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Artist Draws Inspiration From Fans

Artist Finds Inspiration in Her Friends, Family, and Fans.

Atlanta Teen singer/songwriter Katie Belle Akin is a featured artist on Teen Nation Anti-Bully Tour, currently touring Detroit as a Headliner, she toured for 6 weeks in 2013 performing in Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas and is slated for an additional 12 weeks in 2014. 2014 tour stops will include Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. Katie is also featured on "MaddTalent Blitz Tour" and "Teens TurntUP" shows. Akin recently visited Evansville, IN in March 2014 to hold a free meet and greet for her local fans. She has just released her second EP titled "Next Thing in Tennessee". Katie co-wrote all 5 songs on the EP.

The following album notes give insight on how Katie develops her song concepts and more. Katie Belle Akin hails from the rich musical heritages of Georgia. Her music is known for being upbeat and energetic and this EP delivers solidly.
The title track, "Next Thing In Tennessee", is a lot of fun, lyrically built upon many pillars of Nashville music in an engaging melody with some great fiddle playing. This song is all about having role models and achieving goals.

Following the title track is , "Born For This,". The song has already proven itself on youtube with over 450k views. This track was written by Katie on a hotel notepad during the middle of the night, which you will find mention of in the opening lyrics. The song is all about the realization of our passions and pursuing ones aspirations.

"Falling For You", listed as the 3rd track has a great melody influenced by some of the big names in music from Atlanta, Katie's hometown. The lyrics are fresh take on the age old story of girl meets boy. Banjo sounds are highlighted through out the song and keep you tapping your feet to the end. Coming in as the 4th selection on this EP is, "Whatever". The listener is hooked from the beginning with contemporary lyrics and some catchy whistling! The lyrics pack a bunch with the strong message to "be yourself" backed up by some of Katie's favorite instruments the fiddle, banjo and acoustic guitar. Finishing up Katie's sophomore EP is "Invincible". The listener will hear infused country tones with the use of mandolin, fiddle and banjo moving the melody along. This Anti-Bully song features powerful lyrics ".... I'm like a rock now, keep standing my ground..." aimed at encouragement and perseverance.

Katie will tell you that being in entertainment is a multi-tasking journey and she feels that modeling, acting, live performances and songwriting work hand in hand together to both challenge and mature her talents. Recently Katie has added journalism to her list as she was invited to join the teen writer’s staff of Tween Girl Style Magazine. She has had the opportunity to interview several up and coming Teen Hollywood Artists and posts blog topics via the magazine’s webpage.

One of her favorite past times is chatting with her fans, listening to bullying issues some of them face and making everyone feel a part of "the family" of Katie Belle Akin music. Katie's inspiration for her music comes from everyday life and her fans play a big part; her song concepts from real life experiences and she loves mentoring other aspiring artists. Last but not least Katie is thankful for her family, friends and fans who continually support her. She may inspire others with her music but it’s her fans who inspire her.

Contact for booking information.

-Bailey Jimenez
Evansville, In. Courier & Press

Rob Chiarelli & Final Mix Software Announce The Release Of Mix Buss Lite 2.0

Mix Buss Lite 2.0 is another innovative new music software plugin designed specifically for songwriters, musicians, producers & engineers. Its primary function is to simplify and enhance the process of mixing music to a final stereo master. The Mix Buss Lite incorporates a proprietary system of compressors, limiters, saturation, harmonics and equalization into a single, easy to use interface.

The results are stunning and the Mix Buss Lite works equally well on all styles of music including Hip-hop, Rock, Jazz, Ballads and Pop. It intuitively solves one of the most common challenges in recorded music: It makes demos sound like finished records.

Supported formats include both Mac & Windows OS and is available as a AU, AAX & VST plugin for the following workstations:

Ableton, Ardour, Acid, Cakewalk, Cubase, Digital Performer, FL Studio, Fruity Loops, Garage Band, Logic Audio, Nuendo, PreSonus, Pro Tools, Reaper, Samplitude, Sonar, Studio One, WaveLab



Julian Cochran: Extracts From Romanian Dances, Animation Suite And Mazurkas

Internationally recognized Australian composer and concert pianist Julian Cochran (b. Cambridge, England 1974) is setting precedents in concert halls across the globe with his piano solo concert repertoire.

Cochran's newly issued album, Extracts from Romanian Dances, Animation Suite and Mazurkas, should hold an honored place in the library of every piano enthusiast. Cochran presents magnificent virtuosity performing these original piano works, each imaginatively constructed with delightful themes influenced by Eastern European culture and folk music, draped in the colors of Balakirev, Liszt, Prokofiev, and Ravel.

Cochran's composition flawlessly balances theme and form, rhythm and harmony. The mathematical perfection of his work reminds one of Cochran's original college emphases in mathematics and computer science. The realms of mathematic and pure logic exist, for him, as a natural and unaware part of his compositional process.

While acknowledging the influence of this discipline on his music, Cochran observes, "No one thinks about the basis of sound, I think, when composing; in the sense that a tennis player doesn't think about the wind friction over the ball."

"The relationship between composing and mathematics is that of temperament rather than intellect. You are thinking abstractly and applying logic ... that perhaps requires a certain kind of temperament, perhaps a love of the most direct and elegant solutions of logic .... You certainly must be able to think clearly to be a composer because a lot of modeling of ideas has to be held within the mind at once" (, September 2012).

Coupled with the mathematical perfection of form and harmony, Cochran's music is infused with his admiration for Eastern European language, folk music and culture.

"I fell in love with the Russian language, simply the sound of the language, and many things followed from that," says Cochran. "Writing classical music from the perspective of folk music places greater emphasis on melody and less emphasis on ideas that are not entirely clear to the audience."

Cochran's Russian Toccata (1996) brings together Russian folk music with the rhythmic devices of twentieth century Russian composers. A rhythmic and percussive motivic section is perfectly balanced with a contrasting, silken lyrical line.

Journeying through the album, Cochran's Romanian Dances No. 2, No.3 and No.4 are perfectly crafted musical gems resonating with the sounds of Eastern European folk music, the exotic and harp-like tapestries of the hammered dulcimer, and the inflections of the Russian language. All of these dances utilize fascinating rhythmic themes and the delightful exoticism of one of Cochran's signature modal idioms, the common minor scale with a raised fourth degree.

Following Cochran's internationally recognized first Mazurka (available on his second album, Cochran Piano Works), the composer's exquisitely crafted Mazurkas No.2 and No.3 are at once reflective and dauntingly beautiful. Mazurka No. 2 captivates the listener with a majestic display of power and force, inexorably carrying the unsuspecting listener to the climactic finale. Mazurka No.3, laced with daring and tempting contrasts of melodic color, lures the imagination into an exotic experience of indescribable and lurid dance.

Transparent, mystifying and modest, Cochran's Prelude No. 2 (from his collection of eight) provides a gentle counterpoint to the vivid mazurkas. This prelude also stands in contrast to his later preludes, which are weightier and complex (Preludes No.7 and 8 are recorded in Cochran Piano Works).

Cochran's Animation Suite, a collection of four pieces, sources two more works on this CD. Conceived as "capricious and evocative of childhood," these vignettes have become popular in concert halls. "Tin Sentinel" delightfully portrays a toy soldier as he goes about his quotidian routine, while "Wooden Dolls" tells the story of five Russian dolls engaged in animated dialogue.

Maelstrom 1 closes this album with an impressionistic tone poem depicting a mighty typhoon rising from within the ocean. Cochran wildly manipulates whole tone scales into a raging storm that engulfs all in its path. The music grows, intensifies and then diminishes to the calm sea from which it came.

Extracts from Romanian Dances, Animation Suite and Mazurkas presents some of the most delightful, captivating and intelligent piano work of our time. Cochran's piano literature is deservedly growing in popularity and is widely recognized, performed and admired by the leading concert pianists of our time.

Returning to these pieces again and again, one finds oneself led deeper and deeper into Cochran's captivating and dramatic soundscape, expressed in his unique, personal and evocative musical idiom.

You can buy the album at:

Written by David Sawtelle (edited by Elise Winters)

Ooberfuse - 'Different Drum'


What better way to start the day than with some mysterious feel good vibes courtesy of London-based 3-piece band Ooberfuse?

Released via Peak Flow Records, "Different Drum" is a defiant cry to those who dare to break the mold and for listeners who dare to be different.

Ooberfuse are mysterious characterers, and deliver yet another piece full of intriguing electro-pop sounds. The energetic record is inspiring, utterly original and thought provoking.

Ooberfuse are most certainly an act to keep your ears tuned into.


Today, Eventide announced the immediate availability of its new digital delay for 500 series racks, the DDL-500.

The DDL-500 features 10 seconds of pristine delay at a 192 kHz sample rate and a unique design that strictly limits the amount of digital circuitry to the bare minimum. Soft saturation clipping, low pass filter, feedback, insert loop, relay bypass, and +20 dB boost are all analog.

“500 series is, by and large, analog and we thought long and hard about introducing a digital product to that world. Our mantra was “as analog as possible,’ said Ray Maxwell, Vice President Sales and Marketing. “The DDL-500s digital circuitry was kept to a minimum – just the chips necessary for delay. All of the other sound-shaping features are implemented in the analog domain. The design goal was to create a digital delay with an analog soul.”

Delay time can be varied smoothly either manually or by connecting an LFO to the remote input allowing short delays to be used for comb filter and flanging effects. The DDL-500 is also capable of extremely long delays (up to 160 seconds at a 16 kHz sample rate) allowing long passages to be captured for looping.

From short delays for double tracking, to ridiculously long delays for whatever reason, to creating swept delay and tape echo class effects, the DDL-500 brings it all in a single 500 series slot.

About Eventide
Eventide was founded in 1971 in New York City. Eventide is a leading developer and manufacturer of digital audio processing products for recording, broadcast, and live performance. Headquartered in Little Ferry, NJ, Eventide invented the H910, the first Harmonizer® effects processor in 1975, followed in 1977 by the H949, the first de-glitched Harmonizer with additional delay. Visit Eventide online at

Eventide and Harmonizer are registered trademarks. ©2014 Eventide Inc.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Eventide announced the release of a new version its H9 Control app for Windows, Mac, and iOS (via the Camera Kit USB adaptor) now supports all Eventide stompboxes except TimeFactor which is forthcoming, pending the release of its updated Looper in July.

“The H9 Control App is expanding to include all Eventide stompboxes creating a robust environment to update, edit, organize, store presets and system settings for all your Eventide stompboxes from one powerful application.” said Ray Maxwell Vice President Sales and Marketing, “We are making every effort to make using our stompboxes so easy that all you have to think about is making music.”

The new H9 Control v1.5.2 can be downloaded here:

A video Tutorial for updating your Eventide stompbox using H9 Control can be found here:

A video Tutorial demonstrating the functionality and use of H9 Control with PitchFactor, ModFactor and Space can be found here:

About Eventide
Eventide was founded in 1971 in New York City. Eventide is a leading developer and manufacturer of digital audio processing products for recording, broadcast, and live performance. Headquartered in Little Ferry, NJ, Eventide invented the H910, the first Harmonizer® effects processor in 1975, followed in 1977 by the H949, the first de-glitched Harmonizer with additional delay. Visit Eventide online at

Eventide and Harmonizer are registered trademarks of Eventide Inc. ©2014 Eventide Inc.

Acoustic Singer-Songwriter SJ Launches New "Covers & Others" Video Series

MIAMI, Fla. – (May 28, 2014)- Today, SJ, the emerging national raspy-voiced, soulful acoustic singer-songwriter, launched the first video in his new “Covers & Others” series. Each video in the Covers & Others series showcases the incredible work of a specific organization’s global scientific, environmental, and/or social pursuits through a video set to one of SJ’s unique cover song recordings. The series aims to spark conversation and interest surrounding each video’s topic, which brings up an important issue for social discussion.

“After I recorded these cover songs, I held on to them for a while waiting for the right way to release them,” said SJ. “My good friends, also PhD biologists, photographers and talented filmmakers, Nate Dappen and Neil Losin of Day’s Edge Productions, shared some footage of a recent project and the idea dawned on me to bring them in – among others – to create videos to the cover songs that have a higher purpose to educate and inspire fans through music.”

The series will launch with a video created by Day’s Edge Productions with highlights of photos and footage from their upcoming film on speciation – the process by which new species arise – in the Solomon Islands. The video, set to SJ’s recording of Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees,” is now live on SJ’s YouTube channel ( The second video, to be released in June, will feature another Day’s Edge Productions expedition, followed by several more videos released with different collaborators through the end of the year.

“We had the honor of working with some incredible, intelligent, kind, and passionate people to complete the Covers & Others series. There is a big world out there with so much to learn and explore. From global causes to those close to home, I think music with compelling video helps people connect the dots. It brings an emotional connection to larger concepts and ideas, and that’s what I’m passionate about,” concluded SJ.

Visit SJ’s YouTube channel ( and website ( to keep up with the latest news from the Covers & Others video series. To learn more about Day’s Edge Productions, visit

About SJ
SJ is an International award winning and U.S. Top 10 radio charting acoustic singer-songwriter. In 2009, SJ decided to leave his law career to pursue his music passion. Independently launched through his self-started music companies (, SJ’s first commercial releases between 2010-2014 won or were nominated for over 25 indie music awards in the U.S. and U.K. SJ’s song “I Like You” can be heard on SiriusXM The Coffeehouse, for which he earned a “Discovery of the Year” nomination. His lyrically driven songs and catchy melodies distinguish SJ’s sunny, feel-good music. Visit to learn more about SJ.

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"My Mom Joined The Circus" - New CD By Award Winning AC Artist Jimmy White

Nashville, TN – May 22, 2014 – 828 Records recording artist Jimmy White has just released his fifth CD, "My Mom Joined The Circus".

White shows an amazingly broad spectrum of musical tastes on this new 11 track CD: The tropical feel of "Michaela" and the Country flavored, "Two Beers Better" feel more commercial, while "Miserable Man" and "No Goodbyes" are very personal to the artist. On this CD, White also took a comedic look at life with the title track, "My Mom Joined The Circus" and "Daddy Looked Good"

When asked about the eye catching title track, White offered, "There isn't a story behind the title; it was a song that just came to me, as if from another place. It took on a life of its own and ended up being a song about a young man who ends up becoming inspired by his mother, a woman who began her life again, just when she seemed a little too old to do so."

When asked to describe the feeling of his new CD, White said, "This CD is softer than my previous albums, very melodic, containing songs that are pure pop, others that are the most inspirational of my career, and others that are just plain funny, which is a big part of who I am as a person. "

"Circus is a culmination, of sorts, of the phase of my career where I had finally achieved the commercial and artistic success that I had always longed for, with "Two Cities" and "Good Friends Are Hard To Find". Like "Good Friends", Circus is just me being me, laughing, crying, and always doing the very best I can."

There are two musicians/groups playing on the record that are in the Rock Hall of Fame, Gary Mallaber (Steve Miller, Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen among many others) and the members of the Kenny Rogers Band.

My Mom Joined the Circus is released on 828 Records and the full CD, singles and ringtones are now available on iTunes, Amazon and other digital distributors.



Press contact: Steve Baker / 828 Records /


This week sees the release of yet another innovative video from Wiyaala.
Armed with her Black Stars Football kit, Wiyaala shows off her skills on the pitch in a celebration of Ghanaian football talent.

Infused with real Black Stars football game footage, Wiyaala's brand new track 'GO GO BLACK STARS.....GOAL!' is a spirited and heartwarming representation of Ghana's love for football.

The feisty songstress stands by the strong message within her latest Ghanaian track release. Her message is loud and clear, '“Our footballers have grown up playing in bare feet and with few facilities, yet they still overcome those disadvantages to compete successfully on the World Stage. This shows that we, as Ghanaians, can perform at the highest international levels if we believe in ourselves and dedicate ourselves to achieving our dreams, whatever they may be”.

This inclusive video reflects the determination of Wiyaala's fellow Ghanaians and she is proud to be contributing to the national buzz around this years world cup. If you love your Black Stars... you will LOVE this brand new release.

Go Go Black Stars..GOAL! was directed by Mr Chaplin and is a Djimba World Production shot in the studio and on location in Accra.

Watch the video on

Download the MP3 for free at


Marketing & PR:
Dotted Music - j.ellenson[@]dottedmusic[dot]com

Distribution & Licensing:
JTV Digital -

Booking & Management:
Djimba World Records -

BLAC WALDO Reveals His Eccentric New Album 'NOTHING'

BLAC WALDO reveals his eccentric new album ‘NOTHING’

Stream/Share/Enjoy here:

Blac Waldon is once again set to get everyone talking, with his new album, titled NOTHING. Out now via Music Money & Fun Records.

A distinctively skilled electronic musician Blac comes from Ocean Springs, Mississippi (U.S.A) and merges sounds of Techno, Dance, Nu-Disco and Electro into one, for his unrivalled sound.

Packed full of futuristic sounds and an obvious lack of vocal engagement, Blac takes listeners on a wizardry audio journey, one that is characteristically unique.

In a world full of followers Waldon has formed his own movement, one that captures his eccentric demeanor, craft and talent.

Buy on iTunes:

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The Usual Suspects Music Production

The Usual Suspects Music production and songwriting team of Nate Highfield, Kaelie Highfield & Rob Chiarelli have produced a new single for American actress/singer Stefanie Scott. The single, "I Don't Wanna Let U Go" was written by Stefanie Scott and Neon Hitch. The song recently debuted in the top 10 on Radio Disney and is available on iTunes.

Contact Info:



Michael Mav. Mavrolas
Genuine Music Group
11271 Ventura Blvd. #225
Studio City, Ca. 91604

Rapper Produkt releases inspiring music video for his single “Daddy Was a Dope Boy”.

Life is filled with trials and tribulations. No matter what path of life you walk in, there will always be some obstacles and even times where you stumble and fall. And it’s at that moment where you can decide what kind of person you’ll be; do you get up? Or do you lull in the pain and continue the path that got you there in the first place?

Hip-Hop artist and rapper Produkt, is a New York product of gang life and drug dealing. But that didn’t stop him from honing his skills at writing to become an adept rapper and nobly change his life around for his young daughter. His latest video “Daddy Was A Dope Boy”, is a homage to his past, and how he was able to rise above the ensnaring lifestyle of a drug dealer and steer clear from a path he once thought was glorious and meaningful.

What’s impressive about Produkt’s video is how his rhymes perfectly narrate the music video’s grimy and gritty style of film. The music video is set in a classic New York neighborhood filled with an aura of notoriety and rawness. In the beginning of the video, you hear Produkt’s “Daddy Was A Dope Boy” hook solemnly hover over the streets of New York. It’s there where you see the rapper cloaked in a black jacket and jeans, come forth from his brick-built building and step into the reality he once lived as a ruthless member of New York’s drug scene. It’s apparent that his home has also caused a lot of inner turmoil and conflict, as you see Prodkut sulk in his rhymes and release his energy in every scenes of the music video. As the song progresses, images of Produkt and his old neighborhood flash upon the screen and demonstrate a day in the live of the former life he used to live, trading off “that product” for a little bit of cash in his pocket.

“Daddy Was A Dope Boy” continues on by changing the rappers appearance into white clothes, a metaphor for cleanliness and renewal. As he continues his barrage of hard hitting rhymes, the music video portray a young man following in the same footsteps as Produkt, seemingly doing it for the same reasons the rapper used to; the fast live of money. As you follow the young dealer, you see the day in the life of how it is to survive in cold streets and barren wastelands, metaphors for the lifestyle that he lives. But as soon as the young man drops off a delivery, he sees his young daughter, and how it invokes a feeling of purity, making him challenge and eventually realize that his days living dangerous could come to a halt to protect those he loves.

The video style in itself is offered in and black and white, “Noire” coloring scheming. It offers a dramatic effect throughout the video and plays into the metaphors of good versus evil, the right path against the wrong. The camera angles and choice of slow motion also offer empowering effects that make a music video interesting to watch and grasps the attention of the view.

Overall, Produkt’s “Daddy Was A Dope Boy” is a true-life story narrated with art. The lyrics paved the way for a visually driven storyline that show light to the reality of the slums and poor neighborhoods some people face. Produkt has excellently combined both his affinity for rapping and his ability for storytelling and adapt it to a music video that invokes the same amount of emotion for both mediums of art.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Bronx Rapper Produkt Forced To Wrestle With A Horrible Admission

Growing up in the Bronx, career paths aren't often chosen from a textbook or pamphlet. Sometimes the streets are the only trade school available for a struggling young man with no direction and no supervision to help shape his future.

Several months ago when Produkt was wrongly accused of a crime, he knew that he would forever be a target because of his prior convictions and brushes with the law. Facing a minimum sentence of 10 years, he began to reflect on his life and the undo burden he was about to inflict on his children due to an aggressive prosecutor who's ambitions were clearly to advance her career off what she saw as an easy target.

As he felt his freedom slipping from his grasp, his life came full circle when he recalled the day his 6 year old daughter approached him and asked "daddy, why when you say you're working you leave and come right back". He began to realize that even though he was no longer hustling in the streets that the past always had a way of rearing it's ugly head. He knew that the time would come when his secret would one day come out and forever shape how she felt about him.

Explaining to his daughter that he was an up & coming Hip Hop artist didn't ease the pain of knowing that he could only prey on her naiveté for so long. She was 11 years old now; closer to him than ever. Now she was asking lots of questions. Growing up fearless on the streets of the Bronx did nothing to ease his angst. He was afraid of the Pandora's box that was slowly starting to open.

With no clear way to broach the subject, Produkt did what he does best, he wrote. He walked into the recording booth and repented, but it never felt right. After 2 hours of trying to apologize through his art, he scrapped all plans and decided to own it. The result is a heart-wrenching, unapologetic account of what his life was like hustling on the streets to feed his family.

His daughter is growing older and wiser every day. She's still young enough to abide by the restrictions her father places on online media content. One day she will be old enough to defy him and see this video. More questions will arise. "Curiosity awakens every secret. How do I tell my daughter Daddy was a Dope boy"? Perhaps he just did.