Saturday, August 19, 2017

Hybrid Studios Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Today mark's the fifth anniversary of Hybrid Studios, Orange County's premier recording studios and soundstage. In celebration of the studio's birthday, we're taking a closer look at the production facility's iconic wave wall, a sculpted run of MDF wood fins choreographing movement along the main front-of-house spaces, interior hallways, and Hybrid's Studio B.

"The wave wall really matches our studio motif perfectly," said Hybrid Studios Co-founder Billy Klein, "We're asked all the time if the wall features any acoustic qualities, and although its really only aesthetic, that's absolutely the look and feel we want it to have. It's become one of the cornerstones of our brand here at Hybrid."

The wave wall was inspired by patterns created by sound waves, and the spatial experience mimics the sensation of sound waves rhythmically moving as people pass by. Conceptually, the wave walls respond to their location by varying in amplitude and depth: quieter, smaller sound waves in the intimate spaces are complemented by fully-animated waves wrapping around the recording studio. Designed by Jonathan Lopez and Wiley Architects, the design helped create a unique identity for Hybrid, branding it as a dynamic, creative, and collaborative environment that's appealing and comfortable to a wide variety of music and recording industry clients.

About Hybrid Studios
Hybrid Studios is a fully integrated multimedia production facility in Orange County, CA. Not only does Hybrid feature a state-of-the-art analog & digital recording studio; it also boasts a massive sound stage, including a pre-lit cyclorama. Equipped with the best gear and an experienced staff, Hybrid provides a variety of products and services to clients across the creative spectrum from recording, mixing and mastering to video and photography.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

NABIHA Comes Good On 'IOU' To Fans

Scandinavian Singer/Songwriter brings her eclectic persona to the airwaves with 2 smash singles on new EP 'DRUNK' featuring Lady Leshurr, 'YOUNG' and 'ISSUES' impacting radio now!

Listen / Download / Stream Here

With nine hit singles to date, Scandinavian popstar NABIHA has created a name for herself as a brilliant writer and performer across Europe with a reputation as a surefire star on the world stage.

Her multi platinum sales, 14 music award nominations including 4 Danish Music Awards, more than 33 chart placements, 50 sync placements, topping national airplay charts and an ongoing stint as a Denmark's Got Talent Judge, are all clear indicators of the impact NABIHA has had in her short career so far.

The start of 2017 saw the release of "Young", which was taken from her incredible new EP "IOU" which will be released on June 23rd, 2017 worldwide.

"IOU" is a thank you to everyone who helped to hold my head above water; for everything I owe to them for helping me to get through one of the most difficult times in my life. ~NABIHA

Songs like 'Drunk', 'Feel Your Body', 'Keeper' and 'Grand Piano' were important to write in order for me to make the natural progression into digging a little deeper into my emotions for songs like 'My Truth' and 'Issues'. It's also why my EP is an eclectic mix of club music, pop music and ballads. I didn't want to limit myself to any genre in the creative process because it was important that I make the music I love."

The release of "I O U" coupled with her upcoming festival and autumn tours continuing in the exciting vein that everyone has come to expect from Nabiha.

NABIHA 'IOU' Featuring 'Young', 'ISSUES' & 'DRUNK'
Out Now on Make It Rain Ltd / Kobalt

Listen to I O U - as whole link:

Drunk ft Lady Leshurr

Feel your body:


Grand Piano



My Truth

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Soundplant 45 Released - QWERTY Software Sampler Updated On Mac & Windows

Independent developer Marcel Blum has released Soundplant 45 for Windows and Mac, a major update adding playlist queuing, ASIO support, and other optimizations to the computer keyboard sound triggering program. Soundplant turns the standard QWERTY keyboard into a playable instrument with ultra low latency, allowing the instant playback of any format sound files on 72 keyboard keys with no need for extra hardware.

Version 45's new 'multi queue' feature adds flexible playlist support, allowing several unique capabilities including triggering dozens of sounds at once from a single key, playing multiple playlists simultaneously, and realtime chaining of queues via key press to build playlists on the fly. ASIO support on Windows brings even lower latency, higher sound quality, and expanded output device support. Also new in v.45 are a global 'fade out all' function, recording quality improved to 32-bit, reduced CPU usage, faster sound loading, contextual help, and many other improvements and bug fixes.

Soundplant intuitively turns an input device you've been practicing on for as long as you've been typing into a versatile multitrack playback tool. Now in its 18th year, the venerable $50 program has found wide use in studios, theaters, clubs, stadiums, and classrooms, its combination of ease and power earning adoption by professional audio engineers, sound designers, DJs, and producers as well as amateur podcasters, comedians, pastors, teachers, artists, and gamers. Users love Soundplant's rock-solid stability for live use, low-spec system requirements, straightforward drag-and-drop sound file assignment, customizable key press and release control, and powerful flexibility as standalone software capable of mixing hundreds of sounds at once in audiophile 32-bit/96khz quality.

Availability and pricing
Soundplant is offered as a free download at which includes a 25-launch trial of the registered features. In unregistered mode it is free for non-commercial use with limitations on some professional features. The registered version (USD $50, or a $25 upgrade) allows expanded sound file format support, output device selection, higher quality output sample rates, recording, and 'background key input' global hotkey triggering. Soundplant runs on minimum Windows Vista or macOS 10.6.

Soundplant videos:


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Whotune Music Group Releases New MusiFlik App For Artists, Fans & Music Businesses

Whotune Music Group has just launched its new music messaging app MusiFlik. MusiFlik is a Free multi tiered App on Android & iOS for musicians, fans & music businesses. It's an easy, fun way to find , share & promote music & gigs.

Centred around a messenger , the App offers playlists, geo targeted gig guides, community song reviews & feedback for artists via its 'Flik it or kick it' feature which sends fans who have opted in the same song 3 times over 48 hours so they can rate & comment on it to see if it grows on the listener with more listens. Flikable EPKs, Public groups, Analytics & is a great way for artists to proactively promote music or gigs with links to ticket sales as well as sales via iTunes & Google Play . It gives artists the opportunity to steer fans to the video the artist wants fans to see & offers direct channels to interact with fans. Music fans can search for any artist or song with results being displayed from MusiFlik registered artists, YouTube & Soundcloud. Register as a fan, artist, Premium Artist or business & get Fliking, free in the App Stores.