Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Free Hip Hop MP3 from Carvelli: 'The Movement'

Italian-Canadian entrepreneur and producer Carvelli is one multi-talented, multi-faceted individual. Having already had great success with a fashion line, and forming his own independent label in 2000, Carvelli has further expanded into the musical arena, bursting onto the scene with his own Italian/Hip-hop/Rap song called 'The Movement.'

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'The Movement' begins with a nice Italian godfather-like introduction which then explodes into a real jam with a nice beat. Carvelli stays true to his heritage throughout the track as he talks about his Italian heritage and "the movement" that he hopes to see his fellow Italian singer/songwriters follow, speaking their minds through music on issues that affect them. 'The Movement' is about expressing the pride of being Italian, and bringing that flavor to the Hip-Hop scene in a classy manner. Carvelli seems to manage that quite comfortably with a strummed mandolin, violin, and euro-dance synths.

Let's go, come follow the movement/
Start with the music/
Everybody let's do this

Just out of curiosity, I asked several young hip hop/rap fans to listen to the song and they all liked it, which says a lot. I appreciate the fact that 'The Movement' isn't filled with profanity and vulgarity. It definitely sounds like a song you'd hear in a New York club - versatile, fresh, and funky

- Review by Michele Wilson-Morris

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