Saturday, June 8, 2013 Launches To Simplify Recruitment In The Music Industry

A new job board designed exclusively for the music industry has been launched in Europe today to simplify recruitment and job-hunting in the music industry.

The platform, which is created by Venture Harbour, a Brighton-based digital marketing agency specialising in supporting brands in the entertainment industry, is currently available only in Europe, but has plans to expand to North America, Australia, and Asia in the coming months.

Marcus Taylor, founder of Venture Harbour ( says: "Both recruitment and job hunting in the music industry are unnecessarily frustrating. Having experienced both sides of this process first-hand, I feel that there's a lot that technology can do to reduce the number of headaches involved. is by no means innovative, but I hope for it to be well executed. We've simplified everything down and focused on what's really important to job seekers and employers." has a number of features that make it stand out from existing music job boards. It is one of the only job boards that has disabled the ability for job hunters to copy & paste their CVs to multiple jobs � preventing employers from receiving hundreds of impersonalised applications. This is best for job hunters and employers as it increases the application acceptance rate.

The platform is accepting free job listings from music companies until September 1st 2013, at which point it will switch to a 'pay-per-post' model, enabling companies to list jobs as and when they need to list a vacancy. The platform will always remain free for job hunters.

Le Reverie LIVE ON TV!! Tuesday June 11 At 10:00 AM PST

Le Reverie LIVE ON TV!! Tuesday June 11 at 10:00 AM PST

Female fronted Gothic Rock Metal Band, Le Reverie will be featured LIVE on Television on the Actors E Show, Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 10:00 AM PST!

They will unveil their brand new OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO filmed live at the Ladies of Metal Show in Los Angeles, California! Allie and Le Reverie ROCKED the LADIES OF METAL SHOW, according to Will Phoenix of the Los Angeles Examiner!!

Be the first to see the brand NEW VIDEO!

The band also has some very exciting news to share with everyone!! Follow the link to watch the show stream LIVE!

Le Reverie has also just released their critically acclaimed CD Dark Symphony

Here is what the press are saying

Hailed as Dream Theater with a Female Singer, there is a good chance they are going to make big impact on the Music Scene!!! FIREWORKS MAGAZINE UK

They have managed to take the sound of Evanescence and bring it to a whole new level!!


Le Reverie has been described as a cross between Evanescence and Dream Theater. Fronted by the amazing voice of Allie Jorgen, the band throw at us 12 tracks of amazing hard rock with a progressive undercurrent!!


If you are into progressive metal bands to todays dynamic bands ala Evanescence, then you have to look no further. Each song on this album, EPIC!!!


Le Reverie are like a girl fronted Dream Theater,they are impressive!!


Be sure to tune in on Tuesday, June 11 at 10:00 AM PST to see the OFFICIAL NEW VIDEO and hear the band LIVE on Television!

The new CD Dark Symphony is available at



CD Baby

and check out the bands website at

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hearts In Notes Releases "Dusk Song"

Boston, Mass. - Dusk Song is Hearts in Notes' first CD and represents the return to professional music after 25 years of Michael Thomas, a veteran of Boston's 80's progressive music scene. Thomas detoured from the stage into a career in information technology where he won a number of prestigious awards including a Hammer Award, the Meritorious Public Service Award, and being hailed as a "Super CIO". Said Thomas, "While I left performing behind, I never left music behind, and it is thrilling to dive back into the deep end with renewed focus and energy!"

The music on Dusk Song evokes the moods one might feel while watching a sunset over water on a warm summer's evening. An eclectic combination of instruments and electronica is deployed to convey twilight ("Umbrage", "Dusk Song"); the light playing on the water ("Ebb Tide", "Silvery Waves") and the setting sun ("Set"). While pensive at times, the music is always positive, and songs such as "Summery" and "Tina Dancer" are celebratory in mood. As sunset leads to sunrise, the last two songs on the CD ("Sun Rising", "A Good Morning") hail the return of the sun and a new day.

Early on-line reaction to the music has been extremely positive. "I have been overwhelmed at the universal acceptance these songs have received", said Thomas, "The fans who have come forward are an incredibly diverse group, from every corner of the globe, and every age range. It is humbling."

Selections from "Dusk Song" may be streamed online at where it is also available for sale in both downloadable and physical CD formats. Other outlets include iTunes and Amazon among others as well as Internet radio stations such as Jango. Song.mp3

MusicDishTV Presents "Never Too Late" By Pop Rock Band Frealane

NYC-based alternative, pop rock band Frealane released their debut music video "Never Too Late" recently through their Youtube channel 1frealane to immediate critical and commercial attention. The irresistibly powerful, catchy song launches the new band onto the spotlight in a spectacular way.

The music video serves as the classic introduction to an up and coming rock band ready to burst into the scene. With low, close-up shots of each band member rocking out in their respective instrument, the video is reminiscent of classic indie rock MVs we see so little of today. Dressed in gorgeous dresses and seductive make-up, the lead singer entices the viewer with her grace and confidence. The video is primarily shot in two locations, each showcasing a different mood. A juxtaposition of the darker, gothic environment with the lighter, more innocent look can be seen.

Carrying a tinge of alternative metal, the single is a wonderful amalgam of alternative and hard rock. The lead singer's soulful, laid back vocals demonstrates range and the ability to appear both strong and servered.

Frealane is pop/rock trio consisting of Andrea Dee on keyboards and vocal, Coque on lead guitar, and Brian Tully on bass. The band members hail from different corners of the world, with each bringing a different flavor to their music. The band has performed in popular venues like the Bitter End for the past year and quickly gained prominence in the music scene.

Monday, June 3, 2013

J. Scar Releases Inspirational Anthem "GET UP STAND UP"

NYC born and raised hip hop artist J. Scar is dropping his latest uplifting single GET UP STAND UP from his released freshman album "I'M JUST SAYING" to be released July 4th,2013. The soulful musician, best known for his viral hit "UnderPaid," infuses a crisp urban sound with his reggae-influenced beat in GET UP STAND UP.

J. Scar's latest up-tempo track showcases the artist's poetic message of motivation for all who face adversity. His latest single offers a glimpse into the musician's own personal struggles as well as his source of motivation and hope.

J. Scar is an award winning actor and performer with a passionate yearning to promote positive change in the world through his music. "I'm a hip hop artist with a little inspirational twist to my style," he says. J. Scar's penchant for motivational hip hop has garnered him attention from major media outlets, including New York's local Pix 11 News and the New York Times, for giving a poetic voice of hope to the under-appreciated and demoralized.

GET UP STAND UP was produced by J. Scar's independent company Scar'D For Life. Scar'd

To stream the GET UP STAND UP, please visit:

Check out J. Scar:

Hear the new single LIVE at:

J. Scar's GET UP STAND UP Video Launch

Thursday, June 6 // 6:30 PM // Chelsea Studios // 151W. 26th Street // NY, NY

Come down for Refreshments, Live

3000Music Releases Nate Sylak EP

Record producer Joe Dancsak will release a new EP by rapper Nate Sylak on June 17th, 2013 through his 3000Music label. The record, titled "Smoke and Mirrors", was produced by Dancsak under his JDVisionquest3000 moniker while Sylak was in Los Angeles in March. The EP will be sold on iTunes, and a pre-sale will be set up for hardcore Sylak fans starting May 20th. Every fan that buys the EP during the pre-sale will be rewarded with 2 bonus tracks sent directly to their email with proof of purchase. Sylak and his label will encourage fans to buy the EP before its official release on June 17, then send an email to 3000Music with a screen shot or confirmation of sale attached to receive the bonus songs. Fans who buy the physical copy of the cd at live shows will get an additional free download card, and the bonus tracks are included on the cd.

"When a fan buys the record, they are immediately able to get two bonus songs in advance of the EP. Then on the day of the release the EP will be automatically downloaded into the buyers iTunes account, " said Dancsak from his studio. "We think its a great way for the fans to get extra value when they buy the record, and be a part of a special group of people who will get the bonus songs." Claiming the bonus tracks will also register the fan with Sylak's fan club, qualifying them for more special offers in the future.

To promote "Smoke and Mirrors", Sylak has already cut a video for its first single "Americanagrammagrandfunk". The video was shot and edited by Halfway Crooks Entertainment's Zach Mann and Nick Richey, and features Sylak performing in the streets of Hollywood.

Complementing the release of the EP will be a live show in Canton, Ohio where Sylak is based, on June 21st at Sadie Rene's. Also, Dancsak plans to have 3000Music place ads in local and regional media to drive sales of the EP, Nate Sylak t-shirts, and other merchandise that will become available.

The record, mixed by Dancsak and engineer Joshua Aaron, was cut closely following the news that both Sylak and Dancsak had reached the #1 spot on the Reverbnation charts, both locally and nationally, in February. Dancsak reached #1 in the Electronica category and Sylak hit the #1 spot in Hip Hop. is a website where independent and signed artists compete for chart position based on song plays,video plays, site visits and number of fans collected on social media. The site boasts a membership of 2.8 million artists, labels and music industry professionals. The top chart positions came only three months after Dancsak launched, home to the 3000Music label, and host to his music production and social media.

"We had always wanted to rank high in the Reverbnation charts since we started posting music there a couple of years ago, and it's our goal to climb any chart we get our music onto," said Dancsak, adding, "I was surprised by how quickly we got to number one when the marketing for the new site began, but I'm never surprised by how fans react to Nate's music. His story is only going to get bigger when the new record and videos come out. We're very excited."

Dancsak plans on following "Smoke and Mirrors" with Sylak's first mix tape in late summer and another EP of originals to follow as a fall release just before the holidays. "We are executing a yearlong plan to establish Nate in the world of hip hop, and expose him and his music to as many people as possible."

For more information on Nate Sylak, JDVisionquest3000 and 3000Music please contact:

Joe Dancsak

ph: 818-601-6255




Sunday, June 2, 2013

Shmolts Want To Rock You Digitally... For Now

Shmolts (Pronounced Schmaltz) is an online collaboration but very importantly, a digital rock band. No, they're not avatars, but they do exist solely in the electronic realm... for now. I guess you could call them an eBand of sorts. You could also call them the wave of the future. You see, back in the pre-Internet days, bands had to tour like dogs to build up a fan base. Travelling from town to town, never knowing what small number of locals might trickle through the door, putting their faith in promoters, club owners and the local media to maybe throw them a crumb of coverage or supportę¢©hat was a lot of work that didn't necessarily reap many rewards. Seems pretty backwards. Shmolts thinks it's time to work smarter and build up the fan base first. Now that the Internet has saved the world why shouldn't it save bands too? Shmolts is banking on this concept. It's like Kickstarter, where you get the money before you press the record, they want to get the fans before they hit the road.

Shmolts is the creation of Jay Serrao, formerly of the band, Jay Serrao and The Juice (also known as The Juice). During this time the band toured the US, UK, even India and the Middle East, but Shmolts is planning bigger and thinking smallerę¢ r is it planning smaller and thinking bigger? Doesn't matter, the point is, Serrao, (with current collaborator, Morris Concas, aka MaW), plans to release singles and videos through various on-line outlets in order to build up an online army. Only then, will Shmolts go out and entertain the troops with their music.

Shmolts is influenced by the bombast of GNR and Led Zeppelin, the heaviness of Black Sabbath and Tool and the melody and lyrics of The Beatles and Bob Dylan. Shmolts is unconcerned with writing material catering to a certain genre, but up to this point, the music has certainly been firmly in the rock category. Their song "Evil Eye" sounds like Axl Rose fronting Black Sabbath and "Point of View" sounds like a Guns N' Roses ballad (without Axl's vitriol) that also features great rock guitar riffs and some Rolling Stones boogie.

You can sample and buy Shmolts music online through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Bandcamp. Shmolts is also proud to work with the American Red Cross and Amazon Conservation Association in conjunction with Fandistro.

Recently, Jay successfully worked with photographer, Sean Conway, and directed a concept photoshoot for Shmolts based on the Sixties horror flick, The Innocents. You can check out some of those photos here:

For any press/ interview queries contact

RIYL: The Beatles, Guns N' Roses, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Porcupine Tree, Frank Turner, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Bob Dylan


Official Website:

Official Facebook Page:

Official Twitter Page:

Uncle Green: Lost And Found

The legend of the "great lost album" is one of the most enduring in rock 'n' roll.

In the case of Uncle Green, remembered from their major-label days in the early-to-mid '90s, the legend is actually true. And the evidence can be found in a newly released album called 'Rycopa.'

Singer-guitarists Matt Brown and Jeff Jensen, bassist Bill Decker, and drummer Peter McDade built a reputation on the late '80s college-radio circuit for tight, memorable melodies and offbeat songcraft � something like R.E.M. and Pylon having a couple PBRs, well chilled, with Big Star.

In the early '90s they were championed by producer Brendan O'Brien (Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Black Crowes) and courted and signed to contracts by Atlantic Records and Sony Music (under O'Brien's 57 Records banner). After reinventing themselves as 3 Lb. Thrill (a shout-out to the weight of the human brain), the erstwhile Uncle Green was poised for a breakthrough into alternative radio.

Encouraged by O'Brien to produce an album in the cozy confines of their rented Atlanta home, the band set about writing and constructing 'Rycopa' � a sprawling epic they believed would finally capture their distinctive, literate sensibility. Upon wrapping its 32 tracks in 1997, they were confident they had made their best record.

But fickle Sony "didn't hear a single" and passed on the album. And Uncle Green was left wondering what to do with its homeless magnum opus. After a false start with yet another major label (MCA Records), they decided not to release the album and amicably went their separate ways. And the master tapes for 'Rycopa' disappeared into the Sony vaults.

And there they languished for 14 years.

In 2011, the members of Uncle Green, long after they had started families and forged new careers, recovered the "lost" master tapes from Sony � and raised the funds through a Kickstarter campaign to mix 'Rycopa' with engineer and Coolies guitarist Rob Gal. And soon the album had a new home on Wampus Multimedia ( subsidiary Foldback Records.

'Rycopa' joins a Wampus Multimedia roster that includes recent releases from Aux.78, Waterslide, Big Bus Dream, The May Bees, Johnny J Blair, the matthew show, Kowtow Popof, The Crowd Scene, Arms of Kismet, and tvfordogs, as well as popular tributes to Jonathan Richman, Lou Reed, and Warren Zevon.

Wampus Multimedia is an independent media label run by artists, for artists. It is home to a growing roster including pop, AAA, Americana, alternative, ambient, blues, and folk artists.

'Rycopa' is available at Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes, and many other outlets.

Uncle Green

Wampus Multimedia

MusicDishTV Presents "You Don't Know Me" By Dance Pop Artist Darre Ockert

Miami-based dance pop artist Darre Ockert recently released the music video for "You Don't Know Me", the first single right off of his upcoming album, Short Story Long. Posted on Youtube, the video has become an instant hit. The cheerful, simple video will accompany Ockert's recently launched #YouDontKnowMe project.

The extremely enjoyable video reflects on the single, as well as the project's positive message. The video begins with Ockert staring into the camera as like a mirror and lip-synching to the music. The shot then pans back to reveal other characters doing the same. As these average citizens, each unique and quirky in their own way prepare for the day, they give the world a glimpse of who they really are. Featuring a drag queen, punk rocker, office worker, and many more, the cast quickly explodes with energy. Soon, the individuals join Ockert in lip-synching and dancing to "You Don't Know Me".

The single itself, which features an infectious melody and danceable beats, is decorated with twinkling loops, poppy synths. Ockert's voice helps bring out the single's positive message, encouraging everybody to be themselves. The single accompanies the #YouDontKnowMe project, in which Ockert invites everybody who at some point felt prejudiced because of their appearance to post and share video diaries. He hope to combat stereotypes and lead to understanding with this project.