Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Pop/Jazz Star Rises To Critical Acclaim In The Pacific Northwest

On the heels of a standing room only album-release show held at Portland's premier jazz club Jimmy Mak's, Naomi LaViolette prepares for the iTunes launch of her self-titled debut album, set for March 13, 2012. The album finds an acoustic niche between the worlds of folk singer-songwriter and jazz soulstress with ten original songs and fresh arrangements of George Gershwin's "Our Love Is Here to Stay" and Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now". Oregon Music News wrote, "LaViolette takes a classical jazz core and braids it together with lightly poppy overtones and smooth, mystical undertones... She really shines in her original tracks that have room to breathe, such as Fragile, Somewhere New to Stand, and Ocean." Compared to Sarah McLachlan, LaViolette skillfully weaves her training in classical piano performance and jazz standards with a variety of folk, soul, pop and gospel creating a musical vibe that is both vintage and current. She tells stories of falling in love, and staying in love, while striking a distinctive balance between heartbreak, soul-searching and hope. Produced and engineered by Dean Baskerville (Sheryl Crow, Everclear, Pink Martini), LaViolette fronts the album at the piano with lead and background vocals, synth creations and harmonica. Featured musicians include esteemed guitarist Tim Ellis (Craig Carothers, Aaron Meyer, Michael Allen Harrison), bassist Bill Athens (Nancy King, Mary Kadderly, Trio SubTonic) and drummer Jeramy Burchett (Dirt Poor Robins, 5 O'Clock People). Recording sessions were held at Kung Fu Bakery and Dead Aunt Thelma's recording studios. In addition to releasing her debut album, LaViolette recently performed her inaugural gig (Feb 24) at Portland's 9th annual Jazz Festival. PDX Jazz Fest Managing Director Don Lucoff discovered LaViolette as she performed at Portland’s Heathman Hotel and an invitation immediately followed. Pianist, singer-songwriter LaViolette is a Portland, Oregon native and earned a master's degree in classical piano performance from Portland State University. She studied with Portland jazz greats including Randy Porter and Darrel Grant. LaViolette also performs in the classical music scene, as the accompanist for the Oregon Repertory Singers since 2004 and as a chamber musician in Classical Revolution PDX and the Fleur-De-Lis Piano Trio. Preview the album LaViolette's hi-res photography and full bio Review LaViolette's album in full online

Aire Libre From Felice Clemente & Javier Perez Forte On Sale March 13th

Aire Libre, the latest release from critically acclaimed Italian saxophonist Felice Clemente and noted Argentine classical guitarist, composer and arranger Javier Perez Forte will be available digitally March 13th on Crocevia di Suoni Records. Utilizing elements of Jazz, Afro, South American and Classical music, this 10-song release is a stunning, instrumental collaboration between two celebrated artists. Aire Libre is the result of Clemente and Perez Forte's open and free conception of music that overcomes limits, stereotypes and barriers. Inspired by a cultural diversity, the album's variety of rhythms, and diverse instrumentation take the listener on a remarkable, global sonic journey. Throughout the Aire Libre, Clemente's superb mastery of the soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone and clarinet establish intricate dialogues with the Perez Forte's inspired classic guitar that communicate powerful emotion without words. "Each of the ten tracks on this CD invites us to live a different state of mind -- not only because of the variety of rhythm but also because of the several colors of sounds suggested by the different instruments," says Clemente. On the track "A Don Agustin Bardi" -- Clemente and Perez Forte's musical prowess creates a subtle, jazz-tinged "conversation" between sultry guitar chords and bright, spirited tenor sax that brings to mind a wise elder speaking with a young, spirited soul. The fluttering, gentle strains of tenor sax on "Chuku" soar like a butterfly lifting up the listener with their lilting progression. While the complex exchange between guitar and saxophone on "Lila," is punctuated by the steady pulse of a metronome. "The several compositions presented in this work do not correspond to pure musical genres. We take Jorge Luis Borges' words and make them our own when we say, "Happily, we don't belong to only one tradition. We can aspire to all of them,'" says Perez Forte. Clemente's previous release, Nuvole di Carta, received four stars from Downbeat Magazine, stating, "Nuvole di Carta is an excellent record that demonstrates that Clemente and his peers deserve wider recognition in the United States." # # # For additional information please visit:,, About BFM Digital, Inc. BFM Digital is a global digital music company committed to serving the independent music community and delivering quality music, spoken word and video content to leading online retailers worldwide. Representing a diverse catalog of indie labels, artists and publishers, BFM distributes to all of the major music services including iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, eMusic, Napster, Walmart, Nokia and many more. With an unparalleled commitment to personalized service, BFM works closely with their content providers from around the world to ensure maximum exposure of their catalog by customizing marketing efforts and building strong relationships with BFM's digital store partners.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Controversial Gay Rapper Prepares To Release Debut Mixtape This Week

Pittsburgh's rock/rap outfit ANOTHER ONE FOR THE FIRE is preparing to release one hell of a controversial mixtape onto this week. Fronted by Cocky Alcabez, a 24-year-old red-headed homosexual with a knack for pushing buttons and overstepping boundaries, ANOTHER ONE FOR THE FIRE burst onto the net this year with a slew of cutting-edge punk rock and commercially-accessable hip hop songs along with a semi-viral video advertisement professing Cocky's lust for Justin Bieber. Now, with their STRAIGHT FROM THE GUTTERS OF SHEOL mixtape, they're in full-offensive mode, with songs like "Willie," in which the mad rapper actually goes as far as to rap "F##k 2Pac, F##k Biggie, I'm the williest now, Cock-izzy. Turn down that Styles P, throw out that 50, its time the homophobic rap world fina feel me." On "Here'z Sum Cock 4 Ya" he fires shots at fellow Pittsburgh rappers Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, proclaiming himself to be the new king of the Steel City. Definitely NOT what you'd expect from the LGBT community, STRAIGHT FROM THE GUTTERS OF SHEOL is sure to be the most CONTROVERSIAL mixtape DatPiff has ever sponsored.

MusicDishTV Presents "Mucho Dolores" By Amarily

Amarily's "Mucho Dolores" is a hot, fast paced video that showcases her sweet voice and a strong mix behind her. She is mucho caliente, her style is cool, and her moves are sexy as she takes us all around the world chanting, "Mucho Dolores" because we all know that "Money makes the world go round/Makes you feel like the king of the town." The video is full of extravagant luxuries that we all wish we had - money, cars, jewels, and beautiful people in our midst. The video puts it all together and takes you on a fantastic voyage of music, sound, and sites. It's great dance music and the party people keep it moving in Latin attire. Money is the theme and it is well covered. This is fun music with a clever hook and a message everyone can agree with: "Money Makes The World Go Round."

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Former Pharmacist Turned Sound Healer, Niraj Naik Introduces The Alpha Mind Meditation System

Former pharmacist Niraj Naik was once perhaps the most unlikely candidate to promote meditation and anything as seemingly as far fetched as sound healing. A pill popper who also dispensed them as well for a living, he found his life spiraling out of control however. Unimaginable stress lead him to depression and a serious bout of ulcerative colitis, a very debilitating disease. Niraj had forsaken his music roots for a seemingly comfortable career in pharmacy. But the absence of inner peace was literally killing him. Until he said enough! Niraj began to pursue a path of healing that lead him not only back to his music roots, but also to the discovery of his alpha mind. Research led Niraj to uncover the finding that due to our busy lives we tend to operate in a beta mind state. Although very necessary for day to day functioning, staying in beta for too long can cause a host of problems such as stress related diseases, anxiety and even depression. The alpha mind however, is a natural state allowing more flow and relaxation. Today, the 30 something year old has not only healed himself, but is helping thousands of others as well with his knowledge of Ayurveda, nutrition and the development of a sound therapy meditation series he has tagged, The Alpha Mind System ( The Alpha Mind System is a personal empowerment program designed to help reach peak alpha brainwave states whenever needed, giving the mind a much needed recharge and refresh. A musician, meditation coach and online marketing expert, Niraj Naik has now entirely rebuked the pharmaceutical industry and traded in his pills for headphones! He is empowering others to do the same. While undergoing his miserable battle with ulcerative colitis, Niraj realized that by entering an alpha state of mind through music, he was able to deeply relax and completely de-stress. It was this stress management system that lead to the complete disappearance of his ailments. Returning to his music roots, he then formed the band amAya with his friend, Dr. Mrigank Mishra, and began producing spiritually awakening sounds, music and guided meditations. The band's overwhelming acceptance and success led to him developing his trademarked Trypnaural meditations. Trypnaural meditations feature an advanced form of brainwave entrainment using isochronic tones. Niraj went on to develop and build the Alpha Mind System as a step-by-step program that teaches not only newbie's, but also aids veteran meditators how to effortlessly reach an alpha state of consciousness. The alpha state is a scientifically proven state of mind where the brain is in a heightened and receptive mental state. This mental state has been associated with increased well-being, intensified creativity, inspiration, relaxation and peak performance. Niraj also discovered through his research a technique using special mantras known as "scientific prayers." When these mantras are repeated while in an alpha state, the brain will actually reprogram hard-wired negative beliefs and exchange them for the positive results wanted in life. This technique combined with his Trypnaural meditation music has produced a truly incredible system for producing amazing life success. "Meditation is becoming more and more mainstream throughout society," explains Niraj. "But so many people think they can't meditate. Generally many believe that they have to sit still in a dark room and that thought alone bores them. With the Alpha Mind System, the listener is guided through a step-by-step program that is stimulating and engaging. The music, which incorporates elements of trance, jazz, new age, tribal and nature sounds, is encoded with our special Trypnaural effects. You are a seductively lulled you into a relaxed but aware meditation state. All that one needs is a pair of headsets." The Alpha Mind System includes mp3's for downloading, visually stimulating videos for viewing, easy to read and digest e-books for additional information, and a community forum for social networking. The actual sessions are concise and easily managed time -wise, with some of the meditations only ten minutes in length. Music and marketing are a natural for Niraj. Before settling down as a pharmacist, Niraj led a roller coaster lifestyle, running one of the largest dance music events in the UK in the late '90's; setting up one of the longest running independent university societies, One Mission; and operating a successful independent record label. His Alpha Mind System taps into his inherent skills and launches them in a totally new and holistic direction. As a producer, Niraj Naik has composed music for healing centers, spas and therapists around the world. He scored the soundtrack for Madonna's yoga teacher, James d'Silva's latest DVD and his compositions have been found so powerfully effective that a healing spa named itself after his band, amAya. "I am so happy to be able to dispense mp3 tracks instead of pills in an effort to aid healing and comfort," reveals Niraj. "Sound therapy was instrumental in revitalizing my life and I know it can do the same for so many others." The Alpha Mind System is quickly becoming one of the most popular life transforming programs on the internet today. Created together by Niraj and his team of world-renowned scientists, musicians and physicians, with just 15 minutes a day, the system successfully fosters stress reduction, increased mind power, productivity, creativity and even intelligence. To tune into the Alpha Mind System and get a dose of aural deliciousness in these hectic times, listen in at then go to for more information.

Beware The Ides Of March, 2012

The Agency… ‘For the Brave and Troubled’ This week ‘The Agency…’ release their hotly anticipated debut album ‘For the Brave and Troubled’. Tracks are already getting airplay on internet radio stations across Europe and the US ahead of the official release on 15 March. A first video for the ‘intermission’ track ‘Noir’ is already available online, with videos a live video for ‘Carnivale’ and a big budget production for ‘Wolfman’ set to follow. The latter track is also due to be featured on the soundtrack of the forthcoming feature film “Bloodless”. The band includes members of ‘My Exit Music’ and features a number of guest contributions, including a surprising collaboration with dance music producer Aaron ‘Fonzerelli’ McClelland. It is an album that marries a powerful range of musical influences with folk storytelling to create an ambitious and musically dramatic piece. Compelling, cleverly twisted lyrics are delivered over rich heavily layered guitar based backdrops. Influences ranging from the Band to the Wizard of Oz, Leonard Cohen, Mogwai, Engleburt Humperdink and Sigur Ros make this an intriguing and spell-binding debut. ‘The Agency…’ are the most recent collective to record for the Solarbear Records label. Multi-instrumentalists Andy Ludbrook, Scott Wall and Steve Beyer and drummer Jason Blaney are members of ‘My Exit Music’ and appear on the tracks, as does the versatile Garry Cosgrove and singer/songwriter Steven K Driver. Elsewhere guest contributions add vital and thought-provoking components to the ambitious soundscape. Dance Music Producer Aaron ‘Fonzerelli’ McClelland contributes several samples and has remixed the track ‘Wolfman’ for a wider audience. It looks set to be a busy year for ‘The Agency’. There is a summer tour planned to support ‘For the Brave and Troubled’ and the band have already started work on a follow up album. As well as being available through the usual outlets for download, such as Itunes, Amazon and CD Baby, the CD is available for postage free purchase from the record company’s website. The album is available for download in full for press and radio until the 15th March. CD and other formats are available upon request. Solarbear Records and ‘The Agency…’ thank you for your good will and support. For further information, promo requests, to set up and interview or tour date(s) please contact Steven K Driver or +447979854010.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Traum Releases 'Mad Dreamz It's Only A Nightmare'

This is the long awaited release of Traum - Mad Dreamz it's only a nightmare due out May 2012 on Masta Mix Records Featuring Cormaga, Big Noyd, Lil Fame of M.O.P. and many more. It also includes production by Traum, Ayatollah and Ric Rude. This full length Cd is the follow up to the 2009 EP. This one is full of Queens bangers as well as many radio friendly joints like Back That Ass Up and What What. Credibility is crucial in any industry but when it comes to a music scene where "real recognize real" is the overriding mantra, New York native Traum walks it like he talks it. Bloodlines in Hip Hop's crowded family tree can be hard to explain but Traum's pedigree is nothing short of thoroughbred: born in the Bronx, the birthplace of the genre and then raised in Queens, Traum was practically destined for his current role as one of the east coast's hottest artists and most innovative independent label bosses. Since being recognized as one of Hip Hop's up-and-coming MC's Traum, under the umbrella of his own label Masta Mix Records, feels the time is right for the flava that Traum is spitting, the New York edge, the rawness, and ghetto-fabulous essence of Hip Hop are all here collated under the expert guidance of one of the scene's most trusted mentors. Listen to Traum's music Email:

Artist To Watch: Gay Rapper/Rocker Releases Singles Showcasing Talents

Pittsburgh's ANOTHER ONE FOR THE FIRE, fronted by 24-year-old "Cocky" Alcabez, released two singles on his Reverbnation and Bandcamp pages this week. The first, a mainstream, radio-ready hip hop jam entitled "Give U What U Want" is a solid introduction to what he's all about - fame, dough, and anything but the ladies. "Noone Likes You" is drastically different: A cutting edge, punk rock infused tantrum about the struggles of joblessness and morbidity within the Steel City. Website link

Monday, March 12, 2012

Pop Rock Group World5 Finding Radio Success On An International Level

With testimonials coming in from such radio station celebrities as Michael Damian, the award winning song "You and I" has been gaining global attention on the internet and is currently poised for commercial success. "’You and I’ from World5 is set to become one of the biggest hit singles of 2012.” states Gary Hendrix, CEO from the Independent Music Network. Grammy nominated celebrity Michael Damian, stated "One of my favorite new singles of the year so far is ‘You and I’ by World5". While recording songs for the band's upcoming debut album titled "Global Experience", the single (accompanied by an official music video) was released to a variety of community music websites and internet radio outlets. The reaction that followed was much better than originally anticipated, charting well and finding regular rotation over 60 stations internationally. The songs that will make up "Global Experience" were produced by 16-time nominated and 4-time Grammy winning producer Randy Miller, whose credits include the likes of Burt Bacharach and Destiny's Child. "I knew that 'You and I' was the single as soon as I heard it," states Miller as he discusses the quality of the song "It was so catchy and the chorus stayed with you." World5 is represented by Black Mountain Productions Inc. and the album “Global Experience" will be released through Island Def Jam Digital Distribution May 1st. Website: Music: Email: # # # ABOUT WORLD5: The band World5 consists of five close friends: Raimund Breitfeld (Gothenburg, Sweden), Don Bruner (San Diego, CA), Stephan Goessl (Munich, Germany), Steffen Goeres (Wellington, New Zealand), and Roland Childs (San Francisco, CA) who all have performed live together over the years but later found homes in separate countries. Having great chemistry and the advantage of the internet, the band is able to collaborate and create music while communicating via Skype. Producer Randy Miller heard the potential in their songwriting and wanted to work with the band, as did mastering professional Stephen Marcussen (Santana, Pete Yorn, John Hiatt).

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mike Joyce Teams Up With Wise Buddah For Online Video Pilot

Indie music DJ and former drummer with The Smiths Mike Joyce has teamed up with radio and branded-content production company Wise Buddah to produce an online video pilot of his popular radio feature the 'Blueprint Studios Sessions.' A staple part of 'Mike Joyce's Coalition Chart Show', a weekly radio show that is broadcast both on New York's East Village Radio and via the Internet, the 'Blueprint Studios Sessions' showcase recordings of live performances by up-and-coming bands. With the artists thrilled to meet "Mike Joyce from The Smiths" and also warming to his laid-back, affable interview style the sessions are already essential listening. By adding a video element to those successful ingredients - plus the high quality sound recording capabilities of the Blueprint Studios - it is hoped that the sessions can be taken to the next level and a much larger audience. Joyce said: "In usual radio sessions, and I've played drums on plenty of them myself, you're at the mercy of people that are just miking up a few things. With the Blueprint Studios Sessions we're recording in a studio environment and because the bands feel so relaxed we get them sounding absolutely fantastic. Also, I thought it would be nice to film it because the recording, the interviews and even just the hanging around can be quite interesting. As far as I am concerned I think it deserves to have more of a visual feel and that's what we've tried to do." The pilot episode, filmed and edited by Wise Buddah, features the young American three-piece indie pop band The Drums who play two tracks and chat with Joyce about their music and the music industry in general. With its simple but compelling format Joyce believes it is an idea that could attract sponsors and partners. "It's not rocket science," he said. "You have these incredible new bands, you have this fantastic sound and you have the visual. It is what it is: a simple format. I'm hoping that its simplicity will appeal to someone who can come in and take it to the next level where we can format it and get a couple of bands into each show. I'd like to think people would enjoy it even more that way and we could attract a bigger audience." The Blueprint Studios, described by Joyce as 'the best studio in the North', is a recording and rehearsals studio in Salford, Greater Manchester that was used by Mercury Music Prize winners Elbow to record the albums Leaders of the Free World, The Seldom Seen Kid and Build A Rocket Boys! Executive producer Kate Cocker, who originally met Joyce when she was producing a radio show at Manchester's BBC Oxford Road studios, added: "With this pilot we set out to capture the charm of Mike, the vibe of the studios and the musical essence of an exciting new band in The Drums. We also wanted to accentuate the relaxed northern charm of it all. I think we've done that well. With Blueprint Studios in the mix, we all took real pride in reflecting the great music that the band created. I think this idea has serious potential." With its easy-going attitude and passion for musicianship, the studio venue itself plays an integral part in the success of the sessions. Blueprint Studios owner Tim Thomas said: "We've done something like 30 or so radio sessions with Mike already. It's a great partnership. Mike's name brings in the bands and we provide an attractive, respectable studio. He has an incredible knack of picking up on the exciting new bands very early. He's really passionate about new music and there's not many other people out there doing that." The pilot version of Mike Joyce meets The Drums, 'The Blueprint Sessions' is available to view on YouTube. Website ABOUT WISE BUDDAH Wise Buddah's Content division provides a range of production services from branded video content to award winning music and speech-based radio shows for both the BBC and commercial broadcasters. The department prides itself in creating multiplatform content built around great ideas. Wise Buddah Content is part of the Wise Buddah group that also includes divisions for Studios, Talent and Jingles. About the author Will Strauss is a freelance journalist based in Leeds. His works covers a range of subjects from broadcasting and music to DIY and Sport. He is currently building a website for the Leeds-based 'Hindi Indie' band Maggie8 and coming up with articles about washing machine spares for the Leeds-based appliances company ASD.

Master Sound Composers Hypnotica & Denver Clay Upgrade Their Cult Classic Audio Experience And Unveil "The Sphinx Of Imagination 2012"

When sound sculptors Eric Von Sydow aka Hypnotica and Denver Clay first unveiled the now cult classic, audio odyssey experience, hailed as "The Sphinx of Imagination" almost 10 years ago, it was a CD that was light years ahead of its time. A luscious blend of trance, meditation and hypnosis, The New York Times lauded the composition as "sort of like a Grateful Dead concert without the band or the drugs." Merging fantasy and reality into a surrealistic experiential medium, "The Sphinx of Imagination" was a genre bending, therapeutic immersion that defied logic. As testimony to its compelling allure, it has consistently ranked as the Number One best seller in the New Age category on, one of the largest online record stores, since its original release in 2003. So what becomes of a masterpiece? Well with the advent of 2012 and all the anxiety and anticipation that has emerged with it, the composers have enhanced the epic guided music journey and released "The Sphinx of Imagination 2012." The upgraded edition is literally what dreams are made of! A musical laboratory steeped with subsonic symmetry, subliminal audio frequencies, cutting-edge brain entrainment technology and eerily evocative melodies, "The Sphinx of Imagination" is the farthest you will ever travel between stereo headphones. Simply stated, it is a miraculous mind voyage. "The Sphinx of Imagination" plunges the listener into a vivid world of multi-layered, inner- dimensional storytelling narrated by the acclaimed mind scientist Hypnotica ( with a supporting music score contributed by consummate composer and sonic alchemist Denver Clay ( Clay's vast cinematic acoustic effects coupled with the spellbinding resonance of Hypnotica's vocal tones are irresistibly delicious in this whimsical adventure. Painting scenarios riddled with ambiguity and allegory, Hypnotica invokes the spirit of traditional storytelling from the most ancient of times, tapping into an Akashic library of universal references and resources. His mythical stylings recall not only Egyptian imagery, but also Greek mythology, Arthurian legend, Siberian culture, ancient Celtic heroes, angels and the shamanic figures of African and Native American tribes. He expertly incorporates his knowledge of neurolinguistics, neurosemantics, psycho cybernetics and shamanistic storytelling, culminating an experience that allows for the progressive transformation of the mind, spirit and soul. In under an hour, "The Sphinx" whisks you away on an exploration which seemingly spans lifetimes. There are bridges to cross, sacred books that reveal, wizards that guide, magical gardens, heavenly temples and angels that bless. One's imagination is ignited and the realms of creativity are lovingly nurtured via Clay's enchanting soundscapes rich in color, language and dimension. His gentle harps, elegant piano, haunting flute, shimmering chimes and evocative crystal bowls are just a sampling of the magical aural visuals so stunning, one can almost reach out and touch them. Hypnotica, an author, hypnotist and self-evolvement life coach, explains, "You don't just listen to 'The Sphinx of Imagination" you experience it! It is specifically encoded to tap into one's subconscious and weave possibilities that spark a personal journey into the depths of your very being. It is designed to tap and release the incredible beauty and power stored within us all." Denver Clay, a leading authority on how music, sound and vibrations can be manipulated to deliver and propel profound states of consciousness, adds, "The Sphinx is a mind-blowing ride that you will get lost and found in. 'The Sphinx' is scientifically engineered to provide graduated moments to reach higher states that allow for and provoke profound changes in the mind. Stress, worries and anxieties are vanquished, creating the space for empowerment to thrive and grow." The "Sphinx of Imagination" is the perfect tool for transformation in these endearing times. An mp3 download that requires high quality headsets for maximum benefit, the composition runs just under 60 minutes. A stress buster, confidence booster and balance builder, "The Sphinx of Imagination 2012" offers a medicine/drug free antidote for many of today's common ailments such as anxiety, tension and depression. A baptismal journey for ascension, "The Sphinx of Imagination 2012" will rock your inner world, and then sooth your outer worldview! Get a glimpse of the magic at and then take the dive at Email:

Rising Country Star Kenzi Featured In Toledo Newspaper

For a new artist breaking into the music industry, it can be a tough road with faulty promises and little success. Yet every now and then an artist comes onto the scene that gets people talking, that stirs excitement and carries the undeniable qualities of a star. Currently, that artist is Kenzi, the freshest voice of pop country music that is stunning audiences and surprising critics with her unquestionable talent. Kenzi has been charming the industry and is proving herself worthy of attention, and in fact is receiving quite a bit of it, including a featured article in a highly-respected Toledo Newspaper. The extensive article in the Toledo Free Press paper highlights the abounding buzz building for Kenzi's take-off hit track "Down to An Art." As the article suggests, Kenzi's song is worthy of playing alongside hits of superstars such as Carrie Underwood and is actually indeed currently receiving national radio airplay. Toledo Free Press also offers a few personal insights to Kenzi as both a performer and as a bright teenager, quoting her passion for music from a young age and portraying her youthful yet sophisticated energy. As the world begins to recognize the promising voice behind the hit single, "Down to An Art," country music artist Kenzi is proving she is unlike many other aspiring artists and is certainly one to keep watching out for. Be sure to check out the extensive featured article about Kenzi written up in the Toledo Free Press newspaper to read more from the interview and find out more about this young rising star! To find out what Kenzi is up to check out the following sites!: