Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Blue Martinez

Blue Martinez a Hip-Hop artist from Brooklyn, NY. His flow, delivery, and cadence is everything the games been missing. Every song from introspective is thought provoking and heartfelt tracks like "RNS Pt.1". He has several projects in development so keep on the lookout for him this fall. He believes in keeping everything in house. He has built is own team called The Champagne Room, which consist of 2 producers, a new cinematographer, an audio engineer, and 2 in house social media marketers. He is keeping his finger on the pulse with everything that's moving in Hip-Hop, while continuing to stay true to his own sound. He is, and will be the one to bring back the lost sound and feel of New York's Hip-Hop scene.

Check out the lead single "RNS Pt 1"


Monday, September 18, 2017

Broken2th And Crystal Sun Release "Castaliah"

The electronic indie pop album "Castaliah," a collaboration between Broken2th and Crystal Sun, released digitally on July 17th. Mixed and mastered by Broken2th (Brian Frederick) at Hybrid Studios in Orange County, the record already has over three thousand plays on Spotify in its first two weeks. In addition to Broken2th and Crystal Sun, the album features artists like Donald Clay (The Pharcide) on keys, John Patrick Seedborg (Ronnie King) on trombone, and Vanessa Acosta (Bootleg Orchestra) on trumpet.

"I've been known primarily as an engineer for a long time, and with this project I wanted to step out of that shadow and into the role of composer / producer. Its important for an album to have continuity, to have a producer and an artist locked in sync to create a combined effort, and to create a work of art that represents what both want to say," said Frederick, "This album took a few years to create, and we went through a lot of ups and downs. I think you can really hear that in the music."

"Castaliah" has been in the works since 2012, with songs tracked around the country at various studios and locations along the way and finalized at Hybrid Studios. Crystal Sun and Broken2th are planning to release at least two more songs before the end of 2017 and have many more currently in the writing process. Frederick also plans on releasing a full-length album this year from Subtle Smiles, a collaboration with Marley Rae from Long Beach electronic soul band Bootleg Orchestra.

You can hear "Castaliah" now on iTunes at

About Hybrid Studios
Hybrid Studios is a fully integrated multimedia production facility in Orange County, CA. Not only does Hybrid feature a state-of-the-art analog & digital recording studio; it also boasts a massive sound stage, including a pre-lit cyclorama. Equipped with the best gear and an experienced staff, Hybrid provides a variety of products and services to clients across the creative spectrum from recording, mixing and mastering to video and photography.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Suburban Symphony Release Debut Single "Stepping Stones" On Hilltown Records

Suburban Symphony have teamed up with startup indie label Hilltown Records to release their debut single "Stepping Stones" via all major digital retailers and streaming outlets on 1st August 2017.

Stepping Stones provides a great introduction to what the band is all about as it features massive vocal hooks, a stadium-worthy chorus and tasteful guitar work all combined seamlessly with lyrics that ruminate on working class aspiration and dreams of bigger things to come.

Since they formed in Barnoldswick in 2014, Suburban Symphony have undertaken a busy schedule of songwriting, recording, gigging (with the likes of Bruce Foxton, The Feeling and Big Country) and have even inspired the establishment of a record label to promote their music.

Hilltown Records was formed in early 2017 by Mat Arnold and Keiron Melling, after they had finished recording and mixing Suburban Symphony's debut album at Hilltown Studios. Mat and Keiron (who collectively have worked with such artists as The Fall, Peter Gabriel, Kanye West, Jay-Z, The Noisettes, Aziz Ibrahim and Tom Jones) were so happy with the finished album that they decided to form Hilltown Records and release the material themselves. Suburban Symphony's debut album will be available on CD from http// and via all major digital retailers on 4th September 2017. 



Thursday, September 14, 2017

Hybrid Studios Joins Earthquaker Devices Studio Program

Orange County multimedia production facility Hybrid Studios is honored to have been recently included in Earthquaker Devices studio endorsement program. The world famous pedal company from Ohio has provided the studio with a fantastic line-up of pedals, available for use immediately in Hybrid's Studio A.

"We're thrilled to add this incredible line of Earthquaker Devices pedals to our collection in Studio A," said Studio Manager Mike Miller, "Huge thanks to Sterling Musk of King Salamander for introducing Hybrid to EQD. We've always been a huge fan of their brand and I know our production clients are going to love the unique qualities these pedals provide in studio."

Hybrid Studios' line of available EQD pedals includes the Afterneath (otherworldly ambient reverb), Palisades (mega ultimate overdrive), Rainbow Machine (polyphonic pitch shifting modulator), Arpanoid (polyphonic arpeggiator), Hoof Reaper (dual fuzz octave), Avalanche Run (stereo reverb and delay), Organizer (polyphonic organ emulator), Sea Machine (chorus), Dispatch Master (hi-fi digital delay and reverb), and Disaster Transport SR (advanced mod. delay and reverb).

For more information on Earthquaker Devices, visit

About Hybrid Studios
Hybrid Studios is a fully integrated multimedia production facility in Orange County, CA. Not only does Hybrid feature a state-of-the-art analog & digital recording studio; it also boasts a massive sound stage, including a pre-lit cyclorama. Equipped with the best gear and an experienced staff, Hybrid provides a variety of products and services to clients across the creative spectrum from recording, mixing and mastering to video and photography.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Missing Link Music Signs Jazz Icon Najee

Missing Link Music has recently signed a worldwide administration deal with jazz hero Najee. A two-time Grammy-nominated saxophonist and flautist, Najee has made a career following his heart and keen musical intuition by pushing musical boundaries, all of which have made him an international pioneer in the music industry. Having collaborated with Prince, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan and Herbie Hancock, Najee’s technical agility, grace, and compositional prowess have made him one of the most sought after musicians of his generation.

"My first love was the tenor saxophone and flute," confides Najee. "It was my brother Fareed who got me to play soprano saxophone." As an industrious and hungry young musician, Najee had the good fortune of coming through Dr. Billy Taylor’s now legendary Jazzmobile program. While a student at the New England Conservatory he studied saxophone with Joe Allard, while performing with the George Russell and Jaki Byard Big Bands. After his studies at the conservatory, Najee returned to New York in the early 80s and was lucky to land a gig with Chaka Khan, along with his brother and guitarist Fareed (who is now his manager).

The late '90s were marked by extraordinary international experiences, from performing at Nelson Mandela’s birthday celebration in South Africa to playing as a special guest of President Clinton at the White House for an event honoring President Jerry Rawlings of the Republic of Ghana.

Coming full circle in 2017 with the release of "You, Me, and Forever", Najee concludes, "Making music at this point in my career is still exciting and I am always evolving. As a musician, the love of performing for people whether in studio or live is still a gratifying experience. The best feeling to me is presenting something new to the world!"

The Missing Link team is honored to work with such a great talent and extremely excited to see what new music Najee will bestow to us in the future.

About Missing Link Music:

Missing Link Music is one of the leading independent music publishing companies in the U.S., offering fast, efficient and transparent licensing, along with international royalty collection for songwriters and rightsholders. Missing Link Music’s roster boasts hundreds of multi-platinum songwriters and recording artists, while its song catalog contains multiple global hits and evergreens.

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary, Missing Link started with the vision of offering the songwriter a modern music publishing and rights management platform. Through proactive negotiation of favorable rightsholder terms in its agreements and licenses, Missing Link places the songwriter’s needs first—whether through royalty collection, international administration or creative support. 



Thursday, September 7, 2017

Chicago Based Rock Band Introduce Us To "The Lost Art OF Empathy"

Chicago Illinois very own "Voice Of Addiction" look to introduce Chicago and the world to "The Lost Art Of Empathy." The politically charged and socially conscious Rock and Punk band recently released their sixth album "The Lost Art Of Empathy on July 16th, 2017. The album is distributed by Wrecking Ball Production and is available for purchase on the band's website and is available for streaming on all major platforms.

The song "Rustbelt" is the album's first single and it was also released on July 16th, 2017. Promotional efforts combined with touring is planned to promote the single. A direct link below is provided to listen to the single pre-hand. A private link can be provided for media and radio to download for review and rotation by request via email at:

Physical copies are also available per request to the above email.

Single Link:

A South-East tour is in place to support and promote the album. The next Chicago based show will be "Punk Rock Weekend Kick Off Party" at Liar's Club with The Hex Bombs & Squared Off on August 14th.

VOA's full tour dates can be viewed at:

Voice Of Addiction was founded in Chicago in 2004 and currently consist of members, preferring only their nicknames used, Ian Johnny X (Vox, Bass Guitar) Make-Up Jake (Guitar, Vocals) LOOKING (Drums). The band has been around over a decade doing over 1,200 shows across the U.S. & Canada. They have had 5 prior official releases & independently has sold 6,500 physical copies. Realizing the importance of live shows to their career, the band never fails to deliver a highly dynamic and energetic performance in which all are encouraged to participate. A feature length documentary is due to be released in 2018.



"It may sound like an attempt to start a revolution and the band has no problem with that, but the purpose in the music is awareness that maybe the wheels need to be dismantled, not reinvented" -Local Vertical

"The DIY trio blends rock, ska, and metal into an explosion of sound, touching on modern subjects with a view that is simultaneously radical and relatable" -Lumino Magazine

"... A punk band out of Chicago who have made it their mission to spread the word of injustice worldwide through playing socially conscious music." -Target Audience Magazine

Album Links:

Spotify Album Link
Band Camp Link
YouTube Album Link
Purchase Album Link
Reverb Nation
Band Camp


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Village People's Iconic Cowboy Randy Jones Sets Summer On Fire With A Cascade Of Remixes For Single 'Hard Times'

If it takes a "Village," then Randy Jones is ready to rope in the masses for the summer of 2017. The renowned vocalist, film star, philanthropist, all-round nice guy - oh, and the beloved cowboy from American Music Award-winning The Village People - follows the release of his successful single "Hard Times" with no less than eight club remixes from Mark Saunders, Erik Kupper, Drew G, Tim Cox and more.

Randy Jones' 2017 single "Hard Times" from Young Pals Music offers an empowering message that tough times may come and go, but with the will to win, you can always land "on the right line."

Jones not only remains a fixture among New York City's entertainment illuminati, but he is a gifted solo artist. Collaborating with songwriter/producers Ayhan Sahin and Bernadette O'Reilly, Jones brings his vocal machismo to the joyous uptempo fanfare, driven by the track's flourish of acoustic guitars, pounding percussion and a chorus of angelic voices.

As a reminder, amid a four-decade career, Jones helped sell 100 million singles/albums and fostered a quarter billion views on YouTube, thanks to "Macho Man," "In the Navy," "Go West" and "YMCA." Add to that the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, alongside a co-starring role in the 1980 musical comedy film "Can't Stop the Music," directed by Nancy Walker- and also starring (then) Bruce Jenner.

"It's so good to be back in the game... oh, no wait, I never stopped playing the game," Jones jokes. "Seriously, keeping my voice out there and persistently being able to perform is not only great fun, but it is a testament to those fans who have stayed strong with a cause that is so much greater than anything I could ever do. I'm proud to still be doing what I love to do... every damn week!"

Adds producer and co-songwriter Sahin, "Having Randy Jones coming full force for ‘Hard Times' has been crazy fun. Then, adding these incredibly talented remixers to the project raises the bar all the more. I can't wait to hear Randy across clubs all summer."

Indeed, "Hard Times" arrives at the ideal time. The Village People are celebrating their 40th anniversary since "Macho Man" became the group's first U.S. top 40 hit. That, of course, was followed by the beloved "Y.M.C.A.," "In the Navy" and countless dance hits. Add to that the 40th anniversary of "Saturday Night Fever," whose soundtrack ultimately sold 15 million copies. Disco resurgence, anyone?



Monday, September 4, 2017

Evamore To Host Music Event On BMI Rooftop Nashville

Nashville music tech company EVAmore (Events, Venues, Artists & more) whose award-winning online platform automates booking live entertainment announced they are hosting their own event – a rooftop party which will showcase their top booked live entertainment this month. "EVA's Social" will be held on Wednesday, September 13 at 6:00PM on the BMI Rooftop on Music Row in Nashville.

"EVAmore is hosting this event to keep our event planners in the know with a showcase of live entertainment that is currently receiving the highest number of bookings this month on our automated online platform," says Channing Moreland, CEO / Co-Founder EVAmore. "Please RSVP and join us on top of Music Row for an exciting evening of live music, drinks, food and fun at EVA's Social!"


Wednesday, September 13
BMI Rooftop
10 Music Square East
Nashville, TN 37203

*RSVP REQUIRED (Free Event) via Eventbrite

About EVAmore
EVAmore (Events, Venues, Artists & more) provides an online platform at that automates the process turnkey for booking live entertainment for events. The easy to use website allows event planners to browse multiple genres and offers top vetted professional and reliable artists guaranteed to have a strong digital presence and recorded music material. Users set the event time, date and budget and request to book. They handle confirmation and the rest – it's that simple. EVAmore makes it easy and turnkey offering: Reliable Bookings; Simple Contracts and Secure Payment. The unique platform draws comparisons in the music and entertainment industry to the innovations presented by early platforms created for the travel industry in booking.

EVAmore was part of the inaugural class of the Project Music international accelerator program. In November 2015, the Nashville Chamber of Commerce awarded EVAmore as the 2015 Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Wanna Dig Into Surf Music. Bongo Boy Records Gnarly Wave Volume Two By Various Artist

Hej America! The other day my friends at Bongo Boy asked me to give a listen to and share my thoughts about their new surf music compilation album Gnarly Wave Volume Two. Even in Sweden it is summer and who doesn't like the beach?? So with visions of Half Moon Bay, California in my head I cued up their latest release.

Bongo Boy Records Gnarly Wave Volume Two by Various Artists
Release Date: 7.14.17

1. Los Surfer Compadres - Eyes On The Market 3:05 - The song starts out with what sounds like the audio from a Spanish language movie. This is followed by the band laughing and then some classic surf guitar kicks in. There is no question the man can play the guitar! The drums and bass are locked in while both guitars go back and fourth. The organ fills the edges nicely and even steps up for a solo while the Spanish movie plays in the background. All in all, this is a really good effort!

2. Dylan McGuire - Hang 11 2:28 - I like the drum into. As an old drummer I kind of have a thing for big rolls. Dylan can definitely make so noise, but what really grabs my attention are the cool fills their drummer does while the guitar alternates with some muted chords before ripping into a shedding solo. This is a very good track. Well done guys.

3. Susan SurfTone - Subduction 2:20 - Ahh Susan SufrTone! I remember her from other Bongo Boy albums and I can say that I am a fan. I dig the bass line that hold this song together as the drummer alternates between a simple, yet rock solid beat and massive wipeout rolls. Then there is that smoking guitar. I find myself smiling and really grooving in time to the music. This is the kind of song that should be listened to in a red convertible driving down the Pacific Coast Highway.

4. The SpyTones - Somewhere in Siberia 3:52- I like the into. It is different from many other Surf songs. This song actually starts at a very slow tempo and reminds me of a 60s James Bond soundtrack. I really dig it. The Spy Tones are good players and it is nice to hear something a bit different from the standard Surf vibe. Well done guys and an A+ for creativity.

5. Les Fradkin , - Kick Sand 2:30 - My man, Les Fradkin - this is the guy who taught me that "New Age" music can be really good. Les, for that reason alone, you rank in the list of my favorite musicians. This song is anything, but New Age! I really like the sound his drummer is getting from the toms - thunderous, but not noise. Les, the guitar rocks, but it is your drummer I am listening to. The drums absolutely dominate. Make no mistake, the rest of the band is cranking out some fantastic sounds, but those drums simply OWN the track.

6. TarantinosNYC - Shindig 2:03 - Get ready for some old-school Surf. The guitar is cool and the organ just adds to the vibe. Just when I settle in to the groove I realize how outrageously fast yet clean the guitar is. His notes are crisp, it is only at the end of a phrase I hear a little whammy bar. These guys can rock.

7. 9th Wave -Surfin' with Poseidon 2:47 - Nice intro. I like the play between the guitars and the snare drum. I think their drummer has a little Punk in him. This is a very hypnotic song and my head is bouncing in time. I really like the descending chords that end with the drummer adding a short roll. Excellent song guys, very well done.

8. Agent Octopus - The Sun Chasers 2:42 - These guys get an award for a cool name! They should also get an award for musical ability. The guitar dominates, but it does so melodically. Granted, the bass is solid and as we hear during a short solo and with various fills, their drum-mer is no slouch, but I am really drawn to the very interesting guitar. I need to listen to this track again. It really grabbed my interest.

9. Tsunami Of Sound - Blue Fonda 3:17 - How can you not dig a band called the Tsunami of Sound?? Naturally, I immediately think of Phil Spector and the Wall of Sound. What I hear on this track is indeed a huge wave of sound that completely engulfs my brain. If Black Sabbath did Surf music it might sound something like this. This is just so cool!

10.Avante Gar - Apache 3:24 - Now this is cool! This is surf music for 2017. Is that drum
machine I hear or is he playing electronic drums? For some reason I am reminded of the early "alternative" bands such as Joy Division or even Bauhaus. The thing about this song is that, it is just so different from everything else. Yeah, I guess it is Surf, but to me it doesn't really fit the Surf mold. I had a similar feeling when I first heard Peter Murphy sing with Bauhaus, or when I first heard the Flock of Seagulls. Although these examples are musically quite differ-ent, the thing that they have in common with Avante Gar is that they were doing something no one else was doing at the time. Very cool guys, very cool.

11.The SpyTones - Rocketball 3:30 - The Spy Tones are back with another track and I like it. I dig the Sandy Nelson feel at the beginning. This song does have what I consider Surf overtones, but to me it is more of a rocking Swing song. There is no doubt these guys call all play and the whole Let There Be Drums groove makes my day.

12.The Derangers - Revenge of Chupacabra (!La Venganza!) 3:08 - Man, I love well used feedback. I am not sure, but I swear these guys are channeling the ghost of Jimi Hendrix. Granted, it is Surf and not Purple Haze, but the noise this band can make is just killer. I am impressed.

13.Susan SurfTone - Mint471 2:49 - Ms. SurfTone is back and I am glad she is. This band is just so talented, I can't get over it. I can just see their drummer with a big goofy grin as he wails and the guitar not only keeps up, but shreds. If you are a caveman who thinks women can't rock, get ready for the Enlightenment as Susan blows the roof off. Susan, I *really* want to see your live show!

14.The SpyTones - The 57 2:59 - The Spy Tones have contributed a third track to this dynamic album. I really like the groove laid down by the bass and drums at the beginning. How did they get that sound out of the drums? This track really sounds like a modified version of Wipeout with an added organ jam and more complex changes. All in all, I am really enjoying this song.

15.Los Surfer Compadres - Nairobi 4:37 - This time around the song starts with a news report in English of an alleged Holy Man appearing in Kenya. Then the blast hits and all thoughts of Buddahism or Maitreya vanish from my mind and I am captivated by the incredibly tight and fast music being played. The thing is there is a section of this song that I know I have heard before, but for the life of me I cannot remember where. Give it a listen and see if you can iden-tity that bit of the song. I don't understand the ending of the song in which it sounds like astro-nauts counting "1 2 3 4 5, 5 4 3 2 1 into death". In any case, whatever the purpose of the ending is, the music is very good.

So folks, the bottom line is if you dig Surf music this album is a must. If you want to stick your toe in the surf, then this is a good way to get started. This really is a good album. - The Grouch | Sweden

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Download Album:


Saturday, September 2, 2017

Bongo Boy Records Gospel Blues Volume One By Various Artists A Must Have

Review by – The Grouch | Sweden
July 18, 2017
Record Label: Bongo Boy Records
Territory: Worldwide

Godmorgon från Sweden America!
As it is currently morning here in Sweden I thought there would be no better time than now to give a listen and share my thoughts about Bongo Boy’s first Gospel Blues album. As anyone who has read my reviews knows, I really like the blues and growing up in Detroit I was heavily influenced by Motown. Given that the vast majority of the Motown greats learned to sing in church, it stands to reason that I would dig Gospel Blues. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to review the first album Bongo Boy has released that is comprised of exclusively Gospel Blues tracks.

1. Big Chris & D'Bare Bones Band - When Your Time Comes 2:48 - I like this song. I have head Big Chris on other Bongo Boy albums and know that he has a great voice for this type of music. There is something ominous, yet very cool about the guitar. This song actually strikes me as clos-er to the Crossroads than the Church, but there is no denying that this band has soul. I am groov-ing to the stings as Chris’ thundering voice tells me that I had better get everything worked out with Jesus before it is too late. This song is a great way to start the album.

2. Barb Maxey - Day by Day 4:14 - Oh yeah! I love that funky walkdown that starts the song. This song is a very standard blues progression and I love it. The thing about Barb is that while there is no doubt her band can smoke, the thing that blows my mind is her voice. I have heard Barb before and can say I am still amazed. When Barb is not singing she lets her band just groove. The guy playing keys really makes me smile! Then the guitar comes in with a huge bolt of lightning and I think it simply cannot get any better, but it does. A second guitar comes in for a duel that ends in a draw when Barb takes the song into the ending with her fantastic voice.

3. Bob Birthisel - Walkin' (To The Beat Of The Lord) 3:46 - The intro is killer! The thump of the bass drum sets the groove while Bob comes in with some fantastically soul filled vocals. Then the band hits its stride and all funk breaks loose. The background singers just add to the utter coolness of this track. All I can say is if Reverend Bob is preaching, I am there every Sunday morning! The Grouchette and I are going to a place about an hour away this afternoon, she doesn’t know it yet, but we will be driving to the beat of the Lord.

4. Mandy Brooks - God Don't Ever Change 3:18 - Man, Oh man I am such a sucker for slide guitar. This song is pure gold. This is a blend of Country and Blues filled with a huge dose of lyrics which are sung in an utterly stunning twang. I have not been this moved by, what I would call old-school Country music since Hank III showed me the light. Well done, Mandy, well done!

5. Terry Fellers - Lay Your Hands Upon The Rock 3:13 - Oh WOW! This reminds me of the old Messiah Prophet Band. Simply put, this is blues based metal that rocks for Jesus. What would Jesus do? He’d rip it up on a Stratocaster with a Marshall stack. I dig this song! Terry sounds like Bon Scott would have, if he had found religion.

6. Terry Fellers - He's Alive He's Alive 2:25 - Terry is back and this time the track starts out with a bit more mellowness, but no less intensity. I am digging the string work as Terry tells the story of the Resurrection. He manages to throw in a little slide and the song just explodes with soul-filled emotion. Terry, you are a very good player! I am truly impressed.

7. Wily Bo Walker - Long Way To Heaven ft. The Brown Sisters of Chicago 4:12 - This track starts out with some beautiful piano and then some angelic voices come in. This is followed by a slow grind of horns, the rhythm section and the prototypical blues voice of Wily Bo Walker.
The only way to describe this song is spellbinding. I am not even moving in time with the drum-mer. All I can do is sit her totally stunned and amazed. If you want to hear soul music the way it should be done - LISTEN to this track.

8. The Rev Jimmie Bratcher - Pray For Me 3:56 - I dig the keys and the organ that start out while the drummer keeps a mellow beat with his brushes. I grew up Lutheran and I always wish our church had music like this. The Reverend has managed to pack an entire sermon inside some very moving, and wickedly played, blues based music.

9. Bill Irwin - Jonah 4:45 - We are back to the funky grind as we swing to the story of Jonah. I just dig this song. The guitar is one bolt of lightning after another as the band moves through a simple blues progression. The blues is not complex, but that does not mean it is easy. Bill has managed to take a story almost everyone in the Western world has heard a thousand times and spiced it up with some really cool licks! Put another way, had the stories in church been presented this way, I might have paid attention.

10. Blind Dawg Ben Miller - I Need To Pray 5:18 - I first heard the Dawg on another Bongo Boy release and I really liked what I heard. I feel the same way about this track. I really like the harp. As an amateur harp player myself, all I can say is this guy is wicked! Then there is the gui-tar which is simply sublime while the bass and drums lock in - combine this with the Dawg’s absolutely killer voice and you wind up with a track that really should go gold. I defy anyone to listen to this song and not be blown away. When they hit that break and the vocals go into the repetition of “I need to pray” at a gradually increasing tempo, all I can think is YES! I’ve got that goofy grin I get when I totally dig what I am hearing. Fantastic work!

11. Gar Francis - God's On My Side 3:30 - Sir Gar chimes in with a funky groove that makes me smile. Gar Francis is one of my favorite musicians and this track is a great example of why. Gar is playing no-holds barred old school rock and roll with a heavy nod to the blues. The slide work rocks and the guy on keys is just jamming! I love it when you can tell the band is playing for themselves. I really dig the drummer’s groove as he tries to take a bit of attention away from the slide guitar and the keys. Then boom the bass pops in and says check this out - all of this leads to the inevitable end. They could have kept going, but in the words of John Belushi “Noooooooooooo”.

12. The Rev Jimmie Bratcher - One Rock 3:34 - The Good Reverend is back with another track. This time he cranks up the volume a bit and lets his ax man blast out some truly divinely inspired licks. The background singers, in combination with Jimmie’s vocals and that wickedly smoking lead guitar make me thing they might just be able to actually move that mountain. Amen brother!

13. The Hallelujah Blues Band - Saved From Hell 3:11 = With a name like this, you know this band is going to rock! Rock they do! Can I get another two string lick for Jesus? Amen! All I can do is smile and think we all own a debt to Chuck. Man, I really want to see this band live. I have a feeling they may be akin of a religious Ram Jam.
14. Mandy Brooks - You Gotta Move 3:15 - Mandy is back with her slide guitar and stunning voice. This is pure and simple heartfelt Gospel Blues. Musically I am in love. The band can jam in a slow smoldering sort of way that really hits me hard. This combined with Mandy’s voice is nothing less than simply incredible! You really *must* listen to this track! All I can say is: WOW.

15. Bill Irwin - Standing On The Rock 4:04 - Bill is back and standing on The Rock. I know the Rock is meant to be Jesus, but it very well could be Jimmy Page. I hear a heavy Zeppelin vibe here. This really reminds me of when Zeppelin did heavy blues. I like Bill’s music; I like it a lot!
I would really like to see Bill’s live show.

16. K.L. Williams and Rebel Soul - If You Don't Have Jesus 4:40 - The old school electric blues is alive and well This is a blues band through and through. I could listen to this stuff all day long. Eric Clapton has nothing on the guitarist from Rebel Soul. The man is fantastic!! If you dig Clapton you will love this band.

So folks, what is the bottom line? The bottom line is this: Bongo Boy has outdone itself. This is, hands down, a fantastic album that is more than worth the purchase price. I am going to keep my promo copy for a very very long time! Thank you Bongo Boy!

Gospel Blues Volume One album by Various Artists release on Bongo Boy Records on 7.14.17 WORLDWIDE WEBSITE:
1. Big Chris & D'Bare Bones Band - When Your Time Comes 2:48
2. Barb Maxey - Day by Day 4:14
3. Bob Birthisel - Walkin' (To The Beat Of The Lord) 3:46
4. Mandy Brooks - God Don't Ever Change 3:18
5. Terry Fellers - Lay Your Hands Upon The Rock 3:13
6. Terry Fellers - He's Alive He's Alive 2:25
7. Wily Bo Walker - Long Way To Heaven ft. The Brown Sisters of Chicago 4:12
8. The Rev Jimmie Bratcher - Pray For Me 3:56
9. Bill Irwin - Jonah 4:45
10. Blind Dawg Ben Miller - I Need To Pray 5:18
11. Gar Francis - God's On My Side 3:30
12. The Rev Jimmie Bratcher - One Rock 3:34
13. The Hallelujah Blues Band - Saved From Hell 3:11
14. Mandy Brooks - You Gotta Move 3:15
15. Bill Irwin - Standing On The Rock 4:04
16. K.L. Williams and Rebel Soul - If You Don't Have Jesus 4:40



Friday, September 1, 2017

GoDigital Media Group Completes 20mm Series B Funding For Cinq Music

GoDigital Media Group, a media and technology company focused on intellectual property rights management, has infused Los Angeles based Cinq Music with $20mm in series B funding. The announcement was made by GoDigital Chairman Jason Peterson. Cinq Music will use the funding to purchase music rights, both masters and publishing, and to further expand internationally. Additional details of the funding were not disclosed.

"We're ecstatic about our ability to fund Cinq Music for its acquisitions," says Peterson. "Cinq is now strategically complete, having the ability to scale both its label, distribution, and publishing capabilities with our proven business model for global music rights management."

Cinq President Barry Daffurn added, "Up until now our growth has been primarily organic, so we are extremely excited to hit the throttle, bring on some additional catalogs, and sign new talent. Over the past few years we have built a music company for the future, a place for mid-to-high level talent to grow outside of the major label system." Although Cinq has been most notably associated with Latin music to-date, Daffurn confirmed the funds will be used to acquire rights from all genres.

About GoDigital Media Group:
GDMG is a leader in technology enabled intellectual property rights management and monetization. Its funding to Cinq will further the objectives of all the GoDigital family of companies, including ContentBridge, AdShare and VidaPrimo. For more information go to

About Cinq Music:
Cinq Music is a data-driven record label, distribution, and rights management company. In the last year, Cinq released five number one Indie records on the Billboard Urban and Tropical Charts and was nominated for Latin Rhythm Label of The Year at the 2016 Latin Billboards.


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Escape To Tranzotica

Pamela Davis's musical legacy continues with her third instrumental album "Escape To Tranzotica", set for release. Her third release to her mythical island named Tranzotica. Skope Magazine writer William sums of the new music with, "You will feel like smiling from the first note to the last."

Davis has been charting new musical territory since entering the New Age, World music arena. Tranzotica is a peaceful place, that soothes the listeners ears into a tranquil and relaxing state of mind. Her music sports a complexity of ethic string instruments & the complexity of synth sounds woven together in an integral way that focuses the instrumentals in a new refreshing way.

Singout Magazine reviewer Harris wrote: "Pamela Davis had a surprise hit when she switched to atmospheric instrumentals for her outing, Welcome To Tranzotica, in 2009. Featuring real world string instruments set to rolling waves of synthesized textures (with Davis playing all of the instruments), it reached number one in a dozen countries, including Nicaragua, Turkey, and Vietnam and topped iTunes' chart of "Health and Fitness" bestsellers.

The new album "Escape To Tranzotica" continues it spiritual journey where the first two album, "Welcome To Tranzotica" & "Return To Tranzotica", left off, creating sonic imagery for an overpoweringly enlightening experience. 



Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Sound Behavior Troupe Take A Swipe At Bay Area PC Culture In Latest Single

While Trump's anti-PC tweets and behavior have grabbed headlines and driven discussion around the water cooler, least we forget that political correctness in the San Francisco's Bay Area can often be just as vexing. Local music production company Sound Behavior Troupe take a humorous jab at the PC Capital's unique culture where individuals often self-select themselves into PC pre-defined identity categories.

"East Bay Chubby Luv" harkens back to the social satire of Frank Zappa's 'Valley Girl', against an energetic background of traditional rhythm and blues. Written and composed by guitarist Paul Kelley, the track features such accomplished musicians as Jimmy Hobson on drums (Hall and Oates, Celine Dion, Billy Preston,...) and bassist Steve Evans (Elvin Bishop, Petula Clark, Roy Rogers with The Doors' Ray Manzarek, Pat Travers).

"We create new music that is innovative and marketable, while being rebelliously challenging, that speaks more to liberation than cloning," explained Paul Kelley. "Take the energy of early American roots rock and roll, add the complexity of fusion/classical/odd timings, but maintain soul and rhythm. That's the Sound Behavior Troupe sound."

"East Bay Chubby Luv" can be purchased at CD Baby:

About Real Value Productions
Real Value Productions is a San Francisco Bay Area music production company utilizing a revolving troupe of San Francisco Bay Area studio musicians led by guitarist and composer Paul Kelley. This collaborative ensemble has been creating new music for CD sales and mp3 downloads, along with soundtracks for film projects, under the motto: "Where American roots music meets Beethoven and Bela Bartok, providing soundtracks for the next american economic renaissance."
(415) 686-1053


Monday, August 28, 2017

Roger D'arcy Release 'Ordinary Man' As The First Track From His New Album The House Of Heads On August 24

Folk singer/songwriter Roger D'Arcy releases ORDINARY MAN on August 24th 2017 - the first track from his sophomore album - HOUSE OF HEADS - and a personal tribute to his hero, legendary Canadian singer/songwriter, Gordon Lightfoot.

Featuring the acapella bass talents of Pieter Snapper and produced by Peter Snapper and Mirko Ettore D'Agostino 'Ordinary Man' is released alongside a video recorded at Babajim Studios in Istanbul, Turkey where the entire HOUSE OF HEADS album was recorded during the Spring of 2017

HOUSE OF HEADS is due for release worldwide on September 8th and is already getting a big response from radio stations around the world.

Praising not only the thought-evoking collection of original songs (plus Ordinary Man) but also the superb production quality of HOUSE OF HEADS, radio stations in Australia, Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain and the UK are not only adding tracks from the album to their playlists but are also lining up promotional activities with Roger D'Arcy, including on-air interviews and promotions.

Check out limited tracks at:

For full album access plus more information and interview opportunities please contact:

Kevin Fetterplace at Mojo Working


Roger D'Arcy's music career started at the tail end of university when he formed the label Longsongs Music which went on to sign other artists and received some critical acclaim for bands The 6ix - Radio 1 Best New Band of the Year, The Gift ("It'll end in tears" and "Crashing down") - John Peel, BBC Radio 1 airplay and local TV and radio exposure for Go!"

He later went on to form the world renowned Recording Architecture which saw Roger design and build recording studios for the likes of The Kinks, Ronnie Wood, Sade, Annie Lennox, The Waterboys, The Cure, UB40 and literally hundreds of the world's finest studios.

He now returns to his first love: Making music



Atlanta Hip Hop Artist Shows Raw Potential

Atlanta Georgia's "Joe Da Pro" shows raw potential on his freshman EP set for release on July 15th, 2017. The album titled "R.A.W" will be distributed by Tunecore, available for purchase on ITunes and available for streaming on all major networks.

Last year the artist created quite a buzz on the Atlanta scene with the release of his first mixtape "Social Rehab" hosted by Dj Noise. Now the hip hop artist is planning on making more than just a buzz with the release of "R.A.W."
The Song "Best Smoke" will be the album's first single and debuts also on July 15th 2017. A pre release listening session has been set up for media purposes. A private link can be provided for media and radio to listen and download per request via email at:

Listen to: "Best Smoke"

When asked why people should care about his music "Joe Da Pro" is quick to respond, "I can't put that in words, honestly don't care if they do. But my work ethic and determination will give them no choice but to respect everything I have going on."

He differentiates himself from other indie artist as an "artist who refuses to sell out for a quick buck with a commitment to sounding different and better than the next." As of now the forecast looks bright for this artist to have his moment in the sun this summer.




Sunday, August 27, 2017

Versatile Haitian American Singer/Songwriter Natalie Jean Releases New World Album

Natalie Jean is excited to announce the much-anticipated release of her fifth album, titled, 'Haiti Mwen Renmenw.' Natalie, would often times, see the negative portrayal of "Haiti", wanted to create an album, that demonstrated the depth and beauty of the country.

Produced by Alexi Von Guggenberg, the album offers up 10 tracks and is readily available for purchase nationwide at the iTunes Store,, Google Play, and various digital online stores.

Natalie Jean is an award winning singer/songwriter performer and a dynamic artist who grew up loving music. She enjoyed singing with her Haitian father, Guy Robert Jean - who was also an artist. She writes for many genres, which would include Jazz, R&B, Dance, Pop, Country, Rap, Heavy Metal, Contemporary, etc. She can also sing in French and Spanish.

From 2014-2017, Natalie Jean's songs have received over 60 nominations and several wins, including the American Tracks Music Awards, Artists in Music Awards, LA Music Awards, The Indie Music Channel Awards, The Indees, American Songwriting Awards, Hollywood Music and Media Awards, The International Music and Entertainment Association, Australian Independent Music Awards, the Akademia Music Awards Josie Music Awards, International Music Video Underground, International Songwriting Competition, Australian Songwriting Contest, Global Music Awards, Libera Music Awards, Wammies, World Wide Music Contest, Hollywood Songwriting Contest, and UK Songwriting Contest. She was named one of the Top Five Vocalists in the Singer Universe Vocalist of the Month for June 2014. Most recently she was awarded the Gold Medal in the Global Music Awards for Female Pop Vocalist, for one of the songs currently on the album, titled "L'Amour a L'Infini, which is a co-write with Lyssabelle. Also, she won Best Dance Song, in the American Songwriting Awards for her song, "Red Room – The Remix".

Her album 'Haiti Mwen Renmenw', is vibrant, energetic, and soothing to the soul. She offers an array of different styles, that depicts the essence and beauty of Haiti. Inspired by Lena Horne, Celine Dion, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, and Ella Fitzgerald, her beautiful voice and melodies will surely leave you wanting for more!

Currently, she is working on several musical collaborations. She is also a spokesmodel for a new cosmetic line called 'Confidently Ready,' by Josie Passantino, and a columnist for the magazine Fairplay Country Music Magazine.

Be sure to check her out live in upcoming shows near you.

Itunes Link -

Official Website :


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Handshake & Ice Cream Helps Artists Monetize Their Facebook Followers

Artists and labels are continuously looking for new ways to have a presence in the daily lives of their fans. Traditional merchandise such as t-shirts, tote bags and stickers are great, but they hold very little novelty for today's fan when social media is generating increasingly short attention spans and information overload. But Americans remain a captive audience in their automobiles: According to the Census Bureau's American Community Survey, Americans spent an average of 26 minutes each way to work in 2014, which works out to a total of 1.8 trillion minutes commuting. And the commute grew about 24 seconds longer in 2015, extending their commutes 3 hours and 20 minutes longer than in 2014.

Leveraging this fact, Handshake & Ice Cream offers record labels and artists a novel way to immerse themselves in the daily lives of their fans: direct-to-customer custom car air fresheners. "Imagine a Metallica air freshener in the shape of their logo or Justin Bieber fans sporting an air freshener with his image and the text "I'M A BELIEBER."

Handshake & Ice Cream provide the full range of services necessary to sell and service Facebook followers, including Facebook ordering integration, order processing and direct-to-customer fulfillment, and back-end order and customer support. This allows labels and artists to monetize their fans by simply posting to Facebook while Handshake & Ice Cream handles the rest. Furthermore, an air freshener campaign will complement existing merchandising strategies by providing an artist or a label with an inexpensive product designed to convert sales and generate margin, all while capturing valuable customer data like email addresses, which can later be used for email campaigns to generate sales for higher ticket items such as album releases and concert tickets.

Handshake & Ice Cream is offering record labels an introductory promotion for their first artist at no initial cost as a means to test the concept. "We believe so much in the product and services we provide that we offer record labels and artists an introductory offer at no out-of-pocket expense. We will prepare a design concept and a small run of product to allow our customers to easily test the concept."

About Handshake & Ice Cream
Handshake & Ice Cream helps record labels and artists monetize Facebook Followers by offering a sales platform for products supported by its end-to-end solution that includes product manufacturing, direct-to-customer product fulfillment, and back-end order and customer support.

Contact information:
Isaac Christopher, Co-Founder & VP of Sales
Direct: (949) 242-9699 ext 2545


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Indiana Native Ana Morris Is Ready To Take Her Music To The Main Stage

Exploding from the state of Indiana, 19-year-old Ana Morris, a contemporary soul singer, bares her honest rebellion with a new school ode to an old school recreation. Over a bouncy track produced by OT Beatz, "Hit That" establishes Ana’s confident swagger immediately. Certain to energize the party, Ana Morris paints a perfect picture of what it looks and feels like to partake in the smoking ritual of Bob Marley, while having a fun time belting out her lyrics. The party single will be available for download on iTunes and streams on Spotify, along with other download stores and streaming services through Omar Tyree Inc. / Tenable Records and The Orchard distribution network of Sony Music.

The second single "Take A Ride" shows Ana Morris introducing herself and her goals in the music industry, while enticing everyone to enjoy a silky smooth cruise through her home city of Indianapolis. Produced by Determinate Beats, Ana glides over this thick and seductive track with a comfortable flow, reminiscent of Aaliyah Haughton. With both tracks set to release on Tuesday, June 27, Ana Morris just may be the one to keep a watchful eye on.


Listen To "Take A Ride"

Listen To "Hit That"

Watch Video "Take A Ride"

Instagram -
Twitter -
Soundcloud -


Hybrid Studios Plays Venue For Summer Rock Shows

Orange County multimedia production facility, Hybrid Studios, has served as a venue for two back-lot concerts to start Summer 2017. Mr. Sunday Productions and Top Acid held an EP release show for Robber on Saturday May, 13th. North Dwarf Records and The Gromble followed with their own show, featuring Precious Kid, No Vacation, and The Aquadolls, on June 6th.

"We want to be involved with local music as much as possible," said Hybrid Studios Manager Mike Miller, "Live music isn't necessarily something we cater to all the time, but it's awesome to work with talented promoters like Mr. Sunday and North Dwarf. They really put together some awesome shows."

The Robber EP release show on May 13th featured performances from White Fang, Capital Wasteland, Uniform, and Moss in support. Another summer show is being planned for Hybrid's back-lot by Mr. Sunday Productions on July 1st, and all ages are welcome to attend.

About Hybrid Studios
Hybrid Studios is a fully integrated multimedia production facility in Orange County, CA. Not only does Hybrid feature a state-of-the-art analog & digital recording studio; it also boasts a massive sound stage, including a pre-lit cyclorama. Equipped with the best gear and an experienced staff, Hybrid provides a variety of products and services to clients across the creative spectrum from recording, mixing and mastering to video and photography.

For more information on Hybrid Studios, please visit

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Kick Ass Rock Band 'Cletus Funk' Release EP 'Let It Flush' & 'Interweb' Single On Independence Day

The CLETUS FUNK band come with full guns blazin' with the catchy single 'INTERWEB', featuring their infectious brand of killer rock songs with a dose of levity about living in today's wacky world. From the just released EP 'LET IT FLUSH' on July 4th, Indepence Day, 'INTERWEB' follows mascot 'Cletus' as he tries to make sense of social media & technology that changes constantly and has turned his simple life into a clusterf*ck of non-stop head scratchin' bewilderment. The EP is available now on iTUNES: & all digital stores.

The 3 piece group, led by Lead Vocalist, chief songwriter & guitarist Cam Neville, Bassist Todd Snapp, & rounded out by Drummer Livio Silvestri, follow up their 'ILL EAGLE' release with the epic 'LET IT FLUSH' EP. Inspired by as Cam puts it "an election never before seen, a reality show tweeting 'President', internet stars famous for having no talent & social media barrage of turning our world into a giant 'game show' that makes 'Let's Make A Deal' contestants look absolutely normal!" The 5 songs dig into today's world as seen by CLETUS FUNK, including "Spanish Nylon", "It's Just OK", "Hanging By A Thread", "& "No Problem", in addition to the aforementioned "Interweb" lead single.

The band brings it to you bare bones, straight no chaser & with tongue planted squarely in cheek, as Cam says "Life is too short & the World too crazy not to see the humor in it all, kick back, pop the top of your favorite adult beverage & crank up some CLETUS FUNK & help us "LET IT FLUSH"!"

For more info visit & email: for interviews, review links & news on the monstrosity that is CLETUS FUNK!


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Betty Moon Announces August 25 Release For New Album CHROME

Canadian export Betty Moon has been busy setting the stage for the release of her 8th studio album CHROME. Being announced for an August 25 release, Moon has unveiled a series of singles and remixes from the album paired with music videos that take the viewer down the rabbit hole of her larger-than-life style, lyrics and sound. Her latest single "Life Is But A Dream" premiered recently via Our Culture Magazine and is now available via online retailers.

Put together as a concept record, Moon carefully spent the last year crafting songs that capture the story of her new life in Hollywood after relocating from Toronto. Moon is known for her fearless approach to creativity and ability to stay ahead of music trends that keeps her sound fresh and exciting. CHROME is the follow-up to her critically praised 2016 release Pantomania, and was produced by Betty Moon and members of her band. CHROME's first single "Sound" was released in March and has been receiving critical praise, alongside some impressive remixes by respected DJs Mahalo, Loud N' Killer and Ganberg.

Betty Moon first signed with A&M Records while living in Canada and hasn't looked back since. With multiple major label and independent releases under her belt, Moon thinks only about what's next and ensures she always keeps her music fun, innovative and well-produced. Moon has been nominated for four Canadian CASBY Awards including Best Album of the Year, Best Single of the Year, Best Video of the Year, and Best Artist of the Year. In addition, she has shared the stage and collaborated with many of today's top producing, recording and film industry talent.

"The idea behind CHROME was to project a beautiful, destructive and sexy concept of what life can be like when there is nothing holding you back. The drama, success and passion for music all comes together with this album. Each song was pieced together to tell a story that is bigger than you could imagine." - Betty Moon

Moon's last 4 albums have been released by Moon's label and production company Evolver Music, which is a successful Hollywood based company that releases music and produces music for film and TV.

Listen to new single "Life Is But A Dream" -


For media information please contact:
Bob Bradley | Publicist

Andy Villapando | Evolver Music

About Betty Moon:

"...You can't help but give Ms. Moon her due as a true child of the ‘60s who embodies that era's gung-ho spirit of sex and revolution and rock & roll...and who couldn't use a good healthy dose of that in these Skrillex times? " - LA Weekly

Betty Moon is a Toronto-born singer, songwriter, producer, and filmmaker. Known for her sultry voice, rock n' roll attitude and visionary appeal, Moon is an always-evolving tour de force. Moon's music has been featured in a variety of television shows and films including Californication, Dexter, Bounty Hunters, Walking the Dead directed by Melanie Ansley, and Last Gasp starring Robert Patrick.

Moon's first album deal was with A&M Records, and her self-titled debut LP was released while living and touring throughout Canada. She has been nominated for four CASBY Awards including Best Album of the Year, Best Single of the Year, Best Video of the Year, and Best Artist of the Year. Moon released multiple records after her debut album, which includes Doll Machine (EMI), STIR (St. Clair), Demon Flowers and multiple releases via her label Evolver Music including Rollin' Revolution, Amourphous and Pantomania.

In 2010, Moon relocated to Los Angeles and released her 5th album Rollin' Revolution, which garnered airplay on famed L.A. rock radio station KROQ. In 2013, Moon was a featured artist at the Sunset Strip Music Festival, sharing the stage with Marilyn Manson, Quiet Riot and The Offspring. She continues to be a regular performer at iconic venues such as The Roxy, Whisky a Go Go, and The Viper Room in Hollywood. Her collaboration with top music industry professionals includes Kenny Aronoff, Randy Cooke, Wes Scantlin, John Christ, Jason Sutter, Glenn Milchem, Gavin Brown and Chris Lord-Alge.

Moon's 8th studio album CHROME has been announced for a August 25, 2017 release.


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Hybrid Studios Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Today mark's the fifth anniversary of Hybrid Studios, Orange County's premier recording studios and soundstage. In celebration of the studio's birthday, we're taking a closer look at the production facility's iconic wave wall, a sculpted run of MDF wood fins choreographing movement along the main front-of-house spaces, interior hallways, and Hybrid's Studio B.

"The wave wall really matches our studio motif perfectly," said Hybrid Studios Co-founder Billy Klein, "We're asked all the time if the wall features any acoustic qualities, and although its really only aesthetic, that's absolutely the look and feel we want it to have. It's become one of the cornerstones of our brand here at Hybrid."

The wave wall was inspired by patterns created by sound waves, and the spatial experience mimics the sensation of sound waves rhythmically moving as people pass by. Conceptually, the wave walls respond to their location by varying in amplitude and depth: quieter, smaller sound waves in the intimate spaces are complemented by fully-animated waves wrapping around the recording studio. Designed by Jonathan Lopez and Wiley Architects, the design helped create a unique identity for Hybrid, branding it as a dynamic, creative, and collaborative environment that's appealing and comfortable to a wide variety of music and recording industry clients.

About Hybrid Studios
Hybrid Studios is a fully integrated multimedia production facility in Orange County, CA. Not only does Hybrid feature a state-of-the-art analog & digital recording studio; it also boasts a massive sound stage, including a pre-lit cyclorama. Equipped with the best gear and an experienced staff, Hybrid provides a variety of products and services to clients across the creative spectrum from recording, mixing and mastering to video and photography.

For more information on Hybrid Studios, please visit


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

NABIHA Comes Good On 'IOU' To Fans

Scandinavian Singer/Songwriter brings her eclectic persona to the airwaves with 2 smash singles on new EP 'DRUNK' featuring Lady Leshurr, 'YOUNG' and 'ISSUES' impacting radio now!

Listen / Download / Stream Here

With nine hit singles to date, Scandinavian popstar NABIHA has created a name for herself as a brilliant writer and performer across Europe with a reputation as a surefire star on the world stage.

Her multi platinum sales, 14 music award nominations including 4 Danish Music Awards, more than 33 chart placements, 50 sync placements, topping national airplay charts and an ongoing stint as a Denmark's Got Talent Judge, are all clear indicators of the impact NABIHA has had in her short career so far.

The start of 2017 saw the release of "Young", which was taken from her incredible new EP "IOU" which will be released on June 23rd, 2017 worldwide.

"IOU" is a thank you to everyone who helped to hold my head above water; for everything I owe to them for helping me to get through one of the most difficult times in my life. ~NABIHA

Songs like 'Drunk', 'Feel Your Body', 'Keeper' and 'Grand Piano' were important to write in order for me to make the natural progression into digging a little deeper into my emotions for songs like 'My Truth' and 'Issues'. It's also why my EP is an eclectic mix of club music, pop music and ballads. I didn't want to limit myself to any genre in the creative process because it was important that I make the music I love."

The release of "I O U" coupled with her upcoming festival and autumn tours continuing in the exciting vein that everyone has come to expect from Nabiha.

NABIHA 'IOU' Featuring 'Young', 'ISSUES' & 'DRUNK'
Out Now on Make It Rain Ltd / Kobalt

Listen to I O U - as whole link:

Drunk ft Lady Leshurr

Feel your body:


Grand Piano



My Truth

@nabihamusic #nabihamusic


Soundplant 45 Released - QWERTY Software Sampler Updated On Mac & Windows

Independent developer Marcel Blum has released Soundplant 45 for Windows and Mac, a major update adding playlist queuing, ASIO support, and other optimizations to the computer keyboard sound triggering program. Soundplant turns the standard QWERTY keyboard into a playable instrument with ultra low latency, allowing the instant playback of any format sound files on 72 keyboard keys with no need for extra hardware.

Version 45's new 'multi queue' feature adds flexible playlist support, allowing several unique capabilities including triggering dozens of sounds at once from a single key, playing multiple playlists simultaneously, and realtime chaining of queues via key press to build playlists on the fly. ASIO support on Windows brings even lower latency, higher sound quality, and expanded output device support. Also new in v.45 are a global 'fade out all' function, recording quality improved to 32-bit, reduced CPU usage, faster sound loading, contextual help, and many other improvements and bug fixes.

Soundplant intuitively turns an input device you've been practicing on for as long as you've been typing into a versatile multitrack playback tool. Now in its 18th year, the venerable $50 program has found wide use in studios, theaters, clubs, stadiums, and classrooms, its combination of ease and power earning adoption by professional audio engineers, sound designers, DJs, and producers as well as amateur podcasters, comedians, pastors, teachers, artists, and gamers. Users love Soundplant's rock-solid stability for live use, low-spec system requirements, straightforward drag-and-drop sound file assignment, customizable key press and release control, and powerful flexibility as standalone software capable of mixing hundreds of sounds at once in audiophile 32-bit/96khz quality.

Availability and pricing
Soundplant is offered as a free download at which includes a 25-launch trial of the registered features. In unregistered mode it is free for non-commercial use with limitations on some professional features. The registered version (USD $50, or a $25 upgrade) allows expanded sound file format support, output device selection, higher quality output sample rates, recording, and 'background key input' global hotkey triggering. Soundplant runs on minimum Windows Vista or macOS 10.6.

Soundplant videos:


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Whotune Music Group Releases New MusiFlik App For Artists, Fans & Music Businesses

Whotune Music Group has just launched its new music messaging app MusiFlik. MusiFlik is a Free multi tiered App on Android & iOS for musicians, fans & music businesses. It's an easy, fun way to find , share & promote music & gigs.

Centred around a messenger , the App offers playlists, geo targeted gig guides, community song reviews & feedback for artists via its 'Flik it or kick it' feature which sends fans who have opted in the same song 3 times over 48 hours so they can rate & comment on it to see if it grows on the listener with more listens. Flikable EPKs, Public groups, Analytics & is a great way for artists to proactively promote music or gigs with links to ticket sales as well as sales via iTunes & Google Play . It gives artists the opportunity to steer fans to the video the artist wants fans to see & offers direct channels to interact with fans. Music fans can search for any artist or song with results being displayed from MusiFlik registered artists, YouTube & Soundcloud. Register as a fan, artist, Premium Artist or business & get Fliking, free in the App Stores.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius Sign To Melodic Revolution Records

Melodic Revolution Records is proud to announce that they have signed New York-based Prog outfit Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius for the group's upcoming release, "GUILTY OF INNOCENCE."

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius will release their fifth CD "Guilty of Innocence" through Melodic Revolution Records early Fall 2017. The new 10-track album will be available worldwide in both Physical and Digital formats. "Guilty of Innocence" features special appearances by Alex Skolnick (Testament), Rave Tesar (Renaissance) and Randy McStine (The Fringe).

"Guilty of Innocence" highlights include a reimagined cover of Muse's "Hysteria," a 12-minute prog epic titled "Soul Food" which features many of the guests mentioned above, plus "Dream Diary Cadenza," a solo electric violin extravaganza lifted from Joe's electric violin concerto.

The band is led by founding member, electric violinist & vocalist Joe Deninzon. Joe has been called the "Jimi Hendrix of the electric violin." 

GUILTY OF INNOCENCE features members: French guitarist Aurelien Budynek (Cindy Blackman, Vernon Reid), bassist Jamie Bishop (The Syn, Francis Dunnery), and drummer Lucianna Padmore, praised by Modern Drummer Magazine for her "Deep grooves and serious fusion chops."

Statement from Joe Deninzon
We are honored to be part of Melodic Revolution Records, and feel it will be a strong partnership, "We would love to expand our audience worldwide, especially in the prog community. We love Nick's commitment to and enthusiasm about the artists on his label." Statement from Nick Katon

Philadelphia Rhythm And Blues Vocalist Tony' Jones Set To Release "The Experience" EP Summer 2017

As a direct response to the Trump Administration's proposed Raise Act, Venezuelan-American progressive metal outfit SIFTING have unveiled a video for their new single 'Not From Here'. The video was directed by Abelardo Malpica at LH FILM. 'Not from Here' is the title track taken from their upcoming full-length album produced by Ryan Williams (Velvet Revolver, Rage Against the Machine), and Steve Evetts (Senses Fail, Suicide Silence), set for worldwide release on September 29, 2017 via Eclipse Records.
Watch the full video at this location.

"We can't forget that this beautiful nation was built by immigrants. That diversity has contributed to the development of this great nation" states vocalist and frontman Eduardo Gil. "The intent of the proposed Perdue-Cotton RAISE Act is to curb the level of legal immigration by proposing a merit-based system that grades immigrants based solely on their skills. When I first moved here from Venezuela, I thought I needed to fit in, lose my accent, and dress like everyone in Los Angeles. After reflection however, I realized that I would have been lying to myself. Not From Here was written about overcoming this dilemma which is something all immigrants think about. We don't need to erase our heritage, or try to fit in. This is a free country and that's why this nation is great!"

July 28 - Pomona, CA @ Character's Sports Bar (w/ Sorrowseed)
September 13 - Los Angeles, CA @ Silverlake Lounge (w/ Obey the Wolves & Shattered Systems)
(tickets available here)
Pre-order the full album on compact disc, iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play, and stream the single via Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Deezer, and more at
For more information about SIFTING, please visit them on Facebook, Eclipse Records, or Twitter, and follow them on Spotify.


Friday, August 11, 2017

SIFTING Respond To Trump Administration's RAISE Act With New Video And Single 'Not From Here'

As a direct response to the Trump Administration's proposed Raise Act, Venezuelan-American progressive metal outfit SIFTING have unveiled a video for their new single 'Not From Here'. The video was directed by Abelardo Malpica at LH FILM. 'Not from Here' is the title track taken from their upcoming full-length album produced by Ryan Williams (Velvet Revolver, Rage Against the Machine), and Steve Evetts (Senses Fail, Suicide Silence), set for worldwide release on September 29, 2017 via Eclipse Records.
Watch the full video at this location.

"We can't forget that this beautiful nation was built by immigrants. That diversity has contributed to the development of this great nation" states vocalist and frontman Eduardo Gil. "The intent of the proposed Perdue-Cotton RAISE Act is to curb the level of legal immigration by proposing a merit-based system that grades immigrants based solely on their skills. When I first moved here from Venezuela, I thought I needed to fit in, lose my accent, and dress like everyone in Los Angeles. After reflection however, I realized that I would have been lying to myself. Not From Here was written about overcoming this dilemma which is something all immigrants think about. We don't need to erase our heritage, or try to fit in. This is a free country and that's why this nation is great!"

July 28 - Pomona, CA @ Character's Sports Bar (w/ Sorrowseed)
September 13 - Los Angeles, CA @ Silverlake Lounge (w/ Obey the Wolves & Shattered Systems)
(tickets available here)
Pre-order the full album on compact disc, iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play, and stream the single via Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Deezer, and more at
For more information about SIFTING, please visit them on Facebook, Eclipse Records, or Twitter, and follow them on Spotify.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

North Philly Hip Hop MC B FENOM Signs Deal With Global Sounds Records

"A person of phenomenal ability", best defines a Phenom or FENOM. This moniker describes the North Philly lyricist who's talents earned him a distribution deal with New Jersey based Hip Hop label Global Sounds Records. The two met in North Philly in late February and several conference calls later the deal was done in April 2017. "B. FENOM sent me over a video he released titled "Ashes to Ashes". His flow is dope, with the right production he's gonna be that next MC to impact Philly Hip Hop. I would like to get him and 4th Disciple in the studio for production and to develop creative concepts for his EP. There's no book to this, deals and business collaborations can happen anywhere, it's about being at the right place at the right time and being prepared when your door opens" Rhasun Global Sounds.

FENOM relocated to New England to 2013 to record his debut mix tape "The Warm Up" hosted by Terror Squad's DJ SPINATIK. The mix - tape featured the street anthem "Erryday". FENOM followed up with the "High Chronicles" which debuted on iTunes in early 2016. In the summer of 2017, B FENOM will release his sophomore EP "We The People" via Global Sounds Records and entertainment one. Anticipate FENOM initial video from the EP to premier on VEVO and Follow B. FENOM on Twitter and Instagram at B_FENOM.


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Sweden's The Grand Masquerade Releases Debut Music Video "By My Side"

The Grand Masquerade, a Sweden based Melodic Rock group is releasing their first official music video for "By My Side," which is the opening track on their debut EP "MMXVI." The video will be available on their social media sites as well as the official website at, as of June 17, 2017.

"By My Side" was originally written by future bandmates John Sebastian and Freddy Claye back in 2006 although initially it had a different sound and feel to it. The song was revisited again in 2010, when it was completely rearranged and began to form the finalized version that was eventually released on "MMXVI" on August 26, 2016. "By My Side" laid the foundation of the sound that The Grand Masquerade would utilize in their music.

The video is produced by Owe Lingvall of DreamDay Media, who has previously worked on music videos for bands such as Eclipse, Hemmerfall and Kamelot. According to Freddy, the band chose Owe "because his previous videos have a darker vibe to them, both his reputation and completed works are excellent and he creates everything in 3D, so we are able to get the environment we want."

The Grand Masquerade has taken their music inspiration from the 80's glam-era rock and integrated the romantic image and mystique of the Venetian Masquerade. The music is a fusion of melodic and high energy hard rock, combined with the positive and bouncy vibes of pop-rock, resulting in a fresh sound that leaves their unforgettable hooks stuck in your head, while other notes linger with an almost hauntingly ethereal undertone.

Fans in Sweden may recall a series of commercials that ran in 2016 for ATG Sverige, featuring the flamboyant rock band Vinnie and The Dreamers. While the music and image of each band are completely independent of one another, you will recognize that these are the same talented musicians, transformed and now performing in their most memorable and proficient manifestation.

For more information, booking or media inquiries for The Grand Masquerade, you can check out the website listed above, or contact the band directly at


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

White House Lawn Event Supported By International Sponsors

Sponsors from China and the USA combined efforts to launch a new song and movement of unity "We Are One" at the 19th Annual White House Day Of Prayer on May 20th on The Lawn of The White House. WS International Group, Baby Go, Global Resources Management Consulting Group from China and USA based supplement product DTX 7 all brought their brands and delegates to participate in the event supporting unity of all people.

Michael Deliz brought his 12 year old son, Michael from their home in Orange County, California to attend the iconic event.

"I wanted my son to see firsthand this moment in history as we bring the song and movement to the nation's first address," he says, adding "We feel like this has been an amazing experience and we are glad to bring our company and our product to the event in support."

Deliz' company markets a nutritional supplement called DTX7 which is available from the company's website ( but was not sold on the lawn.

Singer and trumpetist David Longoria brought his song to the outdoor event because of this year's theme of unity.

"When Reverend Terry Lee of Brooklyn called and asked me to bring my music to the White House lawn, I didn't hesitate as I knew it was the perfect place and time to launch our iconic song 'We Are One' in support of one another,' Longoria explains, adding "We feel so much appreciation to these fine companies from both China and the US for their support and participation this year, here on President's park of the White House lawn."

Longoria was joined by a choir consisting of many singers and artists from coast to coast and many who sang on the recorded song as well.

Western Territory Leader of International service organization The Salvation Army, Commissioner Ken Hodder addressed the live audience on stage.

"I am honored to be here with you on the White House lawn to support prayer for our nation and leaders," he said from the stage.

Longoria also addressed the crowd during the all day event saying "we are so blessed to be welcoming participants from as far away and China and across the US and Africa who made the trip to support unity and acceptance of one another."

The attendance of companies' delegates participating from around the globe was not overlooked by the audience.

"I met pastors from Africa and a business lady who just flew here from China," exclaimed 15 year old Baltimore resident Lisa Lemming who was there with her family. "I was excited to see so many people who wanted to share support for each other," she added before she sang with the choir on stage.

Kelly Gu and Jack Gu attended as representatives from Chinese/American import/export and consulting companies. Their brand Baby Go specializes in exporting American baby products for the Chinese market. And their brand Global Resources Management Consulting helps facilitate trade between China and the US.

"We are glad to have such valued sponsors on board for the launching of ‘We Are One' across America, from China and the US", Longoria says, adding "to bring trade and good will together in this event encouraging each other is symbolic and powerful"

Founder of GWEN, the Global Women's Empowerment Network, Tess Cacciatore brought her voice to the event. Her Los Angeles based multi media network is launching this fall with entertainment and cause driven programs for peace and unity.

"The event and theme of unity hits home for me as we are building a brand around the idea of empowering and supporting one another," she explains, adding "I feel the energy of all the voices singing with mine today for support and encouragement."

The official launch of the song of unity on the lawn of The White house has a significant meaning to it's founder. "By bringing all these people together to encourage and declare unity between all people here in America starting at The White House means we are bringing this message all over the country and then all over the world," Longoria says, adding "Bringing on board our sponsoring companies from both The US and China shows how well we can work together for the good of all people, and we are doing it starting today."


Friday, August 4, 2017

MusicDish Review: Kimberlee M. Leber Music Video "Fight The Good Fight Of Faith"

Kimberlee M. Leber, Gospel Blues singer and songwriter, recently released a song "Fight the Good Fight of Faith", an expression often discussed but rarely realized its possibility. Born and raised in California, Kimberlee trained early nine years with world renowned vocal coach Judy Davis; such experience guaranteed her outstanding vocal performance in her tracks. She wrote this song while working in the studio as she explained that it overflowed out of her heart and onto paper smoothly.

The lyric music video is produced in order to help others understand the Biblical teaching of speaking God's Word over daily circumstances, and to allow the Gospel message to permeate to a wider area demographically. "But first you have to believe/Renew your mind with his Word and you will receive/In God's kingdom there are benefits", Kimberlee emphasizes the importance of believing in God's words and guidance. According to her, the Bible refers to God's Word as "Seed" in Luke 8:11 and when these Seeds are sown into our hearts by speaking them regularly, the faith-filled Words can produce a victorious outcome over our daily lives. If we fight hardships with faith by following the path God has laid out, we will overcome them easily.

This new album seems to offer musical medicine for the soul, providing a timeless musical soundscape with a message for all audiences. Using simply acoustic guitar, keyboard/organ, "Fight the Good Fight of Faith" presents an honest delivery of deep wisdom enveloped in flavorful melodies, soulful vocals and inviting sounds. You will acknowledge Kimberlee's diverse musical as well as religious background by appreciating her new album, which is available now at major online music stores. 


New Music Convention Shibuya Showcase Fest 2017 - Tokyo Sept. 14-15

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cultural Ambassador To The Sunset Strip, WILLIE BASSE Is Headlining CANYON: Live Unsigned This Thursday August 3rd


Cultural Ambassador To The Sunset Strip, WILLIE BASSE is headlining CANYON: Live Unsigned this Thursday August 3rd. It's also his birthday!

Basse plans to celebrate his birthday with fellow Hendrix drummer, BUDDY MILES BAND Alumni musicians to deliver a screaming set of originals and cover songs by TGE /

SCOTT WARREN (keys-DIO, Black Sabbath)
ALVIN TAYLOR (drums-Hendrix, Buddy Miles, Billy Preston, Little Richard)
JP CERVONI (gtr-Buddy Miles/The Baby's)
PATRICK ABBATE (gtr-Key Marcello)



🎶 Music:!/musics/50726

For all things WILLIE BASSE,
"download my Smartphone App!"
iPhone App:
Android App:

#williebasse #annasiqueiros #rock #canyonclub #losangeles #TGE #love #hollywood #sunsetstrip #electricblues #Slash #TheGypsyExperience #528HzLove

Sunday, July 30, 2017

"Litt Squad" Releases New Video Filmed At The Legendary Bronx Strip Club "Sin City"

Bronx natives, Tayy Savage, Robbie Smooth, and Jay Woodz are excited for their freshman EP release, WELCOME 2 THA SQUAD. This young trio make up the group, Litt Squad. Recently they filmed the video for their first single, "In My Pocket" at the legendary Sin City Gentleman's Club in the Bronx. The video was directed by Lenny Lopez of Eagle Eye Media. "In My Pocket," features a trap beat but lyrics and swag that are straight up from the Bronx. The single was produced by Litt Squad's own, Robbie Smooth. Litt Squad is signed to Globa Sounds Records/eOne Music. Mastered by renowned Wu-Tang producer, 4th Disciple, WELCOME 2 THA SQUAD makes it's debut July 21st and will be available via Tidal, Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and all major digital retailers.

Visit Litt Squad Official Website To View "In My Pocket"


X-Factor Finalist Relley C Drops Emotive New Single "Unruly"


Sherelle Clarke, best known as Relley.C, is an upcoming urban singer-songwriter behind the powerful new single "Unruly"; a soulful and uplifting track that captures the best of what modern music can be. Vibrant, inspirational and redemptive,"Unruly" is a song that will captivate audiences around the world with it's heartfelt and empowering message. Combining RnB, Soul and Contemporary Pop, "Unruly" is a truly memorable song from a talented artist you will not want to miss.

Relley C's new single"Unruly"' reaches out to people from all walks of life and is all about believing in yourself and knowing you are enough to accomplish great things no matter what people say or how they may perceive you. This song is all about being yourself and being proud of who you are.

Relley C is a powerful female performer who is an amazing role model for young people everywhere. Her track "Unruly" celebrates personal choice and the freedom that comes when we choose to live our lives according to our own rules. This is a song which is at it's core about believing in oneself and the ability to overcome whatever obstacles life might happen to throw at us.

Relley C is a truly transformative performer and someone with a great deal of wisdom to share with her listeners. The former X-Factor Finalist is no stranger to the spotlight and is known equally for her vocal talents as she is for her magnetic stage presence.

Inspired by the likes of Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce and Lauryn Hill, songstress Relley C is able to work within well established RnB song structures to create something new and truly original. "Unruly" is a breath of fresh air and a very welcome entry into the landscape of global urban music. In a world of formulaic popular music without a heart or soul, Relley C is an artist with something truly original to share with the world and born from a place of true inspiration.

If you are someone who loves deeply inspiring and moving music sung with true passion and emotion, you need to check out Relley C's new single "Unruly"!

More dates are being added but be sure to catch Relley C headlining at:

BurtonFest on July 22nd, 2017

Warwickshire Pride on August 19th, 2017

Herfordshire Pride on September 2nd, 2017



Instagram: Relley_C
Snapchat: Relley_C
Facebook: Relleyc
LinkedIn: Relleyc

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Okay Funky Drops Fierce New Single Afrotekno Pt. 3 (Esi Noko) Feat. Slim Kofi


A kaleidoscopic celebration of global art and culture which transcends national borders and the limits of creativity, Okay Funky's latest single, Afrotekno Pt. 3 (Esi Noko) feat. Slim Kofi, arrives just in time to make a huge splash at festivals the world over. Available worldwide on May 5th, 2017, Afrotekno Pt. 3 (Esi Noko) feat. Slim Kofi is musical expedition you will not want to miss!

A taut dancefloor workout first and foremost, this latest single, in keeping with the group's long established aesthetic, brilliantly combines the best of forward leaning European electronic dance music with global genres such as Afrobeat, Azonto and Tropical Bass. Afrotekno Pt. 3 (Esi Noko) feat. Slim Kofi is the perfect party song and will provide a thrilling soundtrack to dancefloors around the world.

Since 2012, Okay Funky, the collective comprised of BIZ, Anders Tresselt, Linus E and OK Preston have cultivated a global approach to creating infectious, rhythmically complex dance music infused with traditional worldwide dance genres. Though their project was born in the Danish capital of Copenhagen, these four DJs and Producers have been inspired by a rich tapestry of world music which spans scenes from Accra to Rio, Capetown to Kingston.

Okay Funky has collaborated and produced tracks for an ever expanding cast of global talents including: Eddy Kenzo (UG), Pharfar (DK), Brainna Jahsig (GH), Syssi Mananga (BE/CD), Elodie (CI), Raske Penge (DK), Lady Smita (DK), Fufu Afreaq (DK), Camilo & Grande (DK) and remixed for Emil Stabil (DK), Kaka (DK), Afrikan Boy (UK/NI), Eaggerstunn (DK), Klumben (DK), Marwan (DK) among others. The “Free Style” a collab with Ugandan super star Eddy Kenzo has received more than 6 Million worldwide plays and continues to expose these European party starters to new international audiences. Okay Funky's releases have been championed by influential media outlets such as: Mad Decent, MTV Base, La Croixx, Bitchslap Mag, Noisey, Vice, Africa No1, AfricanMuzikMag, We African Nations, DR P3, SR P3, Red Bull Music Academy, & Soundvenue among others.

Be sure to check out Okay Funky's bumping new single Afrotekno Pt. 3 (Esi Noko) feat. Slim Kofi, available worldwide May 5th, 2017!


PROFILES: Spotify - Soundcloud - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Youtube - Vevo

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Gospel Blues Singer/Songwriter, Kimberlee M. Leber, Reveals How To 'Fight The Good Fight Of Faith' In Her New Music Video

Gospel Blues Singer/Songwriter, Kimberlee M. Leber, has written a song about how to "fight the good fight of faith" in our every day lives. Many of us have heard this scripturally based expression before, maybe not realizing just how one can do such a thing.

Inspired to share its profound meaning, which Kimberlee came to learn is rooted in our words, this song overflowed out of her heart and onto paper, while she was working in the studio. Giving birth to the single, "Fight the Good Fight of Faith", from her new album, "Like a Tree", Kimberlee is now launching a lyric music video to help others know about the Biblical teaching of speaking God's Word over daily circumstances.

The Bible refers to God's Word as "Seed" in Luke 8:11. When these Seeds are sown into our hearts by speaking them out of our mouths regularly, the faith-filled Words can produce a victorious outcome over our daily lives. Furthermore, when there are trials that occur, we can actually "fight them with faith" by finding the Promises of God in the Bible, and declaring them over the situation, thereby overcoming it with the blessing of Christ.

"Truly, this Biblical law has changed my life", professes Kimberlee, "and continues to make a recognized difference in my circumstances and relationships." "God's Word is really amazing and can literally transform environments and situations when operated in consistently!" "Having experienced these victories", she says, "the Holy Spirit prompted me to write this song with the desire to spread the revelation of this blessing to as many people as possible!"

Preview "Fight the Good Fight of Faith" music video on YouTube:

Releasing music from her Indie Christian label, Real Star Records, alongside her husband, the team has answered God's call, producing a sound for the Christian market that also appeals to a secular audience, thereby allowing the Gospel message to permeate to a wider area demographically. Offering musical medicine for the soul, it provides a timeless musical soundscape with a message for all, and it is entertaining, as it is spiritually fulfilling.

"Like a Tree", definitely finds Kimberlee in a place of spiritual maturity, sharing revelation knowledge that she has learned over the last few years. It showcases Kimberlee's most recent written music to date based on the Biblical principles she has marinated in spiritually, which ultimately brought about this album. And now, it is a wonderful spiritual resource with the power to inspire change and restore lives, as well as, relationships.

Dedicated to her beloved stepdad who passed away this last year, the album truly presents an honest delivery of deep wisdom enveloped in flavorful melodies, soulful vocals, and inviting sounds. Kimberlee's acoustic driven guitar serves as a familiar presence on the album, along with her Telecaster being featured, adding a clean, bluesy tone to many of the tracks. However, seven of the ten songs were written with the Fender Rhodes keyboard or the Wurlitzer, which was new for Kimberlee as a songwriter. The album is also appropriately highlighted with a Gospel-infused aura from the Hammond B-3 organ, providing a perfect backdrop for the Biblically inspired words. And favored percussive sounds, such as the Brazilian cuica, among others, are uniquely placed in her production, reminiscent of Kimberlee's musical time spent with the Latin group, Breath Spirit & Life. Overall, Kimberlee's appreciation for R&B is truly acknowledged on, "Like a Tree", reminding the listener of the musically diverse background she comes from, while always letting God's Word shine through brightly.

"Like a Tree" is now available at Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby, and other major online music stores.

Born and raised in California, Kimberlee trained nearly nine years with world renowned Vocal Coach, Judy Davis. Kimberlee had the fortune of working with Multi-Platinum Producer, Paul Laurence, and 14-Time Grammy Award Winning Producer/Engineer, Gilbert Velasquez, on previous released albums.

For more information on Kimberlee M. Leber, visit

Monday, July 24, 2017

MusicDish Review: Kenn Rowell Music Video "It's Good To Be Back"

Kenn Rowell, the rhythm guitarist, lead singer/frontman and main songwriter for the NYC based old school punk 'n roll band, The Baghdaddios, released his solo album "Instant Solo Album". The first track "It's Good To Be Back" perfectly reveals Rowell's vocal strength and guitar skills. Its acoustic folk and classic rock feels immediately draws us into the story. The lyrics expresses Rowell's happiness of returning to his old hometown: "back to those who knew me, no longer feels down". Clearly Rowell cherishes the old friendships and connections, which reflects his determination of releasing this album. As members of Baghdaddios one by one departed, many were surprised Rowell's decision of putting himself out in the industry again. Rowell responded: "I never thought I'd be doing this, at this age". But he made it! A solo debut absolutely reaffirms his musical talent and self-improvement.


Suzann Christine's New Single "Dope Queen"

Hydra Management has announced that the long-awaited EP Project by Suzann Christine has been completed and is now scheduled for release. The lead single "DOPE QUEEN" which is also the title of the EP will release on June 16, 2017. The full EP which will include 3 additional tracks will release on August 25, 2016. The project which features songs written and performed by Suzann Christine includes a variety of producers including the well know Kajmir Royale.

Over the past few years Suzann has demonstrated that she is one of the hardest working singer/entertainer in the game. With very little support prior to working with Hydra Management Suzann has managed to make a name for herself by releasing independent recordings as well as performing live in her hometown of Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas.

With the help of Hydra Management Suzann has begun to expose the world to her vocal and song writing talents. This EP will be an example of the diverse musical skill set of Suzann Christine. Hydra Management is poised to launch a full promotional campaign behind this project including a video to be shot in NYC.

Suzann continues to write songs and perform throughout the Tri State area. For information on upcoming shows check her website at For inquiries regarding the release of her single and EP on Hydra Management Records and the subsequent video contact Hydra Management at (845) 926 - 1930 or

ABOUT: Hydra Management:
HyDra Management Records is about the essence of Rap/Hip Hop. It is old school in its approach and was founded the Old School Way. HyDra Management Records was founded by Big Roy after having spent 8 years on the grind as an artist manager, showcase promoter, producer, engineer, etc. Many CD's were released independently under HyDra and its former company name Onyx Management.


Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Diamond Light Releases "Queen Of All"

Los Angeles rock band, The Diamond Light, have released the first of several tracks from recording sessions with Producer Joshua Brooks at Hybrid Studios. The latest release, titled "Queen of All," was released in late May and is available now on YouTube.

"The Diamond Light have been picking up momentum for years all over Southern California," said Joshua Brooks, "We were able to find some great tones in studio, and these guys really knocked it out of the park performance-wise. I think fans are really going to be excited by this latest single."

More songs from The Diamond Light are planned for release later in 2017. The band is coming off a residency at The Satellite in Los Angeles, and fans can see upcoming show announcements on their facebook page at

Check out "Queen of All" at

About Hybrid Studios
Hybrid Studios is a fully integrated multimedia production facility in Orange County, CA. Not only does Hybrid feature a state-of-the-art analog & digital recording studio; it also boasts a massive sound stage, including a pre-lit cyclorama. Equipped with the best gear and an experienced staff, Hybrid provides a variety of products and services to clients across the creative spectrum from recording, mixing and mastering to video and photography.

For more information on Hybrid Studios, please visit