Thursday, June 6, 2013

MusicDishTV Presents "Never Too Late" By Pop Rock Band Frealane

NYC-based alternative, pop rock band Frealane released their debut music video "Never Too Late" recently through their Youtube channel 1frealane to immediate critical and commercial attention. The irresistibly powerful, catchy song launches the new band onto the spotlight in a spectacular way.

The music video serves as the classic introduction to an up and coming rock band ready to burst into the scene. With low, close-up shots of each band member rocking out in their respective instrument, the video is reminiscent of classic indie rock MVs we see so little of today. Dressed in gorgeous dresses and seductive make-up, the lead singer entices the viewer with her grace and confidence. The video is primarily shot in two locations, each showcasing a different mood. A juxtaposition of the darker, gothic environment with the lighter, more innocent look can be seen.

Carrying a tinge of alternative metal, the single is a wonderful amalgam of alternative and hard rock. The lead singer's soulful, laid back vocals demonstrates range and the ability to appear both strong and servered.

Frealane is pop/rock trio consisting of Andrea Dee on keyboards and vocal, Coque on lead guitar, and Brian Tully on bass. The band members hail from different corners of the world, with each bringing a different flavor to their music. The band has performed in popular venues like the Bitter End for the past year and quickly gained prominence in the music scene.

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