Friday, December 21, 2012

Gold-selling Composer Charlie Chan Takes Christmas Down Under With Jazzy New Album "Christmas In Australia - Summer Relaxation"

In Australia, December marks the beginning of summer. So leave it to Aussie composer and Gold-selling recording artist Charlie Chan to take a warm, jazzy approach to yuletide classics on "Christmas In Australia - Summer Relaxation," slated for Dec. 11 worldwide release from Big Black Shiny Piano.

"Everywhere you go at Christmas time you hear the same old songs over and over again. They start to drive you mad," the noted film and television composer says. "I decided to record new versions of these lovely old songs and help everyone calm down and relax over the holiday season."

Chan's long and varied career has touched on ambient soundscapes, tribal folk, jazz improvisation and world music, selling more than 500,000 downloads to date. The multi-instrumentalist is well-known in Australia for a critically acclaimed solo career on the Sony Masterworks label, including 1998's Gold-selling "Wild Swans," a boundary-busting blend of classical and ambient influences. Chan parlayed her success as a recording artist into a 25-year career as a composer: she recently scored the hit Australian TV drama "Killing Time," adding to a long list of credits that includes down-under television staples "McLeod's Daughters" and "Australian Story." Chan has also written for feature films including "Me Myself and I," festivals, stage productions and documentaries.

With "Christmas in Australia - Summer Relaxation," Chan gets back to basics on favorites like "Silent Night," "Jingle Bells" and "The Little Drummer Boy." "When you listen to them, I hope you'll feel a magical festive feeling," Chan says.

For those looking for a fresh and classic take on holiday favorites, Charlie Chan's "Christmas in Australia - Summer Relaxation" will be available worldwide Dec. 11 on Big Black Shiny Piano.

For additional information, please visit

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stylist and Award Winning Songwriter Tricia Greenwoods New Album Cuts Straight to the Heart

From the very first moments of "I'm Coming Home" to the last chorus, "Holidays when dreams come true," on this new album, "In the Spirit of Love" makes it clear that this singer-songwriter is a woman on a mission. On both personal and spiritual levels, this artist shows her talent with live studio takes on many of the songs expressing her feelings ignited by the heat of her soulful voice and the passion of her performance.

"Look in the mirror, it's a good hair day" Tricia sings in, "I'm Coming Home" and if you know the way to San Jose you may see her in the front window beautifying her clients by appointment only where she co-owns Park Avenue Salon.

The album's title song and centerpiece "In the Spirit of Love" sums up her journey and victory over life events from childhood to the present loss of love and loved ones. Her lyrics poetically express her deepest feelings. "My two edged sword pierced every lie, made shadows disappear." and "Through the valley of sorrow and pain, my sorrow turned to peace."

"I chose to release this album as Tricia and not Tricia Greenwood to be free of the past and my music helps me to heal my heart and conquer the pain. I have worked very hard to overcome life's tragedies of divorce and betrayal. I have learned how to unlock the fear and loneliness that controlled me throughout my life and I now see myself as a victorious warrior. Enduring the loss of those I love never gets any easier, after my only son Jamie James passed away in 2006, my feelings turned into a numbness that paralyzed me emotionally, he was a wonderful son to me, the 4th song on the album, "I Wish You Were Here" is about him and I sing it to him" says Tricia.

Her two cover songs from her favorite artists since she was a teen, "Let it Be" by the Beatles and "Thank You" by Led Zeppelin echoes with honesty and simplicity. No two ways about it this heartfelt album work with four of the selections featuring a full rock band completes Tricia's ascent from the folk circuit to rock, featuring guitarist Aaron Madsen, written up a few times in guitar player magazine praising his lead guitar riffs and additional guitar tracks, Loren Rendler on drums, Harold Martin on bass guitar, Erik Johnsgard on keyboards and MaryEllen Duell with her sweet harmony vocals on the song, "I'm Coming Home"

"In the Spirit of Love" defines a true artist with an honest journey of life's highs and lows emotionally and spiritually, Tricia shines with her high energy and smooth clear vocals, her remarkable songwriting talent has a mainstream quality that hearts of all ages will relate to from "You're Not Alone" to "You and I" the subtlety of "My Angel" to the conviction of "Need a Change" on the merry-go-round of life, this album will surely find a place in the collections of any music fan.

The album is available through itunes and at _Tricia's website:

Contact Information_Charla Rodney_Dolce Records_415-728-6664

SafeandSound Mastering Goes Massive

SafeandSound mastering has installed a brand new Manley massive passive (hardware version) The massive passive is a hardware equalizer hand built in Chino, California, USA. Built with passion and uncompromising attention to quality and detail. The addition to the mastering studio is bringing extra value to the clientele. In short, it is arguably the best mastering equalizer in the world.

Barry Gardner, chief engineer at the studio, says: "For a year I have searched the equalizer market for the right tool, trying various models, the new equalizer had to fulfill a number of requirements in order to complement the existing equipment. I have a Sontec clone which is pristine and required a second eq of exceptional quality with a tube/valve character. The massive passive has exceeded my expectations both in build and sonic results, this is a unit that can really add value to my clients music. Just passing audio through adds an analogue character which benefits many musical styles, the bass and mid range is exceptional and the eq reduces harshness in a very effective way."

Gardner added that it was important to be able to apply both his long audio engineering experience and the best possible audio tools to his clients music. Being able to offer exceptional value mastering coupled with effective communications is core to his approach to mastering music.

During the last 5 years of operation the mastering studios client base has grown significantly. The studio serves clients from all 5 continents and consistently provides everything a client requires in a professional mastering studio albeit at a price all musicians, producers and record labels can afford.

The mastering studio also provides a no obligation, free preview to all new clients. This is a clear way of demonstrating the results and expanding the existing client base.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Recording Artist A.M.X. Heralds The Holidays With "A.M.X. Presents Andre Mieux: The Christmas Collection"

Hollywood, CA - There is something about the holiday season which brings out the best in everyone and with pop/ R&B recording artist A.M.X. that notion is no exception. With "A.M.X. presents Andre Mieux: The Christmas Collection," the new artist serves up some of his best work yet showcasing a stellar selection of mesmerizing songs that capture the true sentiment of the season.

A.M.X. delivers three original holiday songs written and produced by him on "A.M.X. presents Andre Mieux: The Christmas Collection." With celestial vocals, live instrumentation and the choir arrangements of Tony Wilkins, A.M.X.'s holiday collection is a tremendous gift and tribute with all the markings of a Christmas classic. The single "New Born King" harkens the revelry of traditional carols mixed with A.M.X.'s flavor filled praise call. "Around the Christmas Tree" simmers with heartfelt anticipation and emotion while "Christmas Day" rocks with peace filled celebratory passion.

A.M.X. continues to pave a unique path in the music business. The classically trained musician keeps revealing the various facets of his talent with diverse video and music releases. His single and steamy music video "She Likes," wooed female demographics while his track "We Can Do Whatever," produced by Brian "Chazz" Padilla, was a dance club hit. His mixtape, "Broken Halo," was downloaded over 90,000 times on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and he has toured internationally and nationally in support of his career, opening for Boyz II Men, Joe, Ginuwine, SWV, Dru Hill and most recently R. Kelly.

His most recent drop, the DJ Break remix of his Snoop Dogg fused track, "You Made Me Change My Number," originally produced by Da Internz, made the "Recommend" list on Spotify, the popular digital music service. A.M.X.'s latest video release is for his smash single, "We Can Do Whatever."

Join A.M.X. at and elevate the holidays with "A.M.X. presents Andre Mieux: The Christmas Collection," on iTunes at .

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shamiah "Love"

Shamiah second single "Love" has convinced me and will convince those who have listened to her first single "Nothing Like This" Ft. P. Washington that she definitely has more than one hit up her sleeves and it being written by Maurice Carmon "Mlyrics", as her first single was,having multiple hits is no surprised. The combination of these two seems to be the ingredients for hit music and success. This is also another great production from The Iron Mavericks. All I can say is sit back, relax, and enjoy this great song by this great artist. Love is definitely a song that you will love.

La Fin Absolute Du Monde Announce Release Of Third EP, Video For Single "Leave Me In Detroit," Produced By Production Team Social Security

El Cerrito CA-- Ambient rock duo La Fin Absolute Du Monde have announced a 12/12/2012 release date for their third ep, to be released on UK based foolsCircle records.

The ep will include Single "Leave me In Detroit," previously released as a part of the All These Noises compilation, presented by NYC based booking and consulting firm TJO Presents and NJ's Starbeat Music (

For the track, the band traveled to LA to record with the Social Security production team, which consists of Former guitarist Todd Weinstock (Glassjaw, Men, Woman & Children) and producer Marc Jordan (Velvet Revolver, The Cult.)

The band have also produced a video for the track, which they describe as an "intense artistic dramatization of domestic abuse," one of the social issues which is addressed in their work.

You can stream "Leave me in Detroit," at,

For the shooting of the video, the band teamed up with friend, film maker and fellow musician Peter Gutter,("Puzzling...with Magnus, The Midnight Suns), to craft a venomous horror story, which perfectly fits the tone of the track;telling the story of a couple poisoning each other in to madness.


Descend marks a continuation of the neo-noir duo's exploration of various social issues including Domestic Violence, depression and the sex trade. The ep is a continuation of La Fin's intensity, chaos, and sex appeal encompassing and blending beautifully ambient and dissonant sounds, gorgeous melody, and vivacious energy.

Their previous releases has received coverage from MTV Hive, Guitar Jar, and countless other national and international publications.

The band have a few more shows lined up for 2012, and a jam packed 2013 in the works. Full tour dates below.

"Descend" Tracklist--

1.Leave Me In Detroit

2.Descent Into Madness

3.Deliver Us From Evil

4.Debut de la Fin: Part 2

Tour dates�

Dec. 14--Bunkhouse, Los Vegas NV

Dec. 15--Rain Night Club - Costa Mesa CA

Dec. 16--Silverlake Lounge - Los Angeles CA

Dec. 19--The Stud, San Francisco, CA

Dec. 21--Vagabond Ballroom Oakland CA