Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beware The Ides Of March, 2012

The Agency… ‘For the Brave and Troubled’ This week ‘The Agency…’ release their hotly anticipated debut album ‘For the Brave and Troubled’. Tracks are already getting airplay on internet radio stations across Europe and the US ahead of the official release on 15 March. A first video for the ‘intermission’ track ‘Noir’ is already available online, with videos a live video for ‘Carnivale’ and a big budget production for ‘Wolfman’ set to follow. The latter track is also due to be featured on the soundtrack of the forthcoming feature film “Bloodless”. The band includes members of ‘My Exit Music’ and features a number of guest contributions, including a surprising collaboration with dance music producer Aaron ‘Fonzerelli’ McClelland. It is an album that marries a powerful range of musical influences with folk storytelling to create an ambitious and musically dramatic piece. Compelling, cleverly twisted lyrics are delivered over rich heavily layered guitar based backdrops. Influences ranging from the Band to the Wizard of Oz, Leonard Cohen, Mogwai, Engleburt Humperdink and Sigur Ros make this an intriguing and spell-binding debut. ‘The Agency…’ are the most recent collective to record for the Solarbear Records label. Multi-instrumentalists Andy Ludbrook, Scott Wall and Steve Beyer and drummer Jason Blaney are members of ‘My Exit Music’ and appear on the tracks, as does the versatile Garry Cosgrove and singer/songwriter Steven K Driver. Elsewhere guest contributions add vital and thought-provoking components to the ambitious soundscape. Dance Music Producer Aaron ‘Fonzerelli’ McClelland contributes several samples and has remixed the track ‘Wolfman’ for a wider audience. It looks set to be a busy year for ‘The Agency’. There is a summer tour planned to support ‘For the Brave and Troubled’ and the band have already started work on a follow up album. As well as being available through the usual outlets for download, such as Itunes, Amazon and CD Baby, the CD is available for postage free purchase from the record company’s website. The album is available for download in full for press and radio until the 15th March. CD and other formats are available upon request. Solarbear Records and ‘The Agency…’ thank you for your good will and support. For further information, promo requests, to set up and interview or tour date(s) please contact Steven K Driver or +447979854010.

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