Friday, May 11, 2012

Texas Singer-Songwriter Brian Kalinec Releases A New CD: The Fence

Award-winning Houston Texas-based Americana/folk singer-songwriter Brian Kalinec’s new CD, The Fence, released in May, is the follow-up to Last Man Standing, his 2007 Berkalin Records debut. The Fence is a collection of stories in song that relate to the value of work and/or effort in one way or another. – from building a fence to cutting stone, from choosing a career over a relationship to losing a job, from homelessness to home repairs, from Teddy Roosevelt’s star-crossed river adventure in the jungles of South America to a woman whose life is forever affected by her boyfriend’s poor choices. In his descriptive and poignant, yet musically accessible songs that were penned over the last several years, effort is sometimes rewarded and sometimes ignored, and taking the easy way out usually leads to disaster. And sometimes the less fortunate are just simply ignored. “In this 100th anniversary of Woody Guthrie’s birth, these songs resonate in our own times,” maintains noted folksinger-songwriter Tom Pacheco, who wrote the album’s liner notes. “I’m sure Woody would have loved them. [Brian] sings, writes, and plays so seamlessly that it feels these songs have always been there.” Indeed, the album’s title track, a song celebrating our spirit of self-reliance, took second place in the 2008 Woody Guthrie Song Contest. “Demons Falling Down,” another song on the album, captured first place in the Songwriter Serenade. A Beaumont native, Kalinec’s East Texas roots have combined with his urban experiences in Houston to form his own particular view of the world, which is reflected in his songs. “While I feel a strong connection to each of the album’s 11 original songs (including one co-written with Connie Mims), I have special empathy with the characters who find themselves in dire situations through no real fault of their own, as in “Stranger in this Line” and “Creosote,” says Kalinec. “It is also quite obvious that I value hard work,” he continues, noting that both “The Fence” and “Uncle Joe” celebrate the spirit of self-reliance. “However, we are each morally responsible to aid the less fortunate among us. I believe that is the true message here.” The CD also includes a cover of “A Song I Heard,” written by guitarist Maury Muehleisen, who died with Jim Croce in a plane crash before he could focus on his own career. Produced by Kalinec and veteran producer/engineer Michael Mikulka at Mikulka’s Lucky Run Studios, The Fence also features Merel Bregante (Loggins & Messina, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) on drums and percussion; Patterson Barrett (Jerry Jeff Walker, Buddy Miller, Nanci Griffith) on dobro, steel and mandolin; Rankin Peters on bass; Berkalin recording artist Matt Harlan, a rising star in the Americana and folk world and winner of the 2011 Telluride Song Competition; Mims, a prolific songwriter and former member of the group Wheatfield; Cathy -Anne McClintock, a Canadian-born multi-award-winning folk and Americana artist; Kerrville New Folk Finalist B. Sterling Archer on cello and trumpet on several tracks; Allisong Smith on backing vocals; Jeff Duncan on fiddle; Jeff Chambers on vocals; Carolyn Wallace on vocals; Jim Kam on Chapman Stick; Sandy Buller on bowed bass; and Bill Ward, Andi and Ren Renfree of the Texas Music Award-winning group Two-Bit Palomino contributing piano and vocals. Kalinec is past president of the venerable Houston Songwriters Association and co-produced its annual Sonny Throckmorton Songwriters Festival during the 1990s. He has been performing steadily for more than a dozen years, having been invited to perform at many house concerts, coffeehouses and festivals in Texas and across the U.S., including the famed Kerrville Folk Festival. In 2010, Kalinec participated in the “Shoulder to the Stone” project benefiting the Haitian relief effort and was among the artists on the compilation CD which was recognized as “Event of the year” during the 2012 Texas Music Awards. He also has been a winner in the Big Top Chautaqua Song Contest (2008) and a finalist in numerous other songwriting competitions, while his music has been featured on ABC News’ World News Now. A recipient of the “My Texan” Award at the 2012 Texas Music Awards for his support of the music and musicians of the state, Brian has produced a number of projects for other artists in addition to his own CDs. These include the late Tim Henderson’s final release, The Winds of Texas (2010). Henderson had said of Kalinec: “… Brian’s written a couple of songs that I’m plumb jealous of…” Copies of The Fence may be purchased online through,, and For more information and to hear a couple of the album’s songs, visit Free music download

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Alternative Country Group Soles Of Passion Release Their Acclaimed Debut Album 'Bump Me Up'

Soles of Passion is an alternative country band with a mission. The duo, composed of Myla Snow and Steven Wolfe, create country music about America and put it into context with the current socioeconomic climate of the country. Their songs on their just release debut album “BUMP ME UP” are full of hope and sympathize with Americans who have suffered economic hardships from the recession and faced foreclosure by merciless banks. Soles of Passion send an important message through electrifying political rock songs that is upbeat, honest and easy to dance to. There are no alternative country artists that create political rock songs quite like Soles of Passion. The country music about America they create inspires people who are in the process of losing, or have already lost their homes to fight back. The Freedom Assistance Foundation (FAF) was created by Soles of Passion to help those people take action. The FAF is a non-profit organization that sets Soles of Passion apart from other alternative country artists. Their political rock songs and country music about America work towards something important – not just a provoking sound, but a cause. Myla and Steven have made it their mission to secure relationships with a network of attorneys to help those stricken by foreclosure. The FAF offers applications for monetary grants made possible by Soles of Passion’s contributions and others who have joined their groundbreaking movement. One of Soles of Passion’s most exhilarating political rock songs is “Got Me Surrounded.” It’s country music about America that shows how political and financial deception was the cause of the collapsed economy and so much despair. It’s also about hope for a better day in such instances when Myla belts out with her fiery voice, “Revolution here to see it’s over now, don’t tread on me.” The forthcoming music video for “Got Me Surrounded” by these alternative country artists depicts the shocking reality of corruption spurred by the morally bankrupt financial institution’s greed, and its effects on Americans. Real footage, both unsettling and powerful, shows the harsh truth about how people have to live once they’re kicked out of their homes and onto the streets like animals. The new video by the alternative country artists also shows Myla’s and Steven’s skills as lively musicians. Myla, with jet black hair, a bowler hat and long legs, controls a raspy forceful voice that not even the merciless financial institutions would dare to cross. Her gestures and utterances give the political rock songs written by her and Steven a breath of life while Steven’s instrumentals give them a unique and catchy flow. Their country music about America is not only politically correct, but invigorating. Steven picks away at the guitar and strums the bass resolutely, intent on advancing the Soles of Passion’s music and mission. He’s a skillful instrumentalist and lyricist who stands tall and proud of the cause he represents. Soles of Passion are one of few alternative country bands that can enliven as well as enlighten listeners with their political rock songs. They create political rock songs while keeping their mission ahead of everything else. The music they create is a product of their efforts to aid fellow Americans who have lost their homes to corrupt financial institutions. This is why their political rock songs can’t be coined as just music. Soles of Passion is music with a mission. Mila and Steven are alternative country artists as well as humanitarians. In addition to creating country music about America and spreading awareness of crooked institutions as Soles of Passion, they help those who face foreclosure with the FAF. Their political rock songs represent something more than backwards politics as usual. They represent the idea that Americans are more powerful than the institutions that kicked them into the street. Their political rock songs inspire people to fight back and join their cause to resurrect the American’s right to economic fairness. They are alternative country artists who are one of a kind. Not only have these alternative country artists created a unique band, but they have taken an initiative to grow the idea that Soles of Passion represents with the FAF. The FAF turns Soles of Passion into something greater than a band that creates political rock songs. It turns Soles of Passion into a band that is truly passionate about the words they write and empower with harmony. The Soles Of Passion album is available on iTUNES. Email:

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

'Never Give Up,' Says Florida Rapper Stichs Da Boss With Fiery New Track

Out of Kissimmee, Florida comes the strong and original voice of rapper Stichs Da Boss. As the the economy flounders but the music industry's fantasy machine rolls on regardless, Stichs's new track 'Never Give Up' is speaking to an unheard audience. 'Never Give Up' was written in hard times. Stichs, aka Mykol Marte, had lost his job and custody of his daughter. Feeling that the world had pushed him aside, Stichs answered with a song that urges its listener to carry on fighting however unfavorably the odds are stacked. "The message never give up is for people who are suffering in the bad economy," he says. "It's for someone who never gives up and doesn't stop trying." This 29-year-old rapper is a compelling stand-out because, unlike the many other so-called "inspirational" songs which say you can get by on hope alone, "Never Give Up" tells the real story. Reminding us that persistence and realism are more important than dreamy naivete, Stichs raps: "Don't sit back and chill like the answers will find you/Let me remind you there's thousands just like you." But don't think the song is preachy: This rapper's lyrical skills make "Never Give Up" a pleasure to listen to just for pleasure's sake. It's just that the first person to get a boost from Stichs' authentically inspirational lyrics was the man himself. And despite his music's tough edge, it's also interesting to note Stichs eschews all profanity in his rapping. A father himself, he says he wants to make music parents can feel comfortable playing in front of their kids. Stichs Da Boss was born to Dominican parents in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up, he was a diligent student who loved poetry, an interest he would later transform into writing and rapping in both English and Spanish. Stichs is also a self-taught sound engineer. He built his own studio and recorded East New York rappers before moving south to Florida to start the Nothing But Classics music company with brother/manager King Rey, whom he credits for his success. Stichs continues to produce his own music, and recorded live instruments for "Never Give Up". "It gives a better sound," he says. "There's more quality because you have live instruments. I wanted to do something different to the other artists." "Never Give Up" can be heard at, and is available exclusively on Stichs Da Boss's Changed Man album. Email:

Monday, May 7, 2012

EDUBB To Release Full Length Project LEGENDS OF THE FALL May 4

EDUBB, Atlanta Hip-Hop Trio, known mostly for their risqué brand of “Party Music” (i.e. “Whooty” & “Rain Boots”) will unveil their first concept-driven, full length effort LEGENDS OF THE FALL May 4th which will be available exclusively on the group’s website for a limited time. This project captures a different, more eclectic side of EDUBB’s artistry, often foreshadowed by their love of Party Music. LEGENDS OF THE FALL features Universal Republic’s Jackie Chain, T-Mo Goodie from the Legendary GOODIE MOB, and features production from Jazze Pha, DJ Burn One, John Boy “On da Track”(producer of VIC “Wobble” and EDUBB’s party hits “Whooty” and “Rain Boots”, among others. Their first song and video released this past January, features long time music peer, Jackie Chain in “TOPSDROPBLADESCHOPPNMUZIK”. This video has since been featured on VLADTV, Thisis50, Worldstarhiphop and audio posted on many top music sites such as EDUBB then released two songs from the LOF project, “Extraordinary” produced by Collipark Music’s Mr. Hanky and “Beast Mode” produced by Flawless Tracks. Both records have received positive feedback from blogs such as DIRTYGLOVEBASTARD, BLVDST, GREENHITZ along with positive reviews from top Urban Djs: Hoodrich Djs “Pretty Boy Tank”, Dj Burn One, and Dj T-Roc of the Rocharder Djs. EDUBB plans on releasing five music videos from this project including the upcoming short film “The High Lullaby” which will premier the same day the project releases. This announcement comes on the heels of gaining international recognition as EDUBB announced their first European Tour throughout May and June. The indie trio mostly known for their risqué brand of “party music”, has gained more than 8 million total YouTube views for their Official VEVO Video and Viral media craze, “WHOOTY” aka “White Girl With a Booty”. The WHOOTY movement has since spanned internationally, becoming the Top 5 Most Viewed Video on MTV Germany. Their Underground Club Hit “RAIN BOOTS”, started gaining popularity in their hometown of Atlanta, and has since spread throughout clubs in the east and west coasts, and recently Vancouver, Canada. LEGENDS OF THE FALL will be available May 4 via, ITunes,, and Email:

Tony Adamo - Let Radio Be The Judge

Tony Adamo's 9 Miles of Blu was the #4 download for the last 60 days on Adamo reaches into the pre-rap turf of Gil Scott-Heron here with this seductive too-short flash memoir about how he discovered jazz and its legendary envelope-pushers—Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Mingus, Thelonius Monk, John Coltrane, Miles Davis. There’s energy and honor and wonder in Adamo’s words, especially in the fluid alliterative syncopated way the words reflect the inspiration that jazz gave him—as an artist, as a human being. Complementing his nimble vocals are former Herbie Hancock drummer Mike Clark and guitarist Steve Homan, both of whose equally homage-ist beats and licks, respectively, are clean but entirely their own.