Thursday, December 20, 2012

SafeandSound Mastering Goes Massive

SafeandSound mastering has installed a brand new Manley massive passive (hardware version) The massive passive is a hardware equalizer hand built in Chino, California, USA. Built with passion and uncompromising attention to quality and detail. The addition to the mastering studio is bringing extra value to the clientele. In short, it is arguably the best mastering equalizer in the world.

Barry Gardner, chief engineer at the studio, says: "For a year I have searched the equalizer market for the right tool, trying various models, the new equalizer had to fulfill a number of requirements in order to complement the existing equipment. I have a Sontec clone which is pristine and required a second eq of exceptional quality with a tube/valve character. The massive passive has exceeded my expectations both in build and sonic results, this is a unit that can really add value to my clients music. Just passing audio through adds an analogue character which benefits many musical styles, the bass and mid range is exceptional and the eq reduces harshness in a very effective way."

Gardner added that it was important to be able to apply both his long audio engineering experience and the best possible audio tools to his clients music. Being able to offer exceptional value mastering coupled with effective communications is core to his approach to mastering music.

During the last 5 years of operation the mastering studios client base has grown significantly. The studio serves clients from all 5 continents and consistently provides everything a client requires in a professional mastering studio albeit at a price all musicians, producers and record labels can afford.

The mastering studio also provides a no obligation, free preview to all new clients. This is a clear way of demonstrating the results and expanding the existing client base.

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