Monday, April 23, 2012

Angelina Lavo Set For Risque EP Listening Party At Hudson Terrace

Heat seeking superstar and YouTube sensation Angelina Lavo is set to showcase songs from her up-and-coming EP entitled, "Risque" at her April 18th, 2012 EP listening party at the Hudson Terrace in New York City. The EP features production from industry heavyweights, Omen, (Usher, Lil Wayne, Drake and Fabolous) and Lu Diaz (Pitbull, DJ Khaled, Jason Mraz and J-Lo). Each track on the EP has a sensual sound, edgy and playful vibe that transcends traditional hip-hop, dance and pop-music genres. Angelina Lavo has received a tremendous support from her fans and followers leading up to the launch of her debut. The first track on the EP titled "Circus Act" is on rotation on KTU, recently hit #15 on Reverb Nation and is continuing to climb. "Jealous Girls," the second track off "Risque", is a raunchy and empowered track where Angelina takes on her "Haters". "NY" shares Angelina's story of moving to New York City to pursue her dreams and "Like You Did Before" is a bitter-sweet take on heart break. In typical Angelina Lavo style, she changes gears with a fun summer party anthem "I Can't Believe It" that is perfect for nightclubs and parties. "Cotton Candy, featuring Twista" unfolds to show that Angelina is a true industry professional. The sensual collaboration between Angelina and Twista is both Risque and light-hearted while musically being a must have on any music fan's "good music" playlist. In keeping with Angelina's strong work ethic, she is already writing for her first full length album and is set to give her fans a surprise with a song that is currently generating industry-wide interest with major labels A&Rs. "When we began recording for "Risque" I wanted to create a fun, upbeat album that allowed people to let go of their inhibitions," said Angelina Lavo. "We all had a blast recording it and I am thrilled to introduce it to the world! I'm just so excited because this is just a very small teaser to let everybody know that I've got great music coming very soon!" Check out her latest single, "Jealous Girls" on iTunes. About Angelina =========== Angelina Lavo is a pop music sensation with a Russian edge and a sensual sound. Born in Moscow, Angelina's grandmother put her in music school from a very young age where she played piano and crafted her sound throughout her teenage years. In 2009, she came to New York City with dreams of sharing her music with the world. "Risque" is Angelina's musical introduction to the public with a dynamic team behind her strong talent and vocals, joining forces with some of the industries' finest. She collaborated with Grammy-winning producers, Omen and Lu Diaz, to mix and create the hottest beats on each track. Twista was also featured on the EP, taking Angelina's music to the next level and introducing her to a new audience. In addition, Angelina teamed up with songwriter Jillian Gottlieb (Kat Deluna) to bring her imagination and messages to life. The industry support has paid off as Angelina's fan-base is exploding and her videos have become a sensation on YouTube, garnering the attention of millions worldwide. For more information on Angelina Lavo please visit: Management: Weerai Music, LLC Website:

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