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Artesuono - Italia Is Proud To Present The New EP, Lik’ Oum, By Oum

Los Angeles, CA - Artesuono - Italia is proud to announce the release of Oum's new EP, Lik' Oum, out June 2009. BFM Digital will be distributing the EP worldwide. BFM Digital ( ), is a leading digital music aggregator and distributor of independent music.

Oum started her singing career at a very early age. Her music is heavily influenced by Jazz, Soul, and African Music, and her voice is easily recognized throughout France, where she spent quite a few years performing and recording. She is also well known throughout Morocco, her native country.

Lik'Oum is an unforgettable mix of sounds and cultures all rolled into one, and features some of Italy's top jazz musicians. Produced between Casablanca and the Artesuono Recording Studios in Italy, it features the sounds and fresh ideas brought to this project by one of Italy's up and coming producers in the world of Hip Hop and R&B.

"The idea was to add some interesting flava to this already spicy mix" says producer Kermit. He continues, "We have these great musicians who have established themselves in the world of jazz who found themselves working on a project completely apart from their musical world....the result? An exciting mix!"

Lik' Oum is now available for download on digital services worldwide.

OUM- A new voice not to be missed!

Tracks: 1. I Want You Back 2. In My Dreams 3. The Light 4. I Can't Stop Files/8028958000752_01_02.mp3

About Artesuono - Italia Artesuono Produzioni Musicali & Recording Studios, situated in northeast Italy, was created initially as an exclusive jazz label. Artesuono has now branched out to produce music for the commercial market, however the rules for this label have not changed, continuing to work with high quality content, and remaining passionate and committed to their artists.

Always ready to experiment with new sounds Artesuono has established itself in the European market as a label who not only understands the business side of music but also feels the passion that drives it! Their top sound engineers, as well as state of the art studio ensure that their artists and recordings are of international standard.

About BFM Digital BFM Digital is a global digital music company committed to serving the independent music community and delivering quality music, spoken word and video content to leading online retailers worldwide. Representing a diverse catalog of indie labels, artists and publishers, BFM distributes to all of the major music services including iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, eMusic, Napster, Walmart, Nokia and many more. With an unparalleled commitment to personalized service, BFM works closely with their content providers from around the world to ensure maximum exposure of their catalog by customizing marketing efforts and building strong relationships with BFM's digital store partners.

Boosweet Records Offers Huge Summertime Music Discount Running 5-day "Recession Buster" Music Discount Promotion.

For a limited time only ---- Los Angeles based Indie record label Boosweet Records is running a great summertime music discount at it's website for 5-days only starting July 13th. In light of the current strained global economic environment they are offering a truly fantastic price discount on all music, both digital music and physical product for a limited time only. The specifics of the discount are pretty attractive and for a period of 5-days all buyers who come to will enjoy up to a 64% discount on some of the best Indie music out now.

All buyers who visit during the 5-day period beginning the 13th of July will be able to purchase physical CD's for only $5.00 and digital singles for the cost of only $0.50. A truly amazing discount in appreciation for years of customer loyalty.

Among the music being offered is the successful Stevie Wonder Tribute compilation CD from award winning guitarist and Top 10 Billboard Charting artist Vernon Neilly. This amazing multi-genre compilation project features original compositions of some of Stevie Wonders timeless classics such as "Isn't She Lovely", "Sir Duke", and the extremely popular heavy metal CD single, "Superstition". Vernon has assembled top notch musical talent from 3 different continents including guitar virtuoso Greg Howe (USA), guitar virtuoso and Brasilian rock star Kiko Loureiro and many others.

Boosweet ( ) is a national and internationally distributed independent record label specializing in the distribution and focused marketing of both established and independent artist with the objective of promoting and selling their products and increasing their exposure and visibility world wide through proven terrestrial and internet marketing strategies that have proven successful. Boosweet Records is not just another independent record label, it is an award winning label with international recording artist represented all over the globe. Boosweet has over the last 13 years developed vital relationships with many industry contacts and resources that are essential to any artist/group/band looking to grow their fan base and careers.

Dont miss the opportunity to take advantage of this wonderful music discount. Visit today!

Review of Paypa Boy's New Hip Hop EP 'Paypa Workz'

"Cop it in Cali,
We get it off in PG,
Got work in the Denali; we in DC,
We got choppers in the city like BG"...

With these lyrics, we are introduced to the artist known as a Paypa Boy. The 5 song EP 'Paypa Workz' consists of five tracks, two of which have radio edits and instrumental versions for a total of nine different ways to listen to this young brother. 'Paypa Workz' includes the singles "Got Work," "Best of Da Best," "Paypa Boy," "Cold Out Here," and "Stay Working."

The anthemic "Got Work" provides the perfect backdrop for Paypa Boy's salvo of punch lines, boasting a knocking baseline and banging hook. The head bobbing beat grabs you immediately and doesn't let go. This is definitely hard core gangster rap. His background ‘dogs' sound like very serious talking Rottweiler's and are in the background barking loud, giving Paypa Boy plenty of flavor.

"They said I'm ignorant
Never going to get a deal
Independent, dropped without a record deal"

"Best of Da Best" is a blend of East Coast rap combined with a dirty South beat. It comes together to form something I really like - a nice groove that will have everybody in the club on their feet. I love the way he uses the big band sound in the middle of the jam. Paypa Boy definitely has a story to tell and he's telling it on this track. Then he adds a little reggae stylie to the beat; part of his very own roots since he was born in Jamaica and moved to Brooklyn at the age of 4. This is my favorite cut from the CD.

"Best of the Best
Greatest of the Great
Jealousy, they hate to see the look upon your face"

"Cold Out Here" finds Paypa Boy and a partner in crime exercising their second amendment rights over a haunting track. It's a very nice infusion of music and vocals that are mixed to provide the background. This is a very cool, mellow jam. Sounds like the national anthem of every homeboy's crew. Paypa Boy complements it with his rap, and his ‘dogs' complement it with their own flavor. Paypa Boy is a solid rapper with a nice voice and a unique style, which is refreshing these days. If New York needed a new rapper to represent, here he is.

"Stay Working" is another winner, with its creative hook:

"I stay working even on my days off
All through the seasons
Even through the playoffs…"

Paypa Boy continues to attest to his hustling abilities:

"Celly never stops ringing
Never have an open line"

Paypa Boy is definitely about the paper in "Stay Working." This is a good riding jam, and you will definitely find yourself getting into the rhythm of it.

The self titled "Paypa Boy" is the EP's only hiccup, with Paypa Boy channeling his inner pimp over a generic sounding beat. All in all, 'Paypa Workz' is solid, and should fuel excitement for a full length album from the promising newcomer.

Review by Michele Wilson-Morris, MusicDish e-Journal

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Review of the Dance Track "Today I Believe" by Marina

"Today I Believe," by Marina Karman (aka Marina), is a dance groove that takes you back to the 1990's and a New York dance club. The first time I listened to it, I thought of Donna Summer, not so much because of the vocals, but because of the music itself. Upbeat and perky, the song begins and ends in an almost frenzied pace. "Today I Believe" also reminds me of a song that might be played in a health club to work off those extra pounds we all like to pretend we don't have as we reach for the potato chip bag yet again. The lyrics are simple, but positive, which is always a plus for me.

Don't want you feeling sorry no more
I'll show you the way

Today's the Day I Believe
I Know...
Nothing can stand in our way

Download Free MP3 of "Today I Believe" by Marina

Marina is a very distinguished artist - a vocalist, pianist, and violinist who studied at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music. Over the past 25 years, she has had quite a few accomplishments including a People's Choice Award in 2005 and having several record releases chart on Billboard.

Review by Michele Wilson-Morris, MusicDish e-Journal

DEIN eX Rocks The TryXo Indie Invasion Tour

Online music retailer TryXo Entertainment has already begun its first TryXo Indie Invasion tour in Germany where all of the performing musicians are international, independent newcomers to the music industry. Artists from all over the world who were selling their music online at were encouraged to apply for the tour and the winners were selected by a team of experts working with students from TryXo's Campus Tour.

One of the main artists on the tour is DEIN eX (translated YOUR eX), a band formed by four rock-and-rollers from Wendlingen ( Their music is often featured through the radio airwaves and they are well known for performing at clubs and festivals, as well as winning tons of competitions throughout Germany.

MusicDishTV: DEIN eX on the Tryxo Indie Invasion Tour

When asked about their busy schedule, the guys of DEIN eX replied, "Although we have been playing lots of shows mainly in the south of Germany throughout the last few years, this is going to be our first real tour together and we are all looking forward to playing all the shows!"

Eager to begin the Indie Invasion, DEIN eX commented, "We're looking forward to meeting lots of interesting people, getting lots of new fans out there, as well as gaining experience about how life will be on tour... and of course we're going to have some BIG fun with our news pals from the USA and Ireland!"

The TryXo Indie Invasion Tour is also featuring The J.U.S. Evolution, Derek Jordan and 9Lies. Currently, all of the artists on tour are not signed with major record labels; however, their songs, musicality, and stage presence are more than enough to prove their standing on the tour's line-up. The tour will be held in Germany from June through October of 2009. For concert dates, artist details, and more information, check out

Discover 'The Perfect Shoes To Bring On Tour' with Amy Speace

Join Host of WomensRadio Music Review, Brian Ball as we catch up with one of the world’s busiest Singer/Songwriter’s, Amy Speace. Amy is already receiving widespread critical acclaim for her sophomore release, The Killer In Me (Wildflower Records), which mines the mystery and heartbreak of relationships gone wrong -- and right and wrong again. In her interview on WomensRadio, Amy gives a behind-the-scenes tour of her new album and also shares with us some of her personal listening recommendations, such as Ray LaMontagne, Kate Rusby, and Bert Jansch. Also in this fast-paced-yet-relaxed conversational interview, Amy shares what she believes to be ‘The Perfect Shoes To Bring On Tour,’ and the importance of this selection. Find out more by tuning in!

Amy Speace Earns Accolades From Mentor Judy Collins And Critics For 'The Killer In Me'

A late-night phone call awoke Amy Speace recently, and the ethereal murmur she heard was the distinct voice of folk icon Judy Collins. Speace listened as Collins introduced the next song of her set, explaining it was written by “an emerging young American songwriter who I think is right up there, writing some incredible songs. This is, to me, the best anti-war song I've heard in a long time," added Collins, before singing "The Weight of the World," the bonus track from Speace's new album 'The Killer In Me,' released yesterday by Collins' own Wildflower Records.

Watch the video for "The Weight of the World":

Collins isn't the only one who can't stop raving about Speace's talents. Critics are also smitten with the New Jersey-based folk rocker, and 'The Killer In Me,' out now:

"her velvety, achy voice recalls an early Lucinda Williams. Sounding grounded but wounded, Speace exudes the vulnerability of someone who's loved and lost."
- Alex Cohen,, 6.12.09

"a deep, dark album full of lush, emotive lyrics, masterful acoustic guitar work and just the right mix of percussion to make up-tempo numbers...rock just right...If you bemoan the lack of solid singer-songwriters in the folk world who can bridge inner turmoil with universal experience, Speace is just what you need to hear."
- Nancy Dunham, Washington Post (DC), 6.12.09

"[Speace] will likely increase her following substantially with this album. It's a dark, deeply personal album... Producer-guitarist James Mastro (of the Bongos and the Health and Happiness Show) and engineer Mitch Easter (whose credits include R.E.M. and Pavement) help give the album a rough-edged, roots-rock sound that perfectly complements Speace's unsettling lyrics."
- Jay Lustig, Newark Star Ledger (NJ), 6.26.09

"Amy Speace revels in her commanding growl on 'The Killer in Me.' Fans of Melissa Etheridge and the Indigo Girls could connect."
- Jon Takiff, Philadelphia Daily News (PA), 6.30.09

Didier Kussu Blasts Sony Music And Others On Michael Jackson

LONDON, July 2, 2009

Written by Didier Kussu

United Entertainment & Media Limited founder, Didier Kussu argues fans to stop buying Michael Jackson's music and related products.

Millions of fans, leaders, musicians and friends mourn the "King of Pop", but the worst thing you can do at this time is to purchase Michael's music or any expensive memorabilia because you are making other people rich, rather than contributing to something positive for Michael Jackson or his 3 children. Michael Jackson needed financial support while he was physically alive.

Unfortunately, with all of his hard work and dedication not to mention the inspiration and happiness that he brought to millions through his music and lyrics, Michael Jackson has died with a mountain of debts. According to my source in 2002 Sony has refused to put out Michael Jackson's CHARITY single "What More Can I Give? Because of the failed sales of Invincible album (2 million copies sold ONLY!) and Michael with his own words has gone far to even call Sony's Tommy Mottola "the devil". Sony still controls Michael Jackson's catalog including the hit albums Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad, and Dangerous, HIStory, Blood on the Dance Floor and Invincible.

I feel bad that thousands of radio stations are now playing Michael's music when is dead but while he was alive and he desperately needed money from his performance royalties, nobody was playing his music. Maybe the radio music director around the world could not trust playing Michael Jackson's music because of the allegations of child molestation. That's why, they wanted to keep their good reputations by playing songs about how to be a killer, I am a really queen bitch, party like a rock star etc. in order to teach our kids how to lead the world as killers, bitches and rich super-dupa-dumb-party-sexy-freaky-star!

What about playing song or video such as "Heal The World" or Earth Song? Do you think that when a kid is watching or listening to these particular songs, he or she will have a picture or Michael Jackson molesting someone or the kid will be affected by the images and the lyrics of he song. Or maybe, you believe showing naked women with big boobs, ass and killer, getting high, money lyrics are the best for the future of our kids and the planet in general.

Has Prince or Simply Red also been accused of child molestation? NO, but why we don't hear their music on the radio like we used to? Prince is not anymore with Warner since the nineties, he famously took a stand against Warner Records back then when he went on strike and appeared with the word "slave" drawn on his cheek. He recently had an album out but how many radio stations are playing his new music? Are you waiting for him to die and start claiming how great he was?

Don't get me wrong, Didier Kussu is a first class marketing strategist. Yes, I am a business executive too and Kussu Productions and its affiliated companies do have a good relationship with most of the giant in music and entertainment industries. It is true that if we can make these artists, we should be able to break them as well. However, can we really make a non-talented artist a world star? Based on my own experience, I don't think so, we can push an artist to certain point but if that individual does not really has the talent, we cannot artificially make him or her a star in a long term. I would like to remind other colleague that we have a great responsibility in this industry and we all should be aware of the consequences for the future generation, because many underestimate the power of images, movies as well as what we hear on a daily basis.

I urge fans to buy Prince's music and support the effort of many other creative artists around the globe, whether indie or established, signed or unsigned, it doesn't matter. Because music is one of the most valuable asset in our lives and it takes a lot in order to produce good music, be it time, money, energy, you name it...

Well, Michael Jackson was officially acquitted at trial that means INNOCENT but still demonized by the media. However, The hardest part, Thomas Mesereau Jr., the lawyer who defended Jackson said, was for Jackson to be accused by a child. It had happened once before in 1993 but that case was settled without a trial. "He didn't really trust adults," Mesereau said. He looked to children as the people who wouldn't hurt him.

If the accusation against Michael was not based on truth, I hope that those who accused him for child molestation will one day confess either to Michael Jackson's family or to the press, because this is the right thing to do. There are laws from the creator himself that no one can escape, it doesn't matter how long it takes or how many generations. And I know that the Jackson family is strong and wise enough to forgive them.

Now, Michael Jackson is gone but not his music nor his debts. How could a global coalition of fans, leaders and friends help Michael Jackson's children so that his hard work won't be in vain? Maybe a concept that I put together "as a part of my contribution" to help Michael Jackson's legacy as well as his left children so that they could enjoy the fruits of their great latest father by reimbursing the debts and keeping the catalogue rights and other assets of Michael Jackson.

The Jackson Family should consider creating a social network website in which Michael's fans and friends around the world should register, interact and donate money in order to pay Michael Jackson's debts. The website may include memorabilia, merchandizes, unreleased Michael Jackson's music etc. including user activities such as:
- Uploading their own Michael Jackson's related videos (embeddable)
- Telling their own personal stories
- Uploading pictures, biography
- Sharing their memories, concert and whatsoever experiences related to Michael Jackson
- Music gadget with their personal track mix (embeddable)
- Comments and sending messages to each other etc.

That way the fans will know that they're contributing directly to a good cause and giving back to their King of Pop "Michael Jackson". Think of Barack Obama campaign's donation but on a global scale!

May Your Soul Rest In Peace, Didier Kussu.

About the Author
Didier Kussu is business consultant, entrepreneur and music executive. The self-described universal strategist is the founder of companies such as United Entertainment & Media Limited, Kussu Productions, Latin Music Publishing Group USA, Indie Songs Publishing UK, Indie-Distribution, African Music Publishing among others.

For press inquiries, please contact:
Fax: +49 208 6942 240
Email: press(at)

Free License Use Program "Flup" Aim To Help Reduce Film Production Budget

"Exclusive interview with Didier Kussu"

By Robyn Young for Film Music Magazine

FMM: Who founded Kussu Music Publishing in 1994?

DK: Kussu Music Publishing was founded in 1994 as a publishing arm of Kussu Productions Inc. a music content company with global businesses in music publishing and recorded music, includes artist development, management and music library as specialties.

FMM: What services do you provide?

DK: For Music Users: Since we own or control both the masters and publishing rights from several catalogues, we are in a unique position to provide Pre-cleared music for any project. This makes our company more attractive to clients, because we are fast and our Sync and Master Use Licensing process is simple and easy. We also work closely with agents and partners in many countries including the US, such as Crucial Music, Noma Music among others. These partners license portion of our music catalogue to third party users.

For Music Creators and Copyright Holders/Owners: With our deep relationships, experience and knowledge in music and film industries, we of course offer many avenues of exposure to songwriters, artists, indie labels and publishers for their songs through television shows, motion pictures, soundtracks, multimedia, commercials etc. as well as global administration incl. worldwide registration of songs, making royalty payments to songwriters and composers in respect of the usage of their music, tracking the use of the music they own and ensuring that proper payment is made for all licensed uses, sub-publishing worldwide and other music rights management activities.

FMM: How large is your database of artists?

Actually, we have over thousands artists and songwriters from around the globe, that's including both exclusive and non-exclusive roster. And over hundreds of music producers, publishers and indie labels.

FMM: When was KMLN launched?

DK: Kussu Music Licensing Network was officially launched on May 4, 2009, and we are still adding new music everyday.

FMM: What is FLUP?

DK: FLUP simply means, "Free License Use Program", this program is designed to help reduce film production budget by licensing music from established and indie artists "free of charge".

Listen, dear Robyn, it is just the fact that nearly every sector of the economy has been affected one way or another by recession. But the music and film industry have already been hit so hard by internet piracy over Peer‐to‐Peer (P2P) networks prior the economic slowdown. However, the digital revolution does also present new opportunities for the entertainment industry. With the introduction of new media technologies, greater opportunities for film producers emerge as well as for the distribution etc.

But lets face the reality, the 62nd annual Cannes Film Festival was not what it used to be. The market isn't booming and overall prices for movies have remained low. New research form NPD and Nielsens reveal that 63 percent of Americans have played video games within the past six months, while only 43 percent admitted to having gone to see a movie in the theater. The new strategy of "FLUP", Free License Use Program introduced by Kussu Music Publishing, through Kussu Music Licensing Network's website (KUSSU.NET) is a natural reaction to help both our larger community of affiliated songwriters, labels and publishers as well as the film industry to cut production costs of TV Shows, Series, Movies etc. It is a win‐win situation, songwriters and publishers will receive performance royalties, artists get promoted and the production companies save money and have less headaches.

FMM: How does one qualify for FLUP?

DK: Any project that will help promote the artist through the placement of his or her song. And when it airs the writer and publisher will get their performance royalties. As I've already mentioned, it is a win-win situation, the industry is not in a good shape now. Therefore such concept is needed. To be concrete about how does one qualify for FLUP, it is mostly made for established projects such as Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, CSI, Ugly Betty, WEEDS, Valentine, Sex And The City, Saturday Night Live, Dexter, Brothers and Sisters, Supernatural etc. but also new independent or major projects, shows, films with good concept. It is not about how successful a project is or will be you know, we are very flexible and open and every License under FLUP will be decided on case by case basis. However, we are focusing on project that will help our artists and writers get more exposure and generate future royalties.

FMM: What kind of technology are you using for your work process?

DK: The technology behind KUSSU.NET has been implemented by "YOULICENSE", we are grateful to be working with them, they have an excellent team of experts. The song search engine has been built like "GOOGLE", Music users will be able to search by Genre, Mood, Subject, Language, Instruments, Style, Lyrics, Similar Artist, Vocal Type, Writer, Composer or any other individual Keyword(s) of their choices. Full track preview available for all songs and clients will be able to license and download (wav files), CD quality tracks online.

All tracks are Pre-cleared and ready for use in your project. Beside indie and established artists and genres such as Pop, Hip Hop, Dance, R&B and Rock, Kussu Music Licensing Network offers "Hard To Find Specific Music"; such as Oriental/Middle Eastern music, different types of African, Eastern European music, French Pop, Hip Hop, Russian Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, German Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Electro as well as a variety of Latin music.

FMM: Are there any specific film or TV productions that you would like to quote as "successfully licensed to"?

DK: The songs from our music catalogues are used by different production companies, advertising agencies etc. on a regular basis worldwide including TV productions such as My Boys/Sony Pictures, Ugly Betty/ABC Family, WEEDS/Lionsgate, Dexter/Showtime, Lincoln Heights/ABC Family, Fat Girls/FOX Searchlight, Greek/ABC Family just to name a few.

About Didier Kussu
Didier is a low profile business consultant, entrepreneur and music executive. He is the founder of companies such as United Entertainment & Media Limited (UEM, London), Kussu Productions Inc., Indie Songs Publishing Scandinavia and Indie Songs Publishing UK, African Music Publishing, the world largest African music publisher, Indie Distribution, Latin Music Publishing Group USA and Latin Music Publishing Group Europe, Universoul Vibes, Murder Riddims Records and Murder Riddims Publishing, among others.

For further information, please contact:
Email: flup(at)

For other licensing inquiries, please send email to:

For press inquiries, please contact:
Fax: +49 208 6942 240
Email: press(at)

United Entertainment & Media Limited

For more information about Film Music Magazine, please visit:

Contact Information:
Global Media Online, Inc.
8605 Sunset Boulevard
Suite 14625
Los Angeles, CA 90069

MusicDishTV: Rufus Cappadocia performing at Pop!Tech 2008

In October 2008, Pop!Tech’s annual conference in Maine ( featured this remarkable performance by cellist Rufus Cappadocia. Cappadocia bows and plucks his cello with theatrical intensity and dignified ease. Graciously playing the quarter-tone lute, Cappadocia’s music partner, Bethany Yarrow, accompanies him for the final piece of this event. Keep up with Bethany & Rufus at

Monday, July 6, 2009

MPress Records Signs Seth Glier To Multi-Album Deal

New York, New York - MPress Records has just inked a three album deal with 20-year-old pianist/singer-songwriter Seth Glier. MPress, which has internationally distributed nine albums by art-pop songstress Rachael Sage, also produces the NEW ARRIVALS charity compilation series, and has presented artist showcases at such industry events as SXSW, CMJ, Folk Alliance Conference and MIDEM.

Glier, who hails from Western Massachusetts and was recently featured in The Boston Globe for his 100% Fan Funded Tour, is a multi-instrumentalist who has released several DIY projects since his early teens. His combination of raw talent and surprising maturity caught the attention of MPress founder Rachael Sage, who was immediately struck by his prodigious musicianship and sophisticated lyricism.

"Seth's songwriting is classic, and hearkens back to great piano-based songwriters who broke in the '70s like Billy Joel and Elton John...but he has an impressive range that grabs new audiences immediately, and his sense of melody is incredibly strong." After what Sage describes as a "very organic process" - including a featured performance slot at the label's 2009 SXSW showcase - she and MPress Label Manager JoJo Gentry decided Seth would be a perfect artist for the MPress roster.

As Gentry observes, "Seth's songwriting ability is exceptional, and he's also just a really compassionate, down to earth guy. He leaves his ego at the door, and is all about making a genuine connection with his audience, and taking risks." MPress will nationally release his self-produced effort, THE TROUBLE WITH PEOPLE, this fall.

Seth will also make his overseas debut August 7-12th, performing in week-long run of Sage's show "Sequins & Shpiel" at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A seasoned touring artist who has already shared stages with John Mayer, Martin Sexton and Erin McKeown, he'll continue to tour the East Coast throughout the summer, and will launch his official Release Tour for THE TROUBLE WITH PEOPLE in October.

For more information, photos & interview requests, please contact MPress Records: Melanie Rodriguez / (212) 481-7243 •
Label Website: • Artist Website:
Label Contact: JoJo Gentry •
A&R: Meredith Tarr

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tony Adamo's New Strokeland Records Release

Tony Adamo's New Strokeland Records Release

Fred E. Harris, Los Angeles, CA

The soul funk artistry of Strokeland recording artist Tony Adamo is about to hit the radio airwaves in the form of a previous hit song written by Tower of Power (TOP) co-founders Stephen "Doc" Kupka and Emilio Castillo. TOP members, Doc Kupka, Tom Politzer and returning member Mic Gillette add their funky horns to this cover song, another funk pop hit to be.

In keepin' his ear to the street, guitarist/producer Jerry Stucker added R&B/Soul -legend drummer, James Gadson (Bill Withers, Herbie Hancock and Quincy Jones),The funked-out organist Neil Larson (Gregg Allman, B.B. King, Whitney Houston), and the soulful playing of Reggie McBride on bass (Stevie Wonder, Al Jarreau, Keb'Mo').

Jim Santella of L.A. JAZZ SCENE MAGAZINE digs Adamo's strong original style and says, "He sings with the bold character of a man who knows how to entertain, recalling pop singers Tom Jones, David Clayton-Thomas and Brook Benton, as well as jazz singers Al Jarreau and Mark Murphy." With Tony Adamo's smooth funk vocals, the triple threat of TOP horns and the rhythm section applying pressure to the groove, this song will be the sound of the summer. Horn Driven Radio (Raoul Fernandez) will be the first U.S. radio station to break this new MP3, "This Time it's Real."

For more information on Adamo go to:

MusicDishTV: Balloon Flight by Alexander Shulgin

This is a music video for Alexander Shulgin's composition "Polet Na Vozdushnom Share (Balloon Flight)" from part three of his songbook Triptych. The video is a montage of clips from modern-day Russia, showing both the flurry of day-time activity on the streets and the subsequent tranquility of the night.

Watch Balloon Flight

Album: Triptych, Shulgin's Songbook - Part 3
Genre: Smooth Jazz/Instrumental
Composer: Alexander Shulgin
Performers: Bob James, Snake Davis, Richard Niles, Gary Husband, Janek Gwizdala
Producer: Richard Niles
Label: Familia Entertainment