Monday, November 20, 2017

Joseph L Young Wins Prestigious ISMA-Native Spirit And Celebrates With Giveaway Of 3 Nominated Songs

Ethereum, the acclaimed fourth album from flutist/multi-instrumentalist Joseph L Young, cements his standing as one of the most talented artists in the world fusion/world flute genre on today's instrumental music scene. In celebration of his recent win of the prestigious Indian Summer Music Award (ISMA) in the Native Spirit category for the title track, Young is sharing free downloads of his 3 songs from the album which were selected as finalists in that competition, available at

About his experience at ISMA, Young commented: "When we found out three of my songs were selected as finalists for the ISMAs, I was elated! But I didn't think we could afford the trip from Boise, Idaho, to the festival in Wisconsin, because I'm working on a new album and our budget is earmarked for that. My wife insisted we attend, as we also had friends who received nominations, so off we went. Everyone at the festival made me feel like family, and it would have been enough that I got to perform there. I feel honored to have received an ISMA because of their high standards and blind juried selection process."

Using a wide assortment of flutes from premier flute makers, as well as saxophone, percussion, and keyboards, Young weaves a captivating, immersive tapestry that sweeps the listener up, transporting them to a musical landscape suffused with beauty, mystery, and deep peace -- in a word, mesmerizing. Listeners will fall in love from the first track to the last note.

One of Young's goals is to create "music without boundaries" that offers a universal sound for everyone to enjoy. He adds "I want my music to help people work through their emotions, releasing the negative as they grow and change, serving as a catalyst to help with their transformation. It can be challenging to compose meditative music that is also interesting as a deep listening experience."

Ethereum has performed superbly on both broadcast and internet radio. It placed in the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 for seven months, debuting at #6. It reached #1 on One World Music's Top 100 and was in the top 5 for seven months. Our Place Radio named it as #2 Best Album of 2016. One World Music named it #3 Best New Age Album in the same year. The Global Music Awards awarded Ethereum Triple Silver Medals for Outstanding Achievement: Composer, Instrumentalist, and Album.

Notable critics have been enchanted by Ethereum. Michael Diamond of Music and Media Focus said he was "transported by [Young's] exquisite blend of the earthy and the ethereal... the worldly and the otherworldly," and Candice Michelle of Journeyscapes Radio is "especially fond of the ... intricate textures throughout these beautifully relaxing and soulfully rejuvenating passages," while Steve Sheppard of One World Music calls it "an album of pure bliss" and "a must for all who seek a little moment of sanity," and even Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck of New Age Music Reviews highly recommends Ethereum, calling it "the gift of enlightenment." To read the reviews in full, please visit Young's review page at

Young has submitted Ethereum to the 60th Grammy Awards for consideration as Best New Age Album and Best Contemporary Instrumental Album. Listen at

Young's next release, slated for early 2018, will be primarily new age saxophone. He has multiple performances on his schedule this year, including his own world flute and saxophone music, and with several local bands.

Ethereum is available at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Bandcamp, and all digital platforms. Please visit for music, videos, images and his performance schedule.

For more information, contact Joseph L Young,

About The Indian Summer Music Awards: The Indian Summer Music Awards are held in conjunction with the Indian Summer Festival, a three-day long music and arts festival held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the site of the world famous Summerfest. ISMA accepts hundreds of submissions, choosing only five finalists to compete in the final Native Spirit category which is the sole category open to non-Native artists. Young received three of the final five spots in that category. Finalists and winners are chosen through a blind juried process, making the awards especially esteemed. The winners of the 14th ISMA's were presented live on the Festival stage on September 9, 2017. Winners in other categories included the R. Carlos Nakai Quartet, Painted Raven, Indian City, and Shining Woman & Otsigeya. The headlining performer at the festival was Grammy-winner Micki Free.


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Dizzy Box Nine Debut Record Available NOW

The debut record from the California indie-pop-rock band Dizzy Box Nine is out now! This record was officially released on Friday, September 22nd, 2017. The band centers around long-time band mates Randy Ludwig (Singer-Guitarist) and Lawrence Dunlap (Drummer), who initially got their start together playing in the band Selva, and generated a loyal following all throughout the Phoenix Arizona area.

Dizzy Box Nine plays melodic pop-rock that is catchy, clever, and even intriguing at times. Lawerence is solid on drums, and Randy has a voice that is perfect fit for radio. Be sure not to miss the super catchy song "Oh Yeah!", as well as the feel-good tune titled "When I Look At You". Then of course there is the song for the dreamer in all of us "Fantasy". As always, all songs are clean and radio-friendly.

Dizzy Box Nine has several live shows set up throughout the Los Angeles County and Orange County areas. Updates can be found at:


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mustaine Writers Retreat Successfully Wraps In Greece - Electra Hosts Second Annual Songwriter Retreat In Syros

Electra announced today the successful wrap of the 2017 Mustaine Writers Retreat. Electra hosted her 2nd annual Mustaine Writers Retreat in Syros, Greece in early September providing a global experience for songwriting creativity. The invitation-only retreat had established songwriters and producers from the U.K., Denmark, Italy and the U.S. who collaborated successfully. The creative people who were invited are associated with acts including Bruno Mars, Flo Rida, Justin Bieber, Madonna, Mutt Lang and Shania Twain.

"After the first Mustaine Writers Retreat in Scotland in 2016, I could not imagine following up with a stronger creative experience," says Electra Mustaine. "The group who collaborated in Greece was phenomenal! I was not expecting the outcome of this trip to be as incredible as it was. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with these wonderful talents from around the world!"

The Mustaine Writers Retreat featured 5 days of songwriting sessions, sightseeing, beach & pool parties, gourmet dinners from a world-class estate on Syros, Greece. The event was sponsored by Ojai Energetics, Huski Chocolate and CTK Management. The event was held on a private beach estate on the beautiful Greek island of Syros. The songwriters, producers and social influencers successfully collaborated and wrote more than a dozen songs that many music insiders consider hits.

"I had an incredible time at this year's Mustaine Writers Retreat. I was so thankful to be invited to write music in Greece, and along the way I met people that I would come to love," says music producer Lost Boy from Los Angeles. "The energy and welcoming spirit was undeniable. I hope to come back next year and share this experience with even more great people."

"I've been to a bunch of songwriting camps in my career, but this one was definitely different. Different in the most positive way," says songwriter Tim Schou from Denmark. "Mustaine Writers Retreat feels like a moment in time when everything else fades away, creating the perfect atmosphere for, well… creating."

Pop artist & songwriter, Electra, is a rising musical talent known best for her witty songs, charming attitude, and unique upbringing. California native, now making a name for herself around the world, made her first debut in Rolling Stone at just 18 years old. Collaborating with hit songwriters and producers such as Nathan Chapman and Blair Daly,  all of which are well known for acts such as Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, and other accomplished artists, Electra discovered and developed her sound in pop music.

Being the daughter of heavy metal god, Dave Mustaine, founder of Grammy-award winning band Megadeth, she is certainly no stranger to the public eye. Currently residing in Nashville, Electra and her family members each independently form and build creative businesses stemming from the entertainment industry. Electra created the Mustaine Writers Retreat as a unique global travel / music experience and has successfully hosted two - in Glasgow, Scotland in 2016 and Syros, Greece in 2017.

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Masterful Solo Guitarist Chand K. Nova Releases His Latest EP "Uncuffed" On Bongo Boy Records WORLDWIDE

The other day I received a surprise from my friends at Bongo Boy. They know how much I love a really good guitar solo so they sent me a copy of the new EP from Chand K Nova who is out of London (No, not Ontario, the other London.) Now, in all seriousness, the UK has produced many of the best Rock musicians in the world, so it is with great eagerness that I cue up Chand's EP which is called UNCUFFED.


1. El Chando - I like the Spanish influenced guitar at the beginning of the track. The drums and bass come in and lay down a heavy groove as Chand shows his prowess on the guitar. This song really rocks. I am normally not a huge fan of Spanish guitar, not because the music is bad, actually when played well Spanish guitar is fantastic. The reason I am usually not a huge fan is that I often lose the groove after a while and start thinking of something else instead of listening to the music. This song is different! The drums and bass keep that groove going. I am not at all tempted to start looking out the window. You see folks I was ADHD back when it was just called being annoying. All in all, this is a cool song that keeps my attention and I am very impressed with not just the guitar, but with the entire band.

2. Kingdom Come - Wow, this song starts with some beautiful guitar work. Chand, you are a VERY good player. Then the drums come in and along with what sounds like a keyboard and bass lay down the bottom that makes my head nod. I am digging this song as I keep time with their drummer and listen in amazement at Chand's skills. The echoing droning effect in the middle of the song which plays off the drums is really cool - then Chand kicks in and the focus is back on the guitar. Just when I thought the song was about to end, Chand changes the voice on his amp and comes out with a very clean Rock solo. There is no feedback or Whammy Bar effects. What there is, is a man who can play blistering notes incredibly cleanly. Impressive.

3. The Cost of Freedom - Again, this song opens up with a stunningly beautiful guitar intro. Then the drums come in for the attack and give the song an intense beat. The rhythm section is in the pocket and has my attention. This is perfect, because as they lock in, Chand can do his magic on the guitar. I must say that while Chand is undoubtedly the main musician in the group, the other musicians playing on this EP really bring out the best in Chand. Simply put: They give him the perfect backdrop from which he can shine. Well done guys!

4. Uncuffed - Man, this guy can really play. The guitar at the beginning is memorizing. Then the monster bass comes in and the drums follow suit. All together this band can make some noise. It is quite melodic noise, but it smokes nonetheless. I am literally amazed as I listen to this track on my headphones. Folks, you really need to check out this band. I especially enjoy the part of the song where Chand turns up the volume and lets loose with a raging solo that is clean as a whistle.

5. The Beginning Of The End - Is that a keyboard I hear opening this track? Ah, then the guitar comes in and, as I have grown to expect, plays some simply beautiful music. Chand really is a very good player with a style all his own. Unlike some other albums that are purely instrumental, this EP does not have the feeling that the vocals are missing. I find myself enjoying every song and never once wondering when the vocals are going to come in.

Song Titles
1. El Chando
2. Kingdom Come
3. The Cost of Freedom
4. Uncuffed
5. The Beginning Of The End

So folks, what is the bottom line? It is this: Chand is a masterful player making some staggering-ly good music. I am happy to have this EP in my personal collection and the next time I have a long commute I am going to bring Chand along to make the time more enjoyable.

Artist Official Web Site:
Artist Page:
Digital Release


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Global Women's Empowerment Network Launches GWEN Radio And GWEN.Live Website

GWEN Talks Radio features host Tess Cacciatore, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of GWEN, with inspirational and social activist guests from the entertainment industry, global women's groups and businesses, as well as local and worldwide communities.

October guests on the show include people supporting women and have a high profile in media, such as actress and activist Fran Drescher. In addition to Drescher's acting career, most notably in her starring role as Fran Fine in the 1990s television show, "The Nanny," she is a cancer survivor, an activist for healthcare and the LGBT community, is also known for her work as Public Diplomacy Envoy for Women's Health Issues for the U.S. State Department and is the founder of

The overall theme of GWEN Talks Radio is "Reveal to Heal" and, according to Cacciatore: "It's all about sharing our stories, diving deep into intimate conversations that pertain to issues and to then to uncover the solutions. Many of us survivors of abuse are held back by blame and shame. I wanted to create a safe place for people to share their stories and have their voices heard. GWEN offers our community to connect for interaction and to remind each listener and viewer that they are not alone. I am the voice for those who cannot share their voice."

A lot of times we don't talk about things like abuse or women's issues. There may not be a place to feel comfortable, but this is the platform and place for interaction, discussion and solutions. This is where we can give women a voice. We can be their voice."

GWEN was created in 2012 as a way to shine a light on women's issues, including domestic violence, sex trafficking, homelessness and healthcare, to advocate for positive change.

Cacciatore is passionate about human rights issues in part because of her own experience as a survivor of domestic abuse and because of her tenure as a global activist, traveling abroad documenting strife and struggling in developing countries.

Cacciatore serves as the Chief Executive Officer of GWEN. "GWEN began as an inspiration after from hearing stories of women around the world brutally raped, forced into early marriages, and deeply scarred by abuse. This became a way to use my media experience to share the stories and give people from all walks of life a voice." she explains.

In addition to GWEN Talks Radio, Cacciatore is thrilled to launch the official website, an entertainment platform incorporating cause driven content.

The platform showcases films, tv series, music, books, and live stream events, as well as original programming from the GWEN Media Team. is a destination site for women of all ages, as well as for men interested in advancing the causes involved with GWEN.

"GWEN is for women, to inspire and advocate for change; but it also is for men – We can't do GWEN without the MEN. It's time we come together and make a difference through the power of media." she said.

There are many men involved in GWEN and its work, including David Longoria, of Studio City, Calif., who serves as Chief Operating Officer for GWEN. David brings his award-winning accolades from the music industry, as well as his expertise in growing a thriving business.

"I appreciate the vision of the GWEN team and the undying passion for empowering and encouraging women," Longoria said. "There are so many untapped talents that GWEN is discovering. This is what brought me into the organization, to lend my own experience and expertise toward furthering this worthy effort."

Cacciatore has more than 20 years of experience as a videographer, social entrepreneur, writer, talk show host and educator. She has worked extensively with the United Nations in Geneva, New York, and Africa as a media producer and journalist.

In connection with October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Global Women's Empowerment Network (GWEN) is announcing the October launch of its radio talk show: GWEN Talks Radio and official website: .

11 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017. GWEN Talks Radio is a weekly show, each Wednesday, #GWENSday

GWEN Talks is available online at and www.GWEN.Live .

October is the month of women's health and empowerment and the new radio show is dedicated to advancing human rights, community activism and self-esteem.


Monday, November 13, 2017

Bongo Boy Artist Kathryn Shipley Wins Artist Of The Year

Bongo Boy Records singer/songwriter Kathryn Shipley has yet another award to add to her growing list since joining Bongo Boy Records last year. She recently won Artist of the Year in the category of Gospel/Country Gospel at The annual Josie Music Awards show held in Nashville, Tennessee at Nissan Stadium on Sunday September 17, 2017. The Josie Music Awards is the largest most gala event in Nashville that recognizes independent artists domestically and globally! This awards show acknowledges the hard work and talent of these artists from all genres.

About six (6) years ago and a big nudge from her best friend Karen Garner who stated, "you need to go to Church, God is trying to tell you..." and other signs as she says that followed, Kathryn Shipley didn’t know what was about to unfold but it definitely was, according to Kathryn a "huge blessing" driven by God. She started singing at St. Charles Christian Church in St Charles Mo, in a community called New Town. She volunteered there for several years before moving on to her new Church home Harvester Christian Church. After knocking on many doors to try and get her music to another level, Bongo Boy Records opened the door, and has kept the door open for her ever since. Kathryn stated, "I was about to give up when I literally told my best friend, I am going to try this label and see what it’s about. After a couple weeks went by, an email came from Monique Grimme who is the Director of Business and Artists Development. She told Kathryn, "Gar, really likes your voice you have a different type of sound." Gar Francis who is the A&R with Bongo Boy Records, had written a song called Shine Your Love, and told Kathryn this was the perfect song for her.

The song received very good reviews domestically and globally, and has had radio play. Shine your Love has also won several awards, the biggest win to date, came by way of winning, The Artist of the Year, in the Gospel / Country Gospel Category, at The Josie Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee on September 17, 2017. The Josie Music Awards is the largest most gala event in Nashville that recognizes independent artists domestically and globally! This awards show acknowledges the hard work and talent of these artists from all genres. Kathryn recently switched genres and co-wrote a song with Gar Francis called, "Those Eyes" which was released September 9th Worldwide.

Kathryn who is a native of Louisiana Missouri is now back in the studio and working on some new material with Gar and Nashville Musician Eric Barfield.

Below are a list of awards to date from her first single with Bongo Boy Records, called Shine Your Love-

Shine Your Love - "Best Vocalist Of The Month" - Singer Universe

Shine Your Love - "Best Song Of The Month" - Songwriter Universe

Shine Your love - Voted Best song in a contest hosted/sponsored by Bongo Boy Records

Gospel / Country Gospel Artist of the Year - The Josie Music Awards -

Shine your Love is also up for FYC (for your consideration) - for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards ®

Artist Web Page:

Bongo Boy Records congratulates Kathryn on her winning The Josie Music Awards' Artist Of The Year. When we heard her voice for the first time here at Bongo Boy Records we knew that we received a gift from God. Gar started to work with Kathryn and the label has released 2 singles. The first single "Shine Your Love" and 2nd "Those Eyes". Both singles have been submitted for consideration of the 60th Annual Grammy Awards®. That Award show will be held LIVE on January 28th 2018 at Madison Square Garden, New York City.

Bongo Boy Records is a full stack Music Company located in Belvidere, New Jersey USA.

Web Site:

Music Video:


Singer-Songwriter Natalie Jean Wins Big At 2017 Josie Music Awards

Every musician has a very unique journey that they often embark on for a variety of reasons. Maryland singer-songwriter NATALIE JEAN's journey is no different in that she was exposed to music at a young age, which helped her to get where she is today. As a young girl she used to sing with her father who was a famous Haitian artist by the name of Guy R. Jean. With music instilled at a young age she was able to establish a firm foundation of a signing background. Her love of poetry and dance would help as well. Both of these two talents helps play into what makes Natalie Jean a truly unique performer.

This solid foundation of a musical and entertainment background is a key reason why Natalie has not only previously won many awards, but also has an extremely impressive list of award nominations from a variety of accredited music institutions. Her most recent is that of the JOSIE MUSIC AWARDS, which took place September 17th, 2017 at the Nissan Stadium in the world famous music city of Nashville, Tennessee.

The event now in it's third year has sold out again, showing that this gala has quickly become a must attend for the independent artist. The awards show featured more than 28 performances along with over 60 award presentations. Natalie had an amazing weekend winning the prestigious honor of the award for "WORLD ARTIST OF THE YEAR- MULTIPLE LANGUAGES". This victory was nothing short of simply amazing and very much a sign of the heart she put into her singing. Notably she was also nominated for "Pop/Contemporary Artist, Pop/Contemporary Song", "R &B/Soul Category for Song of The Year - "Please Don't (a co-write with Michael Peloso)", "Best Musical Collaboration - "Shine On" (with Dennis Sy and Darick Spears)", and "Best Music Video - "Mon Ange". Most recently, Natalie released a Haitian Creole album called "Haiti Mwen Renmenw" which also won a Bronze Medal in the 2017 Global Music Awards. The Josie Awards really showed that a powerful and beautiful singer like Natalie Jean are definitely an important artist to watch.



Saturday, November 11, 2017

New Release - Optimistic Bliss By Ricky Persaud Jr - Is Simply Wickedly Cool (Bongo Boy Records)

Pensacola, Florida's Ebony D. Weatherspoon aka Raven Salve' is ready for success, and she wants you to know it. The 28-year-old Escambia, County, Southern Soul, Gospel and R&B singer is creating a strong buzz with the release of her hit single "Jelly Roll." The single is off her freshmen album "Lets Dance The Mix" released earlier, in February 2016.

Now she's planning on creating more than a strong buzz with the upcoming release of the EP "Metamorphosis," set for release by July 2018, and distributed by Tune Core. A single "Rock With Me" is scheduled for release by November 2017.

When asked why people should care about her music, Raven Salve' is quick to respond, "People should care about me and my music because I care about me and my music. How can I expect anyone else to care if I don't? My music expresses how much I'm encouraged by others and how I draw strength from them. Since God made me as a one of a kind person with my own distinctive approach, I have been set apart from other indie artists. My exceptional style accentuates my personality and that's what produces the uniqueness of the symphonic soul sound."



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Southern Soul And R&B Artist Is Ready For Success

Pensacola, Florida's Ebony D. Weatherspoon aka Raven Salve' is ready for success, and she wants you to know it. The 28-year-old Escambia, County, Southern Soul, Gospel and R&B singer is creating a strong buzz with the release of her hit single "Jelly Roll." The single is off her freshmen album "Lets Dance The Mix" released earlier, in February 2016.

Now she's planning on creating more than a strong buzz with the upcoming release of the EP "Metamorphosis," set for release by July 2018, and distributed by Tune Core. A single "Rock With Me" is scheduled for release by November 2017.

When asked why people should care about her music, Raven Salve' is quick to respond, "People should care about me and my music because I care about me and my music. How can I expect anyone else to care if I don't? My music expresses how much I'm encouraged by others and how I draw strength from them. Since God made me as a one of a kind person with my own distinctive approach, I have been set apart from other indie artists. My exceptional style accentuates my personality and that's what produces the uniqueness of the symphonic soul sound."



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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Singer/Songwriter Halie Loren Launches Kickstarter Campaign For New Album

Internationally acclaimed singer and independent recording artist Halie Loren is teaming with famed British music producer Troy Miller (Jamie Cullum, Gregory Porter, Becca Stevens) to release a Kickstarter-funded studio album project, aptly titled, "Halie Loren is making a new album."

Loren first achieved international prominence with three jazz albums charting at No. 1 on Billboard Japan's Top 20. The new Kickstarter campaign will enable her fans to hear her voice backed by top studio musicians with industry-leading production values.

The new album will be distributed in Asia by JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment and throughout the rest of the world by Justin Time Records. "We are gratified to see so many of Halie's fans who have committed to over one-half of the goal in only the first week," said Justin Time's president, Jim West. "This recording is a big undertaking with top-notch participants, and we are proud to be one of the channels in releasing it around the world in 2018."

The pledge period ends on September 30, and backers have the opportunity to receive gifts such signed pre-release CDs, silk-screened T-shirts, Halie Loren original artwork, concerts in your home, and eco-themed options.

In addition to covers of popular songs and jazz standards, all nine of her previous albums have featured one or more of her own originals, fitting in so seamlessly that not all fans realized they were hers. The new project will turn the spotlight entirely on her original material, and will be her most personal artistic statement to date.

"I have long dreamed of making this album, and finally felt brave enough to make this leap because of the immense outpouring of support that my fans have shown for my original music," said Loren. "This project feels so true and necessary for me as an artist, and I'm beyond excited to share it with the world. I'm truly grateful to all the people who are supporting me and this music."

Contributions will go toward production, studio time, recording engineering, mixing, mastering, artwork and photography, and promotion. Go to to see a video from Halie Loren and learn more about the "Halie Loren is making a new album" Kickstarter campaign. 



Barley Station Announce 'Back There Somewhere' Album Out September 14, 2017

Barley Station has just announced the official release of their album 'Back There Somewhere' via Barleyfields Records (ASCAP). The first new single off the album, 'Waiting', released on August 10th, 2017 and has already been well received by North American and European media and radio.

Barley Station consists of multi-instrumentalists Randy Wayne Belt and Brian (Hex Jin) Kious as its core vocal and songwriting team, and is often joined onstage by others. The album also guest features the exquisite backing vocals of Virginia Grey of Carolina Magnolia fame. (Tracks 3 and 4 on the album)

Founded in 2011, Barley Station has written, produced, and launched two albums 'After All' (2012), and 'Damaged Goods' (2013) followed by a multiplicity of singles. Songs from the 'Damaged Goods' album have already hit the top 20 charts in Paris, France and with the release of the bands' new album 'Back There Somewhere' (September 14th, 2017), the band will surely become a household name on the European charts.

Barley Station has been picked up by prestigious curated Spotify Playlists and have received glowing press feedback from a myriad of credible publications, radio, and television media platforms. The bands' signature sound is a genre crossover blend of Americana, Country, Pop, Folk, and even Rock Alternative which is authentic and original.

Singles from 'Back There Somewhere' have already garnered the interest of North American radio and media such as Steel Notes, Skope, AVA Live Radio, Indie Music Monday, Starlight Music Chronicles, American Pride Magazine, and Ally's Attic to name a few.

Their first single off the new album 'Waiting', is a warm, uplifting, mellifluous song reflective of the heart of this masterpiece. Songs like 'Take Me To The Shade', and 'Warm Embraces' lend a fun element to the album while others like 'Long Ago Angel', 'Like Winter', and 'Keep Me High' add emotional depth with well thought out lyrics & Instrumentation that is a true reflection of Americana.

A few previously released singles like 'Double Star', 'Like Destiny', '4th Of July', and 'Must Be Something' have been added to the album to appease avid Barley Station fans and European radio who have demonstrated a strong, supportive response for them.

The closing number on this album, 'Come On Down Hey', is the jewel in the crown. It is a smooth but driving song that is inviting in its lyrics and jubilant in its melody with mandolin weaved in careully. It's the perfect way to leave loyal fans on a lingering note of what's to come for this exceptional band.

Back There Somewhere | Track Listing

Release Date: September 14th, 2017

1. Waiting 3:04
2. Take Me To The Shade 3:13
3. Warm Embraces 2:39
4. Long Ago Angel 3:54
5. Keep Me High 3:59
6. Must Be Something 4:02
7. Like Winter 3:41
8. Double Star 3:29
9. Like Destiny 3:21
10. 4th Of July 2:21
11. Come On Down Hey 4:03

The album is now available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes, and has also been launched on Spotify.



Monday, November 6, 2017

Wreckshop Nation Releases Big Moe 4 Ever, A Tribute Documentary To A Legendary Southern Hip Hop Artist

Wreckshop Nation, known at the time of Big Moe's breakthrough as "Wreckshop Records," has compiled footage that provides insight into the life of one of the biggest names in southern hip hop. The documentary includes appearances by famous hip hop artists, along with friends and family of Big Moe, whose real name is Kenneth Doniell Moore.

Even those who have not been exposed to Big Moe's music have more than likely heard his influence on the hip hop community through songs from other artists. Rappers like A$AP Rocky, Drake, and Young Thug have all drawn influence from the lyrical themes that Big Moe incorporated in many of his tracks. Big Moe is famously one who coined the term "rap-singing," a unique way of delivery that was essentially half rap and half singing.

Before receiving national acclaim for his breakthrough singles Mann! and Barre Baby, Big Moe was well-known as a prominent member of the Screwed Up Click, a Houston-based rap collective led by the famed DJ Screw. DJ Screw would take existing tracks and drastically lower the pitch and tempo. The end result was an ambient, chilled-out song that members of the Screwed Up Click would rap over. Big Moe was particularly well-known for improvising soulful hooks and melodies.

Special guests who appear in the documentary include Paul Wall, Tight Eyez, Lil Keke, and Chamillionaire among many others. Big Moe's friends and family also recount what he was like growing up, his rise to fame, and the impact he had on Houston's community.

The documentary serves not only as a memorial for one of the most driving forces in the history of Houston hip hop, but also displays the positive impact that he provided to those around him.

For more information or for media and press inquiries, please contact media relations liaison Dana Blickensderfer at

About Wreckshop Nation
Wreckshop Nation is an independently owned entertainment company focused on promoting and producing digital content, products, and services for artists while simultaneously embracing the southern hip hop culture that developed in Houston during the late 1990's

To learn more about Wreckshop Nation, visit:

About hBoss Digital
Based in Houston, Texas, hBoss Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in premier digital media solutions that connect musicians with their intended audience. The expert team at hBoss Digital offers innovative, effective, and insightful online marketing methods to increase the artist's online presence, further establish their personal brand, and foster long-term success. hBoss Digital offers digital media marketing solutions for artists in the music industry. With a diligent team of talented professionals, hBoss ensures that online endeavors can be utilized to their full potential to deliver real, tangible results.

To learn more about hBoss Digital and the client services they offer, visit: Source: Wreckshop Nation


Friday, November 3, 2017

Cinq Music Opens Urban Music Division With Master P

Cinq Music, a technology-driven record label, distribution and rights-management company, has named Percy "Master P" Miller as President of Urban Music in the United States. The announcement was made by Cinq Music co-founder and President Barry Daffurn.

"Master P is an iconic artist/entrepreneur that will help Cinq and all its artists maximize the value of their intellectual property," says Daffurn. Adds Jason Peterson, CEO of GoDigital Media Group, Cinq's parent company, "Through Cinq, Master P will be an evangelist and connector, helping us sign more artists. He brings a wealth of experience and a deep artist network." Master P is no stranger to either Peterson or Daffurn. GoDigital Media Group was founded eleven years ago when Master P awarded Peterson a multi-year exclusive digital distribution deal for his music catalog. "He recognized a kindred entrepreneur and liked my vision that digital distribution of music was the future," says Peterson.

Master P is a businessman, entrepreneur, music mogul, an iconic American entertainer, producer and philanthropist. The founder of No Limit Records, Master P gained fame in the mid 1990s with hits like "Ice Cream Man" and "Make Em Say Uhh" along with roles in several independent films which made the artist a household name. As important as Master P's music success is, he has also had a successful career as an entrepreneur and investor, coming from poverty to Forbes. Master P created a multi-million dollar business empire spanning an array of industries and selling over seventy-five million albums to date. "Master P was one of the first rappers to see the real potential of music as a business," says Daffurn. "Many artists only concentrate on their creativity, but Master P saw his work through the eyes of an entrepreneur." The artist is held in high esteem by many artists for his entrepreneurial work ethic. In addition to his music, Master P dedicates his time in communities around the country through the P. Miller Youth Centers, Let the Kids Grow, Team Hope NOLA and P. Miller Food Foundation For The Homeless.

About Cinq:
Cinq Music is a technology driven record label, distribution, and rights management company. Cinq's repertoire has won four Grammy awards, dozens of Gold and Platinum RIAA certifications, numerous number one chart positions on the Latin Urban and Tropical Billboard charts, and was nominated for Latin Rhythm Label of The Year at the 2016 Latin Billboards.


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Metal Band, Signal 99, Releases "American Monster" Music Video

The metal band, Signal 99, released a new video off the album "American Monster." The video was directed and produced by the front man, Chuck Haven. The much anticipated video follows the self-titled album, "American Monster." After a few years off from playing due to the deaths of Chuck Haven's brothers, the band decided to keep the music going. The local support from fans and media prompted a successful return to multiple outlets and sponsors promoting the album. Due to the overwhelming support the band was able to secure upcoming shows in Costa Rica and Mexico. Making the band an international touring band and is gaining momentum in the competitive music industry.



Metal Band, Signal 99, Releases "American Monster" Music Video

The metal band, Signal 99, released a new video off the album "American Monster." The video was directed and produced by the front man, Chuck Haven. The much anticipated video follows the self-titled album, "American Monster." After a few years off from playing due to the deaths of Chuck Haven's brothers, the band decided to keep the music going. The local support from fans and media prompted a successful return to multiple outlets and sponsors promoting the album. Due to the overwhelming support the band was able to secure upcoming shows in Costa Rica and Mexico. Making the band an international touring band and is gaining momentum in the competitive music industry.



Wednesday, November 1, 2017

M.O.G Releases New Music Video To Single "Feel No Way"

Last Friday, indie Christian hip-hop artist M.O.G. released his "Feel No Way" music video online after a well-received single and EP debut. With already more than 15,000 views and shares on Facebook and YouTube in just four days, M.O.G’s popularity has gained not only new supporters but is also cultivating recognition and a nod in the Christian hip-hop industry.

YouTube -
Facebook -

"Feel No Way" has already debuted on top Christian rap and hip-hop site and is gaining speed on other top sites and radio shows including,, Heart of the City Radio (KFAI 90.3 FM & 106.7 FM), and DJ JesusBeats Show (Hot 316 Radio). The single is touted as a family affair, featuring the talents and vocals from M.O.G’s daughter, ElishaLove, and Saint Paul, MN-native and producer Trybishop. Trybishop has produced and co-wrote the song and is known for producing major musical artists including: Akon, TPain, Young Jeezy, Sza and Da Truth.

"Been humming this song all day. Thanks for sharing your gift dude. I'm a huge rap/hiphop fan, but many songs in this genre can come across as being flat. That's not the case here with Feel No Way at all! MOG's dynamics are spot on and the song continues to move forward and go somewhere." -Ryan Jones

Featuring captivating visuals and a clever storyline filled with unexpected surprises, the music video was shot and directed by award-winning director and cinematographer Aaron Berger. Berger is known for his alternative and rock collaborations.

M.O.G's music has been featured on some of the most well-known Gospel hip hop websites and magazines such as,,,, and Rep Da King Magazine.

"(M.O.G) brings a new sound to the Gospel rap movement has a lot of truth to share" -Think Bigger

You can view the "Feel No Way" music video on YouTube or Facebook. You can also find M.O.G on social media via MOGdaReal; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channel



Lehigh Valley Recording Artist Tom Vicario Releases "Baby Lets Go" To The Asian Music Market Via Bongo Boy Records Asia

Lehigh Valley recording artist Thomas Vicario (Bongo Boy Records) releases his EP "Baby Lets Go" in Asia. Four 4 original songs written by Grammy© member and Nominated Award winning music producer Gar Francis (The Doughboys, Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere & the Raiders, and Plainfield Slim). "Baby Lets Go" was recorded at Showtime Studio in Belvidere, New Jersey, USA and will be available for digital download & steaming in all Mandarin speaking countries in Asia.

The songs can also be found on the full length album which was released in the USA as Physical cds and Downloads last November. The album "Baby Lets Go" has also been submitted for consideration for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards©. The Award ceremony will be held in New York City on January 28, 2018. The CBS network will broadcast the show live from the Madison Square Garden in New York City. The show will also be streamed live in Asia.


1. Baby Let's Go 2:43
2. All The Good Things 3:00
3. Take A Rose 3:26
4. Look To The Future 2:53

UPC 708744975195 | ISRC: USPXQ
Release Date: 9.12.17 – ASIA

Tom Vicario grew up in Roseto, Pennsylvania, USA where he graduated from Bangor High School. He participated in high school football and baseball. Received a BS degree in Health and Physical Education from East Stroudsburg University and also is a member of East Stroudsburg University’s football team. Tom taught Health and Physical Education at Saucon Valley High School and coached varsity football, basketball and tennis at Saucon Valley High School. Tom’s passion also is with the sport tennis as he is USPTR tennis teaching professional and USPTR eastern sectional tennis pro of the year. He has been the leader and drummer of his own band in the 1980’s and after his band years, developed and pursued a professional solo career playing guitar/singing.

Past venues Tom Vicario Performed at: Big Bamboo, Hilton Head Island, SC, Marriot Ocean Front, Hilton Head Island, SC, The Boathouse, Hilton Head Island, SC., Slopeside pub and grill, Blue Mt Ski Resort, Palmerton, Pa.,Pearly Bakers, Easton, Pa. Valencia, Easton, Pa.,The Club at Morgan Hill, Easton, Pa.,Hawk Pointe GC, Washington, NJ. Showtime, Belvidere, NJ.,Local Vineyards: Sorrenti's, Tolino's, Blue Mt, and Private parties.

Official Artist Website:
Official Artist Page:

Record Label:

Bongo Boy Records established in 2010 and owned by Monique Grimme and Gar Francis. The record label is a full stack music company with a growing international roster. Offers Worldwide Distribution which always includes a mother lode of promotions; including Music Placement Services, Radio & Television campaigns, Music Reviews, Social Media Marketing and much more.


Monday, October 30, 2017

Launch Of Scene Sounds Music Video Prize Draw NYC

Scene Sounds Music Video Prize Draw launches on September 6, 2017. The Draw is open to music artists in NYC, including Manhattan and the surrounding five boroughs. Music artists can submit songs in the following genres: pop, rock, soul, R&B, and hip hop/rap.

The Draw is open from September 6 - October 18, 2017. Entries must be received before 12 midnight on October 18, 2017 to qualify.

Music artists submit their song entry via a form on Scene Sound's website in line with the terms and conditions at There is a one-time, non-refundable $45.00 submission fee.

The winning prize of the Music Video Prize Draw is a professional music video by award-winning director, Daniel Diosdado and his team for the randomly selected song.

"Making a music video is very hard and expensive, says Daniel Diosdado, founder and CEO of Scene Sounds. "I think we found a way to help all these incredibly talented musicians who cannot produce a high quality video by themselves. Scene Sounds is a way of helping them—to give back to the community."

Diosdado is also the founder of Nomada Films, a film production company based in NYC with award-winning international film credits and noted film workshops at Cannes Film Festival.

Scene Sounds Music Video Prize Draw has received applause and support from NYC artists, including legendary hip hop artist, record producer and actor, Redman: "It takes hard work to stand out in this industry. Scene Sounds Music Video Prize Draw is the perfect opportunity for artists who are hungry for success", says Redman.

Scene Sounds Music Video Prize Draw celebrates its official launch on September 14, 2017 at Bryant Park Lounge, Times Square, Manhattan. Doors open at 6pm with a Happy Hour until 8pm. Guests include Redman, DeeMo and Darja. 



Hybrid Studios Announces Online Mastering Services

Orange County multimedia production facility Hybrid Studios has announced new online mastering services for clients worldwide. Engineers Billy Klein and Brian Frederick will provide mastering through Hybrid's recording studios using a combination of analog/digital processing and high-end gear such as PMC monitoring and Manley Mastering equipment.

"We've been offering Mastering internally at the studio for quite some time but felt it was time to offer services to a wider audience," said Klein, "Both Brian and myself have several years of Mastering experience. Between the two of us, we're confident we can handle a large workload and deliver quality audio."

Hybrid's online services are "Mastered for iTunes," which means Klein and Frederick take into account how music will eventually interact with Apple Music & Spotify during the mastering process.

For more information, visit

About Hybrid Studios
Hybrid Studios is a fully integrated multimedia production facility in Orange County, CA. Not only does Hybrid feature a state-of-the-art analog & digital recording studio; it also boasts a massive sound stage, including a pre-lit cyclorama. Equipped with the best gear and an experienced staff, Hybrid provides a variety of products and services to clients across the creative spectrum from recording, mixing and mastering to video and photography.

For more information on Hybrid Studios, please visit


Saturday, October 28, 2017

Deadline Looms - The 14th Annual Acoustic Music Awards

Registration deadline looms for the 14th Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards), this is great opportunity for music artists everywhere. IAMA is the preeminent awards for musicians, promotes excellence in acoustic music performance and artistry. Acoustic artists in various genres can gain exciting radio and web exposure through this competition. Participating sponsors include Acoustic Cafe and Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Music artists stand a chance to win awards in eight different categories: Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist, Best Group/Duo Folk, Americana/Roots/AAA, Instrumental, Open (any musical style or genre), Bluegrass/Country, etc. There will also be an Overall Grand Prize winner awarded to the top winner worth over US$11,000, which includes radio promotion to over 250 radio stations in US and Canada.

IAMA is sponsored by: D'Addario Strings, New Music Weekly, Loggins Promotion, Airplay Access, Sirius XM Radio, Acoustic Café Radio Show, MixButton,, Kari Estrin Management & Consulting, and

In its 14th year, IAMA has a proven track record of winners going on to get signed and hit the Billboard Charts. Meghan Trainor was discovered by IAMA seven years ago and is now a global superstar with #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts with "All About That Bass" (#1 for 9 weeks) and #1 debut on The Billboard 200 Charts with her debut album "Title", won for a Grammy award for Best New Artist in 2016. The 2nd Annual IAMA winner Zane Williams’s winning song was recorded by country music star Jason Michael Carroll, that song hit #14 on Billboard Country Charts and #99 on Billboard Hot 100 Charts. Jeff Gutt, a finalist at the 9th Annual IAMA was a runner-up on X-Factor USA. Charlie Dore (known for her #1 hit “Pilot of the Airwaves”) was the top winner in 2008.

Danish Singer/Songwriter Tim Schou (see picture) won top honors at the past year’s 13th Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards). He has been signed to Sony/ATV Music Publishing. He is the first from Denmark to ever win at IAMA. He was a member of “A Friend in London”, a Danish pop rock and rock band that represented Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. He won the Overall Grand Prize as well as the Best Male Artist at the 13th Annual IAMA.

Other notable winners include Bertie Higgins & Bellamy Brothers, who won the Best Folk Category. Bertie Higgins is known for his #1 hit "Key Largo" and Top 10 hit "Just Another Day in Paradise". Bellamy Brothers are known for their eleven #1 hits "Let Your Love Flow", "If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me", "Too Much Is Not Enough" and many more.

NEeMA, featuring Emmylou Harris won the runner-up award of the Folk category. NEeMA is a folk singer from Canada. Folk legend Emmylou Harris has five #1 hits and counting.

Grace VanderWaal, America’s Got Talent’s last year’s top winner is a finalist in the Best Female Category. Her debut album hit #9 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. At 12 years old, she is the youngest finalist in the history of IAMA so far.

Marty Cintron, from the award winning group “No Mercy” is a finalist in the Best Male Artist Category. No Mercy is known for their #1 hit song "Where Do You Go".

The opportunity for ends soon. The deadline to enter is November 10th. For more information, go to:


Thursday, October 26, 2017

"You Aren't Anonymous"..TJ Doyle

T.J. Doyle, L.A's proponent of Americana music that presents his love of the Earth and the people on it, will present his newest single, "Anonymous" on Sept. 7.

On Totem Artists and distributed by Dash/Go, "Anonymous" is "a tribute to anyone who has felt marginalized", says Doyle. As TJ's lyrics say, "Don't you know that you are golden, Don't believe you're anonymous".

The single is the follow up to "Unconditional", a song about "unconditional love in the digital age", that received airplay all over Europe, Australia, New Zealand and across North America.

At a time when divisions seem to be so loud in people’s minds, TJ Doyle feels music can bring calm, so he presents ideas that help dissuade the internal discourse that is prevalent in our society today. In "Anonymous" particularly, the singer/songwriter says, " It is my hope the listener can take away the thought they have something very special in them, and start to fan the flames of this 'self', so they can 'spread their wings and FLY'!"

Doyle, who admits to his strong vocals being reminiscent of Neil Young, describes his music in general as a vehicle to "help people make sense of themselves and the world. That is my prime directive with my music and lyrics." The Neil Young part is not reversible. "That's the way I sing. Can't help it".

"Anonymous", produced by David Z Rivkin (Prince, Fine Young Cannibals) is part of a planned EP, "or maybe an album. "It doesn't matter anymore. People can now enjoy music from an artist one song at a time. The album will arrive when it's the 'right time'". Doyle has released two albums the most recent being "On The Horizon" released in 2016. That recording received highly favorable reactions from many media outlets including The Vinyl District, Jamsphere, Onstage Magazine, and Bearded Magazine.



Willie Basse Intimate Recoing Workshop Friday October 27, 2017 at NRG Studios NoH

Cultural Ambassador to the Sunset Strip, WILLIE BASSE is hosting a 2-Day RECORDING WORKSHOP Friday October 27th and 28th 2017 at NRG Studios NoHo starting at 2pm.
To attend CALL: (213) 947-3786
or PayPal $499 to

BASSE says, "This is a once In a lifetime opportunity to mentor my Fans, fellow Artists, Producers, Sponsors, etc. You will sit in and experience the intimate, professional recording of my new single, (In The) "Heat Of The Night" and YOU WILL RECEIVE Album Credit for participating"

The song performance features James Kottak (Scorpions) on drums, Marshall Harrison on lead guitars, Scott Warren on keyboards and WILLIE BASSE on bass, guitars, vocals, engineering and mix.

"Basse's Music Is Timeless" explains #HairNetRadio where Bassesongs are in heavy rotation daily!

• Willie Basse on iTunes:
"Which Side R / U on" - Single by WILLIE BASSE

• Look for #WILLIEBASSEtourdates TBA

The BEST is Now!



Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Iggy Azalea, The Kills, TV On The Radio & The Legendary Wu Tang Clan Confirmed For 1St Off Weekend Festival

We all deserve an OFF WEEKEND and Miami is about to get its biggest! South Florida's only multi-genre music festival is confirmed to launch at Historic Virginia Key Park in Biscayne on December 9th & 10th, 2017! The eclectic lineup has confirmed Multiplatinum Artist Iggy Azalea, The Kills, TV on The Radio, Wu Tang Clan, Alex Clare, Bishop Briggs, Los Walters, Missio, Misterwives, Sunlight & Lions, The Airborne Toxic Event, The Shelters and More To Be Announced!

Over 2 days an estimated crowd of over 40,000 + Friends will experience a new era in South Florida music festivals. Created and produced by some of the greatest music event conceptualists in Miami (Eric Prydz and Above & Beyond at RC COLA Plant, HYTE MIAMI).

"We are excited that OFF WEEKEND is coming to Historic Virginia Key Beach Park in early December! We have wanted to have an event with Art, Music and Culture happen in December for a long time and are really interested to see what Like Minded Events will create at this beautiful park", says Michelle Swaby-Smith, Special Events Liaison for Virginia Key Beach Park Trust.

"Historic Virginia Key Beach Park is the perfect location for an event like OFF WEEKEND. We have a beautiful shoreline, wonderful historic landmarks and a lush tropical landscape that will be very conducive for an event such as this. The event organizers have promised a weekend of Artistic driven entertainment with unique art exhibits, music and fun! We welcome Off Weekend to this Paradise Renewed." Says Guy Forchion, Executive Director for Virginia Key Beach Park Trust

For those who wish to express their individualism but celebrate community... there is OFF Weekend. Music meets Art under the sun & sky kissed by the waters off of Biscayne Bay. OFF Weekend will present layers of incredible and talented contemporary musicians during the world's largest contemporary art weekend for the first time ever.

OFF Weekend Music & Arts Festival welcomes Family & Friends of All Ages

OFF Weekend Culinary Campground & Art Installation Information To Come…

OFF BFF Tickets on Sale Thursday August 31st 1pm EST!
OFF BFF tix are $59.99 for 2 day GA
OFF VIF (Very Important Friends) tix are $199

Snapchat: offwknd


Sunday, October 22, 2017

Strange Loops Releases Debut EP, New Era

"An electrifying sound that is entirely their own." - The Deli Magazine

Having built a reputation — in just six months — for their energetic live performances, and fresh off a northeast concert tour, NYC-based band Strange Loops announces the official release of its debut EP, New Era. Combining soul-drenched power-vocals, funk-tinged hooks, and a disco-worthy, frenetic rhythm section, Strange Loops delivers classic-rock sound with a youthful attitude.

Featuring Sofie "Sef" Kapur (lead vocals), Tyler Postiglione (guitar), Santi Hervella (drums), Nardo Ochoa (bass, vocals), and Mackenzie Leighton (keyboard, vocals), New Era is a dynamic sampler of Strange Loops' finest efforts thus far.

"Ripple On," New Era's opening track, breathes life anew into the pop ballad with breezy riffs and harmonies over an intricate, but infectious, melody. In "Collegiate Sport 10," lead singer Sofie Kapur dances between fuzzy bass lines and a pulsing drumbeat, belting guttural garage-rock while maintaining a uniquely delicate quality. "This World Is Not For You," a stadium-ready anthem, closes the EP with driving instrumentation, starkly honest lyricism, and stripped-bare vocals.

Self-produced, the recordings were mixed and mastered by Tyler Postiglione.

The EP will be available for digital purchase and streaming through most major digital distribution partners on August 24, 2017. Additional information about Strange Loops can be found at


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Mike Shannon & Big Bus Dream

4th Ward Record announces Mike Shannon's 1st solo effort, "My Dream My Fantasy". The release encompasses his 18 years as founder and primary writer with 4th Ward and Big Bus Dream. It blends both his acoustic roots, as well as a more powerful electric arrangement. Shannon's stories include subjects from drug addiction, Alzheimer's Disease, aging and gun violence. Says Shannon, "All of my time, heart and energy over the last 18 years has led to this new release...because, in the end that's really what it's passion and my dream. Though often felt more like a fantasy"

Produced by Shannon, along with Eddie Z, Jamie Hoover and Ray Henderson, "My Dream My Fantasy" includes new tunes, along with hand-picked prior tunes re-tracked and re-mastered. Shannon says, "They are now closer to how I initially heard them while writing and in the studio."

My Dream My Fantasy is available at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and many other outlets.



Thursday, October 19, 2017

Singer Songwriter Phillip Brandon Debuts With A Genre-Defying Musical Gift For The Planet: The Story Begins

Proud Morehouse Graduate Steps Out Making a Profound Musical Difference

Debut CD In Stores October 20th

Springing forth following eight years of tours as "Narrator" with platinum selling rock band Trans Siberian Orchestra to a feature role in the life story of Gospel legend BeBe Winans, "Born For This: The Musical," singer-songwriter Phillip Brandon is making good on the promise of his purposed and abundant gifts to share songs of love and optimism all his own via his powerful debut album, The Story Begins - a warm wraparound throwback of soul-stirring Contemporary Jazz, R&B and Pop.

The ten songs produced by prolific songwriter Preston Glass (Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin, George Benson, Kenny G) as well as DrFord dynamically range from originals such as Phillip's epic wedding song "The Promise" (inspired by many of his friends getting married coupled with his parents' marriage of 37 years), the uplifting "Chocolate Child" (channeling Sammy Davis, Jr. and Gregory Porter) and the luscious piano ballad "A Funny Thing Happened (On the Way to Goodbye)" to the tender Tropicana of the Stevie Wonder-esque "Looking For You (In Somebody Else's Eyes)" and an emotional cover of the late, great Luther Vandross' "Wait For Love." The album also includes the beautiful jazz piece "Stay in the Moment" that features Phillip's mother Brenda Davis, a one-time backing singer for the immortal Ray Charles as a ‘Raelette.'


Preston praises tenor/baritone Phillip thusly: "What sets him apart from others who possess similar richness (Will Downing) is his theatrical experience which he draws from liberally in his interpretation of a lyric."

Los Angeles native and Venice High School / Morehouse College graduate Phillip states, "I create songs from the heart and a spiritual space of hope. (Singer-Songwriter) Richard Marx once said, ‘When you're creating, you have to be selfish to share what's on your mind and hope it's on the minds others' as well."

Reflecting that all-inclusive melting pot, Phillip will tour in support of The Story Begins with his international band of drummer Victor Á. Carracedo from Spain, guitarist Eugene Gorskiy from Ukraine, keyboardist Stan Loken from America, and bassist Carlitos Cuba from Cuba. Prepare for scintillating experiences all when you surrender to the spells of Phillip Brandon on record and in concert!





Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Acoustic Trance - San Francisco Music Duo Love Lyzardz Modernizes Psychedelic Folk/ Releases New 4 Song Demo

Love Lyzardz is thrilled to announce the release of its new four song demo. The release was scheduled to coincide with the advent of the so called Great American Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017. The demo will be accompanied by the launch of its new website and various social media outlets.

The Love Lyzardz was formed in October 2014 when a casual invitation to jam evolved into a hypnotic blend of rock, folk, country, psychedelic and classical music that was indefinable, until one day while on a drug induced level of higher consciousness, the words "Acoustic Trance" exploded into existence from the fifth dimension. It was at that moment, lead vocalist and violinist Reign Diamonds and guitarist Dez Del Rio realized that what they were creating was not just a new sound. It was a new movement.

This unique blend of genres inspired the Love Lyzardz to coin the moniker "Acoustic Trance" to describe their eclectic blend of sounds. The demo consists of 3 original tracks and one cover. "American Doll" the first track on the demo and the title of the Love Lyzardz future first album, re-imagines the psychedelic sounds of the Doors by combining hypnotic instrumentation with profound poetic songwriting. Reminiscent of the sexually charged power pop epitomized by late 70's new wave bands like The Knack and The Records, the second track "Bedroom Eyes" delivers a pop rock sentimentality that pierces the veil of teen angst and is an ode to the modern love song. Third is an instrumental cover of Plaisir D' Amour. Elvis Presley used the melody from Plaisir D' Amour to create his 1961 pop hit "Can't Help Falling in Love". The duo uniquely marries violin with guitar to create a simple, soulful acoustic version of this beautiful ballad. The final track "Marilyn Smile" is a tribute to the queen of Hollywood Marilyn Monroe that hauntingly conjures the sultry glamour of a 30's/40's torch singer in a smoky bar.

Inspired by the 1960's hippie movement, esp. their message of love and beauty, the "Love Lyzardz" reject the stagnant ideologies that divide humanity and instead embrace the universal languages of love and music. In a world made up of divergent customs and beliefs where values often clash, music unites people of different cultural backgrounds in a healthy manner. Music, dance and poetry are divine gifts from God. They emit a mysterious power over our emotions and when they are allowed to shape our society, the world is a better place. Whether you are sixteen or sixty, you will find a Love Lyzardz song that touches your soul and ignites your spirit. So walk with us between the worlds and join our spiritual evolution. Together as one we will ascend to new heights and carve out a bold new future.

"Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination". - Plato



Monday, October 16, 2017

Tony Range Spices Up The Dancefloor With His Massive New Riddim 'Love Story'


Canadian producer and artist Tony Range is causing a heatwave with his new summer anthem, 'Love Story.' After hearing this track for the first time, you will immediately start skankin' to Tony's tropical vibes.

'Love Story' describes the experience of two individuals who find themselves in one of the inspirationally hype parties at which Tony's tunes are usually played, and fall in love on the dancefloor, with at least one of the individuals almost certainly twerking to the punchy bassline typically found in Tony's sound.

However, the exotic grooves which lace afrobeats are not Tony's only musical influence. The harmonious melodies which legendary producers such as Teddy Riley introduced into modern R&B, weave their way into 'Love Story.' Tony's sound is truly global. He brings together influences from the US to Europe to the Caribbean to Africa, to create a unique, bouncing sound which will have the whole club, the area outside the club, and the queues down neighbouring streets to get into the club jumping.

Tony Range's style is so artistic, if 'Love Story' were a painting, it could be named 'bop on canvas.' This song avoids the typical sung chorus and generic bars of many hit records. 'Love Story' is an authentic, uncompromising riddim, that will have the club screaming 'pull up the tuneeeeeee!'

Join Tony on his tour of world's finest sounds by downloading 'Love Story.'

Listen to 'Love Story' on Soundcloud right now


And Apple Music:

Watch the lyric video on YouTube -

Contact Tony Range on
Facebook -
Twitter -
Soundcloud -

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Slade Actahvis' New EP 'Draft Day' Is So Cold It Sent A Draught Through Our Speakers


Slade Actahvis shows why he would be first pick if there were a draft of top upcoming Ohio rappers, with his soulful, addictive EP 'Draft Day.' The EP mixes smooth, club-ready production with ice-cold bars to create a blistering project, which will leave Slade's competition frostbitten. Having made quality tracks for years, Slade uses this EP to show exactly why he is one of Ohio's biggest talents.

The EP's lead single 'Yah Yah' sees Slade calling out the fakery he sees regularly among numerous rappers. By contrast he has remained real and will always be one of the realest MC's in Ohio, in spite of his immense success. His production makes this track a certified smash, gliding swag vocals over a mellow, funky beat, which will have you bopping for days.

Slade's EP has too much sauce, so much in fact, that Urban Dubz is concerned that 'Draft Day' may cause a sauce shortage in the Ohio area. You need to hear this EP. If tracks such as 'Like It's Nothing' are not on your playlist, we feel sorry for your playlist. Slade's infusion of the jazz he grew up listening to into his music adds a unique aspect to his sound, which you will be unable to take off repeat.

'Draft Day' is out on the 18th August. Pre-order from the 4th August and make sure that your music selection doesn't fall off this fall.
Listen to lead single 'Yah Yah' on Soundcloud right now

Available to pre-order on iTunes from 4 August 2017:

Contact via:


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Audira's Latest Single 'Calling For Love' Will Have You Calling For A Replay From The DJ

Moscow based Nigerian singer Audira Nelson, brings you an eclectic mix of soul, dancehall and afropop in his smash new single 'Calling for Love.'

Audira has been working countless hours in the studio to perfectly mix the cornucopia of sounds which influenced him, to create a song which both represents him as an individual but also provides DJs around the world with a go-to floor filling anthem. From Lagos to Moscow to London, this track will have everyone feeling a certain type of way on the dance floor.

The widespread joy which breaks out whenever one of Audira's tracks is played motivates him to make music. Soft catchy hooks, a frequent feature of Audira's music, are also used on 'Calling for Love' to create an irresistable track which will stay on your mind for as long as snow stays on the streets of Russia during the winter.

Audira is determined to take his unique sound global and will do whatever it takes to create the funkiest music coming out of Moscow. He is influenced by musical legends past and present from a variety of genres. From Céline Dion to Shania Twain, to afropop to modern hip-hop, to dancehall.

Artists across the spectrum have influenced Audira to create his all-encompassing, club shutting-down groove. Urban Dubz strives to represent artists with unique sounds you will not hear anywhere else. Audira's vibes are one of a kind and will be dominating a dancefloor near you in the very-near future.

Contact Audira on Instagram @audira_music and on Facebook @Audiramusic


Bassline Legend Burgaboy Returns As Iceburg With A Suave New R&B Jam 'Don't Care'


Experience IceBurg's smooth, soulful vibes on his latest slow jam, 'Don't Care.' The polished vocals which float over 'Don't Care's' melodic beat allow a symphony of swag to glide into your eardrums.

Having been influenced in his creation of chilled, harmonious melodies by the work of great producers such as Kanye West, IceBurg matches his prowess as a production with lyrical skill in his latest tune, which details his search for a partner who truly understands him and is interested in him for more than his money and musical success. IceBurg sings of how he has 'put in all this work for the Lord,' as his religious faith motivates him to sing and make the most of his life.

IceBurg's musical talents have already been widely recognized. Under the name Burgaboy became a bassline legend and a household name receiving BBC Radio 1 airplay, a nomination at the Urban Music Awards and regular shows around the country. He remixed for some of the biggest names in UK music, such as Tinie Tempah. This popularity has continued under the name IceBurg, with the Manchester rapper's schedule being so packed, he does not have time for negativity. His sole focus is on developing his unique and expressive sound on a global basis.

IceBurg is about to collide with the charts, spreading his message that support from a loving partner, combined with an unmatched hustle can build success to a global audience. He genuinely doesn't care about any obstacles in his path. IceBurg will never freeze under pressure, he is determined to reach #1 and is about to send a chord-based heatwave through the clubs while doing so.

Listen to 'Don't Care' right now on Soundcloud:

Purchase the track now on iTunes:


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

BlackWolfOscar Shows His Growth As An Artist On His Latest Single 'Marigold'

BlackWolfOscar presents 'Marigold' the lead single of his fourth mixtape 'Osmosis.' The growth alluded to in the title of this mixtape is emblematic the creative process Oscar employed while making 'Osmosis'. He has challenged himself to devise extraordinary bars, departing from the generic, trivial topics often covered in music in search of meaningful, poetic lyrics, which describe not only his own artistic journey as a musician, but also provide commentary on the situations surrounding him.

'Osmosis' is the fruit of three years' work. Oscar has spent that time writing and networking with producers abroad to ensure that the kaleidoscope featuring in 'Marigold's' video is representative of the EP as a whole, since the beats underpinning the EP feature a mix of global sounds and genres, whilst the lyrical content of 'Osmosis' features a cornucopia of vocabulary and themes. Having grown as an artist over his previous three mixtapes, Oscar has created a veritable chef d'oeuvre in 'Osmosis.' The striking qualities of Oscar's latest work are all present in 'Marigold.' The track is reminiscent of classic hip-hop, placing a minimalist but club-friendly beat under a series of imaginative metaphors. The opening verse alone relates references to classical Greek mythology and modern art to everyday situations.

The wide general knowledge informing Oscar's bars is in part attributable to his degree in Film and Television Production, which enabled him to create art which resonates with people and allows them to form an emotional connection to his work.

'Osmosis' will establish BlackWolfOscar as one of the most talented, creative, young, up and coming artists in the UK.

Contact BlackWolfOscar on
Soundcloud -
Facebook -
Twitter -
Instagram -
Youtube -


Climb On Board And 'HITCHER' Ride As PSYRUS Take You On A Journey Into Sound


PSYRUS was founded in 2016 by Andrew K joining forces with friends Tony Checkmar, Dmitry Windom and Anton Punch to create a formidable group who are well on their way to success, while developing creative and innovative music with a electro-rock vibe to wow a global audience. Only legendary groups such as Linkin' Park and The Beastie Boys have been able to successfully mix genres of music historically. Well, believe me, PSYRUS are set to join that elite group of musicians with the release of their first single, HITCHER.

This unsigned band from Russia have been in the studio and working closely with LA mixer/producer Mark Needham; perfecting and mastering their first single release, HITCHER, which takes us on fantastic journey into space, eclectically mixing energetic EDM/electro with traditional rock. PSYRUS's fusion of clean vocal harmonies and modern vibes will surely delight and unite folk from around the world. Tony wickedly keeps the rhythm snappy on drums, as Anton and Dmitry mix guitar and keyboards/midi in a way that mesmerises the listener. This is all brought together with Andrew punching out fantastic vocals which are a treat to our ears. A great way to kickstart a career and I'm sure HITCHER will be on playlists around the world in the not too distant future.

PSYRUS have been taking in all that music has to offer over the years and have been influenced in the past by the likes of Pendulum, Korn and The Prodigy. Andrew has also listened to The Sex Pistols, The Exploited and GBH which he has used to hone his unique style. Now as a group PSYRUS have found themselves moving in a steady direction and are ready to take the world by storm. They are certainly not looking back and look forward to an exciting music filled life ahead.

HITCHER is available as a free download until September 3rd 2017, when it hits the online stores.

Catch up with the band here:

A Timeless Voice And A Violin - A Duet Like No Other

"Two Hearts, One Soul" is the third single to be released from the CD For You. Grammy nominated Sylvia Bennett invites Hungarian violinist and bandleader Peter Ferencz, from the Smooth Jazz Pop ensemble, Peet Project to accompany her in a duet where voice and violin caress in a romantic dance.

Sylvia Bennett, along with her long-time producer, Hal S. Batt, collaborated to write "Two Hearts, One Soul" for her latest CD For You. It is the ultimate love song where the love is so deep between two people that their hearts are intertwined into one soul.

International recording artist and song–writer Sylvia Bennett has performed at Presidential Inaugurations and opened for such renowned artists as Bob Hope, Phyllis Diller, Jackie Mason, Dizzy Gillespie, Barry Gibb and David Brenner. Discovered by the legendary Lionel Hampton, she has since captivated audiences and critics alike with her sultry and honeyed toned voice.

Peter "Peet" Ferencz has enjoyed chart topping success of his own with his latest album The Bad Boys of Budapest. The first single, "Rosy Cheeks," spent 14 weeks on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Top 30.

For You is available for sale on Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Visit for the latest news or follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Saturday, October 7, 2017

LA Releases First Single SHOWTIME

LA, a 20 year old artist, has a lot of talent: pop singer, musician, composer, fashion model and visual artist.

She includes American Sign Language (ASL) in her choreography and you can find her LA stickers everywhere in Paris.

LA has just released her first single SHOWTIME, and has already announced her next : MISTER PRESIDENT to be released mid September.

Absolutely an artist to follow!



Organic Music Marketing Is Leading The Way In The Atlanta Music Scene Through Its Innovative Marketing Strategies And Organic Branding Techniques

In just the past few years, the world of music marketing has fundamentally changed. The popularity of streaming music services like Spotify, the rise of social media as a new form of promotion, and the growing importance of alternative media such as music blogs have all created the need for a new type of music marketer that can navigate this new competitive landscape.

Atlanta-based Organic Music Marketing, with over 10 years of experience in the music industry, has kept pace with these changes, developing relationships with labels such as Atlantic Records and Epic Records along the way. Since it was formed, Organic Music Marketing has worked with a wide range of music industry professionals, record labels, and artists, including Cam Kirk, Resolve Media Group, DC Young Fly, Bernard Flowers, Cyhi The Prynce, Jean Kelley, Hero the Band. In each case, the company helped to give a boost to their music careers.

What Organic Music Marketing understands better than others is that "getting your music heard" is harder than ever today. It requires fresh thinking about how to get in front of new fans, as well as a focus on understanding how people are interacting with music. It's no longer just a matter of trying to sign with a major label and getting radio airplay. It's now a matter of building buzz at the grassroots level by leveraging all the digital and social media platforms available.

As one of the most established music marketing agencies in the Atlanta metropolitan area, Organic Music Marketing has formed relationships with the types of music industry influencers who can help to get your music heard and shared. Influence is the new currency that can get people talking about and listening to your music - and it's the key to getting the best music blogs to notice your new work.

Organic Music Marketing helps music artists create, build and then launch a marketing strategy that’s designed to get results. For some artists, that might mean a website re-design or an e-mail blast campaign. For others, it might mean a blog and social media promotion campaign that’s timed to coincide with the release of a new album.

Where Organic Music Marketing really excels is by matching your visual identity with your music identity. Today's digital web is highly visual - the way people connect with music artists is not just via their music, it's also by their presence on Instagram or YouTube. In today's music marketing world, having concert clips or other video clips being shared on Instagram is just as important as being heard on SoundCloud.

For Organic Music Marketing, that means creating an organic music presence on the web that fits in with the way fans and music lovers are connecting on the Internet. It's all about getting the right music to the right people at the right time. If people are spending time on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, then that's where Organic Music Marketing is going to be. And, as tastes change, Organic Music Marketing will evolve as well. It's all part of the company's focus on getting your music heard.



Thursday, October 5, 2017

Caspar McCloud Releases First Acoustic Worship Album "Pictures Of Jesus"

Caspar McCloud, virtuoso guitarist and vocalist, has just released his first acoustic album, unveiling to the world what close friends, church members, and conference attendee's have previously only been able to enjoy in person.

Caspar's album, titled Pictures of Jesus – Acoustic Worship, features 14 originals, with heartfelt, thoughtfully rendered lyrics and acoustic guitar. The vocals show the strength, maturity and gentle power of his emotions from song to song. The album tastefully features numerous shining examples of Caspar's unmatched guitar solo abilities woven throughout every track; the care, attention, and composition all prevail as a display of musicianship that comes only from a seasoned professional.

Caspar's recording career goes back to earlier days as a signed Atlantic Records recording artist, through many years of album releases in his name and with his band Ministry of Three. 

Pictures of Jesus - Acoustic Worship provides the listener with the first opportunity to hear the simple, refined nature of his talent without the amplifiers and larger-than-life band elements of past releases. This is a rare glimpse into genius in its most exposed, direct, and masterfully polished form.

"The past several years I have been asked to speak and play at a number of conferences, events and churches..." Caspar shares.

"Playing without my band meant singing my songs playing my acoustic guitar whilst exploring new realms of possibilities without other musicians. Ludwig van Beethoven was once quoted as saying 'The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself.'

Over the last few years numerous people, including my good friend Trey Smith (God in A Nutshell) have greatly encouraged me by asking when will there be a recording of these acoustic songs you have played for us?

My long time friend and fellow artist, musician, erudite theologian, and software inventor Michael Angel took on the task of producing my first all acoustic album which shall be released in a few days time.”

Pictures of Jesus – Acoustic Worship is available through all major online distributors and will release via CD shortly after launch. It can be purchased for immediate download at:



Monday, October 2, 2017

Raquel Aurilia Nominated For Best Singer-Songwriter In 2017 Hollywood Music In Media Awards

Singer-songwriter Raquel Aurilia is thrilled to receive a nomination for "Best Singer Songwriter" for her original song "He Said She Said" in the 2017 Hollywood Music in Media Awards. The 2017 HMMA Awards will take place on November 16, at the Avalon in Hollywood, CA.

"This is such an exciting honor to receive a nomination for my song 'He Said She Said' in the 2017 HMMA Awards," says Raquel Aurilia. "I am thrilled to be considered among all of these wonderful singer-songwriters."

Raquel Aurilia is a singer-songwriter who has toured opening 25 U.S. cities for John Waite and has opened for B.B. King, Gin Blossoms, Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, Lisa Loeb, Eddie Money, Pat Benatar, and Riders in the Sky. Raquel has worked with Grammy Award winning producer Tony Papa (James Brown, Willie Nelson, John Denver) and Gardner Cole (Madonna, Jodi Whatley), as well as Grammy nominated producer Billy Smiley (Bebe and Cece Winans, Vince Gill, Johnny Cash) on her "Long Way Home" album in Nashville. Aurilia's music has been featured in MTV's hit series "The Hills," "The City" and "Taking the Stage." Her latest music video "Shattered" can be viewed at

Raquel's hit single "Feels Like" from her debut record, "Finding My Way," cracked the ultra-competitive R&R Top 30 AC and Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary charts at #28, and is continues to receive national air play today.

Upcoming Tour Dates - Raquel Aurilia
August 25 – Nashville – Belcourt Taps

Weblinks: / / / / /

Suggested Tweet:
.@RaquelAurilia Nominated for #BestSingerSongwriter in the 2017 #HMMAawards @HMMA2 for her song #HeSaidSheSaid 


Sunday, October 1, 2017

Tubby Boy X Telboy - Oh So Real (Out Now)


Oh So Real is a brutally honest, dark urban banger, courtesy of the forever flow-etic Tubby Boy and the vocally unmistakable Telboy. Oh So Real is lyrically themed on observations surrounding some of the music industry's aspiring artists and their lack of realness, desperate attempts at recognition and inflated self-worth. All of this popping off on a deep, heavy beat that sounds like a south London borough had passed through a recording studio in Houston or Atlanta.

As per usual, Tubby Boy never fails to deliver effortless flows, and his performance on Oh So Real is no exception. His bars are packed full of wit, metaphors and references, the whole time consciously raising the underlying point of the song. That's when the one and only Telboy takes the mic, full of soul and authentic style, to lyrically develop the theme and perfectly summarize the plot with his unforgettable hook. His performance is again, another great example of Telboy's songwriting versatility and natural raw ability.

On remix duty we have a dancefloor destroyer by Gangski. This badboy producer from Poland had huge success in South Africa with his Davies Twins remix. This time around he cleverly reworks edits of Telboy's vocals, inventing a brand new hook over a banging, almost wobbly but absolutely unforgettable thumper.

Written by: Tubby Boy , Telboy , Toni Toolz Produced by: Toni Toolz
Recorded and Mixed at: Adobo Studios Remixed By: Gangski

Design by: Tom Green at Adobo Design Label: Big Mix Up Records
Cat No: BMUR1704
Release Date: 14.06.17

Running Times: [Original Mix: 4:08] / [Gangski Remix: 4:11] (p) & (c) Big Mix Up Records 2017
Distributed by: Believe Digital


LEKS Returns To Music And Is Doing 'AMAZING' Things!

Oleksiy Poplavko-Dercksen, best known as LEKS is back with a bang! An upcoming unsigned EDM producer who has teamed up with vocalist Sasha Kay to release his first track after being absent from the music industry for a period of time. 'AMAZING' is a fun and energetic track which will get you bouncing coupled with fantastic vocal clarity. This in turn compliments the lively yet simplistic electro-trance beat, which also has a balanced and well thought out slight retro twist.

'AMAZING' captures the summer music vibe and should be in DJ 'flight cases' around the world. And it's no wonder; LEKS has musical pedigree. Being born into a musical family in Ukraine, he has spent his formative years travelling around Europe before settling in Luxembourg. He has been exposed to a wide array of musical genres from Rock to Hip Hop. After experimenting with different sounds while he studied music production, LEKS has found his niche…EDM. 'AMAZING' is a really welcome entry into the field of electronic music.

Inspired by the likes of Deadmaus, Calvin Harris, DJ Snake and Tiesto, LEKS has successfully created his own unique sound, capturing contemporary electronic music and transforming it into something eclectic. 'AMAZING' is the first release for LEKS but be assured he has much more music on the way, he is also keen to work with other producers and write music for vocal artists, as well as performing live sets.

Sasha Kay has worked her magic with the vocals on 'AMAZING' which gel immediately with the cutting edge track produced by LEKS. Singing since the age of 6, Sasha has performed around Europe and has recorded an EP.

To listen to LEKS fantastic breakthrough into EDM check out the following links:


LEKS Social Media


Sasha Kay Social Media


Thursday, September 28, 2017

All-star Ensemble FLOW Debuts Genre-Defying New Music At Carnegie Hall On Friday October 6, 2017

Forty years after Windham Hill Records became a catalyst for the global New Age phenomenon, its legacy of best-selling works evolves into a fresh new era with FLOW - a unique four-piece ensemble comprised of Grammy Award-winning guitarist Will Ackerman, and three noted award-winning artists: Australian pianist/vocalist Fiona Joy, acoustic guitarist Lawrence Blatt, and trumpet/flugelhorn player Jeff Oster.

The all-star quartet celebrates the same-day release of their highly-anticipated debut album with an exclusive concert at Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall on October 6 at 8 p.m. They will be joined by special guest artists including Eugene Friesen (cello), Vin Downes (guitar), Tom Eaton (bass and keys) and Jeff Haynes (percussion). Carnegie Hall is located at 881 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10019.

For New Yorkers, the concert will be a unique opportunity to see Windham Hill founder and legendary guitarist Will Ackerman in concert for the first time with FLOW. He speaks to the group’s evolution on screen at

Weeks ahead of its official October 6 release, the eponymous album FLOW scored a #1 global airplay debut on the ZMR chart, and music media accolades. Ambient Visions editor Michael Foster wrote, "It was a gratifying aural journey to hear these four remarkable musicians set aside their ambitions or expectations about what the album should be in favor of allowing it to be formed entirely through their interactions as a group into something greater than each one would have been capable of doing on their own."

As reported in BILLBOARD, the concept of FLOW had its origins in 2015, when Blatt invited Fiona and Oster to join him at Imaginary Road to create an album inspired by the iconic Windham Hill sound and ensembles. Ackerman had already produced several of Fiona Joy's and Oster’s albums, plus Blatt’s recordings The Color of Sunshine, Emergence and Latitudes and Longitudes featuring Oster on horns; Blatt and Fiona originally met while recording a special project on Blue Coast Music. All told, FLOW’s members have accumulated literally dozens of accolades, from Grammy Awards to ZMRs, IMAs, IAMAs and a catalog of #1 albums in the genre.

Ackerman says that the project is one where he and the other musicians experienced "real synergy. The group had become a creative entity unto itself and four dear friends had gathered to create something beyond anything they could have created on their own. Experiments don’t always work. This one worked!"

Tickets range from $30-$40; for more information and to purchase tickets visit:

Who: FLOW: Fiona Joy, Lawrence Blatt, Jeff Oster and Will Ackerman & Guests
What: FLOW Concert & Album Release Event
When: Friday, October 6, 2017; 8:00 pm
Where: Carnegie Hall, Weill Recital Hall, 881 Seventh Avenue, New York, New York 10019



Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Missing Link Music Signs Bluegrass Songwriter Of The Year Daryl Mosley

Missing Link Music has recently signed a worldwide administration deal with American bluegrass legend, Daryl Mosley. Mosley was named Bluegrass Songwriter of the Year for both 2016 and 2017 by The Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America (SPBGMA).

Over the course of his career Daryl has accumulated a slew of #1 hits, his most famous being the southern gospel classic "(Ask the Blind Man) He Saw It All" performed by The Booth Brothers. The song has won an array of awards including Song of the Year at the awards, The Diamond Awards, and the Singing News Fan Awards during the Quartet Convention in Louisville.

Mosley's success does not stop there as his list of collaborations extends far and wide. His talents have led him to work alongside Sharron Kay King, Ken Holloway, Josh Williams, Appalachian Trail, Shannon Slaughter, and country artist Lynn Anderson, earning him elite recognition in the bluegrass and gospel communities.

Growing up he taught himself guitar and before he knew it he was performing on stage at the Loretta Lynch Ranch, playing not only guitar but piano and bass as well. Mosley moved on later in life to form a relationship with the award winning bluegrass gospel quartet New Tradition. The group together is said to have delivered over 200 performances a year. Following his time in New Tradition, Daryl accepted a great opportunity to work alongside the Osbourne Brothers, playing with them for 10 years. Today Daryl Mosley can be found performing with his own group The Farm Hands. Since being signed to Pinecastle Records, the group has released several full length albums including their latest release "Colors" which dropped in late July 2017. The Farm Hands have made quite the name for themselves, being named Entertainer of the Year at the 2017 Bluegrass Music Awards, as well as being named Gospel Band of the Year for three consecutive years.

The team at Missing Link Music is excited to see what Daryl's career will bring in the future.

About Missing Link Music:

Missing Link is one of the leading independent music publishing companies in the U.S., offering fast, efficient and transparent licensing, as well as royalty collection for songwriters and rightsholders. Founded in 1996, Missing Link started with the vision of offering the songwriter a modern music publishing and rights management platform. Through proactive negotiation of favorable rightsholder terms in its agreements and licenses, Missing Link places the songwriter's needs first, whether it's royalty collection, international administration or creative support.

Missing Link Music's roster boasts hundreds of Multi-Platinum songwriters and recording artists, while its catalog contains thousands of global hits and iconic evergreens.



Good FORTUNE Will Surely Come From This Cookie Upon The Release Of The 'CHINATOWN'

Luca and Parmar have brought their musical talents together and formed Fortune, a British R&B and Hip Hop duo, who are proud to announce the release of their EP 'CHINATOWN'. This eclectic compilation of motivational and atmospheric tracks will take the listener to a new level, and is guaranteed to captivate both commercial and genre-specific audiences with its contemporary British urban vibe, creativity and heartfelt stimulating messages.

'CHINATOWN' will reach out to people with popular engaging tracks, which delight ones ears. From the melodic and inspirational 'DREAMZ' to the sexy groove of 'LONELY' and the motivational banger 'MARQUEES', Fortune have certainly pursued musical success and innovation with tenacity; creatively pushing the boundaries of commercial R&B and Hip Hop and ensuring a British twist is added to all of the tracks.

Luca and Parmar met whilst working in a Chinese restaurant and discovered that they both shared a passion for urban tunes, as well as having a burning ambition to make music, which they achieved by fusing their styles under Fortune. Luca was playing the guitar from the age of 7 and his father nurtured his passion for music exposing him to folk and should before Luca started singing and playing blues. The natural progression was towards R&B. Parmar was close to his uncle who exposed him to Hip Hop and R&B stalwarts from the likes of 2pac and Biggie Smalls to NWA and Erykah Badu; and the list extends. Fortune are pursuing a successful career in the industry with aspirations of worldwide recognition and hope to inspire younger generations of British artists.

Influenced by both East Coast and West Side artists such as Dr Dre and Nas, Fortune have developed and channeled their style which comes through on 'CHINATOWN', with more contemporary artists from Canada and the UK as well as from the Atlanta scene. The Weekend, Skepta, Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott have all been influential while Fortune have developed future classics including 'FOLLO ME' and 'D.R.U.G.S'. Currently unsigned, Fortune are determined to follow their dreams and are sure to be destined for historical dynamism.

Watch the debut Video here:

Follow Fortune here:


Chinatown is available for download here: