Friday, April 27, 2012

Music Executive, Entrepreneur And Business Consultant Didier Kussu Gravely Injured In Attack

Email: Website: Businessman Didier Kussu was attacked while in his private office in Germany by an Italian man identified by the police as Mr Riefolo. The attacker used many liters of acid which he poured onto Mr Didier Kussu's face and body. Mr Riefolo was arrested and transferred into a psychiatric unit, where the doctor has concluded that he is suffering from mental disorders. One of the investigating police officers who spoke on condition of anonymity said that he does not think that the Italian man is suffering from a mental illness, rather he believes jealousy and envy are some of the main motives for Mr Riefolo's action. To date, Didier Kussu has founded many companies and works in different fields such as Music and Entertainment, Energy and Waste Management, Metal and Mineral, Oil and Gas. Mr Kussu's legal representative was not available to speak, however one of the doctor said that he was still in a critical condition but they are doing the best they can so that the businessman will at least be able to see again.

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