Friday, September 4, 2009

Kussu Productions Inc. To Release "Jigga Bounz" EP

The highly respected young Russian songwriter, producer, beatmaker turned rapper who is actually based in Berlin is creating buzz among the hip hop and R&B communities in Germany and Russia.

After establishing himself as a beatmaker and producer, Evgeny Minakov known as Jigga Bounz is about to show the world that he is not only a good producer but also a talented rapper. His debut EP due out September 27, 2009.

I am very excited to have my own solo project on the market said Jigga Bounz, I have been producing and remixing music for other artists since 2002 he added. Jigga Bouz is also working on another project with the multi-platinum German artist "Eko Fresh" and also remixing 2 tracks for the New York based rapper Capone from CNN (Capone N Noreaga).

Jigga Bounz's EP entitled "Russian Bounce" will be released worldwide through iTunes, Amazon, HMV, Virgin Mega Store, Musicload, Beatport, eMusic, Walmart, MediaNet, Nokia Music, Rhapsody, MSN Music, MTV among others.

"I think that Jigga Bounz has a great future in the music industry. He's very young, tremendously talented and he understands that you can only achieve a greater success with hard work and dedication and sometimes you need to sacrifice whatever you consider to be your precious time, value etc. in order to achieve higher results that may not only benefit you but your family, friends or maybe a future generation", states Didier Kussu, founder of Kussu Productions Inc.

About Kussu Productions Inc.
Kussu Productions Inc., a music content company with global businesses in music publishing and recorded music, including artist development, management and music library as specialties. Affiliated companies including Indie Songs Publishing UK, Indie Songs Publishing Scandinavia, Latin Music Publishing Group USA, Latin Music Publishing Group Europe, Indie-Distribution, Universoul Vibes, Murder Riddims Publishing, African Music Publishing, Murder Riddims Records, F!cking Dope Records, Inc., United Entertainment & Media Limited, Kussu Music Publishing and its Kussu Music Licensing Network for music supervisors, film directors, advertising agencies and other industry professionals to assist them in findind the right music for their projects.

For licensing inquiries, please contact:
Email: licensing(at)

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Fax: +49 208 6942 240
Email: press(at)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kussu Music Publishing Enters Into An Exclusive Publishing Deal With The Super German Alternative Techno Duo "BlackIsBeautiful"

The masters of "Realtime Art", the way BlackIsBeautiful describe their electronic music art, are going to celebrate their debut EP due out September 25th on cologne based label "200".

Inspired by the aesthetics of analogue music devices, DJing and live band experiences, BlackIsBeautiful production and live shows are sensational and unforgettable events. Both artists/producers met two years ago at VRSTCK Club in Dortmund-City (Germany). Ever since Uemit Han and Tim Dicke have been working together to create and develop a special live-performance as well as a "realtime production style" that both describe as "Alternative Techno".

Tim Dicke has paved his way into the electronic scene through being a drummer, bassist and solo artist in Punk and Hardcore bands in the 90s and later on as a DJ, while Uemit Han has been working as a DJ for the last 15 years including 9 years of music production experience. In 2006, Uemit won the remix contest to Gabriel Ananda's "Gluecksmelodie" and also released tracks on Karmarouge, Meerestief, Harthouse and other labels.

BlackIsBeautiful have created two real handicrafted tracks "Alerion and Purpur": mesmerizing and enthralling at the same time! Music that invites you to dance and yet puts you to rest for a closer listen. Attention to detail and experiment-happiness get you addicted to BlackIsBeautiful - Occasional street recordings of sounds in everyday life and sampling of snap-shots run through their dynamic sound images.

About Kussu Music Publishing
Kussu Music Publishing, a leading independent company with catalogues of songwriters, composers and producers from all around the world, was founded in 1994 as a publishing arm of Kussu Productions Inc., a music content company with global businesses in music publishing and recorded music, including artist development, management and music library as specialties. Since the launch of Kussu Music Licensing Network (, KMP has positioned itself as one of the main music licensing destination on the internet to assist music supervisors, film directors, advertising agencies and other industry professionals find the right music for their projects.

About 200
200 was founded as a Techno label for vinyl and digital releases by Kai Sasse and Dirk Middeldorf in Cologne, Germany. 200 releases albums for the club and defines itself as open-minded label that is striving to provide a platform for both established and new artists. They are putting an emphasis on connecting with their artists musically and personally. The motivation behind starting 200 label was Kai and Dirk's love for the electronic music; the will to contribute a piece to its development - to give back - and the desire to create something new together.

Unique Live Multimedia Experience Combines Music And Film To Explore The Human Condition At HERE Arts Center

New York, NY.- August 31, 2009: An exclusive three night public preview of X: The Human Condition, the hypnotic music and film multimedia experience will take place at HERE, 145 Sixth Ave. (between Spring and Broome St.), NYC, from Wednesday September 9th to Friday, September 11th at 8:30 pm each evening. Admission is $15. This limited engagement three night run will be presented as part of HERE’s Special Autumn Artist Lodge Series.

In development since 1998, X: The Human Condition has been designed to embrace the expanding possibilities of multimedia in entertainment. The live, dynamic concert performance by the music group X: THC, enhanced by emotionally charged film visuals, creates an uplifting and stimulating shock to the senses, that both entertains and provokes thought. This three night performance marks the first time X: The Human Condition will be seen in public.

Musically, X: THC combines the multi-layered hypnotica of smoothly grooving electronic beats, warm emotive alternative indie rock, coldly induced new wave post-modernism, lush, heartfelt, romantic blue-eyed soul & classic songwriting, with an otherworldly experimental soundscape.

X: THC breaks down the walls between musical genres, challenging categorization, while communicating performance through multiple sensory applications, known as "synesthesia".

The live music and film multimedia experience examines the human condition, pulling you in to an alternate reality... Hypnotically delicious, it is a trance-inducing trip inside the human subconscious, combining hypnotic, surreal soundscapes with phantasmagorical, emotionally charged visual storytelling to create a unique and inspiring music and film experience.

X: The Human Condition alchemically fuses together influences of fantasy luminaries such as Tim Burton, Michael Gondry, Antoine St. Exupery, Darren Aronofsky, Guillermo Del Toro, Jean Cocteau, Rod Serling, The Brothers Grimm, and Joseph (John) Merrick, to create an imaginative, terrible beauty, both real and unreal, where the mind can make a hell of heaven, and a heaven of hell... X: The Human Condition

The story of X: The Human Condition reflects the real life experience of writer/composer and vocalist of X: THC, Michael Nova, who battled against Chronic Kidney Disease, Uveitis and Pigmentary Dispersion Syndrome causing the loss of his vision during the making of this film. He has since fully recovered.

This production is being presented through HERE’s Autumn Artist Lodge, which provides artists with subsidized space and equipment, as well as technical and administrative support. Since 1993, the OBIE-winning HERE Arts Center has been a premier arts organization in NYC and a leader in the field of new, hybrid performance work. Under leadership of Founding Artistic Director Kristin Marting and Producing Director Kim Whitener, HERE has served over 12,000 emerging to mid-career artists developing work that does not fit a conventional programming agenda. Work presented at HERE has garnered 14 OBIE awards, an OBIE grant for artistic achievement, three Drama Desk nominations, two Berrilla Kerr Awards, three NY Innovative Theatre Awards, an Edwin Booth Award and a Pulitzer Prize nomination. HERE proudly supports artists at all stages in their careers through full productions, artist residency programs, festivals and subsidized performance and rehearsal space. Work at HERE is curated based on the strength and uniqueness of the artist’s vision. HERE’s Artist Residency Program (HARP) provides development, commissions and full production for up to 20 artists over one-to-three years. In 2005, with the support of the FJC, a foundation of donor advised funds, Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and the City of New York, HERE Arts Center purchased its long-time home as part of a five-year “Secure HERE’s Future” campaign. With full-scale renovations to the space concluding in June 2008, thanks to generous support from the City of New York, HERE is poised to continue and expand its role as a downtown haven for the finest emerging art. Offering a comfortable, eclectic setting for artists and audiences alike, HERE features a new café and two state-of-the-art performance spaces.

For press information about X: The Human Condition and X: THC, please contact Harvey B. at 212-691-8519 or email to: and visit

For tickets, please visit or call 212-352-3101.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

MusicDishTV: Classical Vocal Performance by Wilhelm Pfeiffer of 'Lob der Faulheit'

Classical vocalist Wilhelm Pfeiffer showcases his stunning talents with "Lob der Faulheit" (composed by Joseph Haydn, libretto by Gotthold E. Lessing), accompanied by Larissa Swarovsky on the piano. Pfeiffer's vocal range is quite extensive, allowing him to project a playful tenor, powerful bass, and everything in between. Pfeiffer's colorful voice is complimented by Swarovsky's light, yet passionate rendition of Haydn's composition. This performance was recorded on March 13th, 2009 at Musikschule St. Pφlten, A-3100 St. Pφlten, Austria.

'Lob der Faulheit' ('In praise of laziness') - Hob XXVIa:22
Composed by Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
Libretto by Gotthold E. Lessing (1729-1781)
Phonogram producer: the noeck records, Vienna/Austria
Video produced by Weissfeder Studios,

Currently signed with the Noeck Records, Wilhelm Pfeiffer has more songs at

September 26, 2009 will see 2 Internet radio stations on 2 continents team up for a syndicated broadcast of Classical artists Wilhelm Pfeiffer & Larissa Swarovsky's live performance recording of rare Haydn and Mozart arias and art songs.
Studio 4D - New York City, NY, USA
Radio AustroWelle - Vienna, Austria

E2D Introduces Songvoo 1.0 For IPhone And IPod Touch

Hollywood, California - Elements2Dance (E2D) today is proud to introduce songvoo(TM) 1.0, their new iPod app and music companion for iPhone and iPod Touch. Developed specifically to leverage the iPhone's unique capabilities and interface, songvoo uses the entire display for the song title and artist of the current playing song. Users also can choose stylish themes to match their taste and lifestyle. songvoo serves as a great iPod companion for both casual user and music professionals alike, or anyone who has a large, constantly changing music collection to stay on top of.

"I developed songvoo originally to fill a need for my own enormous and constantly growing music collection." said Jokton Strealy, resident DJ of E2D. "The included iPod app was not enough for my needs because the text seemed too small, and song names and artists appeared got cut off for lack of space because the album cover art is so big. I also felt that the interface needed to be more fun and look stylish. Apple opening up version 3.0 of the iPhone OS allows so much more freedom. Although created for music professionals, songvoo allows for extensive user customization which will appeal to a wider audience."

Perfect for jogging, driving, and many other active diversions, the large, easy-to-read display shows at-a-glance exactly what song is playing and who the artist is. songvoo will look great in a car-mount or speaker dock. It even responds to all external remote controls like next song, previous song, pause, and play, including control from Apple's earbud remote.

songvoo features intuitive, yet incredibly useful controls and work great no matter what the users orientation is to the screen, such as when the device is in an armband, or even when driving. Just tap once to play or pause, double-tap the screen to go to the next track, or go to the previous track with a triple-tap. songvoo also shows elapsed and remaining time for the currently playing track, along with a slider that can be used to skip sections or replay a certain part.

Users can choose a new playlist (or songs) from their iPod library at any time, as well as choose music in the iPod app if they prefer, and bounce back and forth between apps with no problem. Additionally, it is possible to personalize songvoo in the settings application. Change font, colors, background image, or enable the shake to randomize feature and set these automatically.

Molten Mike To Give FREE SONG To Active Duty Military And Veterans

Tampa Bay, Florida - Molten Mike is opening his Summer Tour with a concert at the 13th Annual Seminole Summer Evening Concert series on Friday Sept. 18, 2009 at the Seminole City Park, 7464 Ridge Road, Seminole, Florida from 7 - 9 PM. At this event any Active Duty Soldier or Veteran will receive a complimentary CD or Download card for his new single song "Thank a Soldier" while supplies last.

"Molten Mike has been busy at ESP studios in Pinellas Park and has just released two new singles "One Little Love" which is a country wedding waltz, and "Thank a Soldier" which is a tribute to all past, present and future soldiers." said Randall Ierna, Publisher and Executive Producer. "Molten Mike has had 4 - #1 Albums in 5 catagories at, has toured Australia twice and played for 7 years for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers pre-game entertainment. He has also played over 4,000 gigs including over 100 at the legendary House of Blues in Orlando Florida and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. His music has been used on ABC sports and in the movie "Steal Wheels". Mike has also appeared on a Pugsley Buzzard music video, in Australia playing the part of "Pliars" I am pleased at all of Mike's accoplishments and feel that his foray into Country Music will propel Mike to another level in his career. Mike is a consumate Showman, Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter and puts out a powerful performance whether as a single or with his Group." concluded Randall.

The new album "I'm All In", my sixth, is progressing nicely and the songs are coming to me thick and fast." said Molten Mike during a recent recording session. "I have put together some very talented artists for these new songs and we are working diligently to capture the essence of Americana and Country genres on this work. I am excited about being able to unveil several of these new songs at the Seminole Concert." concluded Molten Mike.

Molten Mike's music is available to the public at,,, and dozens of other download sites.

Find out more by visiting his official website at

DJ's can download radio quality MP3's by going to

Molten Mike is currently seeking representation for his upcoming United States tour.

Monday, August 31, 2009

onseeker Music Presents The Ultimate Music-Lover’s Hook-Up For Fans, Artists, And Venues!

Houston-based start-up announces onseeker™ music is now available free to consumers at the iTunes App Store. The new iPhone app connects fans, artists, and venues in ways never experienced before. onseeker™ music is the "how" to the "who, what, when, and where" for music and entertainment. Using the mobile platform, onseeker™ music provides the unique benefit of real-time interaction between fans, artists, and venues using full multimedia profiles, status updates, location-based content, and more.

Subscriber artists and venues control content and receive consumer-generated feedback, metrics, and analytics that offer intimate insight into tastes and user trends previously unavailable.

The feature-rich app is growing and changing daily as new artist and venue subscribers populate the platform with profiles, show dates, and new media content. Plans are currently underway to offer the onseeker ™music app through all major smartphones including Google Android, Palm Pre, Blackberry, WindowsOS, and Nokia.

Create a profile or learn more about it at