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MusicDish*China Sounds Pod7 - Interview With MOGO Founder Kenny Bloom


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This edition of the MusicDish*China Sounds podcast, presented by Metal Postcard Records, features an interview with Kenny Bloom of MOGO, the only online music TV platform in China. Bloom has been a music industry veteran of China for over 30 years and is the founder and CEO of VisiTek Holdings Ltd., which builds branded lifestyle content platforms in China, most recently the official Major League Baseball site in China. Bloom now lives in Beijing, though he is originally from the Bronx. Below are excerpts from the podcast interview:

Tell me about your branded lifestyle content platform called MOGO.

"MOGO has several platforms - music, upwardly mobile, and lifestyle which is everything from wine to food and home decorating. It's just about everything that someone would need to know in China. We also have a sports platform and just launched a major league baseball site for China. But we started with MOGO, which is the music platform in China. We're the only national music video channel in the country. "

So you're really different from other video platforms like Youku, which are basically the equivalent of YouTube. Your content is really original content that you have actually produced.

"We've produced over 6000 original shows in the past 2 _ years, and what we're trying to do with MOGO is create a voice for all the local indie bands in China, and by indie I mean everything. It could be heavy metal, grunge - everything but pop. Almost all media in China is state owned, and when it comes to contemporary music, it's 100% pop. What we're trying to do is give a voice to the tens of thousands of local bands around China that don't get on television or radio or get published in the magazines. "

You're at a cost disadvantage, and consumers aren't willing to pay for content. Where's the economic viability of video and is it viable today? If not, what needs to be done for it to become viable?

"What you need to do here is to adopt a peer to peer technology that allows you to reduce your bandwidth costs from 70 to almost 90% depending on how you fine tune your technology. In China, peer to peer, when you're talking about video content - what happens is you're actually spreading little pieces of your video around the country and using other people's computers and bandwidth to distribute your content. It's actually safer to do it that way. You only have pieces of it from all over the place, so it allows you to really save a lot of money. "

So you were talking about how you want to aggregate, basically concentrate your audience on a smaller set of videos. How can you do that from a practical point of view?

"Well what you want to do ultimately is have a linear channel. By that I mean something more along the lines of an MTV type of format where you have a 24 hour channel. The problem with video online is the click and play format really doesn't work for a number of reasons. What you would need to have is a host, like FM radio, who introduces the audience to new content and new videos and new genres of music that if they were left to their own devices they would never discover. "

You said as a broadcaster, we have to be responsible. I found that very interesting because it made me think of Google and their recent problems with the Chinese government, though in the end everything worked out, I guess, since they got their license to operate in China renewed. For you as a broadcaster, who's dealing in music and especially dealing in rock and roll, punk, metal, urban, etc., how is it to operate in China? Or let me put it brutally. Do you feel like you have censors breathing down your neck?

"Not at all actually. There's a double standard here, and when you're talking about broadcast tv going out to 1.3 billion people, so they say, so there's a different set of standards for that. "

And that's actually controlled indirectly by the Chinese government? It's CCTV basically.

"Not indirectly - directly. CCTV is the national channel, but every city and province has a number of channels. They're given the mandate to broadcast to an audience at the lowest common denominator. In China, we have an enormous population of people who have very low education. On the internet, you have people with a relatively high education. The Chinese government has adopted a double standard, and I don't mean that in a negative way; it's actually a positive thing. They know that people who know how to access the internet have a better education than those who don't know how to access the internet. Through that, they turn their cheek in a way and allow us to put things on the internet that would that would never be allowed on mainstream television. "

Underground Heavy #4, Hong Kong's Hardest Summer Metal Show


Following the Underground's exclusive Hong Kong performance of Danish one-man-band Prins Nitram, MusicDish*China is pleased to be sponsoring Underground Heavy #4, Hong Kong's definitive summer show of metal and moshing.

Closing the summer with their heaviest show yet, The Underground presents some of Hong Kong's hardest bands, including Wu So Lui making a return appearance with their special brand of "Canto Core," Gong Wu - recently featured on TVB Pearl's public affairs program The Pearl Report, and finishing with HardPack and their new line up.

StoneMind (hard rock)
Darkness Pool (rock metal)
Gong Wu (funk metal)
Wu So Lui (Canto core)
HardPack (punk)

Underground Heavy #4
Saturday 31st July 2010
Rockschool, 2/F., corner of Luard Rd & Jaffe Rd., Wanchai
9:00pm - 1:30am
HK$100 (includes one Asahi beer)
HOTLINE: 9486 4648

Formed in 2009: five different people - Eric Chow (Drummer), Tony Kwok (Guitarist), Vic Choi (Guitarist), Jackal Kwong (Bassist), Davy Yuen (Vocal) - who love rock n roll come together to create the music that belongs to StoneMind. We hope to express all sorts of feelings and to release dissatisfactions or stresses in life through Rock music. StoneMind members are no longer "children", but we are still naive to believe that "rock" could change the whole world.

After several reformations, Darkness Pool was officially formed in November 2006 "Darkness Pool" can be defined as "a pool of heavy sounds", which are best illustrated in their productions. Their songs contain a wide varitey of elements ranging from hardrock to metal, and with the wild, powerful vocal from John. Besides utilizing their creative minds in the studio, the band will also participate in many competitions and shows in future. So keep your ears open for them, dive deep down the pool and see what you'll get!

Gong Wu bring back ferocious,authentic funk metal at a time when music is being poisoned by mindless emo and bubblegum noise. Gong Wu are raw, dirty, honest; they play music that's like a hard punch to the gut. But it's music that isn't simply there to shock; there are sexed-up melodies underpinning every song.

Wu So Lui is potentially the most eccentric public figure currently walking the streets of Hong Kong. Pro-wrestler, rock star and party personality, Wu So Lui made his first public appearances in Hong Kong in 2008, when he began happily wreaking havoc and making friends in the mosh pits of the Hong Kong underground music scene. While he took a temporary hiatus from the ring in 2009, he not only returned to wrestling but also made his debut as a heavy metal vocalist in March 2010, publicly combining his love for metal with his love for Cantonese pop with his first public performance of a music genre he calls "Canto Core".

Hardpack's sound is punk rock with a focus on looking on the positive side of life. Their live shows are deeply rooted on creating an atmosphere based on friendship not just with each other, but with the entire audience. The ultimate goal of these 5 young passionate punks is to help build up Hong Kong's punk rock scene together with many of Hong Kong's other punks in order to let people around this city, and the world over, to revel in the spirit of punk rock!

Video: Pennan Brae - Have You Ever Been

Watch the video on Youtube:

The single "Have You Ever Been" from Canadian artist Pennan Brae's album 'Shaded Joy' focuses its theme on the endless search for love. Brae's music delivers a contrast between the vibrant and colorful music and passionate and painful words. He pulls this off in a very original way that is far from the mainstream. Brae has a gentle and touching folk style combined with excellent songwriting skills and creativity.

The powerful scale of notes in the opening of the track clear the field for a melody that is rich in its complexity and never stagnant. While the video, directed by Douglas DeBoer of Visual Alchemy, showcases images of the Hawaiian Island, Brae and actress/model Stephanie Perius pursue each other in the magical atmosphere of Kauai, Hawaii.

'Have You Ever Been' is available on iTunes and, as well as Other online music retailers.

Visit Pennan Brae's official website at

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Music Industry Engages Fans With Email Marketing


Following the success of their first report, released in 2009; UK based permission marketing company are back with the 2010 instalment of the UK Email Marketing Benchmark Report, which shows positive results for the music industry.

For the full report see:

This informative study highlights which types of business, across 23 different sectors, are getting the best open rates, creating the most effective campaigns, have the highest subscriber loyalty, campaign engagement and more.

We all like to compare - so who came out top? Since the 2009 report the biggest gains in open rate were in the Music, Restaurant and Legal and Accounting sectors.

The report shows that email marketing remains an effective channel for organisations of all kinds, with an overall average UK open rate of 17.98% and a click-through rate of 3.56% - providing a great return on investment in a time when everyone's budgets are under pressure.

To download a full PDF copy of the report, including high-resolutions graphs click here:

If you've got a particular question about email marketing statistics let us know and the team will be happy to answer it.

We're a 7 year old, UK based company providing software, services and support to thousands of UK businesses to help them communicate better with their customers using email marketing, SMS and social media. To find out more about what we do visit us at drop us an email at or give us a call on 020 3355 2630 - we'd love to hear from you.

Press contact:
Nikki Wright-McNeill, Global Publicity
Tel: +44 (0) 7957 434517

Steve Garcia's Debut CD, '8 West' Is Set To Be Released Globally Through Sunset Records On August 24th


Steve Garcia's debut CD, '8 West' is set to be released globally through Sunset Records on August 24th.

Sunset Recording artist, Steve Garcia, sets up his "8 West" ten (10) song full length CD, to be released all over the world, on August 24, 2010!

Musically, Steve Garcia is one of the most developed acoustic guitarists and singer songwriters that are breaking into the pop music scene today. He blends a traditional style of music with a strong unique vocal drawing on different styles throughout the album. (Steve) Garcia gets his influences from pop, americana, adult contemporary, blues, jazz and folk music – resulting in a strongly self –produced ten (10) song full length album with what amounts to a sound of his own. He (Steve Garcia) demonstrates that he is not your every day acoustic guitarist singer songwriter right away by showing off his powerful vocals on his opening track 'Waiting On A Train,' which opens up with a nice, americana, country and adult contemporary feel that really sets a wonderful tone throughout the entire "8 West" LP. Steve's voice brings music lovers some of the most unique and powerful vocals that not only works perfect with the music; his songs also have this mellow feel to it.

There are many stand out songs on the "8 West" CD such as 'The Finer Things,' 'Inside Out,' 'Fly Away,' and 'It's Alright.' They are a complete blend of soft sounding and alluring songs which are being worked to Triple A (AAA) Radio formats starting at the beginning of August. ''There are plenty of songs to work to radio," says Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset and "we are still deciding what song(s) to work first to AAA radio stations." There are many catchy songs on this debut CD, and the constant 'Garcia' rhythms are evident from song to song on the album. The "8 West" CD is not only filled with a relaxing set of songs, the full length CD also envelops many music styles most likely because of the powerful vocals Steve (Garcia) bring to his own CD. Lichterman also says that "8 West" is a "catchy album that moves quickly from beginning to end," and "everyone that listens will no doubt find themselves singing along to what are many great avenues of writing in his (Steve Garcia) songs."

Further, the lyrics written for the songs on the 8 West album are magical yet accessible to many walks of life. Steve (Garcia) is a quintessential story teller and his songs tell many stories on this debut CD that happen to fit all respective music styles in a wonderful way. His life is still spent near the ocean in San Diego, as he refers to that life style as nuances in many of his songs. Overall, the album is perfect for every music collection but most of all, hearing these songs on the beach with groups of people would be uplifting in so many ways.

The self produced CD (8 West) has a street date for retail stores on August 24, 2010. The first singles are being worked to AAA (Triple A) radio format stations starting in early August and the entire album was recorded and mixed in San Diego, throughout the first half of the year (2010) to set it up for the summer release day (Street day: August 24, 2010).
"8 West" is the debut CD for the singer songwriter himself, along with his first release at the record label, Sunset Records. For more information about Steve Garcia, please check out his artist web site page (
About Sunset Records
Sunset is a privately owned Don Lichterman Company. Sunset is one of the leading independent record labels and entertainment companies in the world. Sunset's Entertainment Companies, and its global operation, acquire, develop, and distribute major music recording artists, home visual entertainment products, online-digital entertainment technologies and music and filmed entertainment worldwide. Sunset's four major divisions are the Sunset Distributed Label Group, the Sunset Strategic Marketing and Licensing Division, the Radio Sunset Network and the Sunset Filmed Entertainment Division.

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Latin This by Kayla Jazzmin

Listen To Latin This by Kayla Jazzmin on Fairtilizer:

Saxophonist/producer Kayla Jazzmin recently released the track "Latin This" from her upcoming jazz CD, Caring Is An Option. The album will be released in October, 2010 on her Just After Dark Music label. She wrote and produced all ten tracks on the CD, which will be available at her personal website as well as major online retailers’ iTunes,, eMusic and Napster. Her musical style is the result of a fusion of many genres – smooth jazz, funk, old school, R&B and hip hop.

"Latin This" is both smooth and spicy, like a cup of bold, exotic coffee swirled with sweet, rich cream. The combination of jazzy saxophone and Latin drum beats is a perfect blend."

"Latin This" is available for sale now on Kayla Jazzmin's website:

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Comedy Night At Gonzalez Y Gonzalez In New York City


Come join us at Gonzalez y Gonzalez to experience New York City's newest comedy night sensation. The last Wednesday of every month, Gonzalez y Gonzalez and Comix bring you five of the funniest NYC-area comedians for a night of great laughs and fantastic food & drinks. Our next show on Wednesday, July 28 has confirmed to the lineup host Kenny Ortega, Myq Kaplan, Sue Funke and Victor Cruz, with more great talent to come!

Doors open at 6pm
Performance starts at 7:30pm
$5 cover; No Drink Minimum
Drinks, appetizers & dinner menu available

For more information or to make a reservation
call 212-473-8787


Victor Cruz
At the age of sixteen, Victor made his stand-up comedy debut at the famous Boston Comedy Club in the west village in New York City. From then on he continued doing comedy, making people laugh from all over. From colleges to clubs to corporate events. Victor has played in venues such as Carolines, The Laugh Factory, Comic Strip Live, Boston Comedy Club and many more around the country. Victor landed his first major TV appearance on HBO's The Sopranos. From there he went off to do numerous commercials, TV appearances on Law & Order, Conviction, The Black Donnelly's, SiTV's Latino Laugh Festival, and hosted LTV's late hilarious latino comedy variety show Llegamos! (means WE HAVE ARRIVED).

Myq Kaplan
The Comedians magazine calls him "a comedy machine, in the best possible way. The way that some machines vend soda or prevent other machines from killing future revolutionaries - that's how Myq Kaplan does comedy: relentlessly, methodically, unblinkingly." Myq just made his debut on "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien," and his half-hour "Comedy Central Presents" special debuts on April 30, 2010 (part of a year in which Punchline Magazine says to watch out for Myq). He has also appeared on Comedy Central's "Live at Gotham," at the New Faces show of the 2009 Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, was voted 2008's Best Local Comedian in the Boston Phoenix, and won the 2009 NY's Funniest Standup Competition.

Sue Funke

Host Kenny Ortega
Kenny Ortega is a native of Spanish Harlem, A stand up comedian and although he has been a comedian for under 6 years he has grown up fast by working along side some of the best Latino comedians out there today. Kenny like any other kid always found himself getting into mischief, which now reflects his comedic style of story telling on stage. Kenny enjoys helping those starting out in the comedy field by organizing shows to make the transition on to the comedy club stage a lot easier. He worked in venues like "The Dave Chappelle show" the second season and Metro TV. Kenny takes great pleasure in putting a laugh into everyone's day.

More comedians to be added to the July 28th lineup soon...


Located just steps from Soho and great shopping, Gonzalez y Gonzalez serves authentic, South-of-the-Border cuisine in a festive downtown location. NYC's longest bar is always buzzing, and you can drop by for live Latin music 3 nights a week.


Comix is New York's hottest new comedy nightclub featuring headline comedians and established New York-area comics, the best of cutting edge alternative comedy, improv and sketch comedy as well as music and variety programming.

Jimmy White And Jonell Mosser Duet - "Just What I Need"

Listen To Jimmy White And Jonell Mosser Duet - "Just What I Need" on Fairtilizer:

"Just What I Need" plays like a breakout hit from a movie soundtrack, a song about the strength and support love can offer. Anyone who has ever found themselves lifted up by the love of someone special in their life will appreciate the emotion behind this beautiful and romantic duet with Jimmy White and Jonell Mosser. Soothing music - melodic piano, subtle strings, and gentle but powerful drumming adding emphasis at just the right moment - complements White and Mosser's tender vocals. "Just What I Need" is a crossover hit that will warm the hearts of fans of both country and adult contemporary genres.

For a free download of the Jimmy White/Jonell Mosser duet, "Just What I Need", go to To find out more about White, click on his website: or his MySpace page at There are also a couple of great online interviews with White that are available: The most recent is from the Independent Music Network: . The Winchester (KY) Sun ran the following interview with White when he was filming his previous video:

Monday, July 26, 2010

MarilynMusic's Michael Gaines Spearheads Film/TV Projects


A major strength of music publisher MarilynMusic is their combined experience in film and TV as well as music industry. Based in Los Angeles, Michael Gaines has been working several film projects from developing screen play with a young Oscar-nominated director about young girls soccer team in Hollywood, to pitching a new project for internet and TV he co-executive produced with actor and film director Bill Paxton.

Several of Michael's projects center on social issues affecting American communities across the country. He recently wrote a song on the BP oil spill called "Black Wave Coming" which is slated to be released in the fall. He's also been hard at work on a new script based on a true story centered around the village of Hastings-on-Hudson in New York state. The script tells the story of Buck van Deer, a Hastings resident who launched a one-man war against government and bureaucracy to stop the proposed culling of the local deer population. You can read Buck VanDeer's appeal and sign the petition at:

New England Garage Bands Featured Interview With Quasi-Rock Band A Raven's Sorrow


Jeff Glazier and Jason Percival, the founders of the quasi-rock band A Raven's Sorrow, were recently featured in a live videotaped interview with Jeff Royds of New England Garage Bands. In the more than 30 minute interview, Glazier and Percival explained their music and their philosophy on life.

In the interview (and video) that was recently published in the MusicDish e-Journal, Glazier acknowledged that while his music is not for everybody, they definitely have their fans. Commenting on the interview and his music, Glazier said, "It's a way of expressing things that can't be put into words. If, through my music, I can get close enough to expressing my feelings about certain subjects, then I've accomplished my goal."

A Raven's Sorrow has released a set of demos for two albums, "Chrysalis" and "Hail Suicide" and is currently producing the full "Chrysalis" album. Along with Percival and Glazier, the band is comprised of fellow member Joseph Cox.

Read Part I of the interview with A Raven's Sorrow at
You can join A Raven's Sorrow on Facebook at

About New England Garage Bands
New England Garage Bands (NEGB), originally called Boston Garage Bands, was officially launched in April 2007 by Jeff Royds. Through their online presence, NEGB offers local musicians access to the exposure they need to promote themselves, which is essential for success in the music industry.

Eric de Fontenay
18-14 Astoria Blvd.
Astoria, NY 11102

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Everybody Make Some Noise

Exploding on the scene like a weapon of mass destruction landing on your front lawn or a psycho ex-girlfriend slashing your tires, is the sheer raw intensity known as THAT NOISE.

Fear not my friends, these warriors are here not to throw rocks though your bedroom window or take over the world, but rather to free it, by delivering a message of strength, courage and empowerment for all mankind… with guitars.

For the last year, That Noise has been winning over the admiration and respect of music lovers worldwide, and with their latest release, a remake of the Kings of Leon's hit Sex on Fire, burning up college airwaves in the US and abroad, this dynamic group is well on their way to massive success. As buzzbandsla writer Kevin Bronson puts it: " L.A. quartet That Noise has taken a little of the denim out of Kings of Leon's ubiquitous hit "Sex on Fire" and replaced with a bit of latex". Numerous other listeners have also concurred: "I like it even better than the original, It's sexier!"

Their masterful blend of Rock, Electro and Pop has taken on the otherworldly form of something which can only be described as "ELECTROCK" A seamless fusion of the aforementioned genres. Within their arsenal you will discover Blistering guitars, Thundering drums, Melodic synths, Passionate lyrics and Electrifying performances.

That Noise has been spreading seeds across the globe and igniting fires in the hearts and minds of those who wish to release themselves from the bonds of mental, physical and financial slavery. Their dedication was seen recently when they performed in 2010 Sundance film festival benefit for Haiti Organized by Pras Michel of the Fugees.

Relentless in their quest, the guys packed up the van once again in March to play for a great cause at the SXSW music conference in Austin; The All together now showcase to benefit " invisible children".

On July 23rd 2010 they will be the ones to watch at the Vans 5th annual Battle for Warped Tour at the Glass House in Pomona. On August 22nd they will be one of the front runners in the SCU Band Slam sponsored by LA WEEKLY. They are on a mission to eradicate mediocrity of thought and develop a new generation of soldiers dedicated to freeing minds and breaking down boundaries. Throw up your fists and MAKE SOME NOISE…That Noise.

Rock Elliott 323.350.1437