Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"As The Bodies Pile Up" By Zak Smith


Zak Smith's song "As The Bodies Pile Up" is from his self-titled album which will be released on April 1st. It's a great rock 'n roll song that is carried by both the beat and Smith's nice, raspy vocals. Quite unique, Smith has the kind of voice and vocal style that is very pleasant to the ears and interesting enough to listen to repeatedly. "As The Bodies Pile Up" is a hauntingly beautiful song that is accompanied by a few instruments that are oddly combined and yet produce a most beautiful sound together. Mesmerizing, tantalizing, and distinctive, the story of the song is weaved in a tale that is memorable and enticing. The arrangement is well done, the song well produced, and every part of this song is flawless. This is truly music with a message and meaning, and music lovers of every genre will enjoy a listen. Smith's CD is available for purchase now on his website and will be released to iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play on May 1st. There's no down that "As The Bodies Pile Up" to purchase this CD, that Zak Smith will have a bright future in the world of music.

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