Thursday, March 15, 2012

MusicDishTV Presents "Mucho Dolores" By Amarily

Amarily's "Mucho Dolores" is a hot, fast paced video that showcases her sweet voice and a strong mix behind her. She is mucho caliente, her style is cool, and her moves are sexy as she takes us all around the world chanting, "Mucho Dolores" because we all know that "Money makes the world go round/Makes you feel like the king of the town." The video is full of extravagant luxuries that we all wish we had - money, cars, jewels, and beautiful people in our midst. The video puts it all together and takes you on a fantastic voyage of music, sound, and sites. It's great dance music and the party people keep it moving in Latin attire. Money is the theme and it is well covered. This is fun music with a clever hook and a message everyone can agree with: "Money Makes The World Go Round."

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