” World-renowned drumming superstar/producer, award-winning instructional DVD creator and author, Thomas Lang was named #13 on Rhythm magazine’s “Top Drummers of the Past 25 Years” and has previously hosted prestigious Thomas Lang Drumming Boot Camps drum camps all over the world in various locations including: Los Angeles, Milan, New York, Berlin, Vienna, London and Melbourne among others. All Big Drum Bonanza packages offer full tuition and total access to the entire program of activities and performances and private room accommodations at The Palm Garden Hotel in Thousand Oaks, California located just 25 minutes outside Los Angeles. For additional information, pricing packages and updates on the Big Drum Bonanza, please visit Email:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Aurovine - New Online Music Platform Promises Better Deal For Artists

Band to Fan music startup has announced an innovative launch day initiative called download store day. Bands are being asked to give away a studio track, rare demo or live song to 'liberate' them from the bootleg community. The bands can give it away free or sell it on a pay what you want basis with proceeds going to a nominated charity. Many bands have been bootlegged over the years either with or without the band's consent. In many cases this has extended the fan base and increased interest in the bands work. The only downside of course is that the band did not see any financial returns. Aurovine's idea is for artists to liberate these recordings officially and take some control over them. The website has some radical ideas for the way music is distributed. They aim to promote bands through syndicated genre charts and promote ethical transactions by asking bands to put minimal basic prices on their work and letting fans pay what they think the material is worth. This seems to be a far fairer approach than services such as Spotify. Aurovine's system sees bands rewarded fairly whilst fans get to set the price paid. The Founders of Aurovine believe that fan empowerment is the most powerful solution to online piracy. They believe the large majority of genuine music lovers want to pay for their music and they want to set and pay a fair price. "We've already had some well known artists contact us with reference to our download day idea and fans can look forward to some rare music surfacing on Aurovine during our launch period." said Director Ken Foster. A large majority of fans approached during Aurovine's market research period said they felt alienated by the major labels dictating prices and not moving with the times in terms of technology and the digital domain. On the face of it, Aurovine's philosophy makes sound business sense and it will be interesting to see if a company with an independent ethos can take on the digital heavyweights with established business models. Bands and fans can register at to find out more. Download store day will take place on May 11th 2012. The nominated charity is still to be announced.

"As The Bodies Pile Up" By Zak Smith


Zak Smith's song "As The Bodies Pile Up" is from his self-titled album which will be released on April 1st. It's a great rock 'n roll song that is carried by both the beat and Smith's nice, raspy vocals. Quite unique, Smith has the kind of voice and vocal style that is very pleasant to the ears and interesting enough to listen to repeatedly. "As The Bodies Pile Up" is a hauntingly beautiful song that is accompanied by a few instruments that are oddly combined and yet produce a most beautiful sound together. Mesmerizing, tantalizing, and distinctive, the story of the song is weaved in a tale that is memorable and enticing. The arrangement is well done, the song well produced, and every part of this song is flawless. This is truly music with a message and meaning, and music lovers of every genre will enjoy a listen. Smith's CD is available for purchase now on his website and will be released to iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play on May 1st. There's no down that "As The Bodies Pile Up" to purchase this CD, that Zak Smith will have a bright future in the world of music.

Man+Machine Presents Sennheiser Sound Sessions With Multi-Platinum Producers Boi-1da, T-Minus, T Coles & Arno Elias

The pinnacle of Urban/Electronic Dance Music will converge at the ultra-chic Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs for the inaugural Man+Machine Sound Sessions powered by Sennheiser. Multi-platinum producers, Grammy Award winner Matthew ‘Boi-1da’ Samuels (Eminem), Grammy nominee Tyler ‘T- Minus’ Williams (Drake, Nicki Minaj), Terence 'T Coles' Coles (Chris Brown) and Buddha Bar legend, Arno Elias will drive the sessions, inviting top talent to participate in this collaboration. Man+Machine, in partnership with Sennheiser, is creating a one of a kind, million dollar pop-up sound studio in Palm Springs' Saguaro Hotel. The studio will become the ultimate creative space for the hottest producers, DJ’s and performers in Urban/Electronic Dance Music. For three days, April 20, 21, and 22, 2012 from 10:00am - 11:00pm, Music Loves Fashion, the notorious event lifestyle brand will take over The Saguaro Hotel, 1800 East Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92264. It’s a private 3-day pool party featuring performances by Congorock, Eyed Peas), Daniel Le Disko, Lazrtag, Clockwork, Blood Orange, Ammo(Black Eyed Peas), Brazzabelle, Craig Pettigrew, Lauren Lane, Tito, Iggy Azalea, Pony Boy, Keith 2.0 and many more. “Coachella is a vortex of music - from the latest underground DJ’s, and the brightest emerging talents, to global superstars - what Man+Machine creates is the platform for these diverse groups to explore and produce unexpected collaborations that will ultimately invent the next generation of sound. Each event is completely unique and by invitation only” according to founders, Simone Sestito and Qarim Brown. “We designed the Sessions to showcase world class talent in a way that is cutting edge, and interactive." says Thierry Havitov, founder of Music Loves Fashion®, "The added bonus is that while the artists are creating, an incredible event packed with a stunning backdrop of music lovers carries on.” For further information or to request media credentials, please contact: Popular Press Media Group (PPMG) Tel. 310.860.7774 Email: jessica (at) PPMG (dot) info About Music Loves Fashion® Music Loves Fashion, the hottest event lifestyle brand, notorious for its exclusive events and for being an unparalleled curator of fashion and music. For more information regarding Music Loves Fashion at the Saguaro and future events visit Music Loves Fashion is most renowned for its events around the Coachella music festival which have been produced since 2007. Beverage sponsors Monster energy drink and Icelandic Glacial water.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Angelina Lavo Set For Risque EP Listening Party At Hudson Terrace

Heat seeking superstar and YouTube sensation Angelina Lavo is set to showcase songs from her up-and-coming EP entitled, "Risque" at her April 18th, 2012 EP listening party at the Hudson Terrace in New York City. The EP features production from industry heavyweights, Omen, (Usher, Lil Wayne, Drake and Fabolous) and Lu Diaz (Pitbull, DJ Khaled, Jason Mraz and J-Lo). Each track on the EP has a sensual sound, edgy and playful vibe that transcends traditional hip-hop, dance and pop-music genres. Angelina Lavo has received a tremendous support from her fans and followers leading up to the launch of her debut. The first track on the EP titled "Circus Act" is on rotation on KTU, recently hit #15 on Reverb Nation and is continuing to climb. "Jealous Girls," the second track off "Risque", is a raunchy and empowered track where Angelina takes on her "Haters". "NY" shares Angelina's story of moving to New York City to pursue her dreams and "Like You Did Before" is a bitter-sweet take on heart break. In typical Angelina Lavo style, she changes gears with a fun summer party anthem "I Can't Believe It" that is perfect for nightclubs and parties. "Cotton Candy, featuring Twista" unfolds to show that Angelina is a true industry professional. The sensual collaboration between Angelina and Twista is both Risque and light-hearted while musically being a must have on any music fan's "good music" playlist. In keeping with Angelina's strong work ethic, she is already writing for her first full length album and is set to give her fans a surprise with a song that is currently generating industry-wide interest with major labels A&Rs. "When we began recording for "Risque" I wanted to create a fun, upbeat album that allowed people to let go of their inhibitions," said Angelina Lavo. "We all had a blast recording it and I am thrilled to introduce it to the world! I'm just so excited because this is just a very small teaser to let everybody know that I've got great music coming very soon!" Check out her latest single, "Jealous Girls" on iTunes. About Angelina =========== Angelina Lavo is a pop music sensation with a Russian edge and a sensual sound. Born in Moscow, Angelina's grandmother put her in music school from a very young age where she played piano and crafted her sound throughout her teenage years. In 2009, she came to New York City with dreams of sharing her music with the world. "Risque" is Angelina's musical introduction to the public with a dynamic team behind her strong talent and vocals, joining forces with some of the industries' finest. She collaborated with Grammy-winning producers, Omen and Lu Diaz, to mix and create the hottest beats on each track. Twista was also featured on the EP, taking Angelina's music to the next level and introducing her to a new audience. In addition, Angelina teamed up with songwriter Jillian Gottlieb (Kat Deluna) to bring her imagination and messages to life. The industry support has paid off as Angelina's fan-base is exploding and her videos have become a sensation on YouTube, garnering the attention of millions worldwide. For more information on Angelina Lavo please visit: Management: Weerai Music, LLC Website:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Amazing Competition-Independent Artists Win Yet Again On Whotune!

In March Whotune gave away 5 Blue Snowball mics to Lucky Whotune artists. In April Whotune & Portable Sound Labs teamed up to give away an awesome prize of PSL Products + more. NOW Whotune is giving away not one but TWO Behringer 16 Channel Digital Mixers! No wonder Whotune is fast becoming the preferred destination for independent artists & music fans! To enter artists must be registered on (FREE!) & enter their best song, get fans voting & also 'Like' Whotune on Facebook & follow Whotune on Twitter- EASY! Think what you could do with this awesome Prize: Home recording on another level!! So, get over to to enter now. And check out these features: Radio Stations, Live Webcam Streaming performances on 'Live Stage', Fan Funding Platform and Global Gig Guide, Social Platform, Message, Comments, Sharing to Social Media, Charts, Apps, Featured Artists & a whole lot more!Sell your songs & keep 85%! ALL FREE..

Review: "Along The River" By Alternative Pop-Rock Musician Doug McCurry

Alternative Pop-Rock musician Doug McCurry's New CD "Romance Like It Was" is 12 tracks of pure delight. Though the album is his first since the 2007 release of "Seven Songs About Leaving" McCurry has most definitely not lost his touch. "Along The River," which is the 4th track on the album, is an inspirational and spiritual song performed in the style of rock and roll. McCurry's voice grabs a hold of you and never lets go as he takes you along for a walk along the river. The track utilizes a very interesting violin and guitar blend, which are excellent for this well arranged track. The use of a choir adds depth and dimension to this jam, moving you spiritually while kept in balance with the vocal style and the excellent musicianship and band. "Along The River" isn't a gospel song, but the message is a spiritual one, and the track is an effort that shows a level of perfection reached by all involved. The unique sound of the band makes the single even that much better, and listeners will mark May 22nd (the date of the CD's release) on their calendars for sure. This is a 'must have' for listeners who want beautiful music with a beautiful message and an authentic and well produced sound.