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Alive By Tonye

A breakthrough is traditionally defined as an act or instance of breaking through an obstacle. For an artist, a breakthrough is the moment they reach their wit's end but re-emerge as a true creative force. When they recognize their artistic growth and command full control of their vision. For singer-songwriter-producer extraordinaire Tonye that breakthrough comes in the form of his newly released EP "I Am Indie: 4_U". A pulsating and melodic collection of original songs, "I Am Indie: 4_U" presents Tonye as a born again artist. Born and raised in Gainesville, Florida, Tonye always had a greater purpose for his life. He grew up in a single parent household with his mother raising two children all while pursuing a nursing degree. She instilled in him a sense of strong family values, determination and responsibility. In 1999, his mother married a member of the US Navy and the family moved from Florida to travel the world. His experiences definitely inspired his love for fashion, international culture, theatre and music.

In 2000, Tonye attended the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington as an Acting and Musical Theatre Major. Following high school he was accepted to Columbia College in Chicago as a Musical Theatre major. During his time at Columbia, he began experimenting more with music. His experimental journey led him to write and produce two R&B albums, “A Story About Love” and “Life After Love”. In 2005, he met fellow Columbia student and aspiring artist (B)rentley Willis. The two bonded through their mutual love for music and Tonye served as co-writer and producer for (B)rentley's first two studio albums, "Brentley 101" and "Handwritten". The latter won Best R&B Album of the Year at the Independent Music Awards in 2009. "I Am Indie: 4_U" serves as part two of Tonye's "I Am Indie" series. The EP features four memorable songs that Tonye eloquently describes as theatrical pop. This unique genre combines his love of acting and music. Tonye's songs will tell stories and speak to people through the universal language of music. The singer will also push the boundaries visually by creating music videos that bring each story to life. Theatrical pop is an experimental art form that will showcase Tonye as a multifaceted artist. One example of his many talents is the music video for "Dance Dirty", a track on "I Am Indie: 4_U" where Tonye made his directorial debut. He stretched his artistic muscle by creating the storyline and meticulously planning each detail from clothing, lighting and camera angles. Other tracks on the EP include "Last Dance", "Alive" and "Dance Dirty (Club Mix)".

The radio ready "Last Dance" represents the swag side of Tonye. Over a bass heavy production, the singer beckons a beautiful lady to move her body in a commanding yet sexually inviting manner. The track is also laced with a guest verse from Chicago rapper D2G. "Dance Dirty" was featured on Tonye's previous EP "I Am Indie" but he offers a reworking of the beat throbbing track on this new collection. The club mix will keep people dancing filthy in the best possible way. The EP's standout track "Alive" is an unapologetic pop anthem that features soaring vocals and inspiring lyrics that will resonate with audiences worldwide. The track also serves as the singer's personal testimony. "This song is everything I am right now! I love everything about 'Alive' and what it can make me become." says Tonye adamantly. "I look forward to properly displaying my vision of being alive as an artist and motivator," he continues. Tonye experienced a breakthrough. His sometimes tumultuous journey led him to a place where he can create freely with no boundaries or restrictions. His new found confidence is evident in this latest body of work. "I feel like I have so many faces and characters I want to display. So many people think of me as only being the average R&B male singer. I say no to the stereotypes and do whatever I feel. People will either like it or they won't." In this moment, he truly is alive.


H-II Album Release - Country Goes Global - CD Baby International Distribution

Earlier today, H-II: Stephen Michael Apatow announced the formal release of his first album "Country Goes Global." The project, four years in the development, focuses on "Sharing a message of hope and inspiration with a world in need."

Country Music Association Artist H-II: Stephen Michael Apatow is founder of the Humanitarian Resource Institute and United Nations Arts Initiative. Since 1989, national project development and advocacy work included the formation of Humanitarian Resource Institute (, to "Bridge Unmet Needs to Untapped Resources." Today, this work continues through the United Nations Arts Initiative ( and global promotion of "Arts Integration Into Education." He is also a Member/Publisher: American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

Digital purchase of the album and soundtracks will also be available through 7digital, Amazon MP3, Apple iTunes, Deezer, Emusic, GreatIndieMusic,, LimeWire, Liquid Digital Media, MediaNet, MySpace Music, Napster, Nokia, Rhapsody, Shockhound, Spotify, ThumbPlay, Tradebit, Verizon and Zune. Stay tuned for updates.

To purchase the digital Album on CD Baby, visit:
Broadcast quality tracks are available for Radio and Television through AirPlay Direct:

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Grace Potter & The Nocturnals Featured On The Cover Of The Direct Buzz

NASHVILLE, TN (November 16, 2010) – The November edition of the Direct Buzz, AirPlay Direct's monthly digital magazine, showcases rising stars Grace Potter & the Nocturnals on the cover. In a candid and revealing interview, their charming front woman, Potter, talks about the history of the band, the meaning behind some of her sexually-charged songs, and why she wants to make it to the top with every bone in her body.

If you haven't heard of this band yet, you will soon. With massive exposure on VH1 during the month of November, songs in Disney films, and a new duet with superstar, Kenny Chesney, Grace Potter is exploding everywhere.

"Watch this flower bloom…!" says Robert Weingartz, CEO & Founder of AirPlay Direct, and Publisher of the Direct Buzz. "Every once in a while, in a rare moment, we see a true star come into the spotlight. Grace manages to create a musical 'secret sauce' of her own. The video for her new single 'Paris' brings all of this into focus. Grace and her Nocturnals are captivating."

Read the full feature story here:

In other news, the Direct Buzz also shines a light on the new Mark Wills song, "Looking For America," in our "Writer's Round" column. With all the talk lately about "red" and "blue" states, songwriter Bernie Nelson reminds us that we should all unite as "red, white and blue" states and take personal responsibility for the destiny of our great country.

We get "Behind the Desk" with Brian Felsen, the creative and innovative President of CD Baby, the world's largest online distributor of independent music. As the old music business models fade into history and the Internet continues to democratize the landscape for DIY artists, Felsen's company leads the charge of rising independent artists in the global music marketplace.

Music is the universal language. It triggers powerful emotions and its healing properties are well-documented. Music has been proven to lower blood pressure and reduce depression and anxiety in hospitalized patients. This concept has been embraced by a wonderful charity named Musicians On Call. Learn more about them in "Beyond The Song."

Punmaster's MusicWire, "the hardest working newsletter in show business" debuts in the Direct Buzz with all of the latest happenings in the world of Rock ‘n' Roll. Publicity maven, Ariel Hyatt teaches artists how to build a winning online press kit in "The Indie Way." And comedian Spanky Brown reminds us how weird and wild our pop culture really stars can be.

Clif Doyal
Editor, the Direct Buzz

Rain Can't Stop The Pet Conspiracy @ Hangzhou West Lake Music Festival

[Editor's note: This is the first post in a series that will follow one of the most exciting band's out of China, Pet Conspiracy. This multi-national quartet out of Beijing is in my opinion, the future of China's indie music scene and what will place it on the global map. But more about that later... on to Hangzhou]

By Pet Conspiracy

Oct 23, 2010, early morning: We (Drummer Edo and Singer Mary) had missed our a.m. flight from Beijing to Hangzhou. Although we were all supposed to be taking the same flight to the Hangzhou music festival to work on the sound check, only Joe and Fiona made it to the airport and stood waiting for the other two guys with their hot coffee. Our producer and guitar-player Huzi was already in Hangzhou, fancifully dreaming in the beautiful city, when he received a call from Mary that quickly changed his mood from that of peace and tranquility to rage! He wanted to kill them – missing the flight was a serious matter. So serious in fact, that later, Huzi decided to let them take the soonest flight available, which happened to be first class.

When Edo and Mary arrived at the venue, it was raining cats and dogs and we saw many colorful umbrellas and raincoats as we were walking down to the electronic stage. Beautiful rain yes, but at the same time, it occurred to us that if rainwater was dripping from the rooftop onto the stage, the stage itself would be drenched and anyone on the stage would be in danger of electrocution! As the booker of this music festival, Huzi was responsible for dealing with the issues regarding safety – which he did without too much of a problem. Never, in all their performances throughout China and Europe, had The Pet Conspiracy encountered such an enormous amount of rain as they did on that day.

Although we'd already taken the stage at 7:00 pm and had already started to play, a guy named Zhang Zhen, who had only 5 minutes ago set up all our instruments on the electronic stage, suddenly changed his mind and invited us to go and play on the main stage instead. Obligingly, we took our equipment and ran over to where we found nearly 10,000 people waiting! And, the rain was actually beginning to stop. We figured the sound system was bound to be incredibly great, so without any sound check, we began to play.

As soon as we started, however, it was as if a bomb had exploded. The entire audience began to dance crazily. Perhaps there had been a nice quiet folk singer on the stage just before; perhaps The Pet Conspiracy was so completely different that we totally recharged the atmosphere and the crowd couldn't get enough. Watching the fans dancing in front of us as one huge chaotic wave, was messy but super nice! That was the third time we played Hangzhou West Lake music festival, being the only band ever to be invited back to play twice. If we are invited next year, we'll definitely be back! We love the fans there, walking around in the muddy ground and drinking hot coffee, enjoying the music, the park, the gorgeous hills and the beautiful surroundings of Hangzhou west lake. We think the Hangzhou West Lake Music festival is one of the most professional festivals in China.

In conclusion? We hope next time it will be raining even harder, that we'll get our audience even higher, and that Pet Conspiracy will be rocking heavier than ever!

[Editor's Apology: If you're wondering why the photos don't look like the Hangzhou music festival, stop scratching your head - they are not. They were actually taken at the Zippo party in Beijing by Ken Lee. We didn't have any pics from the festival and you caught me. Oh well, we do with what we have!]

Find out more at

Acoustic Folk Rock Singer/Songwriter Jimmy Of April Releases Debut Album "The Voice Of Your Soul"

Acoustic folk rock singer/songwriter Jimmy of April announced that his debut album, The Voice Of Your Soul, was released today through Sound Mind Records, LLC. The album can be digitally downloaded or purchased as a CD at his website:

Jimmy of April began writing the songs on the album in April, recording and producing each as they were written in his home studio. Commenting on his new musical creation, he said, "Music, for me, is a very spiritual experience, and has always been a big part of my life. I wanted The Voice Of Your Soul to reflect my feelings about music and its importance to me, and a lot of heart and effort went into making sure that happened. The music will definitely touch you."

Aside from five years of classical piano training, Jimmy of April is a self-taught musician, playing the guitar and drums in addition to piano. He grew up playing in garage bands and local bars. His musical style was influenced by a range of artists including Bob Dylan, John Lennon, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Simon & Garfunkel, Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Barry Manilow and the group Peter Paul and Mary.

"I wrote and co-wrote back in the day but it was always at, for the lack of a better term, at my expense, or to please someone or something. In other words, I tried to make the music and the lyrics fit into the pre-defined what-do-we-hear-on-the-radio and can-we-keep-it-under-3:30 mold. I read books and listened to so called authorities and A&R people in the business. Needless to say, the music was forced, not natural. After many years of this, countless band member changes, and dealing with egos and other music industry issues, I gave up writing and performing, but not playing. With this album, I did it my way, and on my terms. I think the results speak for themselves."

The Voice Of Your Soul Features nine tracks: "The Birds of Vienna", "We're All Imperfect Somehow", "Why'd You Shoot My Hero", "Don't Give Up On Truth", "We Just Might Be There", "The Voice Of Your Soul", "I'm Losing My Mind Over You", "Leona", and "I'm Tired Of Everything Except Love".

For more information about Jimmy of April, or to purchase The Voice Of Your Soul, visit


Jimmy Pillar
Sound Mind Records, LLC
T: 973-470-9215

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Jonny Harpburn

A Harmonica player from Spokane who has a new but traditonal blues sound. Jonny Harpburn well worth listening too for young or old! Happy or sad are his tunes but that is what blues is all about! Good Sfuff!

"Bluzin on the harp since 1986! I have been playing open mics around the Spokane/Coeur D' Alene area for the last year, I have jammed with folks like Steve and the Triple Shots, Tommy G from the 509, Crowded Souls, So many Roads and Harpman Hatter (all good friends of mine) I normally attend open mics but have done most of my recording at home and in the studio @ Crabwalk Studios I have had one Number 1 hit song BBQ Ribs Mmmm reach the top of the charts on and have had the same song debut on "Blow Torch Blues Show" on 98.9 fm KKZX (Classic Rock Station in Spokane) and looking forward for more jamming and recording music in the very near future!"


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Maclyn Lucille - Where You At

The superb urban vibe of "Where You At?" kicks off with low strings and ad the DJ shouts out "Mac Lu, let's go!." This song from Maclyn Lucille is a song for all the ladies in the club who are looking for a good man. "Where You At?" is a pop/R&B groove featuring layers of vocals and harmonies that keep this song moving. With pulsing strings, bass and snare, and all that Dirty South flavor, even though this one is for the girls, the men will be on the dance floor as well. The vocal cuts when she sings "Oh Oh" add to the cut. "Everything from the jump is all true" brings in some big verb fingersnaps. Dj's will love adding this mid tempo song to their club mix.

Maclyn Lucille - Where You At :

For more information on Maclyn Lucille or to hear her music, visit ONE Artist Took A Stand - Stephen Michael Apatow

Earlier this week, Artist H-II: Stephen Michael Apatow, founder of Humanitarian Resource Institute and the United Nations Arts Initiative opened a background discussion associated with global economic emergency that has impacted humanitarian operations in every UN member country. Utilizing the Humanitarian University Consortium networks, the target audience was the grassroots level in every UN member country and included members of the (1) International Bar Association (Human Rights Institute), (2) International Association of University Presidents and (3) leaders from corporate, intergovernmental, non-governmental, United Nations, community action, interfaith organizations, newspaper, radio and television networks.

Related Information:

* G20 communique: the text in full: The Guardian UK. Url:

The HRI:UNArts objective is empowerment that includes the provision of tools and resources to facilitate change in real time. This includes leadership development on the grassroots level and ability to (1) outline a focus initiative, (2) coordinate a background discussion group of experts, (3) peer reviewed compilation of supporting materials and investigative journalism and (4) direct communications to the decision making level for real time consensus building and response. This can all be accomplished at the speed of an email, with supporting communications (web sites/blogs, voice/video, telecommunications). -- H-II: Stephen Michael Apatow

The Background Discussion
Wed, 10 November 2010

Current food/energy hyperinflation is being viewed as nothing short of catastrophic, crushing the household, small business and nonprofit organization levels across the United States and in G-20 countries. For the remaining 172 UN member countries that exist in a deeper state of emergency, the international community has turned their back on their plight, functioning in a state of denial and disregard for the humanitarian impact of speculative trading of infrastructure critical food/energy commodities. Omission of food/energy from statistical analysis of inflation, to justify currency devaluation and speculative trading, have contributed to loss of life and a humanitarian emergency [1] that needs to be addressed under the legal umbrella of international human rights.

In response to this international humanitarian emergency, human rights attorneys and advocates in every UN member country are being asked to begin evidence collection and publication of materials that document the devastation associated with central bank support support of imbalances caused international financial crimes, [2] verses international relief operations, stabilization and recovery.

Country Music Association Artist H-II: Stephen Michael Apatow, founder of Humanitarian Resource Institute and the United Nations Arts Initiative is frequently asked what H-II stands for. The short answer is the Humanitarian Intervention Initiative: [3]

"Non Lethal Fires" hearts and minds encompasses the new international strategic focus for Humanitarian Intervention with an objective of ending or reducing the suffering that is the result of civil war, humanitarian crisis, or crimes of genocide. The goal of humanitarian intervention is minimization of the suffering of civilians in a particular state in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). [4]

The Declaration was explicitly adopted for the purpose of defining the meaning of the words "fundamental freedoms" and "human rights" appearing in the United Nations Charter, which is binding on all member states. For this reason, the Universal Declaration is a fundamental constitutive document of the United Nations. The 1968 United Nations International Conference on Human Rights advised that it "constitutes an obligation for the members of the international community" to all persons. The declaration has served as the foundation for two binding UN human rights covenants, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights [5]and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights [6]and the principles of the Declaration are elaborated in international treaties such as the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, the International Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the United Nations Convention Against Torture and many more.

The focus of the Humanitarian Intervention Initiative is global exposure, strategic planning, development, engagement and stabilization of humanitarian emergencies. This spotlight targets the vulnerable in efforts to engage an immediate international response.

Arts Integration Into Education through the United Nations Arts Initiative has opened the doors for every member of the arts and entertainment industry to utilize their connection with the grassroots level, while engaging the worlds top scientific experts, physicians, veterinarians and attorneys. As a result, the global advocacy focus has transitioned from lobbying to emergency management based action, peer reviewed analysis , strategic planning and development.

Six weeks out of surgery and and two weeks into chemotherapy/radiation for tonsillar cancer, H-II: Stephen Michael Apatow recorded and produced the soundtrack "The American Way," thanks to the extraordinary care of the physicians and staff at the Yale Cancer Center. On The Wire:

-- Top40 Charts - Nominate "The American Way" 2010 Country Music Song of the Year: Top40 Charts, 1 November 2010. Url:
-- Listen to the soundtrack "The American Way" on AirPlay Direct. Url:
-- Email your nomination request to


1. ReliefWeb: Countries and Emergencies. Url:
2. Timeline: The Decade from Hell: Humanitarian Resource Institute, 17 October 2010. Url:
3. Humanitarian Intervention Initiative: Humanitarian Resource Institute, United Nations Arts Initiative. Url:
4. Universal Declaration of Human Rights: United Nations. Url:
5. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: United Nations. Url:
6. International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: United Nations. Url:

Will China Produce Another World Winner This Year?

The Global Battle of the Bands (GBOB) has been taking place in China since the beginning of September 2010. This year over 100 bands signed up and participated in what must be the biggest band competition in the world.

According to GBOB rules, each participating band performs eight minutes of original music with any genre accepted with the only rule being no prerecorded music allowed during the performance.

This year four cities have taken part in China; Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen. Unfortunately the authorities shut down Guangzhou due to the Asian Games and Shanghai didn't happen because of the venue canceling the event.

On 21st November 2010, the biggest and final event of GBOB China 2010 will take place with these four cities winning bands competing for two prizes. The first prize being the free flights & accommodation to attend the World Final of GBOB which takes place in Kuala Lumpur in February 2010 and the second prize is a confirmed performance slot at Zebra Music Festival in May 2011 (with free flights & accommodation).

The four competing bands are "The Amazing Insurance Salesmen" from Beijing who play experimental fusion music, "Senseless" from Hong Kong who play energetic Cantonese rock, "Crossline" from Macau who play Cantonese pop and "Bolt Action" from Shenzhen who play hard rock.

This year the China Final will again comprise judges from music industry insiders and the overall winning band is determined from judges votes only.

Dragonair is the official carrier for GBOB China and Hotel Novotel Hong Kong Century is the official Hotel Sponsor of GBOB China 2010.

Last year's China winners "Rustic" from Beijing surprised everyone by winning the World Final beating competing bands from 20 other nations (including Canada, Japan, Australia and smaller nations such as Faroe Islands). It was the first time an Asian country had won the title. Rustic won US$100,000 in band development and will be touring UK in summer of 2011. Rustic will be the special guests at the China Final on 21st November 2010 at Sticky Fingers in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Details of China Final:
Sunday 21 November 2010
7:00pm – 10:00pm
Sticky Fingers, LG39-43 Empire Centre, 66 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon
HK$120 walk-in
HK$100 advance tickets (Tom Lee Shatin, TST & Wanchai – limited advance tickets only)
All tickets include a San Miguel beer as well as lucky draw voucher.
Audience lucky draw prizes: Edifier Stereo Speaker system S530 and SkullCandy headphones.
Zebra Music Festival:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Next Great Drummer Comes To San Francisco During The Beyond The Music Label Series Held Monthly At The Boom Boom Room

On November 16, 2010, Next Great Drummer will be in San Francisco. The competition is for kids, young adults, and adults. Chrystal O'Jon and Eric Seats, Patti LaBelle's drummer started The Next Great Drummer two years ago, and have been changing the lives of drummers across the United States. The drummer competition enables drummers to show their stuff, during a two minute solo which is judged by celebrity drummers. Semi- finals are held annually at Knott's Berry Farm and was covered by ABC's On The Red Carpet earlier this year when Patti LaBelle was a judge along with other celebrity drummers.

During the show, drummers perform a two minute drum compilation, which is critiqued based upon factors such as synchronization, presence, and technique. Winners of the local competitions have an opportunity to become part of a national drummer band, participate in jazz festivals, and become part of a network for drummers. Sam Ash is the national sponsor for Next Great Drummer and the majority of the competitions take place in cities where a Sam Ash is located. Next Great Drummer has plans of going to Europe next year and will continue it's quest to find amazing drummers. "We are happy to host The Next Great Drummer in San Francisco at Blue Bear School of Music and the Boom Boom Room. This is an amazing opportunity for drummers of all ages to be critiqued and encouraged by one of the most talented drummers and producers in the music industry, " states Jewell Sparks who is Executive Producer of The Beyond The Music Label Series, and the San Francisco producer and strategic alliance consultant for the Next Great Drummer.

Drummers can register for the San Francisco Next Great Drummer show by visiting: or sending an email to: Isaac "Bam" Richardson will be the host of the show. Isaac endorses ?ddrum drums, Supernatural Cymbal company, Vic Firth sticks, and Evans drum heads. He has work with artists such as: The Ohio Players, The Legendary Original Drifters, The Steve Roper Jazz Band, Da Chozen Brothaz, Marion Meadows, Melvin Miller and others. Eric Seats, Executive Producer of Next Great Drummer will both judge and host during the San Francisco competition. Eric Seats has produced and written projects for: Playa, 50 Cent, Travis Barker, T.I., DJ Drama, Young Dro, Jay-Z, Diddy, Pharell, Busta Rhymes, Chingy, Fabolous, Tank, Keyshia Cole, Kanye West, Bubba Sparxxx, Nelly Furtado and others.

Sponsors for the event include: Blue Bear School of Music, The Boom Boom Boom Room, Vitamin Water, Hotel Del Sol, ddrum, Performer, Strategic Diversity Group LLC, INDIE VIXENS LLC and Music Dish. The Boom Boom Room is a perfect spot for the music series due to its historic past in the Jazz District of San Francisco in the Fillmore. Support from local merchants enables the continued growth and development of the community and the music scene in the Fillmore district.

Beyond The Music Label® series is a next-generation music brand alliance competition that aligns bands with brands, film, tv, non profit entities and beyond. Founded by Jewell Sparks in 2010, the series focuses on enabling bands to both identify and value their brand by maximizing their earning potential via the utilization of online marketing, public access television, digital media, branding and non profit alliances. Each month three bands make it to the stage and at the end of the year in each city, the top bands of each month are offered an opportunity to be part of a compilation CD. A portion of sales will be used to further the careers of the bands involved and the music series. The series started in San Francisco at the Boom Boom Room and is expanding to Park City, Austin, Chicago, Dubai and China. Partners and Sponsors include: Blue Bear School of Music, Jimi Hendrix Foundation, Vitamin Water, Palm Connections, Music Dish China, Performer Magazine, Audio Technica, QSC, Universal Sound, and BNN. For more information visit:

Next Great Drummer was started by Eric Seats and Chrystal O'Jon. The show follows Eric Seats' life as he auditions drummers from far and near in his quest to find "The Next Great Drummer". The show seeks to identify drummers, both male and female with drum experience. Drummers are monitored to see if they are able to work well with others, follow directions, and pick up new music. Next Great Drummer is sponsored nationally by Sam Ash, Vater percussion, Papa John's, Izze, Spaun, and Comfort Suites. For more information about Next Great Drummer visit: