Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dream Chemistry's Eclectic Second Album Debuts December 2nd

Phoenix, Arizona - With the December 2nd release of Dream Chemistry's second studio album, Images of White, the band further refines the blend of progressive folk rock and jazzy gospel that helped its self-titled debut album garner an international following.

New to Dream Chemistry's line-up is singer Dellynn, whose luminous vocals are a powerful accompaniment to the band's spiritual and often Celtic vibe. Dellynn joins Jimmy Caterine, the former guitarist of Sacred Rite (Capitol Records), and bassist Neal Harris. With violinist Michael Mulryan and percussionist Tito Valentin rounding out the quintet, Dream Chemistry's organic fusion of musical genres stands as a soothing anecdote to a hectic world.

Images of White is punctuated with an instrumental precision that is the hallmark of Dream Chemistry's sound. From the blue-grass flavored "Ride Me a River" to the instrumental "Three Legged Horse," the album's 11 tracks create a "hypnotic and soothing statement," according to Caterine.

The Wind, the first video from the new CD was released on September 25th. Public reception of the video, which can be viewed at and on YouTube, has exceeded Dream Chemistry's expectations. "We've been overwhelmed by the amount of traction the video has received," Harris said. "It's a great feeling when so many people enjoy your work."

Caterine and Harris founded Dream Chemistry in 2007 with the hopes of raising funds for various charitable causes. Though both musicians spent their formative years on the metal circuit, they approached Dream Chemistry as an opportunity to express a more nuanced sound, one that reflected their growth both musically and spiritually.

Images of White represents the next step in the evolution of that sound, according to Caterine. He believes the new album is a "rebirth of the band, not only in terms of musicianship but direction."

Dream Chemistry -Images of White will be available at,,, iTunes and most other places where independent music is sold.

About Dream Chemistry-
Jimmy Caterine (guitar, vocals) is most noted as founder, guitarist and co-writer for 80's rock quartet Sacred Rite (Capitol Records.) He has worked with Grammy Award winning producer Sonny Limbo (Bertie Higgins, Sami Jo Cole) and publishing coordinator Randall Wixen (Fleetwood Mac, Jackson Brown.) He played with the live stage production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1987 and he was also the guitarist for MGM recording artist and powerhouse vocalist Sami Jo Cole in 1994.

Neal Harris (bass, mountain dulcimer) recorded with The Investigators featuring folk singer Mark Wilson and, world-renowned drummer, Grammy Award winner, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Hal Blaine (Elvis Presley, Simon & Garfunkel, Carpenters, and the Beach Boys.)

Michael Mulryan (violin, percussion, vocals) studied under the direction of Hugo Rinaldi and later Roy Milan (concertmaster of the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra.) He also attended the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music on a four-year scholarship.

Dellynn (lead vocals) has led music for youth groups, which includes arranging special music and teaching the youth choir. She also, composed and performed a song for the indie film, Collapse, produced by Bivas Biswas.

Tito Valentin (cajon, shakers, vocals and other percussion) spent most of his life as a professional DJ. His love for playing percussion instruments led him to audition for Dream Chemistry.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Songwriter/Rapper Young Bridge Delivers The Goods With New Single "They Be Hatin"

Daniel Mosley of New Evolution Productions announced the release of the new single, "They Be Hatin," from Maryland based songwriter and rapper Young Bridge. The single is the first of 15 tracks from the CD Different Strokes, which is slated for release in spring 2012. "They Be Hatin" is currently available for download at iTunes and

Young Bridge (a.k.a. YB), born in Philadelphia, hit the streets at age 14 in his own hustle to pursue his dream to be an entrepreneur. Thirsty for the success, he began putting that dream into lyrics which have now become reality. 2009 was a pivotal year for him as he wrote his first single "Get It," which was released in September 2010. Moving crowds on an international level, the track made a name for itself and earned Young Bridge credibility as a multitalented hip hop/rap artist. Young Bridge's next single, "King Hustler" showcased his dynamic lyrical power and firmly placed him in the driver's seat of his career. But he keeps it real with a focus on positive change and community development. Commenting, Young Bridge said, "I'm trying to be positive, I'm mentoring and sharing my life lessons with other young people. While I've had my share of problems and bad experiences, and I've seen a lot of negativity in my life, I continue to make sure that the outcome is always positive, as is my mindset."

"They Be Hatin" is a unique hip hop track that is sure to get the clubs banging and the parties started. The beauty of the track is the simplicity of its message, which asks the question that a lot of people are already asking: Why do other people hate me? Is it my clothes, my car, my house, or my lady? With a seriously funky beat, and lyrics that are solidly delivered at alternating speeds between the chorus and verses, "They Be Hatin" delivers a solid performance.

Young Bridge has plans to expand his music to other genres to provide an even more distinctive sound by combining hip hop and rap with rock, soul, blues, and R&B.

"They Be Hatin" is available for purchase through iTunes at and at .

To learn more about Young Bridge or New Evolution productions, please visit:

Daniel Mosley
New Evolution Productions
T: (410) 905-2180

Quadriplegic Rap Producer Professor X Is Determined to Stand Up in the Game with New Mixtape Release

Los Angeles - As far back as grade school, young Bran-Don Aubert, aka Professor X, always had a big dream. Hailing from the crime-riddled streets of South Central Los Angeles he wrote his first rhymes in the second grade. Developing a passion for rap while listening to songs by Eazy-E, De La Soul and Too Short, he knew in his heart and soul that if he worked on his rap skills he would one day become a big hip hop star.

As a teenager however, his dreams were seemingly shattered, when one day, while playing around at his high school, a freak wrestling accident left him paralyzed. Not only could he no longer take simple steps or move around, things he had taken for granted; his despair was doubled when he discovered he no longer had the lung capacity to rap! Sixteen years old and the world that he knew and embraced had ended.

Today, as a young man, Professor X is a testimony to the essence of true determination. What might have crushed many only propelled him forward. With true grit and persistence he redirected his energy and stayed in the game. The release of his mixtape series "Who Da F*** Is Dat N**** In Dat Wheelchair" Mixtape Pt.1" presented by DJ Rah2K and TNE DJ's, is a compilation of his production efforts with guest appearances from his crew.

Armed with a plan to change the world's perceptions about disabled artists, Bran-Don, in a stance similar to the popular Marvel Comics superhero, Professor X, is a visionary on a mission. Inspired and motivated by the quadriplegic comic superhero, Bran-Don aka Professor X eventually formed his own entity; an entertainment company called Taupnoych Entertainment and launched his own entourage of DJs known as TNE DJ's.

With the release of his debut mixtape, Professor X hopes to gain massive attention and accolades from rappers and hip hop fans internationally. But even more so, he hopes to inspire those 'abled' and 'disabled' as a living testimony to the fact that there are no setbacks in life.

"In my hood, I was always 'that guy in the wheelchair.' I could hear the whispers about me and folks were always feeling bad for me. But the mind is our greatest muscle and the accident left mine in tact. I used this experience to propel me. Once I realized I might not be that great rapper I always dreamed of, I put my energy into producing. So when they ask now, 'Who the hell is that guy in the wheelchair?' It's Professor X and I'm coming at you to show you if I can do it, so can you! The music is gangsta', because sometimes life can be gangsta'. Regardless though, we are here to win!"

Under the auspices of Taupnoych Entertainment, Professor X has produced music for various hip hop artists, including Jet Black, and E-40's artist Turf Talk. He has formed his own group called, 110, and recorded a track with rapper E-40 titled "Gettin' That Gwop." His artist crew, all featured on the mixtape release, consist of Lost of 110; Gizzle of 110; Cree-8 of 110; Donmo; Interstate Tip; Grown Up Goddi; Dj Mainvybe and J. Money Films. Turf Talk and Compton Menace also make guest appearances on the mixtape release.

For more information about Professor X and his music, visit , follow him on Twitter @110harborfwy and friend him on Facebook under 110Harborfwy. "Who Da F*** Is Dat N**** In Dat Wheelchair" Mixtape Pt.1" is available online on ITunes.