Saturday, December 30, 2017

Pablo Miramontes Popularly Known As "Talent" Releases His First New Single Music Track "NIGHTLIFE"

Pablo Miramontes popularly known as TALENT, a Las Vegas multi-talented fast rising music artist that is known for evoking high flying deeds when it comes to making a difference through music, proudly announces the release of his first single music track "NIGHTLIFE" this September. The talented hip hop entertainer has finally dropped the single track after much demand from his loyal and esteemed fans.

Pablo(TALENT) a promising music artist started his music career at the tender age of nine(9) in the church choir that he and his family attend in Compton California. He was so gifted that his talent cannot be hidden at that tender age hence that brought the name "Talent". The beautiful voice and his command of music have not diminished with age rather it has greatly improved and strengthened with the additional maturity to get the attention of music lovers in Las Vegas, the city he moved to with his family at age 17 which enable him to pursue a professional music career.

"This particular music track is the coming together of my passion and love for music," says Talent when talking about the track to be released. He further made it known that "the track has been a professional blend and deliver to cut across all social class, no matter your social class you can identify with the music."

Talent has the intutional instinct for music, he fully understands music and the way to compose and mix music to give a redefined experience. His rich voice delivers music in a unique and sensational way and this made his fans crave for the release of his first single. The extraordinary features shown by Talent has been backed up by the influence of the American R&B singer Brain Mcknight a singer, song writer, producer, an instrumentalist that plays eight(8) instruments. Pablo is taking over the wheels of the music industry with his talent and hard work.



Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Multi-Platinum Rock/Country Songwriter Kevin Fisher (Rascal Flatts, Sara Evans) Puts His Beer Goggles On, Pops A Top And Says 'Beer Me' On His First Full-Length Album

Kevin Fisher ( has two words and 12 songs for all country-rock fans needing to de-stress after a long, hard day at work: BEER ME!

After years finding success as a country music songwriter but toiling somewhat anonymously behind the scenes, the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and "almost famous" rocker plays conduit to the gods of suds, channeling their glory while taking center stage as an artist with his full-length debut on 37 Records / McJames Music.

Awash in hops and foam, playful metaphors and witty storytelling, 'Beer Me!' is a clever, powerfully rocking, fun and freewheeling, but often heartfelt, musically eclectic joyride of 12 tracks celebrating the magical powers of brew - when someone sees life through beer goggles, the adjectives flow freely!)

Some of these infectious titles will make you laugh, and that's as much the point as sharing the heartbreak of the collection's lone ballad "Beer Blue Sky." You can't help but have a party listening to songs like "Beer Me," "I Wish You Were Beer," "Dog Beers," "Better Beer," "Beerly Beloved," "Beer Thirty," "Beer in the Fridge," "To Beer or Not To Beer" (Kevin's ode to Shakespeare and his English Major days) and "I Like Beer." And no suds-centered collection would be complete without a shout out like "Last Call."

For Kevin, reality and crafty marketing mythology meet at the moment where producer Steven McClintock and the gang at 37 Records found him, sitting on a fence between rock and roll and country. The myth is that he couldn't decide between Chardonnay and beer and he was toiling in a band called Hank Zeppelin. The reality is that Kevin's been in bands since the '90s, when his folk/rock group Naked to the World became the "most endorsed unsigned band in history."

But let's go with the fun stuff. He was in a constant state of confusion about what to listen to, what to drink and what to play. So there Kevin sat, box of wine on his left and a twelve pack on his right. More likely, after a day of serious songwriting, he was de-stressing with his favorite beers. His actual favorites are Sierra Nevada and Newcastle, but more mainstream brews like Coors Light or Pabst Blue Ribbon will do in a pinch. He paid for them, and bought rounds for the whole bar with the royalties from having his songs cut by multi-platinum country music greats like Rascal Flatts, Sara Evans and Uncle Kracker and getting his babies played on "True Blood," "Pretty Little Liars," "Brotherhood" and "America's Funniest Home Videos."

All of a sudden, out of the Beer Blue Sky, a vision of Hank William Shakesbeer showed up with two tall icy cold cans of beer. Billy Shakesbeer hovered over Kevin and spoke these words, "Son, pop a top and let country be your rock. If you can't find it in Country music and beer you can't find it.

Then came the glorious epiphanies of McClintock's partner, Tim James, and Kevin, which inspired the creation of 'BEER ME'. Kevin's life now had meaning: beer. Kevin's life now had purpose: beer. Kevin's thirst now had been quenched: beer. In turn, he wants to tell all country-rock fans who love recent classics like Toby Keith's feisty "Red Solo Cup" and Luke Bryan's haunting "Drink A Beer": Quench YOUR thirst: Drink in this 12 pack and BEER ME!

Kevin has been signed with McJames Music, the publishing company owned by McClintock and James, for four years. He released his Americana oriented debut EP 'A Beautiful Thing' in 2015. Along the way, he came up randomly with a few beer-oriented songs and thought about the way country music goes in waves – sometimes being driven by party/drinking songs, other times not. Realizing those kinds of tunes have been popular lately, he responded with a few brew-filled tunes. He had stockpiled four when McClintock suggested he create a whole album of them.

Kevin says, "My attitude was, broad genres like country, rock and Americana don't line up anymore, so maybe it's time to create a whole new subgenre. Jimmy Buffet's got his Parrotheads, and has cornered the market on island rock or trop rock. Maybe 'Beer Me' can be the start of what we can call 'Libation rock.'"

The singer's many connections ensured that this Nashville and Los Angeles production would include some of the industry's top session and touring players, including guitarists Brent Mason (George Strait, Alan Jackson, Zac Brown Band, Blake Shelton) and John Jorgenson (Elton John, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash) and keyboardist Buddy Hyatt (Collin Raye, Johnny Lee, The Bellamy Brothers).

Instagram: @beerme.kf


Veteran Recording Artist Jerri BoKeno Rekindles Holiday Jewel "This Christmas"

It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas. Veteran recording artist Jerri BoKeno is rekindling the holiday jewel "This Christmas," originally recorded in 1970 by renowned Grammy-winning soul singer Donny Hathaway.

Released by New York City-based Young Pals Music Monday, December 17, to all major download and streaming sites, the song expresses the joy of the season, as BoKeno sings with glee: "Hang all the mistletoe, I'm gonna get to know you better, This Christmas/And as we trim the tree, How much fun it's gonna be together this Christmas."

The joyous anthem, written by Hathaway and Nadine Theresa McKinnor, has the distinction of being released twice, first on Atco Records in 1970. The song then became a holiday staple after being included in 1991 on Atco's revised edition of a 1968 Soul Christmas compilation album. Since, it has since been covered by the likes of Christina Aguilera, Destiny's Child, Chicago, Pentatonix and Mary J. Blige. ASCAP reports it as the 30th most-performed holiday song of all time.

The acclaimed BoKeno, meanwhile, has recorded, performed and written with a stellar group of artists, including John Lennon, Cher and Michael McDonald. She was signed to Phil Spector and recorded "Here It Comes And Here I Go Again" for his Spector International Label. The single was an international hit and featured on BBC's Top Of The Pops.

Adding their talents to the new recording of "This Christmas" are a host of professional New York City-based musicians: live drums from Mike Sorrentino, bass and horn section from Carras Paton, classical guitars by Emre Yilmaz, acoustic and electric guitars by Gene Blank and piano from Tom Gallaher. Artwork photography for BoKeno's release comes courtesy of renowned artist Matt Blodgett.

Ayhan Sahin, Young Pals Music founder & CEO, notes, "Talk about divine inspiration. My dear friend Bo recently took me out to dinner for my 50th birthday and we started talking about recording a Christmas song. She knew exactly what she wanted to cover—and within days we had assembled our dream team of musicians. We started recording on thanksgiving morning in a deserted Manhattan studio, and the rest of the production followed it in less than a week. It's a classic song, but I am so pleased... this version sounds brand new."

Adds BoKeno, "'This Christmas' is one of my most beloved Christmas songs... I love the fact that I not only had the opportunity to record one of my favorites, but also to give it a new twist, thanks to the amazing new arrangement with these musicians live in the studio. I am thrilled."



Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Durwood Haddock Releases New Original Christmas Songs

Over the years all sorts of Christmas characters have evolved that everybody loves and these two performances are a couple you are sure to fall in love with as well.

"SANTA GOT STUCK IN THE CHIMNEY":Daddy's do their best to keep the image of Santa and Christmas intact. Unfortunately for one Daddy who went a little too far, he wound up stuck in the chimney. "SANTA CLAUS JR" has Santa not feeling up to par and Santa Jr., all the little elves and reindeer have to take charge and see that all the little children are not disappointed at Christmas. Kids and grown-ups as well, will love Santa Clause, Jr. and they'll love Daddy too!



Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Ed Sheeran Of The Hare Krishna World: Meet Cyril Wohrer

Hollywood sound machine meets Eastern theology in Cyril Wohrer's new album, "Summer Krishna" dubbing him the 'Ed Sheeran' of the Hare Krishna mantra.

An L.A. native, Wohrer's musical influences include Lenny Kravitz, Prince, and the Eurythmics. Joining forces with Al Walser, producer of 2017 GRAMMY® Award Winning album, for his debut album, Wohrer will release a unique sound many audiences will find uplifting and memorable.

Amidst the evolving sounds and artists of today's popular music, Wohrer finds his voice in the electric pop beats and rhythms that are surely to unite strangers and neighbors, and draw long-time Bhakti enthusiasts.

It is the melody heard on the radio and in trendy clubs through which Wohrer is able to captivate traditional mantra lovers and first-time listeners with modern Hare Krishna pop sounds in both French and English lyrics.

With more Kirtan artists redefining the traditional Indian orchestration of Sanskrit mantras, Wohrer is setting the trend of how popular music will merge with ancient hymns.

'Summer Krishna' is an homage to both the Hare Krishna mantra and to George Harrison, who during his career as a Beatle and a solo artist, expanded the American palette to include Indian classical music and Hindu practices, establishing both elements as a constant in his music. Harrison gets the credit for being the first Western person to have massively popularized the Hare Krishna mantra on the radio with songs such as "My Sweet Lord."

Taking a cue from Harrison, Wohrer has diversified his musical range and versatility, offering a sound for all Bhakti listeners.

"Since the 1960s, most people have associated the Bhakti tradition with the hippie counter-culture. I wanted to change this trend. I want to show, through my music, that anyone can be devotional and chant Hare Krishna in a contemporary style. Krishna and Bhakti are universal."- Wohrer.

Currently touring, Wohrer is delivering a message many of his fans and Bhakti adepts are calling "a pure joy!" It is through his influence, artistry, and his shared connection with other Kirtan artists, that Wohrer will not only open doors for those seeking mindfulness, but also awaken a higher level of consciousness in many others.



Friday, December 22, 2017

Jean Louisa Kelly Presents A Personal Collection Of Songs From The American Standards And Musical Theater

Michael B. Sutton, President of iMerica Entertainment, announced that stage and screen star Jean Louisa Kelly has just released an electrifying new single of the classic standard "Where or When." The overwhelming response to this single and sheer excitement it's created have demanded it be sent to jazz radio stations nationwide immediately.

What's more, on October 27th the album in which the single finds its home, "For My Folks," will hit digital platforms, stores and radio stations across the globe!

Jean Louisa Kelly stole the hearts of many singing the classic "Someone to Watch Over Me" in the acclaimed film "Mr. Holland's Opus," starring Richard Dreyfuss as a frustrated composer turned influential high school music teacher. A child of the stage and musical theater, Jean grew up in a small town in New England where she honed her skills in singing, ballet, tap and jazz dance and performed in community theatre and summer stock. At 15 she hit Broadway in the original cast of "Into the Woods," and at 16 she was cast opposite John Candy in the classic John Hughes film "Uncle Buck." Though the silver screen held its allures, Ms. Kelly took a hiatus to attend Columbia College where she got a BA in English before returning to the movies. She then starred as Luisa in Michael Ritchie's film version of the long running musical "The Fantasticks" before settling into 6 years on the CBS hit sitcom "Yes, Dear." When motherhood called, Jean focused her energies on her children, simultaneously experiencing a rebirth of creativity. She began composing, first her children's album "Color of Your Heart," and then her two EPs "Willing" and "Relax, Nothing is Under Control." She continued working on screen in movies and television, composing two singles for films in which she appeared.

Now, sparked by a desire to express her gratitude for her parents and for the fans who craved such an album, she is releasing a 13-song project showcasing a stunning new rendition of her signature song "Someone to Watch Over Me," complete with an a cappella introduction.

The album features moving renditions of timeless gems such as "Singin' in the Rain," "The Man that Got Away," "Danny Boy," and an especially heart-tugging version of "As Time Goes By." Gorgeous and inventive musical arrangements by producer Todd Schroeder and special guest John Lloyd Young (star of "Jersey Boys" on Broadway and on film), who lends a sparkling presence to "For Me and My Gal," round out the delicious album.



Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Katie Garibaldi Releases Original and First Ever Holiday Album, Home Sweet Christmas

Award-winning singer/songwriter Katie Garibaldi releases her new album Home Sweet Christmas, a collection of holiday and faith themed songs featuring eleven original compositions and one rendition of a traditional classic. Home Sweet Christmas is now available on online retailers including, iTunes, Bandcamp, Google Play, CD Baby, and Spotify.

Katie Garibaldi is a San Francisco, CA based singer/songwriter and guitar player who has been releasing music independently for about half of her life thus far. Elmore Magazine describes Garibaldi's sound as, "sweet, smooth music that is equal parts old‐school pop princess and folk songstress." The songwriter has a characteristic musical style wherein her country‐tinged dreamy folk gives her a distinct sound—ethereal Americana with sparkling memorable melodies. But this prolific artist continues to stretch the boundaries of any genre's walls with the release of her new full-length album this holiday season, Home Sweet Christmas, a collection of original Christmas songs that embrace Garibaldi's operatic vocal prowess and soulful folky affection, but also songs that branch out into traditional country and even gospel atmosphere.

Home Sweet Christmas exclusively premiered on The Daily Country on November 30th, presenting the first listen of the album before its worldwide release. As told to The Daily Country, Garibaldi says, "I'm excited to have my own collection of Christmas songs to share now, and I hope Home Sweet Christmas is an album that people will be able to enjoy year round and keep the spirit of the holidays with them every month, not just December, that no matter when and where they listen to it, the songs give them a peaceful and joyful sense of coming home." Celebrated Christmas blog "Merry and Bright!" says, "Taken as a whole, the album has a very personal, intimate feel. Katie's expressive singing and guitar playing, coupled with the soul and spirit of songs, makes it feel as if you're right there in the room with Katie. Maybe at a house concert."

The melodic songwriter first began hinting about the Christmas album as a possibility with the release of her single, "Tomorrow is Christmas Morning," an original song about yearning to make it home in time for the magic of Christmas morning, which features a charming string section that has become a staple in Garibaldi's signature sound, in November of 2016. "Merry and Bright!" called "Tomorrow is Christmas Morning" a "very well-written and performed song" and said, "Katie has hinted that this is merely a preview for a full-length Christmas album coming in 2017. That's a Christmas wish that I hope comes true." Supporters of Garibaldi's music will not only be granted this wish with Home Sweet Christmas, but can expect some big surprises from the new Christmas release as well.

Purchase Katie Garibaldi's first-ever holiday album, available now on, iTunes, CD Baby, Google Play, and Bandcamp. Stream the album on Spotify and add it to your holiday playlist. Special merch and bundle deals available at

Garibaldi is set to embark on her Home Sweet Christmas tour, kicking it off with the official album release show at the Bethany United Methodist Church in San Francisco, CA on Saturday, December 2nd. For the full tour schedule, visit


Monday, December 18, 2017

Patsy Cline's Lost Christmas Song, "Christmas Without You," Re-Releases On "#1's" Album

In conjunction with what would've been the legendary singer Patsy Cline's 85th birthday year, "Christmas Without You" (a.k.a. Patsy Cline's Lost Christmas Song), was re-released by Star Creek Entertainment on November 27 on Luanne Hunt's "1's" CD.

The tune, which was recorded by Hunt in 2008, recently landed on Dagens Nyheter's (Sweden's largest daily newspaper) list of Top 25 Christmas Songs of All-Time. It was included on the Independent Superstars Hall of Fame recording artist's CD, "How Christmas Feels to Me."

"Christmas Without You" was originally written for legendary country singer Patsy Cline by Lawton Jiles and Charles (Buster) Beam in 1960. According to Jiles, Patsy never had the opportunity to record it the way it was originally intended and was heartbroken she was unable to give her fans a signature Christmas song.

"I've always believed if Patsy would have recorded 'Christmas Without You' it would have become a holiday standard," said Jiles, who also has written songs for Hunt, Porter Wagoner and Janie Fricke. "It's the kind of Christmas song you hear once and want to sing along. It's very simple, but the simple songs are usually the ones people love the most. I'm not surprised Luanne's version is doing so well."

Since its release, "Christmas Without You" has racked up a number of impressive accolades, including topping the European Country Music Association chart in France, Denmark and Austria in December of 2011. It also was the second most played song in Europe that month and has frequently made the Top 10 list on Sounds of Christmas radio.

In 2015, the popular U.S. magazines, Autostraddle and Truckers News, named the song among it's top holiday songs of the year.

"I got a rush when I first heard Luanne's recording of 'Christmas Without You,'" said Jiles. "The song's been in my head for years and to hear it done the way I always envisioned it is very exciting. It's a perfect blend of the traditional and contemporary."

"Christmas Without You" was produced by Eric Uglum (Alison Krauss, Ron Block, Ralph Stanley, Cherryholmes and Nickel Creek). It features an impressive twin-fiddle performance by folk/bluegrass fiddle sensation Christian Ward, who has shared the stage with Ricky Skaggs and has toured with Rounder Records artist Sierra Hull.

Also on the single are Austin Ward (upright bass), Roger Gillespie (drums), Hal Ratliff (keyboards) and Uglum (guitar, mandolin and harmony vocals).

"I'll never forget the day I recorded Patsy's Lost Christmas song," said Hunt. "I was standing there at the studio mic hoping that she (Patsy) was smiling down on me. I know her version would have been phenomenal, but I hope her fans will accept my recording and see it mostly as a tribute to one of the greatest country artists there ever was or ever will be."

Hunt's "#1's" CD also includes, "Solace In The Wind," "Texas Tears," "Bluer Than the Bluegrass," "Pine & The Dogwood," "I Want To Stand Where Jesus Stood," "So It Goes" and "He Was There."

All of these songs have reached No. 1 on various Indie charts, including the European Country Music Association chart, the Hotdisc chart and the Airplay Express chart.

Download "# 1's" at


Blues Singer Sheba The Mississippi Queen Releases An Intense Blues Album "A Real Good Woman" On Bongo Boy Records

"A Real Good Woman" is the true story told Blues by Blues singer and songwriter Sheba The Mississippi Queen. Born in 1953, her life began in the cotton fields of Mississippi; this 13 track album takes the listeners on a journey from there and then to her current life as a performing and recording artist and spiritual teacher.

Sheba's rich story telling lyrics covers black history and culture in the South, her life onstage and in the studio singing the blues, and her time in Atlanta and New York City as a "working girl."

"'A Real Good Woman,' the story of the birth of the blues in the heart and soul of a real good woman." - Rev. Prentiss John Davis, Unity of Ocala

"Raw, honest, heart-breaking. Here is an open and honest account of the struggles of an African-American woman and what she went through to escape the cotton fields of Sunflower, Mississippi in the '60s to become the spiritual woman she is today." - Shirley Long, Unity of Ocala, Administrative Assistant to Senior Minister

October 30, 2017
Belvidere, New Jersey
Album Review by The Grouch
(from Sweden, now in The Rockies)

Hej America!
The other day the good people at Bongo Boy asked me to give a listen to, and share my thoughts regarding a new album from Sheba The Mississippi Queen. In total honesty, I could not remember if I had ever heard of Sheba The Mississippi Queen, but I have heard (It was one of the first songs I learned to play on the drums) the song Mississippi Queen by Mountain. If Sheba rocks with anything close to the intensity of Leslie West and his band, I am sure I will dig this album immensely. The title of the album is: A Real Good Woman and the release date is November 1, 2017.
Song titles:
1. Oh So Good 3:12 - YES! I love this stuff. This, folks, is the fire that spread to Chicago and burnt down the city. It wasn't Mrs. O'Leary's cow that started the fire; it was the Mississippi blues that migrated north. I am in musical heaven - what a voice!! What lightning from the band. They are blistering really. Fantastic work.

2. Pourin' Rain 4:08 - So heavy, so gritty, so thundering, I LOVE IT. The horns remind me of Motown, and having been raised in the Motor City I cannot help but to be influenced by the magic Berry Gordy was making on West Grand. This song has a huge Motown vibe that leads straight back to Mississippi.

3. Big Man 4:03 - Man, track three and my mind is already blown. If the hypnotic groove doesn't infect you, then the vocals surely will. Man, you can just feel the power of the notes. Good God, Sheba has a killer voice. I want to party with the Queen.

4. Real Good Woman 6:22 - This is a traditional story telling blues jam that can easily be extended indefinitely. Sheba tells us that she is armed and dangerous and that her problem is she just cannot find a good man. I am enjoying listening to the qualities she considers necessary to be classified as a good man. Of course, as nice as the vocals are, it is also nice to hear that Sheba has a collection of Monsters who all have her back. This band is comprised of monster players and they do not turn the intensity down for a moment. Oh, the volume may fluctuate, but the intensity is at a constant 11.

5. Ms. Good-n-Plenty 3:32 - Sheba is rather proudly sharing some very intimate details of her relationship with her domestic partner. (Trying to keep the description clean as I do not know exactly where this review will end up, but it could be noted that Sheba has an exceptional level of stamina is rather adventurous.) Oh yeah, and the music was really good too 😊

6. Butter on My Rolls 3:47 - I just love this stuff. It is so grinding and primal. The blues is such an emotional powerhouse. Sheba is considering obtaining the services of a Witch Doctor because her rolls are not receiving enough butter from her current cohabitant.

7. Tell Me Why 5:44 - Ahhh yes, funky bass with a groovy drummer set the tone while the guitar blasts in and out and the keys make a statement off to the side. I love this song. Sheba's voice belts out stunningly powerful notes and the band continues to jam. The drummer is getting a work-out. I hear some very nice, thundering fills. The piano is mesmerizing. He just pops in and out from the side and instantly has my attention. I must see this band live!

8. Dance Jump Shout 3:17 - Fast tempo with horns and guitars all making statements while the rhythm section lays down a very quick, very intense rhythm. The guitar can't take it anymore and busts out into a massive jam. Sheba comes back in with some commanding vocals and the guitar is right there at the end of each phrase, ready to shoot a bolt of lightning. WOW!

9. Good Good Lovin 6:01 - Sheba is back, talking about Rocking and Rolling and Riding a Pony…as the title suggests Sheba wants some good good lovin'. Musically, all the elements of classic blues are here. The jamming band, complete with horns and keys, a guitar player that can throw lightning bolts whenever he wants to, and a rhythm section than is totally locked in. Listen to these lyrics! It just hit me Sheba is a black female David Lee Roth.

10. Hey Girlfriend 5:02 - I like the beat the drummer lays down in the beginning of the song and how everyone else comes in and picks up the groove. This is a very intense song, in many ways. On one level, Sheba is telling a woman that she has been spending time with the other woman's man. Musically, the song is incredibly intense. Each member is in full-on jam mode. The drummer is filling while the bass player is running a funky pattern and the keys jam and the guitar gets funky which accentuates the horns. Overall, this song is a massive BLAST of energy.

11. Blues of My Soul 7:05 - This is Sheba's coming out of Mississippi track. She heard some very nice slide work after she left Mississippi and was instantly emotionally brought back to life on the Delta. She spent a lot of time picking cotton, which is an incredibly physically devastating activity. The one respite was listening to Mr. John playing his slide guitar off on the porch. The refrain becomes that "My Grandma would say (the bus is) goin' my way, but it ain't my day." One night, Sheba's mother made her escape. Eventually, her mother did return for her and the family headed for Florida.

12. Don't Say Goodbye 5:54 - This is simply a beautiful song. Sheba is singing about someone she loves going away. Sheba has the ability to vocally express sadness extremely well. I am enjoying the music, I mean they are all playing well, and it grooves, but Sheba's vocals and her sadness have me. This is perhaps the most powerful song on the album.

13. Can't Help Lovin' My Man 6:14 - In this song it seems that Sheba has indeed found a man to love and love him she does. Musically this song is on par with the last track. What I thought was a successful conclusion to an emotion-filled body of work, is in fact only a partially happy ending. You see, Sheba is in love with a fellow, but he goes away, and she is not really sure that he loves her. She spends her time at home sitting by the phone waiting for him to call. She knows that he loves her, but if he does not, she does not care. She cannot help loving her man.

So, what is the bottom line: The bottom line is this. Sheba has had an arduous life. She also has an incredible voice which she uses to sing about events and emotions she has felt at different points of her life. Fortunately, she has found a group of musicians with whom she blends. Each of the players on this album is very good. This comes across as a very cohesive unit of highly talented people who make very powerful music. This album is more than worth the purchase price.

I give Sheba's album A Real Good Woman 5 out of 5 scowls on the Grouch scale. - The Grouch

Available at Bongo Boy Records:
Also available starting this November at cdbaby, iTunes, Amazon, Walmart and other online retailers and retail outlets Worldwide.



Thursday, December 14, 2017

Angela Predhomme releases new holiday music "Holidayolio"

The soulful music of artist / songwriter Angela Predhomme has been heard by millions through the popular TV show "Dance Moms," in addition to a long list of other TV credits. She is happy to announce the release of holiday song collection, "Holidayolio" on December 1, 2017.

Predhomme's new EP features a range of styles, from the lighthearted, catchy "Ring Ring" to the more reflective "Peace on My Little Piece of Earth," and a laid back, jazzy duet with Jamie-Sue Seal called "Holidays Are Better with My Best Girlfriends." The collection also includes, "Oh Christmas," a song that was featured on the hit show, "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo."

Laid back, soulful music with a solid pop sensibility defines Predhomme's musical style. Her songs are available on iTunes, Apple, Spotify, and most streaming services.

Videos of songs from "Holidayolio":
"Ring Ring"
"Peace on My Little Piece of Earth"

Listen to Predhomme's Music:
iTunes/Apple Music:

Website and social media:
Artist website:


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Second Year In A Row Bongo Boy Has Released A Holiday Album That Will Spread Christmas Cheer

New album release on Bongo Boy Records LETS HAVE A ROCKIN CHRISTMAS VOL 2 by Various Artists include Holiday Season songs by the following artists: Wayne Olivieri, Jody Quine & the Big Mr. C (Dan Berggren), Mike Peacock, Clifford Curry, Katie Garibaldi, Ricky Persaud Jr., Charles Brown, Paul Michael Tondreau, Ruth Weber and Chapman SoundCheck, Bobby Rue, Spyder Darling, Diana Barash, Big Chris & D'Bare Bones Band, Yona Pax and Ray Powers.
Release Date: 11.21.17 WORLDWIDE
(Physical and Digital)


Ho Ho Ho America!
It is I, the Grouch who stole Christmas here with a review of the second Bongo Boy Christmas album which is aptly entitled "Let's Have a Rockin' Christmas Volume 2"

This album has 16 tracks which are sure to get you into a festive mood.

1. Wayne Olivieri - I'm Glad It's Christmas Time Again 3:31 - This song starts out with some very appropriate bells. In fact, it isn't until the middle of the first verse when Wayne's voice really takes off that the listener realizes this is, in fact, a rock and roll song. The words are hopeful and make one want to believe that the world is not such a bad place after all. Musically, the band does a good job, but it is the vocals that are front and center on this track.

2. Jody Quine & the Big Mr. C (Dan Berggren) - Got My Eye on You, Santa 2:21 - I dig it. The song starts out with a funky groove and I really like the sound of the big cymbal crash. It sounds to me like he is smacking a ride cymbal. Aside from the piano which really swings, I find myself memorized by Jody's voice and wishing that I had a Santa suit.

3. Mike Peacock - Christmas Smile 3:33 - Mike has written nothing short of a beautiful song. The mellow vibe coupled with his voice make an absolutely infectious song that has massive earworm potential. I really like Mike's voice. His voice, with the piano in the background remind me of Bruce Hornsby, which in my opinion, is a complement.

4. Clifford Curry - Christmas Ain't No Time for The Blues 2:56 - Sweet! Man, I dig that harp. Clifford has a killer Blues voice and the band has all the lightning necessary for a massive rant. This song lasts just under three minutes, but could easily be extended to 20, and never get old! Well done guys!

5. Katie Garibaldi - Tomorrow Is Christmas Morning 3:48 - I really like the melodic guitar at the beginning. However, it is Katie's voice that immediately grabs my attention. She sings so well; it is a pleasure simply to listen to her. This is a beautiful, mellow, sweet Christmas song if there ever was one.

6. Ricky Persaud, Jr. - It's Christmas Time Again 4:13 - Ricky is a young cat who is working on a degree from the Berklee College of Music. He is also one of the most talented musicians I have heard in a long while. Right from the start Ricky has my attention as he takes a soft, yet catchy little run augmented with bells and morphs it into a jam! The thing is that even though the mood gets heavy and the guitar starts to blister, the melody is never lost. I have to admit that I find myself really enjoying the bells played in the background. Ah, but then Rick opens up on his guitar and my thoughts of quaint percussion sounds are GONE. This song alone is reason enough to purchase this album.

7. Charles Brown - Greensleeves 3:05 - Charles gives us a rendition of a classic Christmas song. I am utterly stunned and amazed. Charles is a fantastic guitarist. The best way I can describe this track is by referencing the movie Crossroads. Do you remember when Ralph Macchio's character beat Steve Vai, and thus saved Willie Brown from eternal damnation, by playing classical music? The way Charles Brown plays Greensleeves reminds me of the way in which when Ralph Macchio's character slew the mighty Steve Vai. It is beautiful and masterfully played.

8. Paul Michael Tondreau - Christmas Morning 3:09 - Paul has written a catchy tune that is sure to have the listener humming along. Paul's unique vocal style is accentuated by the background musicians. I am reminded of crooners from days gone by.

9. Ruth Weber and Chapman SoundCheck - The Dreydl Sing Along 1:52 - Man, I dig the harmonies on this track. This is a swinging tune. I have never heard the dreydl (or dreidel) explained in such an infectious way. Who knew Chanukah rocked so much? I would love to this band live. I bet they put on one outrageously fun show!

10. Bobby Rue - Oh Christmas Time 2:05 - I have been a fan of Bobby's for a while and was saddened to read of his passing. I am so glad that this song is included on this album. Bobby was a very good musician and I wish I had had the chance to jam with him. Rest in Peace Bobby. This song is a perfect example of Bobby's music. It is basic, raw, emotional and hits the listener right in the gut. When Jack Kerouac went on the road to find America, it was people like Bobby he was looking for.

11. Spyder Darling - Citizen Kane Christmas 3:44 - I like the way the song starts. It is heavy with a melodic, yet intense lead guitar. Aside from the music which is very well played and Spyder's voice which is haunting as well as compelling, I like the theme of the song as Citizen Kane is an excellent film. (Oh, and the lead guitar simply rocks.) I would very much like to see Spyder's live show!

12. Diana Barash - Christmas Time 3:54 - Now, this is different, and I like it! I have never heard a Synth Pop Christmas song before. The thing that is really cool is that Diana has an old school R&B voice that oozes soul. I find myself grooving to the beat as I smile that goofy smile I get when I really like a piece of music. Man, she can sing!

13. Ricky Persaud Jr. - Reggae Christmas 4:04 - Ricky is back, and you have to listen to his voice. Man, this kid can sing (as well as play any instrument he chooses…well). The whole idea of a Reggae Christmas is kind of cool. I like the lyrics as well as the music. When Ricky sings about not wanting to deal with the snow and walking around the Christmas palm tree all I can think is how nice that would be! Ricky has written a song that is sure to get inside your head. Good job Ricky.

14. Big Chris & D'Bare Bones Band - You'll Shoot Your Eye Out 3:31 - Okay, when I read the title of this track the first thing that came to mind was the movie A Christmas Story and the phrase "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye." Musically, I dig what they are doing. I love Texas Blues and I hear a definite ZZ Top vibe in this song. I swear there is an Alice Cooper influence when Big Chris snarls the chorus "You'll shoot you eye out!" All in all, this is one of the most rocking songs on the album and one that will be on my personal playlist! (I dig the Cheech and Chong style spoken word ending - Big Chris you made me laugh out loud.)

15. Yona Pax- Merry Christmas 3:14 - The wind sound effects at the beginning are kind of cool. Then a synthesizer dominated French reggae vibe kicks in. I have to say, I am really enjoying this song even though I don't know French. The music is good, and her voice sounds so joyful, how could one not like this song?

16. Ray Powers - Christmas Miracle (Live) 4:37 - The last song on the album is a live track, which is nice. Ray has a really good voice and the music is much more than simply pleasant. It sounds, to me, like Ray and his band are just having a lot of fun while they are playing this song. Personally, I cannot think of a better way to conclude a Rock and Roll Christmas album. When this song is over I am going to give my daughter a hug. Listen to the song and you will understand.

So, what is the bottom line? The bottom line is that for the second year in a row Bongo Boy has released a holiday album that will brighten anyone's day and spread Christmas cheer to anyone within earshot. -The Grouch


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Melvin Alan Album "Wonderful Life"

"Wonderful Life" is a foray into Melvin Alan's consciousness, and provides an enchantingly introspective look at the human condition and its contrasts and paradoxes. The story unfolds as a 12-track alt-rock LP - a 4 piece consisting of Corey Curtis (bass), Alvaro Rojas (guitar), Sam Cartwright (drums/percussion), Tyson Nelson (keyboards) and last but not least: Melvin Alan on vocal duties. The album was produced and recorded by Eric Mosher (AC/DC, Nickelback, Keith Urban) in the legendary Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, BC.

Track one entitled 'Ragged Mind' reels the listener in right from the start, with a catchy, yet sullen vocal line that meanders atop a bouncy swung groove and beautifully strummed chordal progressions. It's a strong opener, and does a fantastic job of setting the tone for what sets up to be a phenomenal 12 track album.

'Down on Your Knees' illustrates Melvin Alan's ear for carving out ballads that get under your skin. Riddled with subtleties and nuances in the instrumentation, the track cradles the listener through its peaks and troughs - a delightful track that simply begs you to hit the replay button.

'Wonderful Life' is much more than just a collection of songs out of Melvin Alan's repertoire. It is a cohesive, flowing entity that exuberates craftsmanship, attention-to-detail and dynamism. A personal favourite of ours is 'Where Are You?'. The airy, reverb-drenched guitars carry a spellbinding weight of emotion, and coupled with Melvin's powerful vocals the track simply beats you down into submission, coercing the listener to let the harmonies and tones wash them away. The track builds and builds, with a saturated drumline over a soaring guitar solo that takes the listening experience above the clouds.

'I Fall For You' easily lands a firm place in our daily rotation, for its strong nod to the era of power-pop that is quite reminiscent of Tears For Fears and Depeche Mode. It's one of the more sensual songs on the album, and in true Melvin Alan fashion, it employs a strong contrasting energy between sections that allows the hook to appear larger than life when it explodes into the chorus. This here is songwriting magic!

Not one to shy away from a bit of the good ol' blues, 'One Last Story' delivers an authentic experience that is full of spice and flavour. The album is as dynamic as it is colourful, and is testament to Melvin Alan's ability to weave in a diverse set of influences that include the likes of Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Tears For Fears, Van Morrison and Pink Floyd to name a few.

Overall the album breathes with a cool sensitivity and ease, and is full of feel, changing moods, variety and excitement-as witnessed by the bouncy Wonderful Life with its anthemic choruses. Its subtleties are engaging and keep the listener hooked with its charismatic allure, driven by the intricate instrumentation and stellar vocal performances. If this album is anything to go by, we are more than keen to hear what Melvin Alan has in store for us next.



Monday, December 11, 2017

Introducing Raven Salve' And Her New Single "Rock With Me"

Pensacola, Florida's Ebony D. Weatherspoon aka Raven Salve' is ready for success, and she wants you to know it. The 28-year-old Escambia, County, FL native is creating a strong buzz with the release of her new single "Rock With Me," featuring Big Pokey Bear. The single was released on October 17, 2017 on the WEEBAD Record label. "Rock With Me" is currently available for purchase on iTunes and for streaming on all major platforms.

"Rock With Me" is an upbeat dance tune with a positive message for all. The single was produced by DaGumbo Kooker in duel locations; Pensacola, Fl and Baton Rouge, La. The song is the first single off her upcoming album "Metamorphosis," scheduled for release in July 2018.

Born Ebony Weatherspoon, the Southern Soul, Gospel and R&B singer began her music career at the age of 5 singing in her church choir. She has been featured in several magazines such as Skope Magazine, 360 Magazine and 24 Our Music just to name a few.

A rising star at age 26, Raven Salve' has appeared on shows with Southern Soul and R&B Artist such as Will Easley, Walter Waiters, Miki Howard, Jazz of Dru Hill and The SOS Band. She has also appeared in major events such as the Original Spring Fling held in Mobile, AL, The FOOT-WASH held in Union Town, Al and others. Look for much, much more of Raven Salve' in the near future.


Links for "Rock With Me"

Single artwork:

Listen to:



Sound Cloud

You Tube



Friday, December 8, 2017

Twice The Holiday Feel-Good Vibe From NYC Indie Rockers

For 25 years The Baghdaddios have churned along, trolling the seedier dive bars of New York City that were fortunate enough to have a sound system and a cabaret license. Occasionally they graced the spotlight of some higher profile venues (including their third-ever show at iconic punk birthplace CBGB). Somewhere along the way, between the indie CD releases, music videos, trips to other countries and criss-crossing various part of the U.S., they got a bright idea in their 5th year that resulted in the proverbial 'gift that keeps on giving'. They founded a musically-themed benefit for their home City's homeless.........


"We were a lot younger and naive back then", remembers front-man and Benefit founder Kenn Rowell. "We didn't even have plans for a second-year show until the very last moments of the first one, when I just looked at the few people who were left in the club and said 'See you all next year'. I remember walking off the stage and thinking to myself 'Uh-oh, what did I just promise'?"

But here we all are, 2 decades later and the little-Benefit-that-could is still rolling along, spawning satellite shows and still marshalling the best of the City's indie and unsigned talent to bring a diverse audience together at The Hudson House, a friendly little club in the New York City suburb of Nyack on Sunday, December 17 for what will be the twenty-first consecutive year for a worthwhile cause. When Rowell booked the first 5 acts back in 1997 there was no real blueprint, no primer - Hell, there was barely an internet - to lead the way. It started as a late-night post-gig barroom convo between he and fellow Blank-Fest founder (and fellow performer) Chuck DeBruyn where they hit upon the idea of mini-set performances by themselves, along with some of their friends. The price of admission? Just a blanket, any condition. These blankets, in turn, would be handed out directly to the City's less fortunate, spending Christmas Eve on the cold, dark streets. No middle-man, no huge organization (or red tape) to slow down their efforts and (here's the cool part) NO money involved. "We reasoned that if we made dime one, then we had failed", explains Rowell. "It was kind of a real hippie-type thing; we felt money corrupts - so let's dispense with that. Just give us the blankets and we'll get 'em to the people".

Growth was near-exponential in the early days. Blank-Fest's inaugural show netted 40 contributions - 20 of which came from DeBruyn's mother's home. Blank-Fest II in '98 yielded 70 donations. By the early 2000's the Benefit was pulling in over 600 donations for what was by now the flagship show. Early attempts at City-based shows, while well-intentioned didn't come close to matching the main event. That all changed after a full-page feature in the New York Daily News in 2006. New Jersey rocker Rich Kubicz approached Kenn about developing a Garden State-based Blank-Fest and within a few years was outperforming the original venue. A tour of England for The Baghdaddios the following summer inspired a few enterprising rockers in Nottingham to organize the first Blank-Fest UK, soon to be followed by shows in Canada, Virginia and Florida. Today Canada boasts Blank-Fest shows in multiple major markets and there are talks of pushing the show onto the mainland in Europe (Germany is one such-rumored locale). All-in-all the organizers have estimated that Blank-Fest has been responsible for raising over 15,000 total donations, the vast majority being blankets, since it's inception, 20 years ago. As always, Blank-Fest XXI will be featuring the best of NYC and the surrounding area's indie talent including ex-Misfit and current Undead frontman Bobby Steele along with EMI-alumna, singer-songwriter Patti Rothberg. The rest of the lineup is rounded out by some great local and regional acts - including a few surprise entries.

For Rowell, it's been a fun - if sometimes crazy - journey. But he's used to the up-and-down micro-dramas that come with the turf considering that The Baghdaddios - his band, the band that's hosted this show every year since its founding - has had an even crazier up-and-down history. Despite only releasing two full-length albums and a handful of EPs, music videos and online-only efforts, the group continues to record new material and play shows, albeit not as many shows as they were accustomed to 'back in the day'. "We're all older now and a lot of the places we used to practically live at are gone", says Rowell. "CB's, Kenny's Castaways, Wetlands, Continental - now even Hank's Saloon in Brooklyn is closing. It's just not the same anymore - and even if it were, the crowd we grew up with got older too. They've all moved on, gotten married, raised kids, moved away.........or died. It's sad but it's the circle of life. That's why we love it when we can bring our show to a new audience. We sometimes wonder if they're going to be able to relate to what we're playing up there but in the end it's just three chords, a lot of feedback and some good ol' sweaty rock 'n roll - and that never goes out of style!"

Which brings us to their latest release: a punked-up Holiday bauble called "Let It Be Happy". Written on Christmas Day, 2015, the song started as an acoustic encouragement for Kenn's partner, celebrated Lower East Side bilingual poet Yvonne Sotomayor. "She had just reached out to an old grade school friend on Facebook who didn't remember her and then blocked her. She was a bit bummed out like 'what did I do to her to deserve that?' so I said to her 'FORGET her - it's Christmas, let's just be happy for what we've got and to Hell with her - if she doesn't want to be your friend, screw her!' and I started playing the chords and singing "Let it be happy - let it be merry - let it be happy, it's a Merry Christmas" and it all grew from there!" In fact, they even recorded a homemade iPhone video of him singing the tune in front of their Christmas tree, the next day. With encouragement from bandmates and friends the group decided to electrify the arrangement and see how the recording would go. "It went a lot better than anyone expected. We were in-between drummers at the time so Count of Nine's drummer, good friend Joe Dugan sat in for the session." The rest of the band gelled behind him quite convincingly and Alice Donut guitarist Michael Jung lent his touch as co-producer/mixer to push the two minute and eleven second gem's final mix to release-worthy status. So buoyed by the final product, Rowell pulled together what was left of the band, along with some good rock 'n roll friends to produce a fun, festive music video. That video - shot mid-January of this year - is finally seeing the light of day with it's recent Holiday Season release. The timing of the release is two-fold in it's intention.

"We've been dying to drop this on an unsuspecting public for almost a year, now", relates Rowell, "but we also figured that with Blank-Fest coming up this gave us an extra incentive. Any buzz we could get from the video - which is pretty damned catchy, don't you think? - we could use to hype our latest edition of our homeless Benefit. We saw it as a win-win!"

Available as a YouTube-only release, the music vid is the latest of similarly-themed Holiday fare that the band is known for. Starting with the underground classic, "Christmas At C.B.G.B.'s" - complete with cool cartoon music video - in 2002, The Baghdaddios have not been shy about shamelessly combining their flare for punk rock bombast with Yuletide imagery. Their 2008 "Season's Beatings" Holiday EP featured such hummable staples like "Christmas Ain't For Lonely People", their high octane take on Feliz Navidad and their mosh-pit ready version of the Robert Burns New Year's traditional, "Auld Land Syne". Their 9-second oft-bootlegged outtake, "I Want To Kill Paris Hilton's Dog And Eat It For Christmas Dinner" found it's way to YouTube where it actually garnered 700-plus views despite no official release, promotion or even mention in band circles.

Meanwhile, Kenn and the rest of The Baghdaddios hope "Let It Be Happy" will exceed all past efforts:

When pressed for a preference as to which vehicle he had higher hopes for, Rowell merely shrugged. "Look, in a perfect world I'd like to see both get the monster hype, but if you're going to ask me to choose then I'd say 'show up for Blank-Fest and help the homeless - we've got the rest of our lives to promote a Christmas song'. Bottom line: it's there when you're ready for it - IF you're ever ready for it?"

And if they're never ready for it?

His answer pretty much summed up his punk rock philosophy on life: "F it, man - at least we had fun!".



Thursday, December 7, 2017

CLARETA Haddon's Billboard Single "God With Us" Gains Mainstream Radio Traction

Gospel sensation, CLARÄ’TA Haddon enters Billboard Charts On Gospel Indicator's Most Added list with her worship and rock infused single "God With Us." The single is from CLARÄ’TA's edgy Gospel album release, "Contagious," and is going for more radio adds in the coming weeks.

Co-written by her brother, Gospel superstar, Deitrick Haddon, "God With Us" is an anthem styled worship ballad that invokes listeners to join in a melody of hope and assurance that God is definitely with us. It is the first single from the album to hit Billboard charts but not the first to be added to radio across the country.

Jay Williams, of the Jay Williams Show, a nationally syndicated radio program say's he love's CLARÄ’TA's new single and it's a great reminder especially during these trying times that "God Is With Us."

Carmina Barnett, Program Director at KHVN, say's 'God With Us' by CLARÄ’TA Haddon is a timely anthem."

Randi Myles of Radio One on Praise 102.7 fm, say's she really likes "God With Us" by CLARÄ’TA Haddon & co-written by her brother Deitrick Haddon.

CLARÄ’TA is one of three artists affiliated with Round the Clock Entertainment Group that has been added to Billboard charts in the last thirty days. The entertainment group President and CEO, Carlton McConnell says the Billboard inclusion is "an indication that their new songs...are gaining traction with radio station listeners,"

"God With Us" is going for immediate radio adds and can be downloaded at For radio adds or interviews or other radio station needs please contact Carlton McConnell at (972) 834-5936 or via email at You can find CLARÄ’TA on social media via ClaretaMusic; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope or her official website


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Natti Natasha, Ozuna "Criminal" Video Nabs #1 Spot on YouTube Music Global Chart

The hit Pina Records single "Criminal" by Natti Natasha and Ozuna is now the #1 music video in the world, according to the just-released YouTube Music Global Top 100 chart for the week ending 11/9. The video finished comfortably ahead of mega-hit "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee and "Havana" by Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug, with nearly 70 million plays recorded for the week. "Criminal" is in heavy rotation on the multi-platform VidaPrimo network and has now surpassed 600 million lifetime views.

"We are incredibly happy for Natti Natasha, Ozuna and our client Pina Records for achieving the #1 music video," says VidaPrimo Executive Vice President and General Manager Stephen Brooks. "It is an honor to work with some of the best artists and label executives in the world. Pina Records has been a pioneer in the Latin Urban music genres of Reggaeton and Latin Trap for over a decade, and "Criminal" is a testament to the label's continuing status at the top of its game."

The achievement also acknowledges YouTube's role as barometer of global music trends. The video platform's Top 100 charts track weekly viewership and fastest growth of music videos in the United States, United Kingdom and Worldwide. "YouTube plays a vital part of the music ecosystem for us," says Brooks. "The Top 100 Charts provide a unique and important view into the music video marketplace."

About VidaPrimo: VidaPrimo is a global media company that provides advertisers access to Millennial consumers in the US and Latin America through culturally relevant Latin Music video content. Through agreements with more than 120 of the hottest Latin Rhythm artists, VidaPrimo is the largest independent Latin Music Multi-Platform Network with presence on YouTube and over 15 web, mobile, subscription streaming, smart television, connected streaming device and broadcast platforms. With over 1 billion monthly views across the US and Latin America, VidaPrimo reaches 25 percent of US based Hispanic Millennials and an average of 20 percent of Millennials in Latin American countries. The VidaPrimo platform connects its massive reach of engaged Latin Millennials to global brands through high quality in-stream video advertising in front of premium content, in-video product placement, custom production, social influence and fan activation.


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

New York Composer Places Clarinet At The Centre Of An EDM Album

Stefan Krsitinkov, a New York based composer, places Clarinet at the centre of an eclectic EDM fusion album, spiced with strings.

Many artists make EDM. However, none approaches the genre like Stefan Kristinkov. His unique mixture of classical, jazz, avant-garde and dance music elements, combined with rich inventive instrumentation, which underpins all of the tracks on his latest album titled "A.M.A. (Ask Me Anything)", is truly ground breaking.

Stefan Kristinkov, a New York based composer and clarinetist known primarily for his work in independent films, does not focus on using electronic sound effects as a means of accentuating the power of his sound. Rather, Stefan's composition, which creates beautiful harmonies with instruments such as violin, a string quartet or even a string orchestra, shines with emphatic glory, without needing any accentuation. Stefan did not complete such a colossal musical project alone. He was assisted by fellow musicians with whom he is close friends. The deep and complex chords, present throughout the album, symbolize the deep bonds of human and human-nature relationships, relationships that were integral to Stefan's creative process as he made "A.M.A. (Ask Me Anything)". At the same time, Stefan presents the profound philosophy behind each track light-heartedly, even with hidden humor, as the subtitle of the album reads, "... any answer, to any question ..."

"A.M.A. (Ask Me Anything)" is the first full-length album featuring Stefan as a composer and a clarinet player. This project is the culmination of many years of endeavor from Stefan, and was inspired by influences encompassing the full scope of his musical development. From Stravinsky to NIN, the list of Stefan's influences reads like a history of heavy-duty basslines throughout the ages.

A question listeners could pose to Stefan in response to his request for them to ask him anything, could be how he has brought the clarinet from the side of the orchestra to the centre of an EDM album. Stefan nicknamed this album 'A clarinet like you've never heard it before' to illustrate the delightful fusion between classical and dance music lying at the heart of "A.M.A. (Ask Me Anything)". You can experience this intriguing project for yourself right now, as "A.M.A. (Ask Me Anything)" is currently available for purchase, streaming and download on all major platforms.

Download or stream "A.M.A. (Ask Me Anything)" now on Apple Music and Spotify



Saturday, December 2, 2017

Rick Vines All Stars Travel To SPACE! Mon Dec 4th!

Rick Vines is bringing his All Star Band and some very special musical guests to SPACE in Evanston on Monday Dec 4th for a unique album pre-release concert.

Expect some surprises and some magic!

"Getting all of these amazing musicians together in one of the best venues in the city is really a dream come true! They are all so incredibly busy that Monday night was the only night I could wrangle them all together!"

The show features two sets of music, one from Chicago area all-stars (Steve Dawson, Brad Cole, Emily White, Robinlee Garber, Natalie Gaza, and more) performing their favorite Vines compositions and a second set with the All Star Band (Chris Siebold, Gerald Dowd, Tad Santos, and Dave Gordon) performing songs off of the album.

A portion of every ticket sale goes to benefit Variety Club Children's Charity.

The event is a twin celebration of Vines' impending release of his album "So Happy" and his 60th birthday.

It will be a party!
Cake will be served.



Friday, December 1, 2017

Cinq Music Acquires T.I. Catalog

Cinq Music, a technology-driven record label, music distribution and rights-management company, has acquired multi-Grammy winning rapper T.I.'s catalog from Warner Music Group as part of its Parlophone Label Group divestment program. The announcement was made by Cinq Music co-founder and President Barry Daffurn. T.I.'s signing marks the first step in Cinq acquiring artist rights since receiving $20mm in Series B funding earlier this year.

The acquisition of the T.I. catalog is Cinq's first acquisition since being recently infused with $20 million in Series B funding. "Through artists like T.I, we're showing Cinq is a company that artists of all sizes can rely on to maximize the value of their intellectual property," says Daffurn. Albums to be re-released under Cinq Music include T.I.'s Trap Muzik, Urban Legend, King, No Mercy, and Paper Trail, among others.

T.I. is a three-time Grammy award winning rapper, actor, and entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia. He has released nine studio albums, seven of which have reached the top five on the US Billboard 200 chart. He has also released numerous successful singles, including the hits "Bring Em Out", "Whatever You Like", "Live Your Life" (featuring Rihanna), "Dead and Gone" (featuring Justin Timberlake), "Ball" (featuring Lil Wayne) and "No Mediocre" (featuring Iggy Azalea). T.I. has also had a successful acting career, staring in movies such as Marvel's "Ant-Man", "American Gangster", "Get Hard", "Identity Thief" alongside Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman, "Entourage", "ATL", and "Sleepless" alongside Oscar winner Jamie Foxx.

About Cinq:
Cinq Music is a technology-driven record label, music distribution, and rights management company. Cinq's repertoire includes multiple Grammy wins, dozens of RIAA certifications, numerous number one Latin Urban and Tropical Billboard singles, and was nominated for Latin Rhythm Label of The Year at the 2016 Latin Billboards.


Monday, November 27, 2017

The Phoenix Keeps Rising!

Continuing to draw from hard hitting life experiences to breathe raw and personal emotion into her universal mission of social advocacy, Kristen Speller calls for love to triumph over judgment on "Addiction," her poignant and provocative new single, due for digital release October 19.

Penned from a place of pain in the wake of the passing of her friend David Ness from heroin addiction, the explosive song finds the singer-songwriter and multi-faceted humanitarian and anti-domestic violence advocate covering all manner of addictions that people suffer – and the pain and confusion of not knowing where to turn for help.

By sharing the reality that addiction of any kind is part of the human condition, Kristen facilitates a dialogue that helps people understand that compassion is needed where stigma too often reigns. Tragically, Ness asked her to write the song to save his life several years before he died in 2014. With the opioid crisis officially being declared a national emergency earlier this year, "Addiction" is a much-needed song addressing one of the key social issues of our time.

The lead single from Kristen's upcoming full-length album Entering Taunton, due in 2018, "Addiction" follows in the impactful tradition of Kristen's previous popular and critically-acclaimed musical salvos of social consciousness. "Bruised," the song which launched the singer's career and helped establish her freedom as a domestic abuse survivor, was the first single from her debut album Misguided Dignity – which made the first round Grammy ballot in four key categories: Best New Artist, Best Rock Song ("Bruised"), Best Pop Vocal Performance ("Love IS") and Best Instrumental Arrangement with Vocal ("Bruised"). "Bruised" also was a Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) finalist for Playing the Stage – Live Performance.

With her autobiographical follow-up single "Phoenix Rising Up," Speller made history as the first Cape Verdean American Female Rock Musician as a dulcimer player in the Best Rock Song category on the first Grammy ballot. The song's impact was massive, earning her an Akademia Award for Best Rock Song 2016, and an Akademia Award nomination for Artist of the Year 2017, in addition to being both a winner and finalist at the Global Peace Song Awards.

Kristen received critical acclaim across the board. Mario Hemsley and Victor Allen of Pax Stereo TV say, "I love Kristen Speller. To bring you talent like hers, to our radio station on Pax Stereo TV is a delight. She is a singer, songwriter, producer with sound that is distinct. We have never heard anyone that sounds like her. A talent to be reckoned with." Cheryl Scott of KCAL-FM adds, "I am so happy to bring you Kristen Speller. Her singing live is like, wow, wow, wow! I've never heard a song like 'Bruised and her lyrics I've never heard from by an artist." Andy Olson of Radio Free Phoenix says, "Kristen Speller is an authentic artist, singer/songwriter, with a voice. There is a reason why I played her right after the Rolling Stones here at Radio Free Phoenix."

"Part of the inspiration for 'Addiction' was the conversations I had with people who had asked about David," Kristen says. "I thought about the wide range of addictions that all human beings are subject to, and the fact that there's not a huge conversation surrounding that. I didn't like the fact that people were judging David, just as I wouldn't want people judging me for being a food and sugar addict. Instead of addiction being a societal norm, I think prevention should be a societal given. I feel like a lot of people can relate to the song and that it could be a catalyst to start the larger conversation."

Titled for her hometown in Massachusetts where she wrote the bulk of the album during her mother's final months, Entering Taunton is, Kristen says, "a love letter to her that captures all of the emotions I went through being home with her for those four months and the grief process I went through in the wake off her passing." Two of the tracks are acapella, including "Oh," which progresses like a letter from Kristen to herself about finding ways to navigate out of the stages of grief. Typical of her innovative creativity, Kristen uses a blow dryer as an instrument on the song to illustrate all the warm and cold feelings she went through during this process.

Kristen's music is a prominent part of her multi-faceted work as a humanitarian, an important part of her life that she shares with her husband, co-producer and business partner Marvin Speller. In 2015, she was designated the Haven Hills Betty Fisher Legacy Humanitarian of the Year for her contributions with music to the domestic violence community. After Marvin helped her escape her domestic abuse situation and brought her out of hiding in 2011, she sought the help of the Haven Hills outreach program in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley, and has given back in many ways (including musical advocacy) ever since. In 2016, Kristen was awarded the key to the city of Taunton from Mayor Thomas Hoye, for her efforts within music for Domestic Violence and helping to contribute to global peace with "Phoenix Rising Up."

Kristen and Marvin Speller's social advocacy extends to their extra-musical entrepreneurial activities with their company Doubledown, LLC, including the creation of a special faux leather makeup bag with the logo, "Starts with Foundation." She is currently working on fulfilling her dream of starting her own makeup line. "As a survivor of Domestic Violence, my makeup bag was my quintessential survivor kit," Kristen says. "I had to cover up my wounds, therefore this bag was my lifeline. It was so appropriate to start with a makeup bag to represent my journey as a survivor, makeup aficionado and makeup artist in the DV Community. The foundation swatch on the makeup bag was taken by me; it is my swatch. Our logo for the bag 'starts with foundation' was created by us, because when you're applying makeup, everything starts with foundation. A good life starts with a good foundation. And when you escape DV, freedom is the foundation. And, yes, I have a song called 'Freedom' too!"

"Addiction" is available as a single on iTunes, CDBaby, and on select streaming sites. For more information and all links, visit the artist's website at

Official Website:
Makeup Bags:
Wellness Lifestyle:

A New Era Of Country Heart And Soul With Kelby Costner

Hailing from Lincolnton, North Carolina, country music welcomes one of its freshest faces with Kelby Costner. Blended with a collection of musical influences like Travis Tritt, Eric Church, and Travis Meadows, Kelby's old soul and deep-rooted spirit will take you back to the traditional days of country music with his profound and honest lyrics.

At an early age, he began taking guitar lessons until his teacher moved away and he had forgotten almost everything he had learned. It was not until after high school that with dedication and persistence that he relearned how to play guitar. A relentless writer and seasoned live performer, he knows how to captivate an audience instantly, filling every dusty corner of the room.

Kelby's latest single 'Hold On' is a honest tale of waiting for true love and showcases his powerful, soulful vocals. Costner drafted Australian Producer Ben Watts to head up the production on the single and upcoming album. Watts has worked produced other Nashville artists such as Dustin Huff, Morgan Lynsey and Terra Bella. Kelby is currently busy writing, honing his craft and entertaining crowds across the Southeast and on lower Broadway in downtown Nashville. "Hold On" is available on iTunes and digital streaming platforms.



Sunday, November 26, 2017

Blachawk Records Artist Ace Drucci Releases New Single "Put That Thang On Me" In Stores

Ace Drucci a Hip Hop artist/producer releases his new single "Put That Thang On Me" on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other digital stores today. This new single features new artist Xora Lou and Aliz and is now in FM radio rotation on 98.7 The Beat a station in West Virginia. Blachawk Records, Drucci's label, has released the single under its new distribution deal with legendary Tuff Gong International, a label widely known from being created by music icon Bob Marley.

About Ace Drucci:
Ace Drucci is an artist/producer from Washington, DC whose roots begun as a musician in various bands throughout the DC Metro area at age 15. Ace Drucci has worked as a producer on songs with 2 Chainz, Snoop Dogg, Ne-Yo, Lil Scrappy to name a few and has received a gold record for his debut single ‘Down To Ride'. Ace Drucci's music has over 6 million streams on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal & Apple Music, Over 1500 BDS & 200 Mediabase FM radio spins. Ace Drucci is also a verified artist on Spotify and is currently performing in various venues in the south-east region.

About Tuff Gong International:
Tuff Gong International was founded by Jamaican Superstar Bob Marley in 1965. Bob was affectionately call "The Gong", and Tuff you had to be to survive in the music business in Jamaica. Tuff Gong was originally based on Orange Street before moving to 56 Hope Road, which is now the home of the Bob Marley Museum, The Bob Marley Theatre, The Queen of Sheba Restaurant and Things from Africa Boutique.

Social Media:


Thursday, November 23, 2017

halie and the moon Signs Distribution Deal For Asia With JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment

Acoustic pop/folk indie band halie and the moon released their first full-length album, "Blue Transmissions: Vol 1 & 2", in summer, 2017 with a very successful Fundraising concert for Occupy Medical, an organization helping those with medical needs who do not have health insurance. The good karma is now coming back to them back as they are celebrating the signing of halie and the moon with JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment ( for distribution of the album in Asia. The album will be released in Japan on October 25, 2017 in both physical and digital formats.

The original music of halie and the moon traverses themes of dreamscapes, love, mystery, and celestial images. Each song is brought to life by lush vocals wrapped in the warmth of cello and acoustic guitar, lifted by lyrical and powerful rhythms, building texture-rich layers and stripping them away to create worlds within worlds of sound.

halie and the moon found its way into the world when internationally-acclaimed vocalist/songwriter/pianist Halie Loren and songwriter/guitarist Daniel Gallo found a musical chemistry with each other that propelled them to chase big musical dreams. "Daniel's songs spoke to my soul in such a deep way, in the way that exquisite poetry does, that I knew this music would be my medicine – and probably someone else's as well", says Loren. They, along with drummer Beau Eastlund and bassist/vocalist Bobby Stevens, began their adventure as a by immediately entering the studio to bring their songs to life. They crossed paths with cellist/vocalist Katherine Dudney, the perfect fifth element for The Moon, in 2014.

The five-some has been working and creating tirelessly ever since on their tight and dynamic arrangements of dozens of original songs, four of which are featured on the luminous "Blue Transmissions: vol. 1" EP (released in December 2015) and four more with the 2016 release of sun-drenched "A Million Suns: vol. 1" EP. Their new full-length album, "Blue Transmissions: Vol 1 & 2" is already seeing radio play across multiple media. The band regularly sells out the limited live shows they have produced in the Northwest Region of the US, and they look to expand their touring to include other parts of the US and Japan and Korea in 2018.

What they are saying about halie and the moon:

•"halie and the moon's first full-length album, "Blue Transmissions: vol. 1 & 2", immerses itself in a world of ephemeral beauty, love, and sweet melancholy in equal measures...Otherworldly yet intimate, their aesthetic is a kind of catch-and-release, grounded in pop smarts and yet forever urging itself into the firmament. The result is a symphonic, atmospheric sound that is no less mysterious and thrilling for being entirely accessible." (Rick Levin, Eugene Weekly - 5/4/17).

•"The band melds so well that you would think they've been together for years. This is evident from how well they play very different types of song - jazz/pop, jazz/funk, and folk/pop." (J. T. Frazier / Joe's Geek Fest, Music Review, pop)

Contact: Keith Altomare Artist Management, Inc.

Artist Social Media Links: /


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Plastic Pinks Rock III Points

The Plastic Pinks will be rocking the S3CTOR 3 Stage at III Points on October 14th. III Points will be taking place October 13-15 at Mana Wynwood Miami. III Points is a Miami-based music, arts, and technology festival that takes place in the city's neighborhood of Wynwood.

The raucous band will be adding local flair to a festival showcasing the best of Miami with powerhouse top billed acts like The Gorillaz and The XX. to sex and sensual desire produced by, "All's Alright" is the 1st single off The Plastic Pinks' forthcoming EP All's Alright.

The Plastic Pinks have released a psych infused garage rock new single titled "All's Alright" through Burger Records that, quite literally, has us feeling likes "All Alright"." If you're not ready to start a mosh pit after this one, something is definitely wrong.

"All's Alright" follows previous track "At World's End," which dropped earlier this year explores living life to the fullest and seeking the riches of the human existence.

Earlier this year, the band release "El Animal", a six-song EP under the Ghost Drag Records banner. Plastic Pinks have taken their time to work on this upcoming release with Burger Records. With the help of Gordon Raphael (producer of "The Modern Age", "Is this it" and "Room On Fire" by The Strokes) to do the EP's mixing, their new EP marks an evolution in their sound.

Born in Puerto Rico, frontman June Summers and his brother Augie Pink promise to show the best of Miami's ethos




Monday, November 20, 2017

Joseph L Young Wins Prestigious ISMA-Native Spirit And Celebrates With Giveaway Of 3 Nominated Songs

Ethereum, the acclaimed fourth album from flutist/multi-instrumentalist Joseph L Young, cements his standing as one of the most talented artists in the world fusion/world flute genre on today's instrumental music scene. In celebration of his recent win of the prestigious Indian Summer Music Award (ISMA) in the Native Spirit category for the title track, Young is sharing free downloads of his 3 songs from the album which were selected as finalists in that competition, available at

About his experience at ISMA, Young commented: "When we found out three of my songs were selected as finalists for the ISMAs, I was elated! But I didn't think we could afford the trip from Boise, Idaho, to the festival in Wisconsin, because I'm working on a new album and our budget is earmarked for that. My wife insisted we attend, as we also had friends who received nominations, so off we went. Everyone at the festival made me feel like family, and it would have been enough that I got to perform there. I feel honored to have received an ISMA because of their high standards and blind juried selection process."

Using a wide assortment of flutes from premier flute makers, as well as saxophone, percussion, and keyboards, Young weaves a captivating, immersive tapestry that sweeps the listener up, transporting them to a musical landscape suffused with beauty, mystery, and deep peace -- in a word, mesmerizing. Listeners will fall in love from the first track to the last note.

One of Young's goals is to create "music without boundaries" that offers a universal sound for everyone to enjoy. He adds "I want my music to help people work through their emotions, releasing the negative as they grow and change, serving as a catalyst to help with their transformation. It can be challenging to compose meditative music that is also interesting as a deep listening experience."

Ethereum has performed superbly on both broadcast and internet radio. It placed in the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 for seven months, debuting at #6. It reached #1 on One World Music's Top 100 and was in the top 5 for seven months. Our Place Radio named it as #2 Best Album of 2016. One World Music named it #3 Best New Age Album in the same year. The Global Music Awards awarded Ethereum Triple Silver Medals for Outstanding Achievement: Composer, Instrumentalist, and Album.

Notable critics have been enchanted by Ethereum. Michael Diamond of Music and Media Focus said he was "transported by [Young's] exquisite blend of the earthy and the ethereal... the worldly and the otherworldly," and Candice Michelle of Journeyscapes Radio is "especially fond of the ... intricate textures throughout these beautifully relaxing and soulfully rejuvenating passages," while Steve Sheppard of One World Music calls it "an album of pure bliss" and "a must for all who seek a little moment of sanity," and even Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck of New Age Music Reviews highly recommends Ethereum, calling it "the gift of enlightenment." To read the reviews in full, please visit Young's review page at

Young has submitted Ethereum to the 60th Grammy Awards for consideration as Best New Age Album and Best Contemporary Instrumental Album. Listen at

Young's next release, slated for early 2018, will be primarily new age saxophone. He has multiple performances on his schedule this year, including his own world flute and saxophone music, and with several local bands.

Ethereum is available at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Bandcamp, and all digital platforms. Please visit for music, videos, images and his performance schedule.

For more information, contact Joseph L Young,

About The Indian Summer Music Awards: The Indian Summer Music Awards are held in conjunction with the Indian Summer Festival, a three-day long music and arts festival held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the site of the world famous Summerfest. ISMA accepts hundreds of submissions, choosing only five finalists to compete in the final Native Spirit category which is the sole category open to non-Native artists. Young received three of the final five spots in that category. Finalists and winners are chosen through a blind juried process, making the awards especially esteemed. The winners of the 14th ISMA's were presented live on the Festival stage on September 9, 2017. Winners in other categories included the R. Carlos Nakai Quartet, Painted Raven, Indian City, and Shining Woman & Otsigeya. The headlining performer at the festival was Grammy-winner Micki Free.


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Dizzy Box Nine Debut Record Available NOW

The debut record from the California indie-pop-rock band Dizzy Box Nine is out now! This record was officially released on Friday, September 22nd, 2017. The band centers around long-time band mates Randy Ludwig (Singer-Guitarist) and Lawrence Dunlap (Drummer), who initially got their start together playing in the band Selva, and generated a loyal following all throughout the Phoenix Arizona area.

Dizzy Box Nine plays melodic pop-rock that is catchy, clever, and even intriguing at times. Lawerence is solid on drums, and Randy has a voice that is perfect fit for radio. Be sure not to miss the super catchy song "Oh Yeah!", as well as the feel-good tune titled "When I Look At You". Then of course there is the song for the dreamer in all of us "Fantasy". As always, all songs are clean and radio-friendly.

Dizzy Box Nine has several live shows set up throughout the Los Angeles County and Orange County areas. Updates can be found at:


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mustaine Writers Retreat Successfully Wraps In Greece - Electra Hosts Second Annual Songwriter Retreat In Syros

Electra announced today the successful wrap of the 2017 Mustaine Writers Retreat. Electra hosted her 2nd annual Mustaine Writers Retreat in Syros, Greece in early September providing a global experience for songwriting creativity. The invitation-only retreat had established songwriters and producers from the U.K., Denmark, Italy and the U.S. who collaborated successfully. The creative people who were invited are associated with acts including Bruno Mars, Flo Rida, Justin Bieber, Madonna, Mutt Lang and Shania Twain.

"After the first Mustaine Writers Retreat in Scotland in 2016, I could not imagine following up with a stronger creative experience," says Electra Mustaine. "The group who collaborated in Greece was phenomenal! I was not expecting the outcome of this trip to be as incredible as it was. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with these wonderful talents from around the world!"

The Mustaine Writers Retreat featured 5 days of songwriting sessions, sightseeing, beach & pool parties, gourmet dinners from a world-class estate on Syros, Greece. The event was sponsored by Ojai Energetics, Huski Chocolate and CTK Management. The event was held on a private beach estate on the beautiful Greek island of Syros. The songwriters, producers and social influencers successfully collaborated and wrote more than a dozen songs that many music insiders consider hits.

"I had an incredible time at this year's Mustaine Writers Retreat. I was so thankful to be invited to write music in Greece, and along the way I met people that I would come to love," says music producer Lost Boy from Los Angeles. "The energy and welcoming spirit was undeniable. I hope to come back next year and share this experience with even more great people."

"I've been to a bunch of songwriting camps in my career, but this one was definitely different. Different in the most positive way," says songwriter Tim Schou from Denmark. "Mustaine Writers Retreat feels like a moment in time when everything else fades away, creating the perfect atmosphere for, well… creating."

Pop artist & songwriter, Electra, is a rising musical talent known best for her witty songs, charming attitude, and unique upbringing. California native, now making a name for herself around the world, made her first debut in Rolling Stone at just 18 years old. Collaborating with hit songwriters and producers such as Nathan Chapman and Blair Daly,  all of which are well known for acts such as Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, and other accomplished artists, Electra discovered and developed her sound in pop music.

Being the daughter of heavy metal god, Dave Mustaine, founder of Grammy-award winning band Megadeth, she is certainly no stranger to the public eye. Currently residing in Nashville, Electra and her family members each independently form and build creative businesses stemming from the entertainment industry. Electra created the Mustaine Writers Retreat as a unique global travel / music experience and has successfully hosted two - in Glasgow, Scotland in 2016 and Syros, Greece in 2017.

Weblinks: / / / /


Masterful Solo Guitarist Chand K. Nova Releases His Latest EP "Uncuffed" On Bongo Boy Records WORLDWIDE

The other day I received a surprise from my friends at Bongo Boy. They know how much I love a really good guitar solo so they sent me a copy of the new EP from Chand K Nova who is out of London (No, not Ontario, the other London.) Now, in all seriousness, the UK has produced many of the best Rock musicians in the world, so it is with great eagerness that I cue up Chand's EP which is called UNCUFFED.


1. El Chando - I like the Spanish influenced guitar at the beginning of the track. The drums and bass come in and lay down a heavy groove as Chand shows his prowess on the guitar. This song really rocks. I am normally not a huge fan of Spanish guitar, not because the music is bad, actually when played well Spanish guitar is fantastic. The reason I am usually not a huge fan is that I often lose the groove after a while and start thinking of something else instead of listening to the music. This song is different! The drums and bass keep that groove going. I am not at all tempted to start looking out the window. You see folks I was ADHD back when it was just called being annoying. All in all, this is a cool song that keeps my attention and I am very impressed with not just the guitar, but with the entire band.

2. Kingdom Come - Wow, this song starts with some beautiful guitar work. Chand, you are a VERY good player. Then the drums come in and along with what sounds like a keyboard and bass lay down the bottom that makes my head nod. I am digging this song as I keep time with their drummer and listen in amazement at Chand's skills. The echoing droning effect in the middle of the song which plays off the drums is really cool - then Chand kicks in and the focus is back on the guitar. Just when I thought the song was about to end, Chand changes the voice on his amp and comes out with a very clean Rock solo. There is no feedback or Whammy Bar effects. What there is, is a man who can play blistering notes incredibly cleanly. Impressive.

3. The Cost of Freedom - Again, this song opens up with a stunningly beautiful guitar intro. Then the drums come in for the attack and give the song an intense beat. The rhythm section is in the pocket and has my attention. This is perfect, because as they lock in, Chand can do his magic on the guitar. I must say that while Chand is undoubtedly the main musician in the group, the other musicians playing on this EP really bring out the best in Chand. Simply put: They give him the perfect backdrop from which he can shine. Well done guys!

4. Uncuffed - Man, this guy can really play. The guitar at the beginning is memorizing. Then the monster bass comes in and the drums follow suit. All together this band can make some noise. It is quite melodic noise, but it smokes nonetheless. I am literally amazed as I listen to this track on my headphones. Folks, you really need to check out this band. I especially enjoy the part of the song where Chand turns up the volume and lets loose with a raging solo that is clean as a whistle.

5. The Beginning Of The End - Is that a keyboard I hear opening this track? Ah, then the guitar comes in and, as I have grown to expect, plays some simply beautiful music. Chand really is a very good player with a style all his own. Unlike some other albums that are purely instrumental, this EP does not have the feeling that the vocals are missing. I find myself enjoying every song and never once wondering when the vocals are going to come in.

Song Titles
1. El Chando
2. Kingdom Come
3. The Cost of Freedom
4. Uncuffed
5. The Beginning Of The End

So folks, what is the bottom line? It is this: Chand is a masterful player making some staggering-ly good music. I am happy to have this EP in my personal collection and the next time I have a long commute I am going to bring Chand along to make the time more enjoyable.

Artist Official Web Site:
Artist Page:
Digital Release


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Global Women's Empowerment Network Launches GWEN Radio And GWEN.Live Website

GWEN Talks Radio features host Tess Cacciatore, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of GWEN, with inspirational and social activist guests from the entertainment industry, global women's groups and businesses, as well as local and worldwide communities.

October guests on the show include people supporting women and have a high profile in media, such as actress and activist Fran Drescher. In addition to Drescher's acting career, most notably in her starring role as Fran Fine in the 1990s television show, "The Nanny," she is a cancer survivor, an activist for healthcare and the LGBT community, is also known for her work as Public Diplomacy Envoy for Women's Health Issues for the U.S. State Department and is the founder of

The overall theme of GWEN Talks Radio is "Reveal to Heal" and, according to Cacciatore: "It's all about sharing our stories, diving deep into intimate conversations that pertain to issues and to then to uncover the solutions. Many of us survivors of abuse are held back by blame and shame. I wanted to create a safe place for people to share their stories and have their voices heard. GWEN offers our community to connect for interaction and to remind each listener and viewer that they are not alone. I am the voice for those who cannot share their voice."

A lot of times we don't talk about things like abuse or women's issues. There may not be a place to feel comfortable, but this is the platform and place for interaction, discussion and solutions. This is where we can give women a voice. We can be their voice."

GWEN was created in 2012 as a way to shine a light on women's issues, including domestic violence, sex trafficking, homelessness and healthcare, to advocate for positive change.

Cacciatore is passionate about human rights issues in part because of her own experience as a survivor of domestic abuse and because of her tenure as a global activist, traveling abroad documenting strife and struggling in developing countries.

Cacciatore serves as the Chief Executive Officer of GWEN. "GWEN began as an inspiration after from hearing stories of women around the world brutally raped, forced into early marriages, and deeply scarred by abuse. This became a way to use my media experience to share the stories and give people from all walks of life a voice." she explains.

In addition to GWEN Talks Radio, Cacciatore is thrilled to launch the official website, an entertainment platform incorporating cause driven content.

The platform showcases films, tv series, music, books, and live stream events, as well as original programming from the GWEN Media Team. is a destination site for women of all ages, as well as for men interested in advancing the causes involved with GWEN.

"GWEN is for women, to inspire and advocate for change; but it also is for men – We can't do GWEN without the MEN. It's time we come together and make a difference through the power of media." she said.

There are many men involved in GWEN and its work, including David Longoria, of Studio City, Calif., who serves as Chief Operating Officer for GWEN. David brings his award-winning accolades from the music industry, as well as his expertise in growing a thriving business.

"I appreciate the vision of the GWEN team and the undying passion for empowering and encouraging women," Longoria said. "There are so many untapped talents that GWEN is discovering. This is what brought me into the organization, to lend my own experience and expertise toward furthering this worthy effort."

Cacciatore has more than 20 years of experience as a videographer, social entrepreneur, writer, talk show host and educator. She has worked extensively with the United Nations in Geneva, New York, and Africa as a media producer and journalist.

In connection with October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Global Women's Empowerment Network (GWEN) is announcing the October launch of its radio talk show: GWEN Talks Radio and official website: .

11 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017. GWEN Talks Radio is a weekly show, each Wednesday, #GWENSday

GWEN Talks is available online at and www.GWEN.Live .

October is the month of women's health and empowerment and the new radio show is dedicated to advancing human rights, community activism and self-esteem.


Monday, November 13, 2017

Bongo Boy Artist Kathryn Shipley Wins Artist Of The Year

Bongo Boy Records singer/songwriter Kathryn Shipley has yet another award to add to her growing list since joining Bongo Boy Records last year. She recently won Artist of the Year in the category of Gospel/Country Gospel at The annual Josie Music Awards show held in Nashville, Tennessee at Nissan Stadium on Sunday September 17, 2017. The Josie Music Awards is the largest most gala event in Nashville that recognizes independent artists domestically and globally! This awards show acknowledges the hard work and talent of these artists from all genres.

About six (6) years ago and a big nudge from her best friend Karen Garner who stated, "you need to go to Church, God is trying to tell you..." and other signs as she says that followed, Kathryn Shipley didn’t know what was about to unfold but it definitely was, according to Kathryn a "huge blessing" driven by God. She started singing at St. Charles Christian Church in St Charles Mo, in a community called New Town. She volunteered there for several years before moving on to her new Church home Harvester Christian Church. After knocking on many doors to try and get her music to another level, Bongo Boy Records opened the door, and has kept the door open for her ever since. Kathryn stated, "I was about to give up when I literally told my best friend, I am going to try this label and see what it’s about. After a couple weeks went by, an email came from Monique Grimme who is the Director of Business and Artists Development. She told Kathryn, "Gar, really likes your voice you have a different type of sound." Gar Francis who is the A&R with Bongo Boy Records, had written a song called Shine Your Love, and told Kathryn this was the perfect song for her.

The song received very good reviews domestically and globally, and has had radio play. Shine your Love has also won several awards, the biggest win to date, came by way of winning, The Artist of the Year, in the Gospel / Country Gospel Category, at The Josie Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee on September 17, 2017. The Josie Music Awards is the largest most gala event in Nashville that recognizes independent artists domestically and globally! This awards show acknowledges the hard work and talent of these artists from all genres. Kathryn recently switched genres and co-wrote a song with Gar Francis called, "Those Eyes" which was released September 9th Worldwide.

Kathryn who is a native of Louisiana Missouri is now back in the studio and working on some new material with Gar and Nashville Musician Eric Barfield.

Below are a list of awards to date from her first single with Bongo Boy Records, called Shine Your Love-

Shine Your Love - "Best Vocalist Of The Month" - Singer Universe

Shine Your Love - "Best Song Of The Month" - Songwriter Universe

Shine Your love - Voted Best song in a contest hosted/sponsored by Bongo Boy Records

Gospel / Country Gospel Artist of the Year - The Josie Music Awards -

Shine your Love is also up for FYC (for your consideration) - for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards ®

Artist Web Page:

Bongo Boy Records congratulates Kathryn on her winning The Josie Music Awards' Artist Of The Year. When we heard her voice for the first time here at Bongo Boy Records we knew that we received a gift from God. Gar started to work with Kathryn and the label has released 2 singles. The first single "Shine Your Love" and 2nd "Those Eyes". Both singles have been submitted for consideration of the 60th Annual Grammy Awards®. That Award show will be held LIVE on January 28th 2018 at Madison Square Garden, New York City.

Bongo Boy Records is a full stack Music Company located in Belvidere, New Jersey USA.

Web Site:

Music Video: