Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rising Country Star Kenzi Featured In Toledo Newspaper

For a new artist breaking into the music industry, it can be a tough road with faulty promises and little success. Yet every now and then an artist comes onto the scene that gets people talking, that stirs excitement and carries the undeniable qualities of a star. Currently, that artist is Kenzi, the freshest voice of pop country music that is stunning audiences and surprising critics with her unquestionable talent. Kenzi has been charming the industry and is proving herself worthy of attention, and in fact is receiving quite a bit of it, including a featured article in a highly-respected Toledo Newspaper. The extensive article in the Toledo Free Press paper highlights the abounding buzz building for Kenzi's take-off hit track "Down to An Art." As the article suggests, Kenzi's song is worthy of playing alongside hits of superstars such as Carrie Underwood and is actually indeed currently receiving national radio airplay. Toledo Free Press also offers a few personal insights to Kenzi as both a performer and as a bright teenager, quoting her passion for music from a young age and portraying her youthful yet sophisticated energy. As the world begins to recognize the promising voice behind the hit single, "Down to An Art," country music artist Kenzi is proving she is unlike many other aspiring artists and is certainly one to keep watching out for. Be sure to check out the extensive featured article about Kenzi written up in the Toledo Free Press newspaper to read more from the interview and find out more about this young rising star! To find out what Kenzi is up to check out the following sites!:

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