Saturday, May 16, 2009

Deadline Approaching For 14th Annual USA Songwriting Competition

Deadline of the 14th Annual USA Songwriting Competition is fast approaching. Winning songs of the Competition will receive airplay on a nationally syndicated radio program "Acoustic CafĂ©" as well as XM Satellite Radio. This is the first Songwriting Competition that gives airplay to the winning songs, giving deserving bands, songwriters the recognition and exposure they deserve. Entrants stand to win a grand prize of over US$50,000 in cash and music gear from sponsors such as Sony, D’Addario Strings, Ibanez Guitars, Audio-Technica, IK Multimedia, Cakewalk and more, making this the largest prize package for any annual songwriting competition.

Many USA Songwriting Competition winners in the past have received recording and publishing contracts, have their songs placed on the charts as well as having their songs placed on film and television. 2008 Overall Grand Prize Winner Jordan Zevon was signed to New West Records and appeared on TV program "Late Night With David Letterman". 2007 Overall Grand Prize Winner Ari Gold had his winning song "Where The Music Takes You" hit #10 on the Billboard Dance Charts. 2005 First Prize winner (Pop) Kate Voegele was signed to Myspace/Interscope Records the year after she won and had her song at #68 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. Darrell Scott, winner of the country category of the 2005 USA Song writing Competition had his winning song cut by award winning country singer Faith Hill. Judges include A&R managers from record labels such as Warner, Capitol Records, Universal, BMG/SONY Music.

Sponsors include Sony, Audio-Technica, Ibanez Guitars, D'Addario Strings, New Music Weekly, Cakewalk, Sonicbids and Sam Ash Music Stores. Songs may be entered in 15 different categories including Pop, Rock/Alternative, R&B and Country. Entries are accepted from now through May 29, 2009.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Free electro MP3 from Polarity/1: 'Bring On The Sudz'

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Polarity/1 - "Bring On The Sudz" (Speechless)
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"With his minimal sound in a complex format, Polarity/1 gives you a huge musical massage. Notes seem to rise out from a basket of fresh fruit and everywhere you can 'see' these mystical exotic sounds. While the first part of 'Bring On The Sudz' is a funky house disco inferno, a saxophone suddenly brings you back to the roots moving to an acid jazz feel. Towards the middle, the song performs jungle-type beats with animated saxophone solos giving the feeling that a new direction is afoot. After 30 seconds of this, it's back on track in 'pithecanthropus' style. Polarity/1 then brings more change, providing listening clarity to a fusion of musical styles. 'Bring On The Sudz' finishes with it's acid jazz signature. Polarity/1 forges his song like a clay sculpture. Orchestrating centrifugal instrumental forces. Absolutely genius." - Nicholas Guida

The album SPEECHLESS by Polarity/1 changes the colors of the room. Things happen. Cheesy cultural artifacts sprinkled on sarcastic spaghetti. Mood music for non-linear equations and unlikely postures. Doesn't require drug-ingestion... IS drug ingestion. The grooves moves and the sex is textural. Beat science for curved dancefloor.

The music of NYC-based POLARITY/1 is exactly what the name suggests: conjoined opposites -- a mash up of new: cutting edge electronica/hip hop/nu-jazz and old; roots music of America (blues, funk, country, early jazz), Brazil (samba, pagoda, etc.) and West African groove science.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kerchoonz Social Media Network Backs Illegal File-Sharing Legislation

Following on from the jail sentence handed out to illegal file-sharers, Pirate Bay, by a Swedish court, the UK's top creative industries are lobbying the government to take a firmer stance on persistent file-sharers, according to BBC news.

Up until now, the UK government has not had, it appears, the inclination to penalise such users, quoting such comments as, "We can't have a system where we're talking about arresting teenagers in their bedrooms", instead preferring to place the onus on ISP providers, setting a target of reducing the problem by at least 70% over the next few years, without publicly seeming to actually take any direct action.

The media industry, in the meantime, is being hit hard, with statistics quoting an estimated one billion music tracks and 98 million films being shared illegally in 2007 alone.

In a direct attempt to combat illegal file sharing and compensate artists,, launching next month, is the first integrated social networking and media site to legally enable streaming and download of music, videos and online games, whilst paying the featured artists and creators of music. Its founders, Indiana Gregg and Ian Morrow, themselves Glasgow-based musicians, are ardent supporters of the campaign to introduce firm legislation towards protecting copyright on the internet.

Indiana says: "Free media comes with a price tag and sites who are profiting from the use or exchange of copyright works without compensating the rights holders are simply robbing the livelihood of artists and not only that, they are destroying any chance for new artists and bands to raise funds and investments in their music and/or get record deals. Nobody will want to invest in new music in the future if security isn't tightened on the web."

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MusicDishTV: This Is A Shakedown! - Circles

The first music video ever made with Apple Mac Book's Photo Booth. On March 20th, 2009, This Is A Shakedown! recorded their music video for "Circles" at Ante Up Audio in Cleveland, Ohio using 21 borrowed Apple Mac Books. This incredible video was filmed and edited by Bryan Porter of Enigma Digital Media Productions. This is their first underground video that will never be released on television due to the intense strobing effects.

Free Hip Hop MP3 from Carvelli: 'The Movement'

Italian-Canadian entrepreneur and producer Carvelli is one multi-talented, multi-faceted individual. Having already had great success with a fashion line, and forming his own independent label in 2000, Carvelli has further expanded into the musical arena, bursting onto the scene with his own Italian/Hip-hop/Rap song called 'The Movement.'

Download Free MP3 of Carvelli's "The Movement"
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'The Movement' begins with a nice Italian godfather-like introduction which then explodes into a real jam with a nice beat. Carvelli stays true to his heritage throughout the track as he talks about his Italian heritage and "the movement" that he hopes to see his fellow Italian singer/songwriters follow, speaking their minds through music on issues that affect them. 'The Movement' is about expressing the pride of being Italian, and bringing that flavor to the Hip-Hop scene in a classy manner. Carvelli seems to manage that quite comfortably with a strummed mandolin, violin, and euro-dance synths.

Let's go, come follow the movement/
Start with the music/
Everybody let's do this

Just out of curiosity, I asked several young hip hop/rap fans to listen to the song and they all liked it, which says a lot. I appreciate the fact that 'The Movement' isn't filled with profanity and vulgarity. It definitely sounds like a song you'd hear in a New York club - versatile, fresh, and funky

- Review by Michele Wilson-Morris

Alexander Shulgin's "Triptych" Leverages NING Platform

In anticipation of the digital release of jazz compilation "Triptych. Shulgin's Songbook" by The Orchard, MusicDish Network announced the launch of Alexander Shulgin pages on several jazz social media sites on the NING platform. The profiles feature tracks from all three of the compilation's albums as well as videos, updates on Shulgin's music and sign-up to his newsletter.

* Smooth Jazz Space
* The Jazz Network Worldwide
* Washington DC Jazz Network
* Jazz and Bossa
* The Global Jazz Network

With inventive use of the Spanish nylon strung acoustic guitar as a main lead instrument, "Triptych. Shulgin's Songbook" conjures up sunsets in Spain and peaceful sunshine bathed fields swaying in the breeze. There is a blend of modern Chillout styles and some more Urban sounding Jazz tinged opuses on this album - music to have a warm bath in. This compilation is one for every Shulgin fan's collection, as well as those who simply enjoy the pleasant atmosphere it creates.

"Triptych. Shulgin's Songbook. Part I" is a fusion between jazz and easy listening, suitable for every situation - background music, cozying up with your lover, or just chilling out and relaxing. This is, of course, a tribute to the notable line-up of notable English instrumentalists, including guitarist Paul Drew, drummer John Howeels, keyboardist Simon Rushby, bassist Steve King, saxophonist Chris 'Beebe' Aldridge, and backing vocalist Laura Whittel. Recorded in spring 2008 at DWB Music record studio in the UK, the album was produced by young English producers Paul Drew, Greig Watts and Pete Barringer.

"Triptych. Shulgin's Songbook. Part II" - a piano album produced by Richard Niles and performed by well-known jazz multi-instrumentalist Gary Husband in a "minimalist" style. What makes the album most effective is the combination of Shulgin's strong compositions along with the creative interpretation of these compositions by Husband, complement each other and mesh into a strong album. The last track, entitled "Woman's Happiness Theme" features the guitar playing of Martin Taylor, a well-known British jazz guitarist, whose warm and clean sound adds a welcome and long-overdue new layer to the sound of the acoustic piano.

"Triptych. Shulgin's Songbook. Part III" - was made in a "smooth jazz" style, recorded together with the most famous worldwide jazz musicians: Billy Cobham, John Patitucci, Bob James, Bob Mintzer and others. The material was recorded during spring and summer of 2007 at New-York and London studios. The legendary Richard Niles, who before had worked with Luciano Pavarotti, Paul McCartney, Pat Matini, The Pet Shop Boys group, was a producer of the album.

About Alexander Shulgin
Alexander Shulgin is a leading composer, performer and executive in the new Russian music industry, having worked with such iconic artists as Valeria, Mumiy Troll, Dima Malikov, and many others. Mr. Shulgin owns and operates Familia Entertainment, a record label, and Familia Publishing, a publishing company.

Shulgin began his career with the legendary Russian rock band The Cruise (1983-1986), which sold 20 million copies of their first album in 1985. He went on the work on a series of international projects, from "The Taiga Symphony," a combination of Russian classic music with western rock-music performed by The Moscow Symphony Orchestra, to "Merry Christmas to the World", another ambitious East-West collaboration between Shulgin and BBC Worldwide. Shulgin is also a composer of music for films and TV, his songs appearing in films by Lukas Moodysson and Ken Russell, the TV music serial "Primadonna" as well as all the music for the first public TV channel "Spas" for which he composed.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Kerchoonz Live Episode 1 - Donna Marie

The winner of the December Kerchoonz plays & download contest performs an amazing set in front of an 'invite only' audience at Kerchoonz Live #1 in the House Of Rock Studios, Glasgow.

"Everyone involved did a great job, lots of hard work had gone into the first Kerchoonz live event! I feel very humbled to have won the competition. Ian Morrow has a great studio. It was cool to see all the platinum records on the wall! He has produced so many albums that I listened to when I was younger. Quite surreal at times." - Donna Marie

About Kerchoonz, currently live in beta and scheduled for official launch in June, is a revolutionary social networking site which allows musicians to upload their music and be paid for every stream and every download of their music. Bands can opt to offer their music either for free download, or simply allow it to be heard through streaming on the site with 'buy' buttons next to every track.

MP3: Winifred Adams' You Are My Rose

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Winifred Adams's You Are My Rose
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"The first thing one notices about artist Winifred Adams is her striking resemblance to a young Christie Brinkley. Blonde and beautiful, for this particular track, Adams sings country music in the traditional style from the Johnny Cash/Loretta Lynn era. She has a clear alto voice, and "You Are My Rose" is her tribute to mothers. Heartfelt and sincere, this track is about lasting love and the strength it gives you to go on, even through difficult times. Her voice is accompanied by an acoustic guitar, steel guitar, and keyboards."

"I love listening to your heart/
To the sweetness of the beat/
There's a soul in the rhythm/
Like a song made for me/

I love listening to your heart/
Every breath that you take/
Brings light in my life/
That I can't mistake/

My world has blossomed/
Like a flower so sweet/
You are my rose, a beauty that grows/
You are my rose."

This part of the song reminds me of a child lying against her mother and feeling the calming, soothing peace that only a mother can give.

"And my world has blossomed/
Life a flower so sweet/
From where this love flows/
God only knows, you are my rose/

From where this love flows/
Only God knows, you are my rose."

I really like these lyrics because only a mother's love is truly unconditional love, and Winifred Adams seems to bring that out here.
- Michele Wilson-Morris