Saturday, December 30, 2017

Pablo Miramontes Popularly Known As "Talent" Releases His First New Single Music Track "NIGHTLIFE"

Pablo Miramontes popularly known as TALENT, a Las Vegas multi-talented fast rising music artist that is known for evoking high flying deeds when it comes to making a difference through music, proudly announces the release of his first single music track "NIGHTLIFE" this September. The talented hip hop entertainer has finally dropped the single track after much demand from his loyal and esteemed fans.

Pablo(TALENT) a promising music artist started his music career at the tender age of nine(9) in the church choir that he and his family attend in Compton California. He was so gifted that his talent cannot be hidden at that tender age hence that brought the name "Talent". The beautiful voice and his command of music have not diminished with age rather it has greatly improved and strengthened with the additional maturity to get the attention of music lovers in Las Vegas, the city he moved to with his family at age 17 which enable him to pursue a professional music career.

"This particular music track is the coming together of my passion and love for music," says Talent when talking about the track to be released. He further made it known that "the track has been a professional blend and deliver to cut across all social class, no matter your social class you can identify with the music."

Talent has the intutional instinct for music, he fully understands music and the way to compose and mix music to give a redefined experience. His rich voice delivers music in a unique and sensational way and this made his fans crave for the release of his first single. The extraordinary features shown by Talent has been backed up by the influence of the American R&B singer Brain Mcknight a singer, song writer, producer, an instrumentalist that plays eight(8) instruments. Pablo is taking over the wheels of the music industry with his talent and hard work.



Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Multi-Platinum Rock/Country Songwriter Kevin Fisher (Rascal Flatts, Sara Evans) Puts His Beer Goggles On, Pops A Top And Says 'Beer Me' On His First Full-Length Album

Kevin Fisher ( has two words and 12 songs for all country-rock fans needing to de-stress after a long, hard day at work: BEER ME!

After years finding success as a country music songwriter but toiling somewhat anonymously behind the scenes, the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and "almost famous" rocker plays conduit to the gods of suds, channeling their glory while taking center stage as an artist with his full-length debut on 37 Records / McJames Music.

Awash in hops and foam, playful metaphors and witty storytelling, 'Beer Me!' is a clever, powerfully rocking, fun and freewheeling, but often heartfelt, musically eclectic joyride of 12 tracks celebrating the magical powers of brew - when someone sees life through beer goggles, the adjectives flow freely!)

Some of these infectious titles will make you laugh, and that's as much the point as sharing the heartbreak of the collection's lone ballad "Beer Blue Sky." You can't help but have a party listening to songs like "Beer Me," "I Wish You Were Beer," "Dog Beers," "Better Beer," "Beerly Beloved," "Beer Thirty," "Beer in the Fridge," "To Beer or Not To Beer" (Kevin's ode to Shakespeare and his English Major days) and "I Like Beer." And no suds-centered collection would be complete without a shout out like "Last Call."

For Kevin, reality and crafty marketing mythology meet at the moment where producer Steven McClintock and the gang at 37 Records found him, sitting on a fence between rock and roll and country. The myth is that he couldn't decide between Chardonnay and beer and he was toiling in a band called Hank Zeppelin. The reality is that Kevin's been in bands since the '90s, when his folk/rock group Naked to the World became the "most endorsed unsigned band in history."

But let's go with the fun stuff. He was in a constant state of confusion about what to listen to, what to drink and what to play. So there Kevin sat, box of wine on his left and a twelve pack on his right. More likely, after a day of serious songwriting, he was de-stressing with his favorite beers. His actual favorites are Sierra Nevada and Newcastle, but more mainstream brews like Coors Light or Pabst Blue Ribbon will do in a pinch. He paid for them, and bought rounds for the whole bar with the royalties from having his songs cut by multi-platinum country music greats like Rascal Flatts, Sara Evans and Uncle Kracker and getting his babies played on "True Blood," "Pretty Little Liars," "Brotherhood" and "America's Funniest Home Videos."

All of a sudden, out of the Beer Blue Sky, a vision of Hank William Shakesbeer showed up with two tall icy cold cans of beer. Billy Shakesbeer hovered over Kevin and spoke these words, "Son, pop a top and let country be your rock. If you can't find it in Country music and beer you can't find it.

Then came the glorious epiphanies of McClintock's partner, Tim James, and Kevin, which inspired the creation of 'BEER ME'. Kevin's life now had meaning: beer. Kevin's life now had purpose: beer. Kevin's thirst now had been quenched: beer. In turn, he wants to tell all country-rock fans who love recent classics like Toby Keith's feisty "Red Solo Cup" and Luke Bryan's haunting "Drink A Beer": Quench YOUR thirst: Drink in this 12 pack and BEER ME!

Kevin has been signed with McJames Music, the publishing company owned by McClintock and James, for four years. He released his Americana oriented debut EP 'A Beautiful Thing' in 2015. Along the way, he came up randomly with a few beer-oriented songs and thought about the way country music goes in waves – sometimes being driven by party/drinking songs, other times not. Realizing those kinds of tunes have been popular lately, he responded with a few brew-filled tunes. He had stockpiled four when McClintock suggested he create a whole album of them.

Kevin says, "My attitude was, broad genres like country, rock and Americana don't line up anymore, so maybe it's time to create a whole new subgenre. Jimmy Buffet's got his Parrotheads, and has cornered the market on island rock or trop rock. Maybe 'Beer Me' can be the start of what we can call 'Libation rock.'"

The singer's many connections ensured that this Nashville and Los Angeles production would include some of the industry's top session and touring players, including guitarists Brent Mason (George Strait, Alan Jackson, Zac Brown Band, Blake Shelton) and John Jorgenson (Elton John, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash) and keyboardist Buddy Hyatt (Collin Raye, Johnny Lee, The Bellamy Brothers).

Instagram: @beerme.kf


Veteran Recording Artist Jerri BoKeno Rekindles Holiday Jewel "This Christmas"

It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas. Veteran recording artist Jerri BoKeno is rekindling the holiday jewel "This Christmas," originally recorded in 1970 by renowned Grammy-winning soul singer Donny Hathaway.

Released by New York City-based Young Pals Music Monday, December 17, to all major download and streaming sites, the song expresses the joy of the season, as BoKeno sings with glee: "Hang all the mistletoe, I'm gonna get to know you better, This Christmas/And as we trim the tree, How much fun it's gonna be together this Christmas."

The joyous anthem, written by Hathaway and Nadine Theresa McKinnor, has the distinction of being released twice, first on Atco Records in 1970. The song then became a holiday staple after being included in 1991 on Atco's revised edition of a 1968 Soul Christmas compilation album. Since, it has since been covered by the likes of Christina Aguilera, Destiny's Child, Chicago, Pentatonix and Mary J. Blige. ASCAP reports it as the 30th most-performed holiday song of all time.

The acclaimed BoKeno, meanwhile, has recorded, performed and written with a stellar group of artists, including John Lennon, Cher and Michael McDonald. She was signed to Phil Spector and recorded "Here It Comes And Here I Go Again" for his Spector International Label. The single was an international hit and featured on BBC's Top Of The Pops.

Adding their talents to the new recording of "This Christmas" are a host of professional New York City-based musicians: live drums from Mike Sorrentino, bass and horn section from Carras Paton, classical guitars by Emre Yilmaz, acoustic and electric guitars by Gene Blank and piano from Tom Gallaher. Artwork photography for BoKeno's release comes courtesy of renowned artist Matt Blodgett.

Ayhan Sahin, Young Pals Music founder & CEO, notes, "Talk about divine inspiration. My dear friend Bo recently took me out to dinner for my 50th birthday and we started talking about recording a Christmas song. She knew exactly what she wanted to cover—and within days we had assembled our dream team of musicians. We started recording on thanksgiving morning in a deserted Manhattan studio, and the rest of the production followed it in less than a week. It's a classic song, but I am so pleased... this version sounds brand new."

Adds BoKeno, "'This Christmas' is one of my most beloved Christmas songs... I love the fact that I not only had the opportunity to record one of my favorites, but also to give it a new twist, thanks to the amazing new arrangement with these musicians live in the studio. I am thrilled."



Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Durwood Haddock Releases New Original Christmas Songs

Over the years all sorts of Christmas characters have evolved that everybody loves and these two performances are a couple you are sure to fall in love with as well.

"SANTA GOT STUCK IN THE CHIMNEY":Daddy's do their best to keep the image of Santa and Christmas intact. Unfortunately for one Daddy who went a little too far, he wound up stuck in the chimney. "SANTA CLAUS JR" has Santa not feeling up to par and Santa Jr., all the little elves and reindeer have to take charge and see that all the little children are not disappointed at Christmas. Kids and grown-ups as well, will love Santa Clause, Jr. and they'll love Daddy too!