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Kaya - Rat Race

Kaya - Rat Race

by Jon Peritz

"The new music video for Rat Race, from the UK based soul/hip-hop outfit Kaya is an in your face no nonsense dance party with a message. Shot in a single small room blanketed in old posters and graffiti, the video shows the band in their natural element. Rappers Aina and Natty rhyme about the inequities of the tax structure and the importance of working for the love and not for the money. This song has a sticky hook tied together with catchy horn lines and a number of clever verses that the band performs as they act out their words. Aina sings about working a 10-6 job as she sits, clearly frustrated, behind a desk crowded with papers and a fax machine. She vows there to turn over a new leaf. Kaya released the video for Rat Race to warm us up for their new record due to drop in August 2010."


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Susan Barth's CD "Songs From The Suburbs" Available Today Through Major Music Retailers


"Songs from the Suburbs", the latest record from Adult Contemporary singer-songwriter Susan Barth, is available for purchase today via major online retailers iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and Napster. Distributed by Oseao Media Group, this album is charming and endearing. With a retro songwriting style and a voice that ranges from sultry and sensuous, to playful and painful, always introspective and yet delightful, Susan Barth has carved a place for herself in the genre of Adult Contemporary music that recalls the glory days of 60's and 70's pop music.

"Songs From The Suburbs", is the kind of CD that almost everyone can relate to. The songs initially sound gentle and simple, but it is within the lyrics where the listener can find an entire world of hope and hurt, good and bad, all laced with catchy melodies, perfect harmonies, and just the right blend of rock and acoustic instruments. And her voice can sell every song, even when she is playing with dark suburban material.

Susan Barth - "Songs from the Suburbs"
iTunes - eMusic - AmazonMP3

"Songs from the Suburbs" track listing:

(1) Perfect Storm - Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - Perfect Storm
From the first line the song’s wry and self effacing charm is a pure throwback to the 60’s with a melody you can remember before the song is even halfway through and harmonies and tubas on the bridge that remind you of the golden age of radio songs.

(2) Sundays - Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - Sundays
Chiming guitars, powerful piano chords mislead you for the intro and then the song turns a little sad but always keeps the melodies and the harmonies coming. A big favorite at live shows.

(3) Rainbows - Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - Rainbows
Again, a deceptive song that seems to be a wishful thinking nod to fairy land but there is a bitter twist in the lyrics that is at odds with the first impression of a simple rootsy mandolin tune.

(4) Sleeping In - Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - Sleeping In
The startling, funky cello intro completely surprises the listener. A lush sweeping epic, beautifully arranged.

(5) And Yet - Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - And Yet
Travis picked acoustic guitar, whimsical and sad it speaks to the lost dreams we all have from high school days. A gorgeous melancholy song that has echoes of Simon and Garfunkel. Another melody you will remember after hearing it once.

(6) One More Year - Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - One More Year
The lyrics describe any suburban life, part sweet, part sour, mostly disappointed and a perfect example of a song from the suburbs.

(7) Chatsworth - Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - Chatsworth
The one song on the CD that is an unapologetic electric guitar rock song, but filled with comedic descriptions of one particular suburb in Los Angeles. It rocks and it’s hilarious.

(8) 20,000 Self Help Books - Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - 20,000 Self Help Books
The dark and brooding intro is a clue to the quiet despair and failings of the subject in this song.

(9) How It Goes - Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - How It Goes
A whimsical fantasy of what might happen if the songwriter ever became famous, but tempered with a sad realization that it is just a fantasy.

(10) Wrong - Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - Wrong
Nakedly emotional and raw, the song is very short and a damning reply to someone who has caused someone else a lot of pain.

(11) Gonna Do It - Susan Barth - Songs From The Suburbs - Gonna Do It
A trippy little song of hope and belief that quietly affirms someone’s life despite all the dark dreams and broken promises of suburban life.

Indie Artists In Brazil: Making Music In Spite Of Major Labels And Making It Work

By Michele Wilson-Morris
During the MIDEM conference, I had an opportunity to talk with David McLoughlin of BM&A (Brasil Musica E Artes, i.e. the Brazilian Music Export Office). David had a lot of interesting information to share about the Brazilian music market, particularly how independent musicians found a very innovative way to make their voices (and music) heard - literally, without the major record labels.

The Brazilian Music Export Office is sponsored by APEX-Brasil, whose goal is to increase the number of Brazilian exporting companies and consolidate the country's presence in traditional markets, also opening new markets for Brazilian products. The Agency came into existence in November 1997 by presidential decree and operated as a special department of SEBRAE (Brazilian Support Service to Micro and Small Enterprises) until February 6, 2003, when it was renamed APEX-Brasil and began to act as an autonomous agency that works in association with the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade.

The major labels have traditionally controlled the music industry in Brazil, with local repertoire accounting for 70% of the market. The last 15 years, however, have seen a significant rise in independent producers establishing their own labels - some releasing 4 or 5 titles per year and a few releasing this each month. In recent times, through necessity, most independent artists now release their own albums - even though traditional sales outlets are a rarity; once the major labels began selling their products at reduced prices to supermarket chains, much as they did in the United States with WalMart, they sounded the death knoll. Small stores could no longer compete and began closing, so there was nowhere for independent artists to sell their products. Many of the well-established indie labels (estimated to be around 150) are diversifying into other areas, whether it be selling children's books, selling shows or undertaking cultural projects.

In more recent years, new technology combined with the utilization of the internet (as both a business and promotional tool) has seen a massive rise in the number of independent artists who are focused on both the artistic and business aspects of their careers. Entering an industry that is either in its death- or birth-throes, depending on your point of view, they are seeking and creating new models.

In the city of Cuiabá, Mata Grosso, local cultural producers have created the Cubo Card, a barter system whereby local artists and producers exchange services. This permitted artists to gain access to studios, good quality musicians and recordings, and thus they began to make demos, record their own albums and organize shows - in a region where this had been previously out of the economic reach of most independent artists. The initiative doesn't just put musicians together with recording studios - it gives them access to journalists, designers, photographers, video-producers, even hotels and restaurants and many others. The project is now being embraced by independent sectors around the country

What's so amazing is that this has all been done within the space of the last 2-3 years. When the Brazilian edition of Rolling Stone magazine announced the top 50 albums of the year, and the #1 album was by Macaco Bong, an independent instrumental rock trio. Vanguart, another independent musical group was also in the top 20. Both bands were fruit of the Cubo Card system.

Various cities now have local music festivals, and musicians from one area travel to play at other cities' festivals. To meet the demands of artists who wanted to play at festivals, festival organizers created the ABRAFIN (Brazilian Association of Independent Music Festivals). ABRAFIN coordinated festival dates to allow bands to start touring. As a means of helping bands travel from city to city to place at festivals, each individual festival demonstrated to its local government how much revenue and employment the festivals could generate. As this sector grew within each region, there was an increase in the growth of music associations or cooperatives. These groups organized the artists on both a political and professional level.

On a professional level, many local associations work with their SEBRAEs which are government entities that supply orientation and training courses for small businesses, and this now includes musicians who are now recognized as small businesses. SEBRAEs and local associations and BM&A organize training courses and conferences on issues musicians need to know about such as digital distribution, copyright, and tax incentives for cultural projects. Many of the Brazilian states are now developing export programs with the BM&A to export beyond their states and to the rest of the world. The catch phrase in Brazil is now "the economy of culture". SEBRAEs, the music associations and cooperatives map out local musical production, areas that require state investment and partners outside the state to assist in the same.

The BM&A, in association with regional partners, also hosts every six months the "Comprador & Imagem" (Buyer and Image) project where international guests from varying areas within the music industry (shows, media, radio, digital, etc) are invited to visit Brazil and meet up with local artists and producers to exchange ideas, information and generate business opportunities together.

Even though many artists would still love to have a contract with a major label, it is no longer relevant. Even with very limited radio play and the limited physical distribution of their CDs, they are able to be successful. The independent scene in Brazil is finding its feet. Almost fifty independent Brazilian bands performed at such fairs as SXSW, Womex and CMJ last year (2009) and in 2010, it's likely the numbers will increase.

So, what's the lesson to be learned here? Well, the internet is a very powerful tool. It gives people access to information they didn't have before. And people who are knowledgeable, talented and determined find a way to make things happen.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Andy Fraser Releases EPK For "This Is The Big One"


NASHVILLE, TN (March 17, 2010) - Andy Fraser has released an Electronic Press Kit for his latest song and video, "This Is The Big One." View it at:

The video biography highlights Fraser's extensive music history, beginning with photo montages from his youth as the bass player, principal songwriter, and producer of the influential rock band, FREE. It continues thru his later successes as a songwriter for Rod Stewart, Bob Seger, and Robert Palmer, who scored big with the Fraser-penned, "Every Kinda People," and concludes with interview footage of Fraser discussing his latest song and music video, "This Is The Big One," which deals with the impact of climate changes on the earth.

With "This Is The Big One," Fraser is a leading voice in the growing chorus of artists who are speaking out about the issue of climate change. It was announced just this week that Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam, Phil Lesh and Phish are included on the new album, Best of Bonnaroo, and are asking for fans to call or e-mail their elected officials to prompt them to take action on the matter.

"Coming out of the classic rock era, I grew up with music that carried messages of activism," says Fraser. "Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, and a host of others - they all created music that entered the social consciousness and helped to spark change. I am excited to see a new generation of artists doing the same - and I am happy to be a part of that movement."

It is an exciting time for Fraser, who recently had one of his bass guitars go on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. In addition, his daughter, Hannah, who appears as a mermaid in the video for "This Is The Big One," also has face time in the recent Academy Award-winning documentary film, The Cove.

About Andy Fraser:
Andy Fraser has a unique place in the canon of rock 'n' roll. In the late 1960's, under the guidance of Alexis Korner and John Mayall - both "Godfather's" of the British blues scene - Fraser, a classically trained pianist, revolutionized the art of bass playing by harnessing the raw energy of the blues, re-energizing it with a hard rock edge for a new generation of listeners.

As a founding member of Free, Fraser helped to draft the blueprint for - and was one of the chief architects of - the blues-rock style that spawned the likes of Led Zeppelin, Foreigner and Aerosmith. With Free, Fraser wrote and produced some of their most groundbreaking and best-loved songs, including the worldwide hit, "All Right Now," recently honored with BMI's "Million-Air" award for passing 3 million radio/television plays in the U.S., making it one of the most enduring classics of the rock 'n roll era.

A tireless creator and a perfectionist with an eye and ear for detail, Fraser has written a substantial body of works including Robert Palmer's smash hit, "Every Kinda People." His songs have been recorded by Joe Cocker, Chaka Khan, Rod Stewart, Three Dog Night, Etta James and Bob Seger among others. Fraser has also helmed several post-Free bands - notably Shark and the Andy Fraser Band - and has released several solo works, including the albums, Fine, Fine Line and Naked…and Finally Free.

A survivor of both cancer and AIDS, Fraser is a strong environmental and social activist, and defender of individual human rights.

Andy Fraser video for "This is the Big One" here:

Radio programmers may download a broadcast quality copy of "This is the Big One" via AirPlay Direct at:

Fans may download "This is the Big One" for free at:

To learn more about Andy Fraser, view his online Press Kit at: or visit his official website:

Publicity contact:
Clif Doyal
CDA Promotions-Nashville/OKC
(a division of the Clif Doyal Agency, LLC)
Office: 615.885.5998 Cell: 615.319.1863

Blurred Vision - Another Brick In The Wall (Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone!)

Blurred Vision - Another Brick In The Wall (Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone!)

Canadian rock band Blurred Vision is gearing up to release their debut album. The remake of 'Another Brick In The Wall' by Pink Floyd, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Babak Payami, has been produced to show solidarity to the people of Iran, who are fighting for their freedom of speech against their fundamentalist regime.

The video shows images from the fights that occurred after the 2009 Iranian presidential election, that many Iranians claimed was altered and highly influenced by the cleric leadership of Ayatollah's and by the government in general. Most of those images have been captured by people on the streets, as the social media and news agencies were restricted during protests. Protesters were and are seeking a more democratic participation and freedom of speech.

The song is available for download on iTunes. 50% of all sales will be donated to Amnesty International.

Official Website:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nomy: The Record Label's Worst Nightmare

Music: - World in fire.mp3

Nomy is the name of the Swedish artist who has singlehandedly taken his music from a little bedroom in Jönköping to the world stage via the Internet. His hit song "Cocaine" spread like wildfire and today is downloaded and streamed in Scandinavia, Europe and large parts of USA and Canada.

- Like most artists, I wanted others to bond with my music. But I wanted to do it my own way and in my own pace. I discovered early on how music had the opportunity to grow on the internet and vice versa. With my modest home recording set up worth 15,000SEK ($2200) I create everything by myself. When Guitar, drums, bass, vocals and song are fed into my computer it becomes my music, my sound, shaped in my way, says Nomy.

Over 8 million plays on Spotify

Nomy was quickly placed on top lists, both small and more established. For example, the song "cocaine" played almost 2 million times on YouTube and he dominated the chart on with 10 different songs. Most notable to date is the placing of "Song or Suicide" as the 50th most played album on Spotify, where since July 2009 has long with all his other songs collected over 8 million plays, with 2 million of these in January alone.

- The major breakthrough was the combination of social media, such as my own website, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace as well as the digital distribution service Record Union who continue to make sure my music is available on all of the world’s major music services. My drive was to give the fans what they wanted, without conditions, continues Nomy.

- The song "Cocaine" for which I feel and still do feel an overwhelming pride, was the first song I sent up to the various music websites. The amount of downloads gradually increased and the fans began to gather at my official website There I collected all my work for visitors to download - for free of course, explains Nomy.

The latest album is named "Disconnected" and is released exclusively on Spotify Premium

Nomy's melodic influences spring from Skate, Metal and bands like Bad Religion, Danko Jones, In Flames and HIM among others. "Disconnected" contains songs with an acoustic feel with strong influences from country. It is an album with depth, power and striving.

The album is released on Spotify Premium on the 15th March, 2010.

For more information, please contact:

Tel: +46 (0) 736 79 1051

For press photos, see following link:

Nomy links:

Official homepage -
Youtube -
MySpace -
Record Union -
7 Digital -
Last FM -


Disconnected - 2010
Welcome To My Freakshow - 2009
Song Or Suicide - 2008
Atonic Atrocity - 2007
Clownen Ler Inte - 2006
My Darkest Hour - 2003
Random Old Songs - 1996-2005

Core DJ Retreat 12 - Orlando, Florida. May 7-9, 2010


ATLANTA, GA - In the midst of vanishing music conferences and legit record-breakers, the semi-annual Core DJ's Retreat has reigned supreme amongst its competitors. Uniting today's hit-breaking DJ's, ground breaking artists and music industry tastemakers for a weekend of networking, education, and celebrations to honor those who work hard to promote their music to the masses.

The Core DJ's Retreat 12 will be held at the World Marriott Center (8701 World Center Drive, Orlando, FL 32821 - ( with onsite registration beginning on Thursday , May 6th at 12 p.m. Pre-registration is currently open for all registrants at $150.00 per person until April 1, 2010. After this date, a $200.00 registration fee will be in effect until May 5th, the onsite registration fee will be $250.00. All DJs, Models and Industry may pre-register at

Since 2004, The Core DJ's have single-handedly dominated the music industry by enlisting membership of over 500 DJ's, radio personalities, musicians, producers, models, executives and tastemakers.

Previous retreats have included several new artist performances by today's leading labels such as Bad Boy Entertainment, TAG Records, Cash Money Records, Poe Boy Entertainment, Universal Records, Atlantic Records, Def Jam, Warner Brothers, Konvict Music, Interscope, J Records, Jive Records, So So Def, Rap-A-Lot Records, Capitol Records, DTP, Grand Hustle, CTE, Digi Wax and several others to witness some of the hottest talent and music in Hip-Hop and R&B.

When asked what could be expected from this upcoming retreat, founder and CEO Tony Neal stated, "I expect more independent labels to come and learn the business. We want the same family oriented-environment but where putting a lot of emphasis on indie labels and artists."

For a tentative itinerary, room rates, and to receive a discounted entry rate, go to

Core Retreat 12 is exited to announce the following media partners:, BET, Concrete Magaznine, Hip Hop Weekly and Ozone. Retreat 12s official magazine is Amalgamation and Midwest Leak Mangazine.

For more information regarding registration or sponsorship for The Core DJ's and The Core DJ's Retreat, please contact Donata Ellis by email or by phone at 877-333-9940 ext. 2.

For press credentials please contact Janie Jennings by email at or by phone at 877-333-9940 ext. 3.

About The Core DJ's & The Core DJ's Retreats

Now approaching its 6th year, The Core DJ's, founded by national Mix Show DJ Tony Neal, is a premier DJ coalition that house over 500 of the country's most influential DJ's, radio personalities, musicians, producers, models, executives and tastemakers. The semi-annual Core DJ Retreat(s) is one of the most highly anticipated music industry events of the year, specifically known for its incomparable new artist showcases and networking atmosphere.

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Riazul Tequila Sponsors Digital Music NY April 13th Event


Digital Music NY organizers MusicDish and Fortex Group were proud to announce that Riazul Premium Tequila has joined as a sponsor of the upcoming April 13th event. Riazul representatives will be on-hand during the music technology and business networking and discussion meetup with a tasting of their premium tequila brands and discounted Riazul tequila drink on offer throughout the event. Riazul Premium Tequila was featured as the exclusive tequila in the Grammy Awards gift bags.

Digital Music NY
Sponsored by Riazul Premium Tequila
Presented by MusicDish and Fortex Group
Date: Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Time: 6 - 9 PM
Tequila tasting: 7:00 PM
location: Gonzalez y Gonzalez
625 Broadway, between Houston & Bleecker

"Digital Music NY attracts a highly sophisticated demographic of music professionals on the cutting-edge of their business as well as New York city's culture scene," noted MusicDish Founder Eric de Fontenay. "As a small tequila company that relies on a grassroots network of fans and social media channels, we knew they were the perfect brand for our audience."

"Riazul Premium Tequila quote."

Digital Music NY is a collaboration between Fortex Group and MusicDish founders Ephraim Cohen and Eric de Fontenay to build a community of New York area based professionals in the digital music sector, from singer/songwriter to app developer. Focused around a monthly event held at Gonzalez y Gonzalez, Digital Music NY features company announcements, presentations of the latest tech, discussions on new business models, guest speakers and plenty of networking.

Riazul is a silky smooth premium sipping tequila made from 100 percent blue agave harvested in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. The land of Riazul has been passed down from generation to generation for more than 200 years since the Mexican War of Independence. Houston-based Riazul offers three brands - an Anejo, a Blanco, and a Reposado - each originating from the highest quality agave, crafted by agave and tequila experts, and aged to perfection. For more information about Riazul, visit, connect with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.